Academic Leader, Nurse Education Team. UCOL has a vacancy for an Academic Leader for the Nurse Education Team within the Faculty of Health Science.






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Academic Leader, Nurse Education Team

UCOL has a vacancy for an Academic Leader for the Nurse Education Team

within the Faculty of Health Science.

This is an exciting new opportunity for you to be a key part of a leadership

team. Your Academic Leadership role will be focused on:

Leading innovative programmes to meet the needs of the health


Collaboratively identifying and maximising the efficient sharing of our

resources and capability in the Nurse Education Team and across the

Health Science Faculty;

Leadership and portfolio management such as; academic, financial

performance, student experience, and research performance of the

Team and Faculty.

You will report to the Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Science.

UCOL is seeking a leader with a PhD qualification (or working towards one),

who is a Registered Nurse with experience in programme development,

management and leadership.

This role requires a person who is highly credible in the Health and educational

Sectors, and who has exceptional relationship management and




Faculty  Academic  Leader  


Faculty  Academic  Leader  –  Nurse  Education  




Reports  to    

Dean/General Manager Faculty of Health Science

Primary  Objective    

Responsible and accountable for effective academic leadership of the Nurse Education Team including overall responsibility for portfolios such as academic, student clinical experience, finance and research performance of the Team, to ensure the most effective student centred services are provided to our


Responsible for the management of all Programme Leaders/Portfolio Leader in the Nurse Education Team on Palmerston North, Whanganui, and Wairarapa sites.

Key  Result  Areas  

Academic Quality

• Ensure the academic quality of all nursing programmes/courses offered are

educationally sound and sustainable and review existing programmes/courses against stakeholder needs;

• Build on the academic profile of the Nurse Education Team as a highly

reputable and credible provider of work ready graduate nurses. Student Learning

• Develop, deliver and assess material that meets the curricula, industry

requirements, meets UCOL’s strategic goals and is up to date, for defined programmes/courses;

• Maintain a client orientation towards students;

• Use effective teaching skills which incorporate a variety of best practice

delivery methods (including flexible delivery) that meet the needs of a variety of students;


• Ensure clinical placements for all programmes/courses meet the required

standards. Research

• Overall responsibility for all aspects of the Teams research strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

• Engage actively with stakeholders from aligned

industries/professions/communities to ensure positive and productive relationships.

Project Management

• Overall responsibility for all projects relating to the Nurse Education Team.

Staff Leadership

• Model and mentor appropriate behaviours, including effective teaching and

people management skills;

• Conduct performance appraisals, performance management and recruitment

activities as appropriate in consultation with the Faculty Dean/General Manager;

• Facilitating collaboration between sites and staff.

Teaching, Academic & Technology Leadership

• Foster and encourage appropriate research within the team; • Provide teaching, academic & technology leadership for the team.

School Management

• Ensure there are systems and processes in place to effectively manage

student success;

• Operate systems and processes approved by the Faculty General

Manager/Dean that enable the goals of the students, UCOL, the Faculty, and the programme to be achieved;

• Manage resources of the programme, including budget, timetabling, record

keeping etc;

• Ensure the overall academic excellence of the programmes/courses, that they

meet the curricula, and are accurately and effectively marketed;

• Involvement in general Faculty issues and administration at a

management/leadership level. Professional Development

• Regularly participate in continuing self education in both technical and

teaching skills;

• Take responsibility for self development;

• Facilitate and co-ordinate the professional development of members of the


• Participate in internal personal development activities, including performance

assessment and training programmes. Innovation

• Consider feasibilities and implement, where appropriate, alternative methods

of delivery;

• Develop material suited to specific learning situations;

• Develop with Team members new initiatives/projects for programmes as



Faculty Administration

• Operate existing UCOL and Faculty systems efficiently and create own

systems as required;

• Support the effective running of UCOL and the Faculty as appropriate,

including representing the Faculty as required. External Liaison

• Involved in promotional exercises, public relations and general UCOL and

Faculty representation. Health and Safety

• Take appropriate actions for own, Team and student safety and health; • Take responsibility for Health & Safety environment;

• Ensure students and staff are aware of Health & Safety issues.

Core  Competencies  


• Expresses and receives ideas and information to ensure a shared understanding.

Innovation and Creativity

• Seizes opportunities for, and encourages, innovative ideas that provide solutions

to all types of workplace challenges. Demonstrates the ability to be inventive and think ‘out of the box’.

Learning Facilitation

• Dedicated in their efforts to facilitate and support student learning and

achievement. Provides a positive learning environment and actively encourages students to fully engage with the learning process and develop the skills for life-long learning.

Professional Practices

• Adapts, refines and improves professional practices and performance through

continuous reflection, evaluation and professional development. Provides Quality Outcomes for Students and Other Stakeholders

• Integrates the needs of the student and other stakeholders when decision making

and works to create quality outcomes. Research/Industry Relationships

• Ensures that networks, partnerships, and research opportunities are developed

and maintained to facilitate knowledge and industry movement awareness and to identify research opportunities.

Respects Others and Builds Trust

• Demonstrates respect for others and builds trust through consistent behaviour

and demonstrates integrity in all actions.

Technical and Professional Knowledge and Skills

• Has the required level of technical and professional skill or knowledge in

position-related areas. Masters degree qualification is essential. Registered Nurse with a current Practicing Certificate. Adult Teaching qualification or equivalent.


• Models and promotes high personal and professional standards that support

UCOL’s vision and values. Understands the wider environment and the influence of this on UCOL’s strategic goals.


• Creates a positive work environment which fosters success. Supports the

recruitment and retention of staff. Manages resources, in alignment with UCOL strategic direction; proactively plans, negotiates and assesses resources to ensure viability of the Faculty.

Person  Specification  

• Experience in programme development, management and leadership; • Registered Nurse with PhD or working towards same

• Adult Teaching qualification or equivalent; • Proven relationship management skills; • Effective communication skills;

• Effective time management skills and ability to meet deadlines; • Highly credible and reputable in the health and/or education sector; • Research leadership skills

• Credible research publication record and recent history of attracting

research funding