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Catering/Food Service Management Company Request for Proposal SECTION A - RFP INSTRUCTIONS


Academic year: 2021

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Catering/Food Service Management Company

Request for Proposal



This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued to establish a firm fixed price contract with a qualified vendor who will provide Food Service Management Services to the IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY, INC. (hereinafter, “SFA” or "School") as further described in this RFP.


The IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY will receive sealed proposals for two (2) breakfast meals, and two (2) lunch meals freshly prepared, ready-to-eat, that meet USDA and State requirements for reimbursement. Vendors are invited to submit proposals on the enclosed forms based on the specifications supplied by the school. The proposal covers the

furnishing of component breakfasts and lunches, exclusive of milk, from July 1, 2015 to the last day of the school year _2016___. Proposals must be received at 1807 Memorial Drive, Atlanta Ga 30317 no later than 12 noon on Monday, June 8, 2015 at which time and place the proposals will be opened. Proposals received after the time specified will be deemed late and will be rejected, and returned to the vendor unopened.

NOTE: IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY, INC. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals with sound documented reasons, and to waive informalities and minor

irregularities in proposals received.


The objective of this RFP is to select a qualified vendor to provide the goods and/or services outlined in this RFP to the SFA. This RFP process will be conducted to gather and evaluate responses from vendors for potential award. All qualified vendors are invited to participate by submitting responses, as further defined below. After evaluating all vendors’ responses received prior to the closing date of this RFP and following negotiations (if any) and

resolution of any contract exceptions, the preliminary results of the RFP process will be publicly announced, including the names of all participating vendors and the evaluation


results. Subject to the protest process, final contract award(s) will be publicly announced thereafter.


The schedule of events set out herein represents the SFA's best estimate of the schedule that will be followed. However, delays to the procurement process may occur which may necessitate adjustments to the proposed schedule.

Description Date Time

RFP Issued 05/13/15 N/A

Deadline for written questions sent via email to the School Nutrition Director.

Monday, May 25, 2015 9:00 a.m. ET

Response from SFA to Written Questions

Monday June 1, 2015 5:00 p.m. ET RFP Close date and time Wednesday June 10, 2015 12 noon Proposal Evaluation Completed (on

or about)

1 1/2 Weeks after Closing N/A

Negotiations Invitation Issued (emailed) (on or about); discretionary process

[X] to [Y] Weeks after Closing TBD

Final Evaluation (on or about) 3 Weeks after Closing N/A Finalize Contract Terms 4 Weeks after Closing N/A Notice of Intent to Award* [NOIA]

(on or about) if over 100K

1 ½ Weeks after Closing N/A

Notice of Award [NOA] (on or about)



Ms. Kendra Shipmon, Director of Operations, 1807 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30317 School Nutrition Director Contact information

Nevine Heaven, 1807 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30317 nheaven@ivyprepacademy


The contract will be effective for an initial term of one year commencing on July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, with up to four (4) options to renew, at the sole discretion of the SFA, for 1 year terms each with the same terms and conditions applied.


"Request for Proposal" (RFP) is a Competitive Proposal ( previously known as Competitive Negotiation), means a method of procurement whereby a technical proposal is solicited that explains how the prospective contractor will meet the objectives of the solicitation and a cost element that identifies the costs to accomplish the technical proposal. While price alone is not the sole basis for award, price remains the primary consideration when awarding a contract under the competitive proposal method. ( from FSMC Guidance for SAs - Jan 09 - FNS website)

"FSMC" is a Food Service Management Company, which means a commercial enterprise or a nonprofit organization that is or may be contracted with by the SFA to manage any aspect of the school food service. An FSMC is a company that is acting on behalf of a school food authority by actually being in charge of or directing any aspect of the food service and must meet applicable program requirements. ( from FSMC Guidance for SAs - Jan 09 - FNS website)

"Vendor" means a merchandiser of complete meals, meal components, or raw materials. ( FSMC Guidance for SAs - Jan 09)


"SFA" means School Food Authority.

"Meal component" means one of the five food items that compose the reimbursable school lunch or one of the four food items of a school breakfast.

"SBP" means " School Breakfast Program" in agreement with all regulations of 7CFR 220 "NSLP" means "National School Lunch Program" - in agreement with all regulations of 7CFR 210

"CNP" means Child Nutrition Program

"CFR" means Code of Federal Regulations which is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal government.


