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Volume XLVII No. 23 Spring Delaware Paralegal Association. The First Stop for Paralegals in the First State. Visit


Academic year: 2021

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Volume XLVII No. 23 Spring 2015

Delaware Paralegal Association The First Stop for

Paralegals in the First State

Visit www.deparalegals.org In This Issue: President’s Message 2 Member Social 3 Pro Bono 4 Kent/Sussex Counties Paralegal/Attorney Event 7 Delaware Certified Paralegals 8 January Luncheon 9 New Members 10

Kent & Sussex CLE 11 February CLE 12 Find us on Facebook 13 Membership Renewal Save the Date 14

Board of Directors 15 OUR MISSION

To promote and maintain high standards and ethics in the profession, to provide a forum for the exchange of information about the profession, to enhance the role of paralegals in the legal community and to encour-age the continuing legal education of paralegals.


The Ever Changing Roles of Paralegals -

The Use of Technology

By Shannon J. Hamlin, DCP

President, Delaware Paralegal Association

Winter 2015, Page 2 Delaware Paralegal Association

Have you noticed lately that the roles and responsibilities of paralegals have been changing? Traditionally, “a paralegal is a person qualified by education or work experience who is authorized to perform tasks requiring substantive legal knowledge that would otherwise by law, rule or ethics be performed exclusively by an attorney.” (www.deparalegals.org). But with the advancement of tech-nology paralegals functions and duties are evolving and are becoming more high tech.

Years ago paralegals were asked to perform legal research, by spending hours upon hours in the law library researching cases and flipping through books until wee hours into the morning. Now law firms are discarding the use of books and have opted for more user friendly research services like Westlaw and Lexis. Westlaw and Lexis are online legal research services that provide a database of resources including case law, state and federal statutes, administrative code, and law journals. These online research services allow paralegals to perform searches and gather information with just the click of the mouse. A project that would have normally taken hours, can now be completed within minutes. This saves time and money.

Another role change for paralegals, is the handling of discovery. Discovery plays a vital role in every lawsuit. Paralegals assist the attorneys with managing discovery, the gathering of documents and organizing the information. As technology advances, we are starting to move away from the large banker boxes full of spreadsheets and documents, sitting in a conference room sifting through old, moldy boxes. Now with the use of digital scanners and document management software, discovery pleadings are being maintained in an electronic format. Paralegals are now being trained on how to use various document management systems like IPRO, Case Point and e-Discovery. Law firms were relying on the IT department to assist with these types of software, but now it is up to paralegal to make sure the documents are uploaded correctly, that they are accessible, organized and to be familiar with state and federal e-discovery rules.

In addition, to learning new software and programs to keep up the ever-changing times, some paralegals have been moving into more legal technology specialist roles. Paralegals are taking on more tech-savvy roles in the courtroom with assisting document management, trial exhibit preparation and even the “hot seat” seat in the courtroom. The hot seat” operator runs the technology in the courtroom. Besides the attorney, who else knows the documents inside and out? The paralegal. Now the paralegal’s role has evolved to not only know the documents but to also facilitate the moving parts of the trial. Paralegals are taking on more responsibilities in the courtroom and are having to embrace technology by learning how to use trial exhibit software, animation and multimedia programs.

As the legal profession continues to grow and technology advances, paralegals are going to have to welcome the use of technology. It will become a survival tool, as challenges grow and attor-neys are finding better ways to deliver the best client services. Willing to learn and moving with the time will help make the transition seamless.


DPA Member Social

By Tiffany N. Matthews, DCP

Programs Director, Delaware Paralegal Association

Over 50 paralegals, attorneys and other supporters attending the Delaware Paralegal

Associa-tion’s (DPA) Paralegal/Attorney Event held on Thursday, January 29th, at the University &

Whist Club in Wilmington. This year’s theme was a Masquerade Party and it was organized to

promote networking and community among paralegals and attorneys in the Delaware legal field.

