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Internal security and the strategy of the Ministry of the Interior


Academic year: 2021

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Internal security and the strategy

of the Ministry of the Interior

Virve Day 19 March 2013

Director-General Pentti Partanen, Department of Rescue Services


Internal security


of the Ministry

of the Interior

Public order and security

– Police

Rescue services

Border control

– Border Guard

Emergency response centres

– Emergency Response Centre Administration


– Finnish Immigration Service, reception centres

Ethnic equality and non-discrimination



Government Programme:


of internal security

Finland is the safest country in

Europe, one in which people feel that

they live in a fair and equal society

regardless of how they identify

themselves. A good security situation and a strong sense of security are an important part of people’s wellbeing and a nationally important competitive advantage.


Finland’s outlook:

challenges for internal security

• Urbanisation

• Changes in ‘HARVA’ (sparsely populated) areas • Ageing of the population

• Multiculturalisation • Globalisation

• Change in social mood • Financial insecurity:

Are we able to afford the welfare state? • Sustainable development challenges:


28.3.2013 5 5 High sense of security Low corruption Low crime rate High confidence in authorities and institutions High number of fatal accidents Relatively high number of homicides Fairly good traffic safety Finland in an international security comparison Goo d Must imp rove High number of fatalities in fires


Government Resolution 14 Jun 2012



What are Finns afraid of?

• Increasing inequality

• How can a small person / a small

country cope in the world?

• Loneliness, isolation

• Survival of the welfare

society and key



Source: Survey conducted by the Ministry of the Interior in 2012


Social mood in Finland

The mood is now clearly more negative than before

Uncertainty has increased, particularly about society today

...the smallest slip and you fall

...do the decision-makers know what they are doing at all

It’s the leaders who are to blame

– but no individual decision-makers are singled out

– so is there still confidence in institutions? • No differences between population groups

– Homogeneous society




as an underlying cause of

violence and accidents

Consumption 1970 2011

4.5 l 10.0 l

• One in three people who die in an accident in the home or in leisure activities are intoxicated

• 70% of people who die in fires are intoxicated • 50% of people who drown are intoxicated

• One in three traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers • In homicides, both offender and victim are intoxicated

in 70% of cases

• In cases of assault, the offender is intoxicated in 64% of cases


Vision: Finland is the safest and most equal country in Europe.

Objective 1: Preventing security risks

Objective 2: Building a

competitive, tolerant and diverse Finland

Objective 3: Ensuring the coverage and quality of services while respecting fundamental rights and observing the principles of good governance

Objective 4: Ensuring

capacity to operate effectively in the future

Ministry of the Interior Police Border Guard Rescue services Emergency Response Centres Immigration administration

Strategy goal: Caring for the security of citizens, building a competitive society and ensuring equitable treatment of citizens



Group strategy monitoring indicators

Cyberthreats and combating cybercrime

 Clear increase in person-years, leading to increased risk of being caught

Police permit administration client visits

 Number of visits to decrease by one million by 2016 Throughput time for financial crimes

 Decrease to less than 300 days by 2015

Online transactions

 By 2015, it will be possible to conduct 90% of all official transactions online

Processing of asylum applications

 To be sped up by 50% from the 2011 level by 2014 Improving border crossing points

 Overall development indicator will be 2.5 by 2015

Employment of graduates

 Student numbers scaled so that graduates should be able to find employment in their field no later than 6 months after graduation

Wellbeing at work

 The VMBaro average will be at least 3.40 for all agencies

Effectiveness and performance

 The average for the administrative sector will be at leat 7.5 on a scale from 4 to 10 (qualitative assessment)

Effectiveness and performance

 Overall evaluation / index for performance in the administrative sector will be at least 134.6 (2011: 100)



Effectiveness and performance (overall index for successful performance in the

administrative sector is at least 134.6 (2011: 100)

– The results are principally good, and the trends are in the right direction – The same applies to other individual indicators

– In other respects too, progress is being made mostly as planned towards the objectives of the strategy and the Government Programme

Indikaattorit: 2011 2012 Tavoite

Liikenneturvallisuusindeksin arvo (ind.) 100 112,6 102,8 Henkeen ja terveyteen kohd. rikosten selv. (%) 100 103,8 110,1 Rajaturvallisuuden ylläpitäminen (ind.) 100 100,0 110,3 Merellisen turvallisuuden lisääminen (ind.) 100 100,0 100,0 Hätäpuheluun vastataan 10 s kuluessa 100 101,1 100,0

Palokuolemien määrä (henkilöä) 100 98,9 156,1

Toimintavalmiusaika A-luokan tehtävissä (min.) poliisi 100 109,8 101,0 Kiireellisten tehtävien keskimääräinen toimintavalmiusaika (min.), pelastus 100 100,6 101,3 Työntekijän oleskeluluvan käsittelyaika (vrk) 100 79,6 143,3 Talousrikollisuus (poliisin haltuun saama omaisuus, M€) 100 113,4 314,5 Järjestäynyt rikollisuus (kirjatut rikosilmoitukset, kpl) 100 140,0 141,5

Yhteensä 100,0 105,4 134,6


Government Programme key projects

• There are some 80 projects derived from the Government Programme; five of them are key projects.

• The key projects are:

– drafting the third Internal Security Programme, – stepping up the fight against organised crime, – preparing the Future of Migration 2020 Strategy,

– stepping up the fight against the shadow economy and economic crime, and

– preparing for the impact of visa-free travel between the EU and Russia on the Ministry and its offices and agencies

• In addition to the Government Programme key projects, the Government Programme projects of particular importance for the administrative sector of the Ministry of the Interior are the adaptation and development projects concerning our core areas


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