Members present: Jamie Fryslie, Shar Quam, Pam Ishmael, Virginia Halverson, Lisa Bahe, Elaine Rietz, Shelby Eischens, and Pastor Fred.






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Christian Education Meeting Zoom Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 12, 2021 6:30 pm

Members present: Jamie Fryslie, Shar Quam, Pam Ishmael, Virginia Halverson, Lisa Bahe, Elaine Rietz, Shelby Eischens, and Pastor Fred.

Sunday School Start-Up

Middle School and High School students will begin meeting in-person on February 7th. CDC

guidelines will be followed.

A good discussion around when and if 1st through 5th grades will begin meeting in-person. Some

of the issues discussed were:

• Number of children in each class to social distance • Sanitizing

• Escorting children to the restroom • Teachers needed to go in-person

It was decided to keep the 1st-5th grades remote learning at least through March until we can get

information from a survey that will be sent out to those parents. Survey questions will include: • Would you prefer to continue remote learning?

• Would you consider being a teacher?

• Would you be comfortable sending your child/children to in-person Sunday School? • Names, Grade and additional comments would be added

• CDC guidelines will be followed

In-person Sunday School for 1st-5th grades will be on the agenda for February to go over survey


Fall Curriculum

Pam shared with the group that the fall curriculum information is coming in. She will get the group together to go over those as soon as she has received them all.

The Board approved a request from Robin Schulte, High School Sunday School teacher, to get a speaker from different religions to talk to the High School group. All voted aye.


Wednesday School

A great discussion was held regarding starting a Wednesday School to include worship and a meal. Several experiences from members that have experienced a Wednesday school and how they felt it would work. Shar Quam will be calling 2-3 churches that are now doing Wednesday school to get answers to questions from the committee.

Initial thoughts for the order of events is: 5:15 Meal

6:00 Service

6:30 Sunday School

Consensus of the group would be to treat it as Sunday School and also offer Confirmation at that time. There would be no Sunday School on Sunday. There are a lot of things that have to be addressed to finalize this. Our goal is to be able to start Wednesday School this fall.

This meeting was the final meeting for Elaine Rietz. We thanked her for her service to the committee and wished her well.


Ascension Lutheran Church

Church & Community Ministry Team Minutes

January 12, 2021

Members Present: Joanne Matthees, Kayla Aman, Dana Culver, Nancy Swanson,

Gail Tidemann, Council Liaison

Also Attending, New Members for 2021: Roberta Olson, Linda DeBates, Susan


Opening Prayer

Highs & Lows

December 2020 Minutes

Financial/Budget: $2,000 Budget for 2021 plus $4,489 special project funds for

transportation ministry


Reviewed 2021 Annual Report

Feeding Brookings/Joanne:

The impact of this food distribution ministry was not

only the record number of households that were served but the catalyst it

became in engaging other church, college and community organizations working

together to feed the hungry.

BATA Bus Tokens for Children to Get to School/Nancy:

Closed out C&C Savings

Account of $1,000 to use as a challenge gift and raised funds almost five fold of

$4489. First $1,000 was sent to Brookings School District Social Worker Dana

Martens for use. These funds will continue to be used to get children to school

but also available for a broader transportation ministry.

We Gather Together Congregational Zoom Sessions:

Plan to use the information

to develop community connections.

University Lutheran Center/Nancy:

New pastor started January 2021.


& Community will reconnect with ULC at an appropriate time to develop that



Discussion Items

Church and Community Ministry needs to be about building relationships in


Caring Meals continues under leadership of Kathy Larsen and Sue Knutzen.

They would appreciate assistance in getting the word out.

Consider new outreach opportunities e.g. small groups; mother/father/

child programming; expanding purpose of block party

Nancy thanked Dana Culver for her contributions to the Church & Community

Ministry Team.

Action Items:

Nancy will contact Dana Martens, Brookings School Social Worker, to join

us at February 2021 meeting for an update and how to move forward

Roberta Olson will do some research on Church & Community

history/purpose as we continue to define and focus the work of this

ministry team

Use February meeting as a strategy and planning session.

Recorded: Nancy Swanson


Membership Participation Team Meeting January 12th, 2021 @ 6:30

Members present: Darla Biel, Lori Munsterman, Shirley Nelson, Diane Olive, Kathy Pohl, & Paula Tursam 1. Lori announced that new team members for 2021 are: Gail Lee, Dee Gilkerson, & Kevin Smith 2. Pastor Steve would like to see a membership mentor program started. We need to meet with

him to see what he wants this to look like (vision). He would like to begin sometime in the spring.

3. It was suggested that new congregational members have a small bio. on website page. It was noted that it’s now a little easier to find things on the church website.

4. We have several new members who will be joining the church in March of 2021. We give a gift of a box of cards which talk about the 4 Keys: caring conversations, devotions, rituals, and service.

5. Pastor Steve is doing small 5 to 10 min. weekly update on Facebook. Paula asked if it could also be put on you tube as some don’t have Facebook.

6. Our 2021 budget will be the same as 2020. We didn’t use much money this year due to covid and no activities, potlucks, and etc. We won’t be using many supplies until church is back in full swing.

7. In house church is to start February 6 & 7th.

8. Darla shared that there is a new item on Ascension’s website. It comes up under the purpose statement and tells about the 4 Keys.


1.12.2021 O & M Team Minutes

Preferred Mechanical has completed inspection of furnaces, and we are waiting for their report. An inventory list of this sort will be valuable when and if replacements are needed. The South Main Automatic doors SHOULD NOT be propped open at all! The mechanics of the doors are not meant to be “stalled”. Please advise office staff and delivery people.

Don contacted Austin at Razor’s Edge to use the brush attachment on the snow removal equipment, to better clean the sidewalks. There have been complaints that hopefully this will address.

Discussion involving the return to normal service times and cleaning/disinfecting between services. Shared ideas with Worship & Music.

Phil has allowed Feeding Brookings staff to temporarily use 1 more Sunday School room - #5 – for the storage of the extra boxes that are being used.

Steve is waiting for the Roofers to still come for the replacement of the SE roof shingles above the Sanctuary.

We welcome 3 new team members: Lindsey Wollman, Dennis Peterson and Jeff VanGerpen. We thank Steve Ust, Linda Whitaker and Shari Budahl Avery for their service on this Team. Linda and Shari will continue to assist with some of the gardening, and probably drag their

husbands along!!!  Al Whitaker will continue to tend the apple trees on the west lawn. Linda

will continue to take loving care of the flower pots. Steve has offered to be available for spring cleanup, provide a skid-steer when needed and provide support when he can.

Notations: 1) There is probably a need for recertification on the Lift.

2) Whose names are on the Fire Department call list? Review & update if needed. Shari will try to get an arborist on the property in the spring to evaluate the status and number of the Ash trees on the church grounds. When that information is available, I will turn in a report to the team.

Members present were Don, Phil, Doug, Chris, Jess, Linda, Shari, Steve and Lindsey. Shari Budahl Avery, Secretary





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