Strategic Supply Chain Management Programme

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Strategic Supply Chain

Management Programme

February - May, 2013

(A 12 days intensive programme spread over 4 months delivered in Dubai)

(Last Date to submit your application is January 17, 2013)


Strategic Supply Chain

Management Programme

February – May, 2013

(A 12 days intensive programme spread over 4 months delivered in Dubai) (Last Date to submit your application is January 17, 2013)


This program has been developed by IIMA faculty focusing upon the strategic issues involved in managing supply chains for business performance and achieving bottom-line results.

Supply chain management has emerged as a powerful managerial concept for delivering value to the customer. Delivering value to the customer profitably would require aligning decision making and practices amongst all entities that are involved in the process i.e. the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers – the supply chain. The program takes a strategic perspective of managing the supply chain and logistics function, and will help participants to develop personal, professional, and organizational capabilities for managing their supply chains. The program will prepare operating managers to leverage SCM capabilities for improving organizational performance, by envisioning the integrated nature, and global structure of supply chains, through strategic and operational performance decision-making. The program has been developed by visualising business as a value chain of business functions / activities that interact with all the other functions within an organization, and external companies, which either supply goods or take products to the customer. The challenge of supply chain management lies in effectively managing and coordinating activities and decisions across functions, external firms, and individuals. The program considers the perspective of managing supply chain, both as an in-house or outsourced activity.

The program covers all the strategic issues of SCM, starting with understanding supply chain dynamics, followed by the impact of logistics management, manufacturing, and marketing on SCM, then understanding the costs and financials of SCM, and the role of information, SC performance metrics, and IT in managing supply chains. The program will also cover strategic issues associated with outsourcing supply chain functions to specialist companies through alliances.


The objectives of the program are to enhance and develop participant skills to shoulder increased and senior managerial responsibilities by focusing upon the following areas:

• Supply chain as a strategic function of business that can be leveraged for competitive advan- tage;

• Respond to competitive challenges by understanding and managing the full value chain; • Build and manage supply chain partnerships;

• Focus upon supply chain process details and operational execution; • Understand role of information technology in the supply chain



The programme provides an exposure to developments in the field of supply chain management including the following:

Understanding Supply Chain Dynamics

• Overview of Supply Chain Management

• Impact of SCM strategies on business performance

• Gaining competitive advantage through outsourcing: in-house or outsourced for activities such as - delivery, transportation, warehouse management, packaging repackaging etc.

Logistics Management and Strategic SCM

Logistics systems Design – diversity of choices and decisions

• Managing Strategic Alliances: Assessing and Sustaining Alliance Performance (4PL alliances)

• Managing Relationships with Third Party Logistics • Conflict management in supply chain domain

• Distribution network and location selection and design

Operations Management

• Process analysis • Capacity Analysis • Operations strategy

• Quality control philosophies: JIT and Six Sigma

Marketing and SSCM - emphasis on marketing decisions

• Targeting and Segmentation • Retail Management

• Product Line and Merchandising • Communication and Promotions • Consumer Behavior

• Strategic Marketing

Financials of Supply Chain

• Activity based costing • Impact of SCM on P&L

• Financial management of risk through supply chain • Hedging strategies for effective SCM


Information Systems and Technology, Measurements and Audit

• Information and Technology Management in Supply Chain • Process Orientation to Supply Chain

• Supply Chain Coordination and Performance Measurement • Supply Chain Audit and redesign


The program is suitable for the:

• Operating managers of specialised logistics companies

• Managers heading SCM functions in FMCG manufacturing and distribution companies • Retail and distribution companies

• Finance managers, and IT managers of specialized logistics companies

• Managers managing operations of specialized freight management and courier companies

• Business development managers of IT companies serving needs of specialized logistics companies • Consultants serving the supply chain and logistics industry

Organizations will benefit by sending multiple participants from different functions at the same time


A mix of pedagogical tools will be used – cases, lectures, discussions, presentations, audio-visuals, and experiential exercises. A typical day would include about eight hours of classroom sessions. Preparation for the class requires doing intensive reading of course material. For effective learning participants should budget approximately 15 hours of reading time in-between sessions. Informal group discussions amongst participants are recommended.

The programme emphasizes the problem-solving approach – the process of defining problems, specifying objectives, developing alternative courses of action, choosing the best alternative in an uncertain environment, organizing people to implement the chosen alternative, coordinating their work, motivating, inspiring and developing them, and finally measuring and controlling their performance.


The programme is uniquely designed to enhance learning by judiciously mixing class room contact with practical aspects that the participants can implement at the work place. This will enable the participants to implement the class-room learning in the field & realize the practical value & relevance of the learning. Keeping in view the requirements of the target audience and given the objectives of providing quality education and delivering the same in a cost effective and convenient manner, the programme consists of 6 modules that cover the strategic as well operational aspect of Supply Chain Management. Each module would be supported by textual readings and cases relevant to the participants.

The programme is spread over 4 months. The programme would be delivered in 12 days through sessions on 2 days (Fri – Sat) every month, on pre-announced dates. The last module (4 days) of the programme will be delivered at the IIMA campus in Ahmedabad.



The teaching team from the IIMA is composed of distinguished academicians, skilled educators, researchers, have actual business experience to engage and enhance participant skills in senior executive education, and retain close contact with industry through consulting work. (more details on www. :

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma Prof. G. Raghuram

Ph.D. (Louisiana Tech University, USA) PGDM (IIMA), Ph.D. (Northwestern) Course Director

Prof. Rajendra D Patel Prof. Sanjay Verma



Dates: Program will start on February 8-9, 2013(classes will be on Fri-Sat once in 3-4 weeks)

Full course schedule with dates will be provided on confirmation.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Dubai with concluding sessions in IIM Ahmedabad Campus.


Seats are limited. Selection for the programme will be based on academic and professional achievements and the promise of having a strong impact on the organization.


Last Date to submit Application : January 17, 2013 Enrollment Confirmation to Applicants : January 21, 2013

Course Fee Payment by Participants : Within 5 days of Confirmation Course Material Distribution to Participants: January 28, 2013

Course Inauguration & 1st Module Class : February 8-9, 2013


Fee includes Course Material, Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Snacks, & Certificate.

Full Payment : AED. 16,000.00 (Full Fee to be paid within 5 days of confirmation) Installments : AED. 16,750.00 (PDCs need to be submitted within 5 days of confirmation)

 AED. 5,500.00 (within 5 days of Confirmation)

 AED. 3,750.00 monthly payments paid every month for 3 months

(Cheques dated 5th of every month starting March to May, 2013)

Charges for IIMA Campus Stay will be extra (based on actual) & that will be around AED. 1,500.00


A certificate of Participation will be issued by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) to the participants who have completed all the requirements of the programme including attendance of at least 80% of the direct class room contacts and submission of all assignments.


All participants of open enrolment MDPs who complete three weeks of training through participation in one or more programmes are eligible for MDP ALUMNI status. They would be issued alumni identity cards on payment of one-time alumni membership fee of Rs.10, 000/-.



For Registration and any other information, please contact:

Rajender Bali Ms. Revathi Srinivasan

Program Manager MDP Manager

SmartGlobal FZ LLC Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)

P.O. Box 500701 Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380015

Knowledge Village, Dubai, UAE Gujarat, India T : +971 4 367 2244; 050 6521767 T: +91 79 6632 4071

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