Together We Serve As One With Love

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Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 1

Date Prayer Topics

01/09 Hoi Yu Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen Team Leader: Ms. Wu Chi Sum, Nicole Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Thank you, Lord, for preparing for us a dedicated and honest team! Over the past few months, they were not fear of going to the service centre every day during the COVID-19 epidemic, sticking to their posts and guarding the elderly in need wholeheartedly, caring about the conditions of members through different ways.

2. Thanks to our teams and their families for their kind understanding and support! May the Lord remember their efforts and love for the elderly.


1. May the Lord continue to keep each of our members healthy, peaceful and full of hope always. In particular, we pray for the members who are in poor health conditions and their caregivers, and ask the Lord to give them great strength and courage, so that they will no longer be alone.

2. May our Lord continue to lead all of us to overcome every dilemma and challenge!

02/09 Kowloon City Corps

Corps Officer: Major Norris Cheung Yuen Mei Associate Corps Officer: Major Tony Ma Kin Tung Praise and Thanksgiving

We thank God that our Corps has the opportunity through the community activities to come in contact with grassroots families, serving them with Jesus’ love and sharing the Good News with them.


Pray for the comrades of the Kowloon City Corps. Pray that the Lord will keep us healthy in our body, mind and soul, serving Him with added strength.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 1

Date Prayer Topics

03/09 THURSDAY WORLDWIDE PRAYER MEETING Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia Territory TC: Colonel Rodney Walters

CS: Lt.-Colonel Har Haran

Officers (A148/R34) Corps 63 Cadets 7 Sr Soldiers 2,819 Jr Soldiers 415


1. Thank God for our officers, staff and volunteers, and like-minded partners, who stood courageously together to support families, individuals and migrant workers affected by COVID 19.

2. Pray for generous donors to help in our fund raising activities throughout the four countries.

3. In line with the Territorial Strategic Mission Plan, we seek a strong emphasis on Christlikeness, accountability and transparency. As God's agents of hope, pray for a great awakening from the corps and communities we are serving. To plant deep spiritual roots into the hearts of our soldiers. Empower them to offer pastoral care, and affirm others

4. Messengers of Reconciliation as they commence training to be effective officers.

5. Online worship services to connect and lay hold of God's new plans in post-COVID 19 future. Use technology for outreach and networking. We thank God for all our homes which remain COVID-19 free.

6. Discipleship and equipping for the children, youth and young adults. Thank God for the new project development in Kuching, Malaysia, to further enhance and strengthen our social capital.

7. In Myanmar, we are working to open at least two vocational centres to train women. These women returned from very difficult circumstances experienced in other countries. They are traumatized and ashamed, faced pressure from their families to produce income. Please pray for the women and the centres. In the Southern District, give thanks for assistance offered to 1,000 families and individuals with food. Please pray for the next wave of ministry which will assist another 1200 families and individuals.

8. Acts of kindness in the Southern District corps with further acts of ongoing compassion where the Corps officers and soldiers will visit families and individuals for ongoing spiritual and physical care.

9. Pray unceasingly for the registration of The Salvation Army in the country of Thailand. Guide us that we can learn to serve people humbly without feeling a need to “fix” them.

10. Pray for our Territorial Key Strategic Goals – OUR PEOPLE, OUR RESOURCES, OUR PROCESSES, OUR SERVICES.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 1

Date Prayer Topics

04/09 Tai Wo Hau Children and Youth Centre

Assistant Service Supervisor: Ms. Hung Lai Po Tai Wo Hau Centre for Senior Citizens

Unit In-charge: Mr. Erik Li Kim Hung Praise and thanksgiving

1. Thank the Lord for preparing new colleagues to join our team at Tai Wo Hau Children and Youth Centre to provide appropriate services for the people and families in need.

2. Thank God for keeping Tai Wo Hau neighborhoods, members and colleagues with good health, and allowing us to work smoothly during the health crisis.


1. Pray for the colleagues who got sick at Tai Wo Hau Children and Youth Centre. May God bless them and cure them.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 2

Date Prayer Topics

07/09 North Point Family Store

Store In-charge: Ms. Lam Lai Bing Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank the Lord for taking care of our health and keeping us safe in the epidemic.


May the Lord lead us through all the difficulties and challenges.