By submitting a response to this RFP, the vendor is acknowledging that the vendor: 1. Has read the information and instructions,

2. Agrees to comply with the information and instructions contained herein.

All proposals shall be placed in a sealed envelope, and will consist of a technical and a cost proposal. The front of the envelope shall be clearly labeled as follows:


ATTN: School Food Service Proposal


1807 Memorial Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30317 A-9.QUESTIONS

Additional information and questions may be obtained from the School Nutrition Director at nheaven@ivyprepacademy.org.


Any explanation desired by a FSMC regarding the meaning or interpretation of any part of this request for proposal must be requested in writing by 5:00 P.M. on May 22, 2015 in order to allow sufficient time for a reply to reach all Vendors before proposal opening. Email is acceptable. Oral explanations or

instructions given before the award of the contract shall not be binding. Any information given to a prospective FSMC shall be furnished to all prospective Vendors as an addendum to the solicitation.


Addendums sent to all prospective FSMCs will be sent by email and certified return receipt mail.

(Note to SFA - please list how the FSMC's will be notified for all changes related to the proposal) Addendums sent to the prospective FSMCs must be signed and attached to the proposal as acknowledgment of receipt, and acceptance of the addendums to the proposal.


The contract will be awarded to the responsive and responsible vendor whose proposal will be most advantageous to the SFA, price and other factors considered. Unsuccessful offeror's will be notified promptly.

The SFA reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals if there is a sound, documented reason that is in the best interest of the SFA. The SFA also reserves the right to waive informalities and minor irregularities in Proposals received.

All or Nothing: The School intends to award this contract on an ALL or NOTHING basis. Proposals failing to include all of the requested items, locations, goods and services WILL BE REJECTED.




As specified with each requirement listed in the EXHIBIT 1 - TECHNICAL RESPONSE WORKSHEET - Mandatory Questions, the vendor must indicate whether its proposal meets the individual requirements by marking either a "YES" or "NO" in the response block provided. A Pass/Fail evaluation will be utilized for all mandatory requirements. Ordinarily, to be considered responsive, responsible and eligible for award, all questions identified as mandatory must be marked “YES” to pass. There may be rare instances in which a response of “NO” is the correct and logical response in order to meet the mandatory requirement (e.g. responding “NO” that the vendor does not possess any conflicts of interest). Otherwise, any mandatory questions marked "NO" will fail the technical requirements and will result in

disqualification of the proposal.



As specified with each requirement listed in the EXHIBIT 1 - TECHNICAL

RESPONSE WORKSHEET -Mandatory Scored Questions the vendor must indicate whether it will meet the individual requirement (if any) and provide a supporting

narrative in the space provided or on an additional page if needed. To be considered responsive, responsible and eligible for award, any and all requirements identified in the Mandatory Scored Response section of the Technical Response Worksheet must be met. There may be rare instances in which an item within the Mandatory Scored Response section does not create an individual requirement which must be met, but, instead, merely requires a response. All requirements labeled “Mandatory Scored” must be met by the vendor. Failure to meet any mandatory scored requirements may result in disqualification of the proposals. The narrative description, along with any required supporting materials, will be evaluated and awarded points in accordance with Section D of this RFP.




All items labeled “Additional Scored Responses” represent information

that is requested by the SFA. Vendors are encouraged to provide a thorough narrative description in the space provided in the Additional ScoredResponse Questions . Answers along with any requested supporting materials will be evaluated and awarded points in accordance with SECTION D.





Each vendor is required to submit a cost proposal as part of its response. The cost proposal will be evaluated and scored in accordance with SECTION D of this RFP. By submitting a response, the vendor agrees that it has read, understood, and will abide by the following instructions/rules:

1. The submitted cost proposal must include all costs of performing pursuant to the resulting contract; and

2. Cost proposals containing a minimum order/ship quantity or dollar value, unless otherwise called for in the RFP, will be treated as non-responsive and may not be considered for award; and

3. In the event there is discrepancy between the vendor’s unit price and extended price, the unit price shall govern;

4. In the event there is a discrepancy between (1) the vendor’s pricing as quoted on the RFP’s provided cost worksheet and (2) the vendor’s pricing as quoted by the vendor in one or more additional documents, the former shall govern; and

5. The prices quoted and listed in the cost proposal shall be firm throughout the term of the resulting contract, unless otherwise noted in the RFP or contract.


