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(4) H/t/. -. (^><XTi. Y)OoAa-^- ^. §L'jLS. &Q. fVUyy^Svl. $L J£^. T -euxA. «u. XL**.. ^. AM>. ^ J~-. -"^. £^£Lt. '"*1. JU. 6t^<-. /^^vt^XtA. tcrtrS.. J<?. lA>^. 7. J'. ij. ty£U. _.&AAsr^)r*A.. JLf-. c^<JJ. '4-*y>>^\rv\jy~{. lo^iLv. X. ^. ~UL^. w>w. Ox^L. U/^llk&dl. "Haas. VjJi^/t. '"' '. ^<U2>. "tlU.. ^2<wc^. iJL. yj^j^,. ! * -«. ^uyt^/. CILX*. lc J. 'lOju. ^JlL. -. ^. US-SL. ). ^-e. JL*-*-^. #s)^. ^ aL^J jJ-^e, Ia^JL *AJjl ^ ^jL*J ^J- Jlt-yjf Vaca^. C/L^jJ[' da -wA ^£r ^ sL tL. JUJ- ~tLj^ JL^-W. -U,. T. ^. (?>U.. JL_. i^Ji. ~&L. x^Ud-ti/—. d^a. y. o-iy. 0tx<2-. V -Xcx(£_JL. ItU^j). VuJ-. u^r>of. a. j2^. ~h. <jjl*aj. ^UL}. IA~^&CL~. '. C<^-JL. Qo-oSt. uJM. cJlJL. ./KJUii'. ^iw*,^ AJ^OJ1. i UuaXL. Ji4A^<yy)r^y^ 1. y. <*-. -. o-vx^ §l W.LU. ^ u. ,3—'y-C>. /tkJL. CjO^t^AC-SlA^C. /ZA^rr^yy^JL/Xr. .'. ^. *fc»-. XU^A.. c^>-k->. x^-d. &***, (UU*.. «d#“yv^T.

(5) Dear Alumnus If you were to return to Crewe High School as a student, you would find that a great many changes have taken place since you were graduated. Those of you who are parents of some of the present students would scarcely recognize more than the main bui Iding, for within the last ten years, the In¬ dustrial Arts Building, the Vocational Agri¬ culture Building, and the Cafeteria Building have been added. Others of you might notice the changes which have come about at the Sta¬ dium. Even those of you who were graduated as recently as last year, would be pleased to see that the new draperies in the Auditorium really look like something, now that the seats on the first floor have been replaced 1. your bequest of a water fountain was keenly appreciated during the unprecedented heat. ,1 i. 1. w. <aJ Xm.'4 ¥. And. 1. A.


(7) Published by The Students of Crewe High School Crewe, Virginia.


(9) CHANGES ON THE CAMPUS INCLUDE- • 1.. The Home Economics Cottage. 2. The Industrial Arts and Vocational Agriculture Buildings 3. The Cafeteria. 3-.

(10) r t. *** ->*. .. • \ ,“. * fS*ZS£. ATHLETIC FIELD IMPROVED Many new features have been added at the athletic field. First, the lights were installed; then, a cinderblock wall was placed completely around the field and grandstand; bleachers and a broadcast booth, concession stands and dugoutswere added; and early this fall, Mr. Hooper and his shop boys set new goal posts. Page 6 Sponsored by JOHNSON'S SUPER MARKET.

(11) AA. zzz*-'. &cs^. f A?*-Zzr /A cZ^-. <5>t^ s>. U /V/< <zt-. ^. zzs~? ts. ■A~. AA-si_. ^^#Z£. ASZA^,. ^Z. tyLc^. .Ac^Z^^.

(12) Mr. Marion Boswell, Mr. C. H. Bevell, Mr. Garland Jones, and County Superintend¬ ent, Mr. C. M. Bussinger posed for photographer Jerry Fuller, who accidentally arrived at the first school board meeting following the resignation of Dr. J. A. B. Lowry, who had represented the Winningham District (Crewe) for almost ten years.. CHS Alumni will be interested to know that Mrs. Fielding Wilson (Helen Galey) was appointed to the Nottoway County School Board to fill the vacancy caused by Dr. Lowry’s resignation.. MR. O. R. LAYMAN, P r i nc ip a 1 of Crewe H igh School, is a graduate of Bridgewater College and. FIRST aid. The "First Aid" kit on the wall is only one of the aids administered by Mrs. Hazel Weatherford, Office Secre¬ tary.. 8.