08/09 Bradbury Camp

Assistant Camp Manager: Mr. Lo Wing Cheong Ma Wan Youth Camp

Camp Manager: Mr. Mak Sui Lun Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank God for keeping our staff safe and allowing the camps to take a break and provide retreat opportunities amid the epidemic. Though Ma Wan Youth Camp was closed because of the epidemic, it was also an opportunity for our staff to take a break, which allows us to go further.


We pray that God will lead us to overcome the damages brought by the epidemic and move ahead. May God continue to lead Ma Wan Youth Camp to continue bringing blessings to our youth despite the epidemic.

09/09 Wan Chai Corps

Corps Officer: Captain Gideon Yue

Associate Corps Officer: Captain Alice Yue Choi Ling Praise and Thanksgiving

We give thanks and praise to the Lord that Wan Chai Corps has served in the community for more than 70 years, through our services that many have come to the Lord, repented and saved!



Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 2

Date Prayer Topics


OC: Lt.-Colonel Graçia Matondo GS: Major Mario Nhacumba

Officers (A57/R8) Corps 29 Cadets 10 Sr Soldiers 4,017 Jr Soldiers 930

Petition: :

1. Decrease of number of people infectedbyCOVID-19.

2. Families suffering from hunger because parents lost their jobs and others because they can't sellinthe marketplace because of lockdown.

3. Restarting of meetings, especially in Luanda where the Army has a large presence. 4. Divisions and Corps that don´t have entriesbut havebillstopay.

11/09 Sky Family and Child Development Centre (Wan Chai) Service Supervisor: Ms. May Yung


1. Pray for the health, mind and spiritual well-being of our service users. Bless all of them to lead a happy and enjoyable school life.

2. Pray for our parents/carers. Parents/carers may be exhausted during the period of school suspension. May God give them power and wisdom to continue training their children in the way they should go.

3. Pray for our team. May God’s grace cover and protect all of our team members and lead them in everyday life. Remind all of us to be a dedicated and committed staff in such difficult times.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 3

Date Prayer Topics

14/09 Whampoa Family Store

Store In-charge: Ms. Eling, Fan Yee Lin To Kwa Wan Family Store

Store In-charge: Ms. Toby Wu Choi Hung Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Under the epidemic, every colleague is still in good health.

2. Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues in different levels, The Salvation Army Recycling Programme will have another 90 years of blessings from the Lord.


1. The epidemics in the world will subside and be eliminated. Every family lives with happiness and blessings. 2. We pray in the current difficult environment, colleagues are all healthy and happy to work.

15/09 Palliative Care in Residential Home for the Elderly Project Administrator: Ms. Susanna Ng Ching Chi Praise and Thanksgiving

Lord, we thank you for giving us opportunity of serving residents in elderly homes, as they devoted their lives in taking care of their loved ones and contributing to the society in the past.


Lord, may Your protection be with the residents in elderly homes, so that they can be healthy and peaceful in body, mind and spirit. We also ask You to give faith and hope to the elder people and their loved ones during this difficult time.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 3

Date Prayer Topics

16/09 Kowloon East Corps

Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam Chun Fai Praise and Thanksgiving

1. We thank the Lord that there is no infection amongst our brothers and sisters during this time of epidemic. 2. We praise and thank God that we have the experience in the recording and editing of our worship.

3. We thank God that we are able to employ a Ministry Assistant.


1. Pray for the theme of this yearʻNurture Believers, Train Disciplesʼ, as we need to start the training of disciples. 2. Pray for the employment of a minister to develop the children and family ministries.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 3

Date Prayer Topics


TC: Commissioner William A. Bamford CS: Colonel Philip Maxwell

Officers (A1,044/R649) Corps 349 Cadets 61 Sr Soldiers 24,288 Jr Soldiers 9,856

Praise and Thanksgiving

1. For the many opportunities we have had to reach out and minister to people in our communities.

2. Because through our Live Worship Together Series, we have been able to connect with former Salvationists and others who do not attend our Corps.

3. That so many people have reached out to The Salvation Army asking for prayer.

Petition :

1. Those who have lost friends or loved ones to the COVID-19 virus.

2. Officers, soldiers and employees who are on the front line, serving people in need throughout this crisis

3. For our Corps and Centers, as they seek to re-open, worship and start up programs under the current COVID restrictions

4. For the Messengers of Reconciliation who are entering the CFOT this month 5. For people to be called by God into officership.

