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Pay As You Go: on-demand, operational expenditure cost model that mitigates costs such as space and power by drawing on shared resources

Customer control: provision a public cloud or virtual machine through a secure intuitive customer portal that puts you in command

Availability: rapidly and inexpensively deploy compute power remotely Scalability: ramp up compute power as and when you need it

Superior network performance: use NTT Communications’ expertise in network management for international cloud deployments

Security: NTT Communications’ network of international data centers is subject to strict security performance measures including U.S. Telecommunications Industry

Association, The Uptime Institute, and ASHRAE. Within Europe, our organisation is Choice: Multiple delivery models to suit every use and demand.

Cloud computing and

virtualization solutions


NTT Communications believes cloud services should integrate into the overall ICT solution, appropriate. Our cloud computing and virtualization solutions provide the flexibility, infrastructure and applications that underpin the success of your business. Cloud computing has long promised many advantages over traditional hosting by delivering a cost effective way to scale computing resources on demand. Until now, cloud solutions have failed to provide the security, performance and control vital for today’s enterprise applications. From virtualized servers running on dedicated hardware to true ‘Public’ cloud on a global platform, we deliver ICT solutions to suit the needs of any global enterprise.

NTT Communications’ extremely reliable, high performance, SLA guaranteed global network, offers a truly scalable infrastructure-as-a-service. You no longer need to deploy and manage your own expensive infrastructure and facilities as you can now build a cloud platform through the intuitive customer portal, enabling complete control and any-where management of your cloud solution. NTT Communications owns and operates the world’s top-ranked Tier 1 global IP backbone enabling unrivalled connectivity between data center sites across the globe.



TT Communications’ virtualization services enable the resources of a single physical server, such as CPU, memory and storage, to be shared by multiple virtual servers. Integration of These virtualized hosting services are fully integrated with your customer portal, enabling you to

Non-virtualized infrastructure

Virtualized infrastructure

Quick and easy to build high availability architectures and disaster recovery platforms Consolidate and optimize hardware resources to control ICT solution costs.

NTT Communications’ virtualization offer is based on three layers: the hardware layer, hypervisor layer and virtual machines layer, with various service levels available to suit business requirements. In addition, we provide services such as managed backup, managed storage, managed security and application management, as well as a range of professional services to help your organisation get the most from your hosting solution.

Virtualization services

– The heart of every cloud

Operating System

Application Application Application

So ft w ar e Ha rd w ar e Memory Disk NIC CPU Virtualization Layer

Application Application Application

Operating System

Application Application Application

Operating System So ft w ar e Ha rd w ar e Memory Disk NIC CPU

these virtual servers within a complete virtualized infrastructure leads to higher availability, increased flexibility and more efficient processes than in a traditional physical architecture. take full advantage of the range of benefits provided by server virtualization.


A combination of these services is commonly referred to as a hybrid cloud solution and is designed using a

Types of cloud services

NTT Communications offers the following cloud delivery models:

Compute cloud - Global virtualization services: virtual instances hosted on dedicated hardware available in data centers in over 30 worldwide locations

Public cloud: powered by Opsource

Private cloud: virtual machines hosting applications on shared hardware. combination of the above for different requirements within a single installation.

The decision to move into the cloud was sparked by plans to

re-fresh the front-end of the main website, ambitious plans to increase online

interactions and discussions about art. We wanted a solution that would

support our growth and innovation. NTT Communications clear and

professional approach made the cloud computing concept the right one

for us at this time.

Rob Gethen Smith, Information Systems Director, Tate Galleries

Segmentation Components Delivery model Locality

Infrastruc tur A e pplication M iddlewar e SAAS (Software As A Service) Providers PAAS (Platform As A Service) Providers IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) Providers Application Code (CRM, HR application ...) Software Framework (Database, application server ...)

Operating System Virtual Machine Hardware/Facility Public Cloud Compute Cloud Private Cloud Distributed (Multiple datacenters) Remote



TT Communication’s partnership with OpSource enables the delivery of cloud capabilities via the NTT Communications’ global IP network and data centre infrastructure to offer an enterprise-grade, public cloud solution to its customers in the European market.