The event featured a live band, photo booth, and New Orleans-style food. Guests in attendance

wore their best masks. Prizes for the evening included gift cards to local restaurants and stores,

and a special prize was awarded to recently-retired paralegal, Walter Cavers. This year’s

spon-sors were Potter, Anderson & Corroon, LLP; Bayard, P.A.; Maron Marvel Bradley & Anderson

LLC; the University of Delaware (Professional & Continuing Studies); and Parkowski, Guerke

& Swayze, P.A.

Winter 2015, Page 2


Winter 2015, Page 4 Delaware Paralegal Association

Although the weather outside was frightening, that did not stop or slow down DPA’s

out-reach efforts. We kicked-off the year with the annual Wills for Senior’s event on MLK Day,

Monday, January 19


at the Chase Center on the River Front. A special thank you to attorney

Amy Odell and her paralegal students from Wilmington University, for their continuous

sup-port. Because of their help a total of 24 wills were prepared, and the day was a success.

Our Pro Bono efforts continued, and on Friday, February 27


and Saturday, February



we actively participated in the orchestration of New Castle County’s annual Mock Trial

Competition. Twenty-five High Schools participated. The top two finalists were Charter High

School and St. Marks High School and the winner was St. Marks. Both days resulted in an

abundance of volunteers from DPA members, attorneys, paralegal students and nonmembers.

On Friday a total of twenty-eight volunteers showed-up to lend their support and all services

were appreciated. On Saturday, a total of forty-six volunteers showed-up to render their

ser-vices, including courthouse bailiffs as well as attorneys acting as bailiffs. It was a spectacular

event and everyone came with the mind-set to serve. Mock trial 2015 was a huge success due

to the outpouring of support from the legal community.

Please continue to support the up and coming Pro Bono events. On Saturday, March



, DPA will assist in the Wills for Hero’s event at the Lewes, Delaware Fire Company. On

Saturday, April 18


, DPA will assist with the Wills for Senior’s event at the Luther Towers

sen-ior building in Dover, Delaware. Please let me know if you would be interested in

participat-ing in any of these events. Every three hours of pro bono work is worth 1 CLE credit. Your

services are greatly appreciated.

In closing, Pro Bono work or community outreach is a great opportunity for members to

make a difference in the community. I hope that you will continue to do what counts; your

contribution is worth more than you know. Please join me at the Pro Bono luncheon on

Thurs-day, May 21st at the Sheraton Suites. This year we will have a panel of four attorneys who

specialize in Pro Bono work. I have been privileged to assist these wonderful attorneys in their

efforts to spread some kindness to others. The topic for the panel is “Pro Bono Work, Why Do

You Serve?” Please come prepared to chat and chew and ask the panel those thought

provok-ing questions you always wanted to pose, but were afraid to ask.


By Rose Green, DCP

Pro Bono Director, Delaware Paralegal Association


Wills for Seniors


New Castle County

Mock Trial Competition


Spring 2015, Page 7 Delaware Paralegal Association

You are cordially invited to attend Kent and Sussex

Counties Paralegal/Attorney Event

Please return your reservation slip and payment (payable to Delaware Paralegal Association [DPA])

NO LATER THAN NOON, Tuesday, April 14, 2015 to

Laura Lee Kirby, DCP, Young & McNelis, 300 S. State Street, Dover, DE 19901 Email: lauralee10865@hotmail.com

Name: ________________________________________ Phone: _____________________

Firm: __________________________________________________________

Amount enclosed: ____________ Member/Non-Member (Cir cle One)

Contributions or gifts to the Delaware Paralegal Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions; however, they may be tax deductible as ordinary business expenses

Enjoy a beautiful evening of professional networking, great conversation, tasty food,

enter-tainment and door prizes.

You will be entertained by Mentalist/Illusionist Dan Cain, during

his one-hour mind-blowing show, and then mingle and/or dance the night away while

expe-riencing the sounds of the high-energy dance band Ice Station Zero! We look forward to

seeing a huge crowd this year so please bring a friend, spouse, co-worker, etc. - the more the

merrier! Be sure to bring your business cards or a means to exchange your professional

contact information

contact information.


