Do I have to use the blog section of the site? No. Your blog is hidden by default so it won't be available unless you choose to turn it on.

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Agent Website FAQ

What are the features/benefits of the new Agent Websites?

The Agent Website offering is a feature-rich, WordPress based product that provides individual personalization to the agent, leveraging the Windermere brand. Key features include:

 Customizable themes and layouts  Built-in agent blog

 Integrated property search

 Custom pages and customer testimonials  Links to social media profiles

Will the URL (web address) to my current website still work for my new

agent site?

No. The new agent websites have a different URL than the previous “” domain. The new URL will look like

“”. However, you will be able to direct traffic from your old URL to your new agent site. You will also have the option to use a custom domain with the new site or purchase a Vanity URL.

Will the new agent sites have blogging capabilities?

Yes. The new agent websites are built from the ground up to be an excellent platform for blogging. By default the Windermere and Windermere Foundation blogs are

automatically set up to feed to your agent website.

Do you have some examples of blog sites for real estate?

Yes, try or

Do I have to use the blog section of the site?

No. Your blog is hidden by default so it won't be available unless you choose to turn it on.

Are the new sites mobile-friendly?

Although they display well on most platforms, the templates available in the new agent sites are not yet optimized for mobile devices.

The style of the old websites is narrow and aligns to the left of the page. Will

this be improved in the new agent sites?

The style of the new agent websites is modern and very customizable. You can choose from many different template styles that let you change the layout of your website, as well as choose different colors and fonts. Not to mention the ability to upload your own images, for the header and other places on the site.

How many design templates will I get?

You will have three main themes to choose from along with three or six layout variations to choose from, depending on the theme.

Will there be more templates to choose from in the future?

It is very likely that we will be adding more themes in the future.


There is a built-in tool that will allow you to have badges on your page that link to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Should I link to my personal Facebook account or should I create a

professional one?

We recommend that you create a Facebook page instead of using your personal account. Facebook pages are reserved for businesses, celebrities, and organizations and are better suited for promoting your business.

Can I just link to Windermere’s Facebook or Twitter page?

You sure can. It all depends on how you wish to market yourself as an agent.

Do the new agent sites have the same features that the old ones had?

Most of the capabilities of the old websites, such as the Home Pricing Guide or

Featured Listings, will be preserved in a different form. Some, such as property search, have been expanded, improved, and made more flexible. We have also added several features such as a dedicated Testimonials page.

Do we get access to analytics data for the new sites?

The new sites use Google Analytics to view traffic on the websites. You will need to set up a Google Analytics account and enter your Analytics code into the site in order to have access to statistics for your site.

Can I add custom pages to the new sites?

You have the same ability to add custom pages to your new agent website with most all of the same easy editing features available before. Advanced users will be able to edit the source code of custom pages as well. Links (Menu Items) for custom pages are also no longer restricted to a certain box on the site. They will show up in the same site navigation menu as all the other built-in pages and can be organized to better suit your needs.

Do I need to understand how to build a webpage to make my own custom


No, the pages are designed as templates that allow you to fill in fields to create them. The custom pages have a rich text editor that let's you format your page like a word processor would.

Will the custom content that I’ve added to my old agent website show up in

my new site automatically?

There is no automatic migration of custom content from your old site to your new one. You will have to re-create any custom pages or custom links from your old site for your new site.

Can I make a custom page my homepage?

No. You can't use any other page as your home page.

Can I add custom links?

You can still add custom links. There is now a dedicated area for links that allows you to manage your links and display them on your home page.

Are there any sites Windermere won’t let me link to?

No, there is nothing built into your site that will automatically disallow you from linking to whatever site you choose. However, your agent website is governed by our Terms of Use which does disallow you to link to certain objectionable content. You can click the Terms of Use link at the bottom of the Admin Tool for more details.


How many links can I display at a time?

The amount of links that you can display on the Home Page is limited by what theme you are using. Some themes limit the list to only four at a time, while others allow more links to display.

Can I create links elsewhere on my site?

You can use hyperlinks in any of the sections that have a rich text editor, such as blog posts and custom pages. However, these links are separate from what's available to manage in the Links screen.

Do all of my links have to be in categories?

Yes. Every link that you create in the Links screen must be assigned to at least one category, however, the links that you create with the rich text editor in the body of blog posts or custom pages are separate and are not organized in categories.

How do I add links and have them show up on my home page?