Public cloud

Key features include: Fully multi-tenant

Pay-As-You-Go or pre-paid monthly plan Dedicated VLANs

Role based user permissions Burstable CPU

Programmable APIs Load balancing

Service plans

NTT Communications’ OpSource powered public cloud offers two types of service plans: Pay-on-demand: buy access to the public cloud in hourly increments. With no long term commitment or minimum fees, only pay for the CPU and RAM used while the server is running Monthly pre-pay: make budgeting easier and enjoy additional savings by buying monthly blocks of usage. Only charged for the CPU and RAM when the server is actually running.

Delivery model 1

VPN administration Multi-tier architecture Persistent storage

Latency and availability SLA

Web-based control panel for improved control Online community and forums.

Making our services available via the cloud was vital in growing the footprint

of our business and making it more widely accessible. With CentraStage now

have a hosting partner who can provide load-balanced infrastructure around the

globe. NTT ticks all the boxes in this regard.

Christian Nagele, Managing Director of CentraStage, supporting over 100,000 devices remotely



TT Communications’ private cloud provides enterprises with a secure, high quality and easy to manage environment in which enterprise applications are rapidly deployed. An array of virtualized hosting services on dedicated hardware infrastructure is now available in Europe, Asia and the U.S. We give you access to a privately owned and managed Tier-1 IP network and premium data centers around the world. Helping you to serve new markets and adopt effectively to legal or compliance considerations regarding the physical location of sensitive data.

NTT Communication’s web-based customer portal provides a self-service area for managing your virtualized hosting solution across three continents. Global virtualization services are guaranteed under a single SLA which centralises hosting with one-stop management, support and billing.

Private cloud

Delivery model 2

Features of private cloud

Single solution-based SLA VMware hypervisors IBM hardware

World class data center facilities Integration services

Dedicated Infrastructure.

Easy access to new international markets through NTT Communications’ global footprint Experienced engineers across the world as well as state-of-art provisioning systems enables rapid deployment of services

Remote control access means hosting resources can be administered by a centralised HQ One-stop monitoring and operation means a central point of contact for billing and support Quickly deploy extra VM remotely as and when required

Opex billing model means minimum set-up costs.



he latest addition to NTT Communications’ cloud hosting portfolio in Europe, compute cloud gives ease-of-use expected from the public cloud model.

your critical business applications.

While you enjoy the security and peace of mind of a dedicated server underpinning your virtual environment, compute cloud enables you to provision virtual servers onto a shared platform through the online customer portal and accommodate your need for burst capacity, without the need for investing in dedicated hardware.

Compute cloud

Delivery model 3

Spin up servers in minutes from the customer portal

Control CPU, memory and storage on-line Burst to shared infrastructure on demand

Scale down VMs on shared infrastructure when not in use

Redistribute resources between multiple environments: live/production, test/pre-production, customer trials, development playgrounds/sandboxes, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Compute Cloud Features

No capital expenditure required Creates virtual data center Monthly and yearly billing options

Dedicated pool of resources with guaranteed power Dynamically increase capacity online via customer portal ISO 27001 for information security management

Integrates with private cloud solution Solution based SLA

customers all the security and reliability of private cloud with the functionality, flexibility and

Our compute cloud service offers you further flexibility, security and management control to support


Development, test and pre-production environments

Virtualization is ideal for developing a new concept or an early test release as it enables you to set up and change virtual machines quickly, isolated from the live production environment. This is particularly useful during application development where issues such as memory leaks can adversely affect other server processes. Set up times are minimised in a virtualized environment as CPU, memory and storage space can be allocated through automated online systems. NTT Communications offers an option to rent virtual servers on an hourly, daily or monthly basis in order to support the unique requirements of the pre-production stage of development.

Live production environments – coping with demand

spare capacity.

seasonal demand, special or unexpected events and month-end or year-end activities during which additional user demand is required. Virtualization also reduces the number of complex clusters and therefore cuts down your management time.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

in a physical server platform remains synchronised with the live environment. However, in a virtualized environment

the global in order to meet all data location compliance requirements.

Why consider cloud computing?

Corporate environmental commitments

By reducing the number of physical servers it is possible to reduce the overall

environmental impact associated with dedicated physical machines. This in turn leads to a reduction in the environmental footprint of an ICT solution.

