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Which is the Right EMM: Enterprise Mobility Management. Craig Cohen - President & CEO Adam Karneboge - CTO


Academic year: 2021

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Which  is  the  Right  EMM:  

Enterprise  Mobility  Management  

Craig  Cohen  -­‐  President  &  CEO  

Adam  Karneboge  -­‐  CTO  


Business  without  walls  


Running  a  business  has  become  much  more  

complex  in  an  always-­‐connected  world.  The  

very  applicaHons  and  cloud-­‐based  soluHons  

that  enable  businesses  to  operate  

effecHvely  without  walls,  have  also  made  

security  a  major  challenge.    


In  business  we  need  to  be  prepared  to  

meet  the  online,  mobile  challenge  by  using  

technology  to  simplify  our  increasingly  

complex  world.  


Business  security,  privacy  and  

the  Internet  of  Things



What  are  some  of  the  implicaHons  of  technology  for  

business  today  and  in  the  next  five  years?  


Businesses  today  rely  on  the  cloud  to  deliver  new  

services  for  their  customers  quickly  and  efficiently.  

More  consumer  used  apps  and  devices  are  being  

used  and  adopted  in  order  to  do  so.    


But,  in  our  connected  world,  businesses  can  no  

longer  be  sure  if  they  can  trust  employee  owned  

devices  to  work  as  they  should,  or  to  guarantee  their  

employees  will  keep  their  data  safe,  private  and  

within  their  control.    


Buzz  Worthy  

Research  from  market  research  firm  Strategy  AnalyHcs  

shows  that  over  90%  of  organizaHons  now  have  employees  

using  smartphones  within  their  organizaHons.  Depending  on  

the  size  of  the  organizaHon,  this  can  cover  tens  of  thousands  

of  individuals.  

However,  enterprise  mobility  management  can  be  a  

daunHng  task  for  organizaHons.  The  first  step  in  managing  

mobility  is  to  have  a  mobility  policy.  

Companies  with  defined  mobility  policies  have  higher  

returns  on  their  mobility  investments  in  terms  of  workforce  

flexibility,  employee  responsiveness  to  customer  needs,  as  

well  revenues  and  profitability  that  can  be  aEributed  to  their  

mobility  investments.  Employee  awareness  of  risks  and  


Be  HolisHc  


soluHons  that  connect   seamlessly  to  your   exisHng  and  external  



data  security  with   intelligence  for  the   volume,  speed,  and   variability  of  mobile  


management of devices, apps, content and users


Let’s  Play  the  Acronym  Game  

MSP:  Managed  Service  Provider  

IAM:  IdenHty  and  Access  Management    

–  IDaaS:  IdenHty  and  access  management  as  a  Service  

EMM:  Enterprise  Mobility  Management    

RMM:  Remote  Monitoring  and  Management    

MFA:  MulHfactor  AuthenHcaHon  

–  SAML:  Security  AsserHon  Markup  Language  

HIPAA:  Health  Insurance  Portability  and  Accountability  

SOX:  The  Sarbanes-­‐Oxley  Act  of  2002  

PSA:  Professional  Services  AutomaHon  

MSM:  Mobile  Security  Management  


But  wait..  There’s  more..  