The SFA's intent is to structure the cost format in order to facilitate comparison among all vendors and foster competition to obtain the best market pricing. Consequently, the SFA requires that each vendor’s cost be in the format outlined on the Exhibit 3, The Cost Worksheet. Additional alternative cost structures will not be considered. Each vendor is cautioned that failure to comply with the requested format, submission of an incomplete offer, or submission of an offer in a different format than the one requested may result in the rejection of the vendor’s proposal.

Enter all information directly into the COST WORKSHEET(s), EXHIBIT 3. Prices must be in US Dollars.




All timely proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the following steps. The objective of the evaluation process is to identify the proposal which represents the best value to the SFA based on a combination of technical and cost factors. Based on the results of the initial evaluation, the SFA may or may not elect to negotiate technical and/or cost factors as further described in the RFP. In the event negotiations of the technical and/or cost factors occur, the revised proposals will be reevaluated in accordance with the provisions of SECTION D-8 of this RFP. Once the evaluation process has been completed (and any negotiations the SFA desires to conduct have occurred), the apparent successful vendor(s) will be required to enter into discussions with the SFA to resolve any exceptions to the SFA's contract. The SFA will announce the results of the RFP as described further in Section E-11 of this RFP.


First, the proposals will be reviewed by the SFA to determine the proposal’s compliance with the following requirements:

1. Proposal was submitted by specified proposal close date and time. 2. Proposal is complete and contains all required documents

3. Technical Proposal does not include any pricing from the Cost Proposal


If the vendor’s proposal passes the Administrative/Preliminary Review listed above, then the vendor’s responses to the Technical Evaluation Worksheetwill be submitted to the Evaluation Team for evaluation.


The Evaluation Team will review each proposal in detail to determine its compliance with mandatory RFP requirements. Responses to both “Mandatory” and “Mandatory


Scored” Questions will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. If a proposal fails to meet a mandatory and/or mandatory scored RFP requirement, the SFA will determine if the deviation is material. A material deviation will be cause for rejection of the proposal. An immaterial deviation will be processed as if no deviation had occurred. All

proposals which meet the requirements of the “Mandatory” and “Mandatory Scored” Questions are considered “Responsive Proposals” at this point in time and will be scored in accordance with the point allocation SECTION D-8.


For all proposals determined to be “Responsive Proposals”, the Evaluation Team will review and score the responses to the Additional Scored Questions (if any) in

accordance with the point allocation in Section D-8.

The vendor will receive a total technical score at the conclusion of the evaluation of the RFP Proposal Factors.

D-6. EVALUATING COST PROPOSAL AND TOTAL COMBINED SCORE The cost proposals will be reviewed and scored in accordance with Section D-8.


The SFA may utilize lowest cost, lowest total cost, and total cost of ownership (TCO) or greatest savings to determine the most competitive cost proposal. The cost proposal may be scored on an overall basis or at the category/subcategory/line level (as applicable) relative to other proposals. The vendor deemed to have the most competitive cost proposal overall, as determined by the SFA, will receive the maximum weighted score for the cost criteria. In the alternative, in the event the cost proposal is scored at the category, subcategory or line level, the SFA may assign the maximum score per category/subcategory/line for the most competitive proposal at that level. Other proposals will receive a percentage of the weighted score based on the percentage differential between the most competitive cost proposal and the specific proposal in question.


The vendor’s cost score will be combined with the vendor’s technical score to determine the vendor’s overall score (or “total combined score”).


Scoring Criteria ( GENERAL RULE - USE TOTAL COMBINED SCORE OF 1000 POINTS) The evaluation is comprised of the following:

Category Criteria Points

Cost 1. Cost of proposed products

and/or services

400 points

Technical/Proposal Factors

2. "Mandatory" Requirements Pass/Fail

Technical/Proposal Factors

3. "Mandatory Scored" and/or “Additional Scored”


600 points

Total N/A 1000 points


Listed below are the key action items related to negotiations. The SFA'S Negotiation Committee may consist of the SFA's Evaluation Committee or may be comprised of different people. However, evaluation of proposals or revised proposals shall be completed only by the SFA's Evaluation Committee.

1. Negotiation Invitation: Those vendors identified by the Evaluation Committee to negotiate will be notified and invited to attend negotiations. Vendors will be notified in writing: (i) the general purpose and scope of the negotiations; (ii) the anticipated schedule for the negotiations; and (iii) the procedures to be followed for


2. Confirmation of Attendance: Vendors who have been invited to participate in negotiations must confirm attendance.

3. Negotiations Round(s): One or more rounds of negotiations may be conducted with those vendors identified by the SFA's Evaluation Team.