(13) OUR FACULTY NUMBERS SIXTEEN. Social Studies. MR. JOELS. CLINGENPEEL Virginia Polytechnic Institute Vocational Agriculture. MRS. THELMA C. COLEMAN Sherwood School of Music, Chicago Piano. MRS. MILDRED A. DuPRIEST Madison College Science. iA. f. MISS LUCY FITZGERALD William and Mary Library. MR. ROBERT J. GOLUBIC Randolph Macon College Government. Athletics MRS. GERALDINE F. HAGBERG Indiana (Pa.) State Teachers College Business.

(14) FACULTY. MR. CHARLES S. HOOPER University of Alabama Industrial Arts. MRS. LOUTRELL L. JENNINGS Randolph Macon Woman's College Mathematics. MRS. JOAN M. ROSS L^ngwgpci College Social Studjijjs, Physical Education. 4 IRWIN STAPLES longwood College Languages. MRS. GRACE P. TRICE Longwood College English. MR. IRVING G. TURNAGE Wake Forest College Science. MISS MARGARET K. WILMOTH Madison College Home Economics MRS. ELIZABETH G. WILSON William and Mary English, Guidance. Mathematics. v y.


(16) v ^I. x. x w. IUUI11 •. EDWARD NORTON, President DAVID DAULTON, Vice President JIMMY MARTIN, Secretary CAROLYN LITTLE, Treasurer. THE CLASS WARRINER BLEVINS. Those of you who have become alumni of Crewe High since 1951 will recall that The. BETTY CASSADA. 1951 Railroader contained a picture of the school board with the caption, "The Nottoway County School Board adopts the 12 year school plan." This action meant that the following September, those students who would have gone into high school went into an eighth grade in¬ stead, leaving no regular Freshman class in 1951-52. Normally then, there would have been no Class of '55. By the time The 1953 Railroader came off the press, there were nine listed as Sopho¬ mores. This was due to transfers from other schools and irregularities in credits due to ab¬ sences, dropouts, etc. The 1954 annual again. EDDIE JO CLEVELAND. lists nine members in the Class of '55, though not the same nine persons enrol led the previous year—again because of transfers. In the autumn of 1954, there were eight of these, plus one who entered late last year, enrolled as Seniors; two who chose to return. Page 12 Sponsored by CRITTENDEN'S DRUG STORE.

(17) mtm. ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT BETTY CULLITON SCOTTY FRANKEN JERRY FULLER WALTER HUNDLEY. BETTY JO NEWCOMB. this year rather than to finish last year; and two post-graduates. Before the second six weeks had ended, another transferred from Richmond bringing the total enrollment to the fourteen shown on these two pages. A history of such a class would be most difficult, for it would of necessity be fourteen histories. Even though the class is small, it has participated in the same social functions and extra-curricular activities as it would have had it been a larger, continuous class. In 1954, as Juniors, these students were the guests, rather than the hosts, at the "Junior-Senior" banquet and dance. Again this year, they will be the guests—a small compensation for their small number. The traditional commencementactivities are scheduled, even though the class is small. The activities in which these students have participated, along with the schools at¬ tended are listed on the following page.. Sponsored by JONES AND COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE J. M. JONES J. M. JONES, JR.. KINSEY WINGO. HAZEL SPENCE YEATTS.