6. For racial reconciliation in our cities.

7. That the fire of the Holy Spirit will rain down on us to revive us, make us holy and empower us to serve others in His name


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 3

Date Prayer Topics

18/09 School Social Worker Services

Service Supervisor: Mr. Cheung Yu Chiu

Primary School Comprehensive Student Counselling Services Assistant Service Supervisor: Mr. Finsen Lam Shun Keung PreSchool Social Work Service

Assistant Service Supervisor: Ms. Chiu Elizabeth Myra Praise and Thanksgiving

All things work together for good. Thank God for providing a new office for School Services.


In His love, may God use us as an Army and bless us to learn in one accord, practise His words and serve our neighbours.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 4

Date Prayer Topics

21/09 Sai Wan Ho Family Store

Store In-charge: Ms. Cat Lau Siu Lin Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank the Lord for giving us a healthy body to serve people in need and take care of our family members.


May the Lord give us courage and patience to deal with people in the world and let the epidemic pass so that the world may return to joy.

22/09 PATH Centre

Service Supervisor: Ms. Queenie Wong Suk Yi Praise and Thanksgiving

PATH Centre has started to provide service to our service users. Nearly 12 clients applied for our service and we started to run an online group for parents from 8 May 2020.


Hope to expand the collaboration network with the community in order to develop the service of PATH Centre.

23/09 So Uk Corps Plant

Corps Plant Officer: Major Tony Ma Kin Tung

Assistant Corps Plant Officer: Captain Linda Fung So Ling Praise and Thanksgiving

1. The Lord has prepared a good avenue and a large field, the So Uk Estate, which has 6,985 units, with an estimate of 19,500 residents in the estate.

2. Praise the Lord for a school that can accommodate 300 students and a Head with mission.


1. Pray that the Kindergarten can soon be given the licence and that the works of the school and the Corps can soon commence.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 4

Date Prayer Topics


OC : Lt.-Colonel Jacques Donzé GS: Major Jean Olekhnovitch

Officers (A26/R17) Corps 4 Sr Soldiers 246 Jr Soldiers 13


1. Changes at CHQ: new General Secretary, new Secretary for the Women's Ministry and new Finance Secretary. May the new team work well together and be effective in advancing the kingdom of God.

2. Changes in Greece: new regional officer, new administration officer, new lieutenants. May they be able to quickly adapt to their new environment and be quickly effective.

3. Administrative problems concerning the recognition of The Salvation Army in Greece, and that a solution can be found and implemented quickly.

4. As everywhere, we have suffered financially during the COVID-19 crisis. May the Lord provide for our needs.

25/09 Family Support Centres

Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team Team Leader: Mr Simon Liu Man King

Tung Chung Family Support Centre Team Leader: Mr. Lucas Wong Lut Yin Kowloon City Family Support Centre Team Leader: Mr. Wong Pik Lam Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank God for allowing our units to be recognised by the services and the community stakeholders, so that the marginalised groups can be concerned through our services.


For those who are traumatised by parents’ divorce and conflicts, pray that God will comfort them to minimise the adverse influence on their self-esteem and outlook for the future.


Together We Serve As One With Love

Week 5

Date Prayer Topics

28/09 Western District Family Store

Store In-charge: Ms. Dorothy Ho Yan Yee Praise and Thanksgiving

Thank the Lord that the epidemic has stabilised gradually.


Everyone is safe and healthy.

29/09 Nam Tai Centre for Senior Citizens Unit In-charge: Ms. Poon Yuk Ching Praise and Thanksgiving

Thanks to the Lord. Thank you for creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for our service users. Hong Kong encountered numerous challenges last year. We thank God for blessing the health of our service users and staff. With mutual support and care, we would be able to stay calm and joyful.


We pray for the Lord to protect the health of the elderly and colleagues. In this new financial year, may God grant our colleagues caring hearts and creative minds to offer high quality of services to the elderly.

30/09 Shek Wu School

Principal: Ms. Addy Cheung Wai Yee Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Praise to our Heavenly Father for His care for Shek Wu School and His guidance in the past 30 years.

2. Give thanks for the continuous effort and service contributed from all staffing team of Shek Wu School despite the challenges we faced in 2019/20 academic year.


1. God’s protection for the health of all students and their families, as well as all staff, especially for those who are pregnant.