The SFA reserves the right to invite vendors to present their proposal factors/technical solutions to the Evaluation Team. Cost proposals and related cost information must not be discussed during the oral presentation of the vendor’s technical solution.


The responsive and responsible vendor receiving the highest Total Combined Score and with whom the SFA is able to reach agreement as to contract terms will be selected for award.




The SFA will order meals on a weekly basis and will include totals for each site and each type of meal to be delivered. This includes but not limited to Seamless Summer Program, or any

supplemental feeding program the SFA might implement from time to time during the school year. The SFA reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of meals ordered on a forty-eight hour notice or less if mutually agreed upon between the parties to this contract.


1. Establishing of an Advisory Board---The SFA will establish and maintain an Advisory Board comprised of parents, teachers, and students to assist in menu planning. 2. Development of the 21-day Cycle Menu---the FSMC is required to develop the 21-day

cycle menu which will be approved based on the following criteria: Nutritional requirements based on USDA guidelines

Affordability Students’ appeal

FSMC must identify the food products that will be served via the menu using specifications like grading, weight, item labels, nutritional qualities, etc.


Meals shall be prepared on a daily basis in accordance with the menu cycle. Deviation from this menu cycle shall be permitted only upon authorization of the SFA. Menu changes may be made only when agreed upon by both parties. When an emergency might prevent the vendor from delivering a specified meal component, the vendor shall notify immediately the SFA-designated representative so substitutions may be approved. The SFA reserves the right to request menu changes periodically throughout the contract period.


The SFA reserves the right to inspect and determine the quality of food delivered and reject any meals which do not comply with the requirements and specifications of the contract. The vendor shall not be paid for unauthorized menu changes, incomplete meals, and meals not delivered within the agreed delivery time period. The SFA or agency inspecting shall notify the vendor in writing as to the number of meals rejected and the reasons for rejection.


1. Packaging - To maximize the impact of the service, food components should be individually packaged, rather than packaged with several food items in a single container. When intended for oven crisping (such as fried chicken and pizza) they should be packaged in vented ovenable folding boxes or the ovenable paperboard containers should be sealed with vented ovenable film. Vented ovenable film shall be with perforations of one quarter (1/4) inch in diameter, with four (4) perforations per square inch or equivalent. The film used shall be ample, and transparent and


non-toxic, which is heat (not adhesive) sealed to the flanges of the containers, so as to prevent separation in convection oven heating. Excess film should be tucked under containers in a fashion to preclude sticking to adjacent containers during heating. All modules must withstand oven heating up to 400 degrees F for a minimum of 35 minutes and subzero Fahrenheit temperatures as well. Ovenable film wrap used for sandwich type items shall also be ample, transparent and non-toxic.

2. Meals shall be delivered with the following nonfood items: permanent serving trays, tray liners, condiments consistent with the attached menu, straws for milk, napkins, single service ware, etc. FSMC shall include all non-food items that are necessary for the meal to be served.

3. Reusable plastic trays supplied by the FSMC must have appropriately sized tray liners. 4. The white napkin, white plastic fork/spoon and plastic straw shall be prepackaged in a clear

plastic or cellophane bag. Eating utensils and straws shall measure approximately 5-1/8 in length, and shall not break in normal use, and shall be made from materials which are safe and wholesome for food contact in their normal use. Eating utensils shall be white only.

5. FSMC shall furnish individual packets of catsup (7 grams), barbecue sauce (12 gram), tartar sauce (12 gram) and mustard (5.5 gram), and fruit and produce, as dictated in the proposed cycle menu, to the school. Any deviation in package size or content must have prior approval by the SFA.

6. All refrigerated food shall be delivered at an internal temperature of 41 degrees F or 34 degrees F below, but no lower than 32 degrees F.

7. All frozen food shall be delivered at 10 degrees F or below. Frozen products shall show no evidence of thawing or re-freezing, freezer burn, or any off color or odors.