On May 12, 2005, the Board of Directors approved the Delaware Certified Paralegal (DCP) Program in an effort to continue to promote a high level of education and professionalism, and to encourage continuing legal education for Delaware paralegals. Paralegals seeking the DCP certification must be Full members of DPA, and meet certain education and work experience requirements to submit an application. This is a vol-untary certification program.

The DCP Committee will examine the qualifications of each applicant for certification and determine whether the applicant meets the necessary requirements. Approved applicants will be issued a certificate in-dicating certification by the DPA. The paralegal can then use the designation “Delaware Certified Paralegal” or “DCP.”

Paralegals who are approved for DCP certification must follow the DPA’s Code of Ethics and renew their certification status every two years. The renewal process consists of completing at least eight hours of continuing legal education with at least one of the eight hours covering ethics. DCP CLE credits will be of-fered at various monthly DPA lecture luncheons, lunch & learns and other CLE events throughout the year. In addition, there are many other avenues for DCP’s to pursue to obtain applicable CLE credit.

Please see www.delawareparalegals.com for more information and for an application.

Just a reminder: Each member is responsible to retain their own CLE certificates. They cannot be replaced. The Delaware Paralegal Association does not retain copies.

Helpful Hint: Make a notebook or folder and store your CLE certificates there as soon as you receive them!

Spring 2015, Page 8 Delaware Paralegal Association

We are pleased to announce our newest

Delaware Certified Paralegals!

Jennifer F. Ettinger

Kathy A. Butler


On January 20, 2015, the Delaware Paralegal Association had the honor of having Daniel

White, 3rd, of Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. speak to us regarding the Use of Technology in Courtroom Presentations.

Mr. White started the presentation with 5 basic questions regarding courtroom presentations: Why, What, Where, When and How?


*to assist in telling your story *to bring your story to life

*to keep your audience engaged

WHERE *trial *hearing *arbitration *mediation HOW *very carefully *strategically

With regards to preparation for courtroom presentations, it is very important to establish an excellent relationship with the court staff (do you have all produced documents and all of the depositions and exhibits?). It is also important to develop a good working relationship with opposing counsel’s paralegal.

You should consider if you have the proper tools for the job (laptops with enough computing power, trial presentation software, documents both electronic and paper, etc.). You should also consider if you require a trial technician. A trial technician will run the trial presentation software, setup/breakdown equipment and will troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

Mr. White concluded the presentation with a question and answer from the attending paralegals.

Use of Technology in Courtroom Presentations

By Cathy M. Greer, DCP

CLE Director, Delaware Paralegal Association

Spring 2015, Page 9 Delaware Paralegal Association


*white board *document camera *powerpoint presentation *trial presentation software


*during opening/closing statements *during direct/cross examinations *oral argument


Winter 2015, Page 10 Delaware Paralegal Association


Kent/Sussex Counties’ January Lecture Luncheon:

On January 21, 2015, our guest speaker was Kent County Family Court Commissioner Louann Vari.

Commissioner Vari presented information regarding the Protection from Abuse Process, and went into detail regarding what constitutes abuse and the ramifications of having a PFA issued and possi-ble criminal implications. Commissioner Vari drew a nice crowd of 30 paralegals who attended her presentation. Thank you to everyone who attended for helping make Kent County’s luncheons a con-tinued success.

Kent/Sussex Counties February Lecture Luncheon:

On February 18, 2015, our guest speaker was once again, Deputy Commissioner Robert A. Wiest from the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. Mr . Wiest’s topic was Par t III of his very informative “series” regarding laws pertaining to alcohol sales and consumption. This is the first speaker we’ve had who presented such an interesting subject that took 3 attempts to present eve-rything that eventually left the paralegals with no questions left to answer. We had 21 paralegals in attendance and I wish to thank each and every one of you who attended this informative luncheon.


April’s luncheon will be held on Thursday, April 16, 2015. The topic is open as Kent County’s Su-perior Court Judge Robert B. Young will be our guest speaker . J udge Young has no specific topic on which he wishes to speak so PLEASE bring your questions for Judge Young. This is a rare opportunity, so please take advantage of this time to ask a Superior Court J udge anything you wish! Judge Young’s questions/answers session will provide 1.0 CLE credit towards your DCP sta-tus.