(18) ACTIVITIES. SENIOR LEONARD WARRINER BLEVINS. v. Transfer from Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia.. Crewe;. "Blevins". Future Farmers of America 4.. BETTY BRIDGMAN CASSADA. 4. Transfer from John Marshall High School, Richmond, Virginia. John Marshall; Forum of Foreign Students and volunteer work at Sheltering Arms Hospital;. "Betty”. Christian Youth League Representative at. Literary Society; Girls'A. A.; Homeroom. President 1,2; Class Red Cross representative; Participated in annual Language Banquet of Richmond; contributor to school magazine, The Record.. Crewe;. Dispatcher Staff.. EDDIE JOE CLEVELAND. "Eddie". Baseball 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Future Farmers of America Reporter 2,3. BETTY CLARK CULLITON. "Betty". Southside 4-H 1,2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4,5; FHA 1,2,3,41 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. DAVID SMITH DAULTON. "Smitty". Baseball 3,4; Monogram 3,4; Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Vice-President. URBAN KOENIG FRANKEN. "Scotty". Post Graduate GERALD WAYNE FULLER Baseball 3,4;. "Jerry". Basketball 1,2,3,4;. FFA I. President 2, Reporter 3,4;. Monogram Club 2,3,4;. Class Vice-President 3;. Newspaper Staff 4; Business Manager, The Railroader, 4; delegate to Virginia Poultry Convention, 4. WALTER FRANKLIN HUNDLEY. "Junior-. Post Graduate CAROLYN VIRGINIA LITTLE. "Lynne". Transfer from Petersburg High School.. Petersburg; FHA I, Vice-President 2; Commercial Club Treasurer, 2;. Vice-. President Freshman Class; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Petersburg Representative at FHA Convention in Harrisonburg, 2. Crewe;. FHA 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Junior Class President; Senior Class Treasurer.. ERNEST COLEMAN MARTIN. "Jimmy". Baseball I, 2,3,4; Football 4; FFA2,3,4,5, Treasurer 5; Class Secretary 5. BETTY JO NEWCOMB Transfer from Lane High School, Charlottesville, Virginia. Convention 2;. Model General Assembly 2;. Charlottesville;. Hi-Y 1,2;. Treasurer I, Secretary 2;. Student Council I; Secretary of Homeroom 2.. Crewe;. "Jo" Hi-y. Library Club Vice-. President 3, President 4; Pep Club 3, Reporter 4; SCA Vice-President 3, Representative 4; Cheerleader 4, The Railroader Staff 3, Editor in Chief, 4;. Dispatcher Reporter 3,4;. Youth Forum in Richmond 3; SCA District Meeting 3; SIPA 3,4.. CHARLES EDWARD NORTON Transfer from Burkeville High School.. "Pete" Burkeville;. Baseball 2,3; FFA Reporter 1,2, 3; SCA Reporter 3; Beta Club 2, 3;. Class Vice President I; Beta Convention 2,3; FFA Representative at VPI, 3. Crewe; FFA 4 Vice-President; SCA Repre¬ sentative 4;. Beta Club 4;. Class President 4.. KINSEY JONES WIN GO. "Kinsey". Basketball 1,2, 3; Football 3,4; FFA Vice-President 4, President 5. YEATTS, HAZEL SPENCE Transfer from Burkeville High School.. Burkeville; Softball 1,2; FHA 1,2,3..

(19) 6l<? Jf.^^sTl-'bi? ^U^i/, .Z?Vi/tC*l?U. y/S-?. y?y^t/y?t^ ^ 7?. *. Frank Shepard. ■:m^a7X;. ). mm \ 'i *w » y. K. &J~ ~ > y 5- m. •N. \:. r\ &\ ^ ^. -. C*\p. -tAoju^.. XM*>. Presicl Pres.dent_^ csV* ^ ^. ->. e<^&_. Thelma Stewart. Wayne Pulley Treasurer. //. ■. 0Vj. xito v. J?. _. +*~~.. "Turkey". ~cu. ^. V. Secretary. ^CREWE’S. \. n. ufty. '. ,' t s t! \. ^. 4956. ,y *, mcjw+iw > _ ^ ^c>^;Peflfly Lvia.,^. a : mv. w \ i \ TV. ^ c*. t^S^^'7. THE JUNIORS '. 7-^. ^. "Wayne" Elliotte Boswell. \ \’ ^ v. ^Reporter,. ' \ v^s ?. BUSIEST .. . ►. Arrington Elmer ArringtonY/S P-^ III- I l _ II « • "Elmer Lee" '' 1 Jg*. $, Earline Atkins "Earline". HV (,. Grace Bates C "Shorty". "Page" Jacqueline Bowman •. Earl Boyl "Shorty" Conrad Clingenpeel "Snake". %j. f\. Ann Page Bolick. Jackie". i. a.