School’s Equipment:

I. 8 burner electric stove II. 35ib deep fryer III. 48” Griddle

IV. 2 full size convection ovens V. 1 Hot holding box

VI. 1 10’x12’ walk-in cooler VII. 1 9’x12’ walk-in freezer VIII. 3 stainless steel prep tables

IX. 2 cafeteria service lines

X. 3 compartment stainless steel sinks XI. 2 compartment vegetable prep sink XII. 1 stainless steel hand sink

XIII. 1 ice maker


1. Prospective FSMC’s must perform, as part of this proposal, a complete school facilities survey. 2. The School is desirous of operating a meal program with the appropriate equipment.

The successful FSMC will supply all other equipment not listed above (i.e., ovens, freezers, oven racks, oven carts, thermometers for ovens and freezers, dollies, and oven baskets) as required. The cost of this equipment will be part of the per meal cost. (An itemized list of equipment to be provided must be supplied by vendor with the proposal.) Should the district require additional equipment during the term of the contract, the

successful FSMC shall provide the additional equipment at no cost to the School District. SFA will provide proper electrical service.

3. The successful FSMC will be required to provide, at no cost to the school, complete maintenance services on all vendor supplied ovens and freezers located in all of the schools participating in the pre-plate program.


1. Meals shall be prepared under properly controlled temperatures and assembled prior to delivery and in accordance with all applicable health department requirements.

2. The vendor shall assure that each meal provided to the School meets the minimum requirements as to the nutritional content as specified by the approved NSLP Meal Planning Option. This includes the Nutrition Standards set forth in Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 210.10. The menu planning option being used is_Healthy School Breakfast and Lunch Pattern_.

3. A copy of a signed delivery ticket for each school serviced must be submitted with the monthly statement.


1. It is expected that the successful vendor will utilize USDA foods to the fullest extent possible.

2. The Vendor must appropriately use and clearly credit the School for the actual value of all donated food received for use in the School’s meal service in the school or fiscal year (including both entitlements and bonus foods), and including the value of donated foods contained in processed end products in accordance with the contingencies in 7 CFR 250.51(a). Any refunds for USDA foods must be returned to School. All credits,

rebates and discounts shall be reflected on the invoice and shall be issued monthly. The actual value of donated food will be used to determine credits. Vendor shall comply with § 250.50(d) as it relates to donated foods and all activities relating to donated food shall be in compliance with the applicable requirements in 7 CFR 250. Vendor will use all


donated ground beef and ground pork products, and all processed end products, in the School’s food service. Vendor will use all other donated foods, or will use commercially purchased foods of the same generic identity, of U.S. origin, and of equal of better quality than the donated foods, in the School’s food service. Vendor will ensure compliance with the requirements in 7 CFR250(c) as it relates to the procurement of processed end products on behalf of School and will ensure crediting of the recipient agency for the value of donated foods contained in such end products at the processing agreement value. Vendor will not itself enter into the processing agreement with the processor required in subpart C of 7 CFR part 250. Vendor will comply with the storage and inventory requirements for donated foods. Any distributing agency, sub-distributing agency, or recipient agency, the Comptroller General, the Department of Agriculture, or their duly authorized representatives, may perform onsite reviews of the Vendor’s food service operation, including the review of records, to ensure compliance with

requirements for the management and use of donated foods. Vendor will maintain records to document its compliance with requirements relating to donated foods, in accordance with § 250.54(b). Any extension or renewal of this contract is contingent upon the fulfillment of all contract provisions relating to donated foods.



The vendor shall obtain and maintain all licenses, permits and health certifications required by federal, state and local laws.


By responding to this solicitation, the vendor understands and agrees to the following: 1. That this proposal constitutes an offer, which when accepted in writing by the SFA, and subject to

the terms and conditions of such acceptance, will constitute a valid and binding contract between the vendor and the SFA; and

2. That the vendor guarantees and certifies that all items included in the vendor’s response meet or exceed any and all of the solicitation’s identified specifications and requirements except as expressly stated otherwise in the vendor’s response; and

3. That the response submitted by the vendor shall be valid and held open for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the final solicitation closing date and that the vendor’s offer may be held open for a lengthier period of time subject to the vendor’s consent; and

4. That the vendor’s response is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a response for the same materials, supplies,

equipment, or services and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. Vendor understands and agrees that collusive bidding is a violation of state and federal law and can result in fines, prison sentences, and civil damage awards; and

5. That the provisions of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Sections 45-10-20 et seq. have not been violated and will not be violated in any respect.



The award to this RFP will be announced publicly at the following location: The website of IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY as well as individual emails.