May’s luncheon will be held on May 20, 2015. Our topic will be “Working the Personal Injury Case From Both Sides”, which will be presented by Reneta L. Green-Streett, Esq. of the law fir m Young & McNelis,and Keith Donovan, Esq. of the law firm of Morris James, LLP. Ms. Green-Streett is an insurance defense litigation lawyer and Mr. Donovan is a Plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer. The two attorneys will speak about how paralegals on both the defense and plaintiff’s sides can effectively work together to bring their cases to settlement. This very interesting presentation will provide 1.0 CLE credit towards your DCP status.

Spring 2015, Page 11 Delaware Paralegal Association

Kent & Sussex October Lecture Luncheon

Kristin N. Timmons, DCP, Sussex County Director &

Laura Lee Kirby, DCP, Kent County Director Delaware Paralegal Association


Spring 2015, Page 12 Delaware Paralegal Association

Arlene M Simon (Executive Director of Delaware Council on Gambling) and Dr. Sachin Kar-nik, lectured at the February 19, 2015 Delaware Paralegal Luncheon, with respect to addiction in the legal profession.

There is a stigma with respect to addiction in the United States, unfortunately. The majority of society be-lieves that forms of addiction are a moral issue, or lack of self control. The truth is, addiction does not dis-criminate. All walks of life suffer from this devastating, debilitating disease/illness. Whether you are a judge or a homeless person living on the streets, under a bridge, with a brown bag in your hand, it doesn’t mat-ter...no one is exempt.

Addiction is defined as a chronic, progressive disease, described as the loss of self control. Legal profession-als are no exception. Millions of Americans suffer from sort of addiction. In fact, the legal profession has a rate of alcoholism significantly higher than the general population. Addiction is incurable; however, it is treat-able.

The First Step to overcoming your addiction (whether it be alcohol, food, drugs, sex, etc.) is admitting that one has a problem and is completely powerless over the substance and situation. Moreover, some-times the individual may have to hit an emotional bottom to be able to, or want to stop completely.

Step Two: Believing, or coming to believe, in a higher power, greater than one’s self (whether it be God, or if one is an agnostic/atheist, some other form of other belief).

Step Three: Turning one’s will and life over to the care of God/Higher Power as they may understand him/her.

Step Four: Taking an honest and personal inventory of one’s past mistakes and wrongs.

Step Five: Making amends to people one may have harmed in the past.

Step Six: Being entirely ready to ask God/Higher Power to remove one’s character defects.

Step Seven: Humbly ask God/Higher Power to remove one’s shortcomings and character defects.

Step Eight: Making a list of all persons that one has harmed from bad behavior (while in active addic-tion) and become willing to make amends to those individuals.

Step Nine: Made amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure others.

Step Ten: Continued to take personal inventory, and when wrong, promptly admit that wrong.

Step Eleven: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve one’s conscious contact with God/ Higher Power, praying for one’s knowledge to carry that out.

New Castle County Lecture Luncheon

By Tracy A. Dietel, DCP


Spring 2015, Page 13 Delaware Paralegal Association Cont’d from page 12

Step Twelve: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of the above steps, one carries this message to others suffering from addiction, and practices the principals and affairs of the Twelve Step’s in one’s daily living.

The above Twelve Steps, were originated by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Bob and Bill W., sometime in 1939. Millions of Americans have recovered from a seemingly hopeless disease by applying the above Twelve Steps in their life. These steps may seem tedious; however, they do help and are essential to one’s recovery.

The truth is, addiction is nearly impossible to overcome on your own. Other alternatives include Twelve Step Meetings, cognitive therapy, counseling and rehabilitation. There is no cure; however, absti-nence and application of the Twelve Steps from addictive behaviors, are a guarantee of finding your way back to a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a legal professional, and find yourself battling an addiction, there are many resources in Del-aware to find help. The DE-LAP Zone/Solace is a national network of more than 7,000 legal professions in-cluding, but not limited to judges, lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, etc. who are ready to assist legal pro-fessions on a short term basis who may be struggling from addiction. To find out more information, you may call 302-777-0124, or e-mail cwaldhauser@de-lap.org.

