Job Description. As directed by the Group Laboratory Director, to include, but not be restricted to, the following duties:

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Job Description

Job Title: Laboratory Director Support Officer Location: Central London base, UK travel Reporting to: Group Laboratory Director

Accountable to: The Board, The Doctors Laboratory Ltd

Overall Job Purpose:

To Assist the Group Laboratory Director in the overall management, operation and administration of the laboratories within the TDL Group. The post holder will be responsible for working with personnel at all levels to ensure the successful systems and processes required are identified, implemented and supported, in order to maximise process efficiencies within the company.

To follow projects through to completion and to ensure appropriate staff become fully trained and engaged in new systems/processes within the laboratory group.

Main Duties:

As directed by the Group Laboratory Director, to include, but not be restricted to, the following duties:

1. Work with the Group Laboratory Director to plan and develop facilities within the laboratories and to provide assistance into the successful development and expansion of the business.

2. To take the lead role in the implementation of the diverse range of projects that the laboratory requires to ensure the most efficient operational activity.

3. To be able to assist with laboratory software and project development, in order to achieve efficient, cost effective laboratory solutions for the group.

4. Ensure that all elements of the projects are in line with company, CPA, MHRA and other relevant regulatory authority requirements.

5. To work with all relevant parties to ensure documented processes are created for testing and monitoring laboratory system and software updates, back-up, maintenance and troubleshooting

6. Close liaison with other members of the team to ensure all laboratory projects are fully planned, documented, resourced, tracked and managed


7. Liaison with QMG, IT, Finance, Service Compliance and other departments as necessary, in order to ensure all new laboratory systems fully integrate with financial, reporting and any other parallel or complimentary systems as necessary

8. To prepare reports as appropriate that will enable analysis of certain areas of the laboratory operations, as directed by the Group Laboratory Director and the Executive Board.

9. To engage in a continuous programme of laboratory system review throughout the group, in order to maximise efficiencies through the optimum utilisation of processes and IT systems 10. To advise on staff training requirements for all newly installed systems within the group.

Where required to personally engage in the provision of systems and IT training, as required by the company

11. To ensure the high quality & delivery standards and morale are maintained at all times during the introduction and implantation of all laboratory systems and during projects. 12. Liaison with external suppliers of products and services in relation to your specific job

function, to ensure that products and services supplied are at a level to uphold and enhance the reputation of the company.

13. Liaison with Clinical Consultants as required to obtain support and information required to

deliver successful project and systems roll-out.

14. To ensure that all procedures are documented and updated as required, and will maintain a level of professionalism as expected by the company and the job holder

15. To provide further support and advice to the company and to engage in any other activities, as requested by the directors from time to time.

16. To provide a flexible approach to work, taking on additional tasks or providing relevant assistance and support across departments that may be required to ensure the department operates in an efficient and effective manner.

Health and safety

To understand and be aware of, and act in accordance with all appropriate National, Hospital and TDL health and safety policies and COSHH regulations.

To attend mandatory and statutory fire, manual handling, data protection and health and safety training.


General Duties

To become familiar with the day to day organisation of the department as it affects your work. You should be aware of the functions of the members of staff in the department as they affect your work. To attend laboratory meetings as required.

To undertake such work as you are assigned in a careful and efficient way and in compliance with current CPA standards, regulatory requirements and the TDL Quality Management System.

To communicate in a friendly, helpful and non-prejudicial manner in your dealings with staff, clients and / or customers as you will be regarded as a representative of your department as well as the Company, and you should behave accordingly. Matters regarding patients are confidential and must not be discussed except in the course of your duties. You will be expected to sign an undertaking to observe all patient and Company confidentiality.

To be aware of and abide by the rules and codes of the department. This is particularly important in the case of Health and Safety and Fire procedures. To behave in a professional manner and cooperate with all other members of staff at all times.

You will be trained for the work you are expected to do. Do not attempt any work unless you are confident that you can carry it out properly.

To adhere to and to positively promote the Sonic / TDL Core Values To maintain high standards of work within your department.

Other duties as assigned by Group Laboratory Director or a Director of TDL. To participate in an Annual Joint Review

This job description is not meant to be exhaustive or restrictive and duties may

change in response to changing circumstances. These will be discussed with

the post holder.

This job description will be reviewed as part of the annual performance review



Person Specification

Attributes Requirements Method of Assessment

Qualifications Degree level

Post graduate qualification eg, MSc, Diploma, Project management (desirable) HPC registration

Application form, interview and sight of qualification


Experience Supervisory experience in a Healthcare environment, preferably a pathology discipline.

Experience of working within a regulated environment.

Developing, implementing and supporting projects

Application form, interview and references.

Practical and intellectual

skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

Ability to cope under pressure. Numerate.

Highly skilled in use of Microsoft Office. Able to write clear and concise reports. Able to analyse statistics

Application form and interview.

Disposition / Adjustment /

Attitude Flexible, highly motivated, effective team player; methodical, ability to understand and meet targets and deadlines, able to learn and assimilate new information. Able to train staff of all levels and competence

Interview and references.

Additional Circumstances Commitment to working the hours required to fulfil the job, including flexibility of working.

Full driving licence.


This job description is subject to amendment in response to the changing needs of the department and company requirements.

This job description will be reviewed as part of the Annual Joint Review.

I have read and understood and agree with this job description and confirm that I have been provided with a copy for my own records.

Employee:……… Signed: ………. Date:……… Manager:……… Signed:……… Date:………




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