MDM:  Mobile  Device  Management  

MCM:  Mobile  Content  Management  

MAM:  Mobile  ApplicaHon  Management  

MEM:  Mobile  Email  Management  

MEM:  Mobile  Expense  Management  


Mobile  Device  Management  

• Manage  smartphones,  tablets  &  laptops  featuring  iOS,  Android,  

Windows  Phone,  BlackBerry,  Windows  PC  &  OS  X  

• Gain  complete  visibility  of  devices,  security  &  network  

• Enforce  compliance  with  real-­‐Hme  &  automated  acHons  



Mobile  Expense  Management  

• Monitor  mobile  data  usage  with  real-­‐Hme  alerts  

• Set  policies  to  restrict  or  limit  data  &  voice  roaming  

• Review  integrated  reporHng  and  analyHcs  


Mobile  Applica@on  Management  

• Deploy  custom  enterprise  app  catalogs  

• Blacklist,  whitelist  &  require  apps  

• Administer  app  volume  purchase  programs  


Secure  Mail  

• Contain  email  text  &  aEachments  to  prevent  data  leakage  

• Enforce  authenHcaHon,  copy/paste  &  forwarding  restricHons  

• FIPS  140-­‐2  compliant,  AES-­‐256  bit  encrypHon  for  data  at  rest  

Secure  Browser  

• Enable  secure  access  to  intranet  sites  &  web  apps  w/o  VPN  

• Define  URL  filters  based  on  categories  &  whitelisted  sites  

• Restrict  cookies,  downloads,  copy/paste  &  print  features  


Applica@on  Security  

• Contain  enterprise  apps  with  a  simple  app  wrapper  or  SDK  

• Enforce  authenHcaHon  &  copy/paste  restricHons  

• Prevent  access  from  compromised  devices    


Mobile  Content  Management  

•  Contain  documents  &  files  to  prevent  data  leakage  

•  Enforce  authenHcaHon,  copy/paste  &  view-­‐only  restricHons  

•  Access  IBM  MobileFirst  Protect  distributed  content  &     repositories  such  as  SharePoint,  Box  &  Google  Drive  

Secure  Editor  

• Create,  edit  &  save  content  in  a  secure,  encrypted  container  

• Collaborate  on  Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint  &  text  files  

• Change  fonts  &  insert  images,  tables,  shapes,  links  &  more  

Secure  Document  Sync  

•  Synchronize  user  content  across  managed  devices  

•  Restrict  copy/paste  &  opening  in  unmanaged  apps  

•  Store  content  securely,  both  in  the  cloud  &  on  devices    



Who  is  target?  

If  you  think  it’s  IT…  Insert  sad  face!  

Onboard  to  Off  boarding  process  

WOW  Factor  

Simplicity  for  the  End  User  



Pain  Points  

•  Mobile  Management  

–  AcHve  Directory  works  with  a  user’s  Windows  devices  but…  

–  Lost  control  over  iOS,  OSX,  Android,  Knox.  

–  TradiHonal  MDM/EMM  systems  are  hard  to  use  SMB  


•  Security  

–  Lost  control  on  cloud  and  mobile  applicaHons  on  mobile  devices  

–  Lost  control  on  BYOD  devices  have  data  and  access  to  networks  

–  Password  sHcky  notes  and  password  spreadsheets  

–  Employees  leaving  with  access  company  apps  and  data  


•  Compliance  

–  Hard  Hme  meeHng  regulatory  requirements  (like  HIPAA,  FISMA,  PCI  etc)  


•  Produc@vity  

–  Users  don’t  have  the  access  and  applicaHons  across  all  their  devices  




•  Better Security

•  With 80% of security breaches being password related, SSO provides Multi-Factor,

SAML based security that greatly reduces the chance of losing valuable company data. Direct integration with Active Directory.

•  Control of Mobile Devices

•  Mobile devices have become an integrated part of most businesses. Integrated

cross-platform Mobile Device Management enabling your team to lock, wipe and locate mobile devices, protecting all your clients devices.. in one place.

•  Mobile Application Management

•  Employees now enjoy single sign on to all the applications they need to do their job,

across all the devices they use, while respecting end user privacy on BYOD and personal data.

•  Compliance and Auditing

•  Every major compliance regulation (HIPAA, PCI, FISMA etc.) requires organizations



Partner  Enablement/PosiHoning  

Managed  Service  Provider  (MSP)  


Support  EscalaHon  

Directory  IntegraHon  


The  Ten  Commandments  of  BYOD  

1.  Create  Thy  Policy  Before  Procuring  Technology  

2.  Seek  The  Flocks’  Devices  

3.  Enrollment  Shall  Be  Simple  

4.  Thou  Shalt  Configure  Devices  Over  the  Air  

5.  Thy  Users  Demand  Self-­‐Service  

6.  Hold  Sacred  Personal  InformaHon  

7.  Part  the  Seas  of  Corporate  and  Personal  Data  

8.  Monitor  Thy  Flock—Herd  AutomaHcally  

9.  Manage  Thy  Data  Usage  


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