Mary Tait here, your Public Relations Director, with

exciting news! Yes! DPA has gone digital! If you haven't done so yet,

please "like" our fantastic new Facebook Page!

Stay up-to-date with DPA events, luncheons and CLEs. And so that

you don’t feel left out, check out the great pictures too!

We’ve Gone Digital!!

By Mary Tait


Spring 2015, Page 14 Delaware Paralegal Association

Thank you for your membership, support and participation in the DPA during the 2014-2015 membership year. Our current fiscal year ends on June 30th. It’s time to renew for the 2015-2016 season. You may access the individual renewal form at: http://www.deparalegals.org/membership_renewal.htm and the sustaining membership renewal form at:

http://www.deparalegals.org/new_forms/ application_for_sustaining_membership.htm


Delaware Paralegal Association

Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 18, 2015

9:15 AM — 2:00 PM

2015-2016 Board Elections

CLE Ethics Seminar

Vendor Exhibit Hall

More details to follow

While we continue to provide information on upcoming events through regular mailings and/or email notice, you can also log onto DPA's website at http://www.deparalegals.org/ calendar.php for up-to- the-minute information. You will also find valuable information on the Member's Only page of the website http://www.deparalegals.org/memberships.php

including the DPA Bylaws, the Job Bank with current vacancies, process for joining the Blood Bank, current and past newsletters and a membership directory.


Spring 2015, Page 15 Delaware Paralegal Association


If anyone is interested in the following Pro Bono event please contact Rose L. Green by the

dead-line specified below at



On Saturday, April 18, 2015 the DSBA in collaboration with DVLS will sponsor its annual Wills

for Seniors’ event to be held at the Luther Towers of Dover, 430 Kings Highway, Dover, DE

19901 in Kent County from 10am until 4pm. There is an urgent need for attorneys and

parale-gals. Please share this information with the attorneys in your office. Paralegals are needed to act

as notaries, witnesses, and assist attorneys in the edit and revision of the Will. This is a Pro Bono

event worth 1 CLE credit for every 3 hours. If you are interested in volunteering for this event,

please let me know by

Friday, April, 10, 2015



Shannon J. Hamlin, DCP President 984-6243 shamlin@Potteranderson.com

Steve Bridgett, DCP Vice-President 984-3915 sbridgett@coochtaylor.com

Kristine Neuhauser, DCP Secretary 657-8237 Kristine.neuhauser@ubs.com

Adam Kuhn, DCP Treasurer 215-963-4492 akuhn@morganlewis.com


Heidi Coleman, AACP, DCP Membership 428-8191 hcoleman@sha-llc.com

Tracy A. Dietel, DCP Programs 892-9200 tdietel@rahaimSaints.com

Cathy Greer, DCP CLE 651-7681 greer@rlf.com

Sharyn Hallman, DCP Job Bank sharynh@hotmail.com

Maryann Millis Newsletter Editor 984-3882 mmillis@coochtaylor.com

Rose Green, DCP Pro Bono 984-3817 rgreen@coochtaylor.com

Mary Tait Public Relations 351-9162 mtait@mnat.com

Sandra A. Rothermel, DCP Information Technology 856-7755 sarothermel@yahoo.com

Tiffany Matthews, DCP Special Projects 429-4260 tmatthews@bayardlaw.com

Alyson D. Poppiti, DCP National Affairs 351-9320 apoppiti@mnat.com

Laura Lee Kirby , DCP Kent County lauralee10865@hotmail.com

Kristin Timmons, DCP Sussex County 854-0542 kristin@tunnellraysor.com

Michelle McGee-Solomon, DCP Director-at-Large 429-4492 mmcgee-solomon@paulweiss.com

VACANT Board Advisor

Board Directory

Website: www.deparalegals.org


Spring 2015, Page 16 Delaware Paralegal Association

Advertise in

The Reporter

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The Reporter

is published four times per year.

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