Virtualization makes better use of the physical server and the energy it consumes by hosting several virtual instances on a single piece of hardware. Instead of a single server for a single application, virtualization enables two or more applications per single server. This uses the resources and compute power of the data center in a

NTT Communications’ cloud computing solutions enable you to quickly and easily configure This supports initiatives such as product launches, promotional campaigns,

architecture, as some processes need to be running at all times to ensure the disaster recovery


Customer support team

virtualization solutions or any of our additional services please

visit our website

or email us on


NTT Europe’s customer support centre is available 24/7, 365 days a year to manage incidents and service requests, providing clients with an immediate

communication channel and a single point of contact for all support issues.

Monitoring systems alert the customer support team of any breaches in defined thresholds for performance. Incidents are then automatically logged, following established incident management processes developed in line with ITIL best practice framework and providing a point of reference for all further follow up contact or escalations.

International support

A reach spanning the globe

Our seamless global service is backed by solid support in Asia, Europe and the US - as well as the Middle East, Africa and South America through alliances with group companies utilizing our ICT infrastructure, data centers and global network.

The NTT Communications Group boasts an extensive, international scope with subsidiaries and offices in 77 cities and 29 countries/regions*, as well as networks connecting more than 150 countries worldwide. Multinational customers will benefit from our one-stop, end-to-end solutions for corporate LAN, onsite support for operations/maintenance, data centers, and global networks that leverage existing hardware investments. *As of June 2011.

Alternatively call us on

+44 (0)20 7767 3777

To find out more about NTT Europe’s cloud computing and



Additional services

Professional services – architecture design, premier service management and management or Private network services – cloud connectivity Replication across data centers – back-up, storage and load balancing


Cloud readiness audit

Network Services

Global Ethernet Services

MPLS IP-VPN Private Lines

Asset Management / Servers Virtual Devices Management Managed Services

Monitoring Security Backup Storage Load Balancing

Application Infrastructure Management

Operating System Web Servers Application Servers Database Servers


Cloud Compute Cloud Public Cloud Managed Hosting Colocation Streaming CDN ConnectivityInternet IPv4/v6 DDoS

Mitigation Global Load Balancing

24/7, 365 Monitoring, Incident Management, etc. 1 Contract, 1 SLA, 1 Support Team, 1 Portal.

Technical requirements

Cost effective additional IT Infrastructure Development, test, pre-production and Proof-of-concept requirements

Disaster recovery pool

Additional environment for upgrade SaaS sandbox

or power needs for various environments: production environments

or patch management

days a year

Business requirements

Seasonal demand - manufacturing Retail shopping hours

Departmental end of month / year activity Marketing campaigns or events

Company mergers and acquisitions IT applications

Next steps




Platinum Award for Best Global Operator for ranking highest in the Customer Satisfaction Index (Apr)


2011 2008 2010 2009 2008

Best International Wholesale Carrier Best Wholesale Carrier

- World Class (Apr)

Platinum Award for Customer Satisfaction Index (Apr) Diamond Award in Billing Category (Oct)

World Class (Apr & Oct)

Platinum Award for Customer Satisfaction Index (Apr & Oct) Diamond Award in Billing Category (Oct)

World Class (Apr & Oct)

Diamond Award for Meeting Customer Requirements (Apr) Diamond Award in Billing Category (Oct)

-[Reference] Telemark Services “Global dataVPN NTTCom Highlights (February 2010)” [Reference] Telemark Services “Global dataVPN NTTCom Highlights (February 2010)” [Reference] Telemark Services “Global dataVPN NTTCom Highlights (August 2010)” [Reference]

Telecom Asia Awards 2011



Corporate Overview

and communications technology (ICT) environments of enterprises. These offerings are backed by the company’s worldwide infrastructure, including IPv4/IPv6 Global Tier-1 IP Network, Arcstar Universal One™ VPN network reaching over 150 countries, and over 120 secure data centers.

resources of NTT Group companies including

NTT Communications provides consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information

Dimension Data, NTT DOCOMO and NTT DATA.

NTT Communications' solutions leverage the global




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