You can add your own custom links by going to Links > Add New in the Admin

Navigation Menu. In order for the link to show up on your home page you must add it to the link category that is being currently used for your home page (the default is "Blogroll"). To see which category is currently in use on your home page go to Site Pages > Home Page and scroll down to the Links Module. The category that displays in the Link category drop-down menu is what is currently displaying on the home page. Note: some themes only display four links at a time on the home page and only one category at a time

Why can't I display my sold listings in a property list?

Some MLS's don't allow third-party websites to display sold data. You can check with your local MLS to see what their rules are regarding sold data.

Can I display pending listings in a property list?

This also depends on whether your MLS allows this status to be displayed on third-party websites.

How do I add listings to a property list?

Go to Property Lists > in the Admin Navigation Menu. Click the Edit action link beneath the title of the property list. Enter an MLS number in the Add a Property Listing field. Check the box below to certify that you are authorized to display the listing. Then click the Add Listing button. Click Publish to save your changes. How do I display a property list on my home page?

Go to Site Pages > Home Page and scroll down to the Featured Properties Module. Choose the property list you would like to display in the drop-down menu labeled Property List.

I did a property search and there are areas within the boundary of my

search that show no listings even though I know there should be listings

there. Why is that?

The property search maps are currently designed to display 20 results on the map at a time. If you click the Next link in the result list, properties should show up in the areas where they previously appeared to be missing.

Where can I display my titles and designations in the header of my website?

Under Appearance > Header in the Admin Navigation menu there are two lines where you can enter any text that you want. By default these lines usually display your name


on the first line, then your email address and phone number on the second line. You can use either of those lines to enter your titles or designations. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of characters that you can enter on these lines.

Will agents be able to frame the agent website search feature on a 3rd party


The new agent websites do not offer the ability to frame the search, however, framing the old search will continue to work through the end of the year. We are evaluating a sign-up process for the new search, but this will not be available until mid 2012 at the soonest.

Will current Basic and Premium Agent Websites (BAWS, PAWS) transfer to the

new platform automatically or will agents with existing sites have to rebuild

from scratch on 9/12?

Existing Basic and Premium Agent Websites (BAWS, PAWS) will remain available on WORC through 10/31/2011 for agents to transfer custom content to their new website. However, old BAWS and PAWS sites will not automatically transfer to the new platform. Agents desiring an agent website through Windermere will need to activate their new site and customize it to their preferences.

If an agent has a Vanity URL, can they keep it and use it here?

Yes. Agents that have a Vanity URL, or want one, can use it with their new agent

website. There are settings that need to be configured at your domain registrar (i.e. Go Daddy) in order to point the personal domain to your agent website.

To have a customer support representative point your personal domain name, email and please include the following information:

Name Office

Domain Name Registrar

How can we integrate our own branding into the site?

All of the website layout options have a prominent, designated area on the home page that is customizable to the agent. This space is completely flexible to upload your own logo or custom image, choose from a pre-loaded gallery of images, or input text that is specific to your clientele.

Within the website header, agents can showcase their brand by uploading a custom image or logo to appear in the background, alongside the website heading and your photo (or remove the heading text and photo).

Blank web pages can also be added and filled with custom content through a standard web page editor (WYSIWYG) which includes an HTML authoring tool for advanced users. Supported content ranges from text and images to embedded video and widgets. However, all sites are co-branded with Windermere.

Can I import a blog from another platform into my Windermere agent


Yes, agents can utilize the Blog Import tool within WordPress to import posts and comments from a third-party blog, in one of the following formats:


 Blogger (import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog)  LiveJournal (import posts from LiveJournal) using their API

 Movable Type and TypePad – import posts and comments from a Movable Type or TypePad blog

 RSS – import posts from an RSS feed

 WordPress – import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file

 Blogroll (import links in OPML format)

The WordPress import/export feature is a one-time solution that would need to be repeated in order to maintain two blogs that mirror each other. Alternatively, what agents can do is link to the 3rd party blog from their agent website until they are ready

to fully transition their blog to the new site.

Are widgets / plugins supported by the Windermere agent websites?

Aftermarket widgets and plugins are not supported because within the Windermere agent website layouts. However agents can add custom pages to their Windermere site and within custom pages there is the capability to add HTML content such as a code snippet for a widget.

Do the agent websites include any sort of spam filtering capabilities for blog

post comments such as Akismet?

No, but the following controls are available for managing comments within your Windermere agent website blog: Unapprove, Reply, Quick Edit, Edit, Spam and Trash.

Can visitors subscribe to my Blog?

Yes, visitors will be able to subscribe to a Windermere agent website blog via RSS using a news reader such as Google Reader.

Are the new sites mobile-friendly?

Although they display well on most platforms, the templates available in the new agent sites are not yet optimized for mobile devices.




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