The following documents make up this RFP:

1. RFP (this document)

2. EXHIBIT 1 -Technical Response Worksheets (Mandatory, Mandatory Scored and Additional Scored)

3. EXHIBIT 2 - School Calendar

4. EXHIBIT 3 - Cost Response Worksheet 5. EXHIBIT 4 - Vendor’s Information Worksheet 6. EXHIBIT 5 - Contract

7. EXHIBIT 6 – Contract Exception Page ( all exceptions to this contract must be on this separate page)

8. EXHIBIT 7 – Delivery Site(s) of schools

9. EXHIBIT 8 – (if applicable) Immigration and Security Form (only needed if over 100K)

Additional Required documents to return with proposal (all documents listed above plus these additional)

1. Copy of current health certifications for the food service facility in which it prepares meals for NSLP/SBP

2. Bid Bond

3. Performance Bond

4. Certificate of Liability Insurance

5. All explanations and required attachments from the worksheets

6. Sample 21 day lunch and 21 day breakfast menu in accordance with 7 CFR 210.10



All of the items described in this section are service levels and/or terms and conditions that the SFA expects to be satisfied by the selected vendor. Each vendor must indicate its willingness and ability to satisfy these requirements in the appropriate BLANKS/ SPACES. Any documents that are requested must be provided by the vendor and submitted with its technical proposal.


Note to Vendor: Please circle appropriate answer (yes or no)

1. (Yes or No) - FSMC agrees to daily, delivery of meals to IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY, INC.

subject to the terms and conditions of this solicitation.

Sites may be added or deleted at a later date to accommodate the SFA. Exhibit #7 attached is a list of delivery sites.

2. (Yes or No) - FSMC agrees all Proposals must be based on a twenty-one day menu for breakfast and lunch that the FSMC will provide for this proposal. The menu should align itself as being affordable for such a program, meet all nutrition requirements of the SBP and NSLP, and should be appealing to all students.

3. (Yes or No) - FSMC agrees all meals furnished must meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements for the child nutrition breakfast and school lunch program, and shall from the inception of this contract, meet those requirements prescribed in 7 CFR 210. All meals furnished must comply with the Healthy School Breakfast and Lunch Pattern and the nutritional mandates of said requirements. Upon thirty day's notice during the service of this contract, FSMC must provide

documentation of such compliance, on an item-by-item and weekly summary basis, indicating portion size by weight and nutrient contribution as prescribed in accordance with USDA requirements, for each food component provided. The FSMC must appropriately use and clearly credit the SFA for the value of all donated food received in accordance with CFR 250.

A school calendar is attached as Exhibit 2. This calendar is tentative and subject to minor revisions. 4. (Yes or No) - Vendor agrees Proposals will include service for all meals in the cycle, five days per week except for school calendar holidays.

5. (Yes or No -) Vendor agrees all Cost Proposals must be submitted on the form attached as Exhibit 3. Proposals shall be based on __200 #__ days of meal service.

6. (Yes or No) - FSMC agrees they shall furnish meals as ordered by individual school units of the SFA during the period of _July 1, 2015 through the last day of the 2015-20156 school year ,thereafter, when and if the contract is renewed, in accordance with the renewal terms herein stated.


8. (Yes or No) - The FSMC shall be responsible for the maintenance of the daily meal count report and documents to support the SFA’s claim for reimbursement and the FSMC shall certify that the daily meal counts are accurate.

9. (Yes or No) - Vendor agrees the monthly consolidation of the school meal counts shall be prepared and certified to the SFA not later than three working days after the last service day of each month.

10. (Yes or No) - Vendor agrees meals shall be delivered on a daily and/or weekly basis in accordance with the menu cycle.

11.(Yes or No) - Vendor agrees all refrigerated food shall be delivered at an internal temperature of 41 degrees F or below, but no lower than 32 degrees F.

12.(Yes or No) - Vendor agrees all frozen food shall be delivered at 10 degrees F or below. Frozen products shall show no evidence of thawing or re-freezing, freezer burn, or any off color or odors.



Note to Vendor: Please circle appropriate answer (yes or no)

1. COMPANY HISTORY - Requested document attached (yes or no)

In order to demonstrate character, production capability and financial stability, each FSMC is to provide, with their proposal, a complete company history, overview and financial background report. This report is to include:

A. Name and address of company or firm and its officers or operators, and a brief

biographical sketch of the key food service personnel to establish their qualifications in the field.

