Campus Director\DOE. Key Job Elements: Expected Results and Key Responsibilities include the following:

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Career Training Academy 2/26/2015

Campus Director\DOE

Department: Administration Position Type: Exempt

Location: Monroeville, PA

The Mission of Career Training Academy is to provide an educational environment that enhances learning and personal enrichment of all students. Our methods are both unique and traditional, in that we employ new techniques to learning, while providing a curriculum designed to meet career goals and industry needs. Our campuses offer Diploma and Associate degree programs.


Under the direction of the President and pursuant to the policy and guidelines set forth by the educational institution, the Campus Director/Director of Education (DOE) position is the chief academic, administrative, and admissions officer for the campus. The over-arching goal of the Campus Director/Director of Education (DOE)is to perform the duties and responsibilities that complement the mission and vision of Career Training Academy (CTA).

The Campus Director/DOE oversees all academic operations, including hiring of faculty, scheduling of classes, and administration of academic policies and procedures. The Campus Director/DOE is also responsible for campus-level administration, including admissions, student services, and student activities.

The Campus Director/DOE is expected to be highly visible on campus, among local business and government leaders, and in the community at large. Due to the fixed deadlines and peak periods each academic month, the incumbent of this position must be available to work evenings and weekends as needed (of this time).

Key Job Elements: Expected Results and Key Responsibilities include the following:


The Campus Director/DOE is responsible for all administrative and academic operations for the campus in accordance with the stated criteria, guidelines and policies of the educational


Education Operations Objectives for the Campus Director/DOE

• Work closely with CTA Corporate in general management and responsibilities related to the campus, its students, staff and faculty, scheduling, budget management and all other related duties.

• Conduct employment interviews and advise the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs

concerning new hires, personnel decisions, manpower consideration, and termination of faculty.


Career Training Academy 2/26/2015

• Resolve and mediate all employee and student complaints and conflicts. • Participate in new student orientation

• Lead faculty meetings, document meetings through agendas, attendance and meeting minutes.

• Ensure all pertinent documentation is completed in a timely manner (e.g. Change of Status Forms, In-School Deferment Request Form, Leave of absence, Withdrawals). • Monitor student attendance including daily contact, student support and persistent


• Coordinate the re-admissions committee including actively pursuing recent student withdrawals.

• Manage and coordinate facility and equipment to ensure safety, cleanliness and overall quality of campus environment.

• Oversee special student events, personally develop leads (PDLs), etc.

• Take timely and proper action relative to admissions activities, academic affairs, placement services support, financial aid, and facility needs.

Curriculum & Instruction

• Ensure compliance with established curriculum, lesson plans, class scheduling and faculty scheduling.

• In collaboration with the VP and Dean of Academic Affairs, organize and lead regular evaluations of curricula.

• Supervise and administer the delivery of approved educational programs and

curriculum to ensure quality education with overall consistency to meet the needs of the marketplace through program competencies and graduate salaries.

• Ensure instructors meet ACCSC and state standards for class assignments. • Conduct new faculty orientation as directed by the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs. • Identify specific professional growth activities for individual instructors related to

teaching and classroom management.

• Perform classroom observations and give constructive feedback to faculty as directed by the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs

• Provide frequent performance feedback to program coordinators and instructors and document performance concerns when necessary.

Compliance with Institutional Rules, State Regulations and Accrediting Criteria:

• Ensure that all campus employees and students are held accountable to CTA’s policies and procedures and applicable laws.

• In partnership with the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs review and develop the Institutional Assessment and Improvement Plan (IAIP).

• Oversee discussions with faculty on data gathered from the student surveys. • Ensure Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings are held in compliance with

ACCSC Standards of Accreditation and the ACCSC Monograph series on Maximizing Program Advisory Committees.

• Ensure completeness, accuracy, and security of campus files, documents, and reports. • Direct, train and review necessary policies and procedures with employees to ensure a

culture of compliance.

• In partnership with the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs, responsible for completing and submitting the Annual Report for ACCSC, and all


Career Training Academy 2/26/2015

• Responsible for completing and submitting the PDE Report and PA Annual Report, and PA License Renewal (every two years).

• Responsible for completing and submitting the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

• Responsible for completing and submitting the annual Campus Crime Report.

• Responsible for administering the Sexual Violence Awareness video and requisite on-campus presentations; completing and submitting the PA DOE Sexual Violence Education Assurance of Compliance Form.

• Responsible for updating the PAPSA Website School Profile.

Participate in personal growth and continuing education.

Complete other assigned duties as needed by the Campus Director/Associate Vice President of Academics.

Essential Administrative Duties

1. Marketing and Student Acquisition

1. Achieve new student starts and re-entries in accordance annual budget goals – in conjunction with direction from the VP of Marketing & Admissions.

a. Interact daily with campus admissions representative. Provide coaching and direction as needed.

b. Interact weekly/as required with VP of Marketing & Admissions regarding progress to budget and identifying opportunities and risks

c. Participate in weekly Admissions meetings

d. Identify high-probability students for re-entry and provide to VP of Marketing & Admissions routinely/as required.

e. Establish and maintain presence within the local community and area high schools and associated guidance counselors. Schedule routine campus visits/events for prospective students.

2. Provide input and advocate for local marketing, advertising and publicity opportunities.

3. In conjunction with CTA corporate office and applicable third parties, plan and execute routine campus open houses.

4. Conduct one-on-one meetings with each new student prior to, or at, orientation. 5. Elevate the visibility and image of the institution in the community by participation

or membership in local events and/or organizations such as Rotary International or Chamber of Commerce. (Annually develop a minimum of 3 community


2. Campus Financial Performance

1. Achieve revenue and controllable expense budgets in conjunction with direction from the President.

a. Participate in monthly business review meeting to evaluate progress and variances against budget

b. Identify opportunities and risks c. Execute actions required

2. Optimize staffing levels to student population/revenue levels. a. Student-to-instructor ratio


Career Training Academy 2/26/2015

3. Manage controllable expenses (e.g., Staff Compensation, Supplies, Dues & Subscriptions, Postage, Travel & Entertainment) to budget.

3. Campus Operations and Management

1. Manage day-to-day campus employee relations issues. Escalate to corporate as required.

2. Manage employee on and off boarding in conjunction with CTA policies and procedures.

3. Ensure campus security and safety for all employees and students. 4. Attend and/or participate in annual graduation ceremonies.

5. Enhance internship and employment opportunities within the community by establishing and maintaining communication with local employers.

6. Other administrative and special projects duties (e.g., reviewing and approving employee timesheets) as required or assigned

Key Behaviors:

• Leadership: Demonstrates exemplary leadership and management skills • Dependability: Responds to requests for service and assistance

• Teamwork: Balances team and individual responsibilities • Decision Making: Displays willingness to make decisions • Communication: Effectively communicates with others

• Time Management: Is able to complete all job requirements in allotted time

• Work Ethic: Displays an organized and results-oriented approach, and motivation to perform without extensive direction

• Accuracy: Displays a high quality of work and level of accuracy

• Innovation: Uses creative, solution-oriented approach to address problems

Organizational Relationships

Reports to:

Direct: CTA President

Indirect: VP/Dean of Academic Affairs and VP/Admissions & Marketing

Collaborates with:

CTA Senior Leadership Team Education Staff

Program Advisory Committee

Other Functional Areas: Admissions Financial Aid Supervises: Lead Instructor Program Coordinators Staff/Administrative Personnel Position Schedule:


Career Training Academy 2/26/2015

expected to be present during a variation of these hours. Some flexibility in the schedule may be available and/or necessary (e.g. evening classes).

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicants must possess, at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree preferred) from a regionally accredited college or university in Education, Business, Accounting, Finance, or a related field, PLUS five (5) years of professional work experience at the management level at an institution of higher education.

Direct Accountability:

Academic Department Budget Development, Implementation, and Management Persistence and Completion Rates

Academic Program Development and Implementation Faculty Assignments and Supervision

Exit Outcomes of Programs Teambuilding

Community Responsibilities

Position Specifications:

1. Knowledge and ability to work effectively in a team and in a multi-location/cultural environment.

2. Must be self-reliant, self-motivated and work with minimum supervision and direction. 3. The decisions and actions which have broad impact on daily application and

transactional use of STARS (Student Information Systems) and internal customers require maturity, credibility and good judgment.

4. Objectivity, analytical thinking, and strong communication skills.

5. Technology savvy and proficient in database development/management and MS Office to include: Microsoft Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

6. Strong letter and report writing skills

7. Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills 8. Strong attention to detail

9. Willingness and ability to recognize and solve problems

10. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted at the educational institutions in the course of work

11. Superior time management skills and proven ability to work under strict time deadlines.

Resumes and salary requirements should be directed to Mr. Jack Freeland, President at





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