B. Each FSMC must submit with their proposal a list of those school lunch programs serving in excess of 1000 meals per day, where the FSMC has provided full service, that is, meals, distribution, equipment, and equipment maintenance.


D. Permission for the representatives of IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY to inspect the contractor's present facilities at any time during the duration of this contract.

E. Ethics: Are you aware of any interest or potential interest in your company or this

contract that may be held by an individual employed by IVY PREPARATORY ACADEMY (Yes) __ (No)______.

If yes, please give the name of the individual and the nature of the interest, if known:

2. FINANCIAL STABILITY - Requested documents attached - (yes or no)

A. A three year financial history of the company including current financial statement, Revenue Expenditure Report, Balance Sheet and acknowledging the following: 1. Have the principals in the company ever filed for protection under the

bankruptcy laws under the current or another business name? (yes or no) 2. Has the company or any predecessor company in the past five years

been canceled or lost a contract account for service or inability to perform due to financial reasons? (yes or no)

3. PERSONNEL AND TRAINING - Requested documents attached - (yes or no)

A. Employees - Please describe and list your current employees and their qualifications. Do you provide background checks on your employees? Please describe your hiring process.

4. EXPERIENCE - Requested documents attached - (yes or no)

Please describe the experience your company has had in Food Service Management

5. PAST PERFORMANCE - Requested documents attached - (yes or no)

Please provide a complete description of at least 3 references from former or current schools you have serviced .

6. FOOD SERVICE - Requested documents attached - (yes or no)

A. Meal Components - The FSMC shall supply components that permit the service of meals that meet the breakfast and lunch specifications of the National School Lunch Act, with the exception of the 1/2 pint of milk which will be purchased on a separate proposal and is not to be included in the FSMC's proposal price. The vendor shall also supply all required food and non-food

supplements and supplies. Please describe how this requirement will be met and a list of non-food supplements and supplies that your company provides.

B. Nutritional Analysis - FSMC must additionally provide, with its proposal, a complete nutritional analysis, as required above, for the menu included in their proposed 21 day menu cycle of this proposal. The single proposal price must include the cost of all food (except milk, which can be contracted on a separate basis), including packaging, freight, delivery to the schools, and all other related costs including, but not limited to, condiments, utensils, serving trays, tray liners, etc.


required to serve a complete School Lunch Meal Pattern consistent with the menu. Please attach the analysis.

C. Food Specifications - The FSMC will provide all food specifications for this menu cycle to be attached with the proposal. The FSMC must identify the food products that will be served via the menu using specifications like grading, weight, item labels, nutritional qualities, etc. Please attach a list of sample food specifications.

D. Menu Planning Option - The vendor shall assure that each meal provided to the School meets the minimum requirements as to the nutritional content as specified by the approved NSLP Meal Planning Option. This includes the Nutrition Standards set forth in Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 210.10. The menu planning option being used is Healthy School Breakfast and Lunch Pattern. Please describe the menu planning option you will use and provide a sample 21 day lunch menu and a sample 21 day breakfast menu.


E. Health Certification - The FSMC must have and maintain State or local health certification for any facility outside the school in which it proposes to prepare meals for the duration of the contract. Please provide a copy of all current health certifications your company has that would be pertinent to this proposal.


1. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE/ SERVICES (Response provided - yes or no)

Please describe any additional experience/ services your company has that would be pertinent to this RFP.

2. NUTRITION EDUCATION (Response provided - yes or no)

The Vendor shall cooperate with the School in promoting nutrition education and coordinating the School’s food service with classroom instruction. Please describe how your company would accomplish this.






Based on 147,410 equivalent meals per year.

Guaranteed Price per lunch for K-8 menu for period ___________ through ____________.



Guaranteed Price per lunch for 9-12 menu for period ___________ through____________.



Guaranteed Price per breakfast for K-8 menu for period __________through___________.



Guaranteed Price per breakfast for 9-12 menu for period __________through___________.



Signed___________________________________________ Date_______________









VENDOR NAME: ________________________________________________ 


CITY, STATE, ZIP _________________________________________________ 

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR ______________________________________ 















Note to Vendor:

Please list any exceptions you may have to this contract on this page. Please

reference the location page number and item number you are referring to on this

page for each exception you may have.




1807 Memorial Drive, Atlanta GA 30317


1807 Memorial Drive, Atlanta GA 30317


3705 Engineering Drive, Peachtree Corners GA 30092



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