(20) JUNIOR CLASS HISTOR-. (KJULT TV*-. The Juniors, from the time they entered school in 1944 up to thepresent time, have been. Robert Clingenpeel "Saturday". one of the busiest classes ever to enter Crewe High. The first fire drill we experienced in first. Thomas Cole "Tom". grade was far more frightening than the tales we heard about World War II which was still going on.. In second grade, wewerea little less timid,. sowe began to like school.. Everyonehad a good. timewhenthe Vaughan twins, Carolyn and Rosa¬ lie, had a birthday party right in the school room. My, how delicious the ice cream and cake werel The third grade teachers taught us how to. Marian Davis "Murzie". multiply and it was so hardl. Arithmetic wasn't. the only hard subject. Learning "The Grass¬ hopper" and other poems brought many nights of study.. The first King and Queen of Hearts pro-. gramwasheld that year and two members of our class, MarianDavis and Bill Wilson, were chosen. Joe Flowers "Friday". crownbearers.. Mr. Turnage who is now on the. faculty, was the Kingl The fourth grade was a little harder than. Barbara Gunn "Bobbie". the third, but having a huge round blue globe showing the countries which we studied was thril 1 ing.. It was fun to make the globe turn round. and round 1 In the fifth grade, we learned how to sew and weave, with the result that our mothers got new potholders for Christmas. A trip toWil-. Alexander Hamilton. liamsburg and Jamestown to see the Restoration taught us many things about our country.. That. sameyear, weweresaddenedbyMr. T. P. Har¬ wood's departure to another county. The sixth grade brought us the fear of taking exams but after the first one, most of us found that it wasn't so bad.. Mr. Stuart Beville,. Frances Ford. ournewprincipal, introduced the plan of having. Fransoir". a County May Day.. The first one was held in. Page 16 Sponsored by MATHIAS 5c - $1.00 Store BRADSHAW'S MOTOR COMPANY.

(21) Blackstone and we were Irish dancers.. Everyone. enjoyed getting out of class to rehearse for it. The seventh grade holds many memories for us and among these our trip to Washington was most memorable.. It was very exciting to. see Congress in session and to visit Mt. Vernon. We had fun eating our lunch along the banks of the Potomac so our trip was both educational and interesting. In the eighth grade, we had our first dance and our first taste of high school life.. The new. Ernest McCormick "Fuzzy" Nancy Moore "Fluffy". 12-vearprogram "caught" us. Most of us agreed, however, that going through an extra year wasn't too bad and believed that it would help us later. on.. Ann Norton "Ann". Being freshmen enabled us to take bio¬ logy, French and algebra--which made us feel like upperclassmen.. Emi ly Norton. However, we soon found. out we weren’t. During our sophomore year Crewe and Burkeville High Schools merged and another new principal, Mr. O. R. Layman arrived. school became larger, faces.. Ourhigh. there were many new. We liked our new classmates and we en¬. joyed many activities together.. Many of us par¬. ticipated in sports, joined clubs and started work¬ ing on the Dispatcher and Railroader staffs.. In. April, some of us attended S1PA.. Mary Page Thompson "Page". Now, we are in the eleventh year of our school life.. Already we've sold magazines to. Alice Tunstall. help us financially to have a Junior-Senior dance and banquet. it.. Soon, we'll be making plans for. Some of us are on the staffs of the school. paper and annual, others are leading fhe; dif¬. Turnage. ferent clubs, and many of our boys J&MgMs) are on the varsity ted'n^^^^.^th^unprs.'^r^, just about?. Wi Ikerson.

(22) Tommy Jenkins President Carolyn Oliver Vice-President Eleanor Mason Secretary. THE CLASS. Elizabeth Johnson Treasurer Judy Owen Reporter Reabel Allen. PARTICIPATES IN Pat Bare Wayne Barlow Barbara Bass/. //. Page 18 Sponsored by B & M DRUG COMPANY OAKLEY & AVERETT DEPARTMENT STORE. Harold Bennett Charles Borum Lewis Bridgforth. Dottie Bullock Jack Coldiron Bertha Cook Walter DiIlemuth. Jimmy Dunn Ashton Edwards Norman Emerson Diana Gayle Fisher. n.

(23) Linda Franken Mozelle Frazier Viola Giles. OF 1957. Bobbie Lee Goldsmith Curtis McCormick Carolyn Klocke. MANY ACTIVITIES David Kidwell Barbara Jones Myra Todd McGhee. Page 19 Sponsored by W. S. KINCHELOE CREWE KO-OP STORE, INC.. Jimmy May Frances Norton. j6.. Becky Powell Sherwood Robertson Charles Spencer Queta Sutherland. Johnny Toone Daisy Mae Weeks Ronnie Vernon Robert Yeatts.

(24) n. u.. ,?v y i'fpiliinA' H£rn<. A.. >bbie^ana<p4&aL| U ;r^th'. .-. Merrilee Ogburn Secretary. Warriner Atkinson Treasurer. Jane Colley Wright Reporter. y 5 ,HV >7 * HE LARGEST CLASS IN C. H.S.. 'T. >. \ L .. V V> T Vy^ Violet Abernathy Whit Bates. Phillip Austin Nancy Boisseau. Russell Claiborne. Jerry Cochran. THE FRESHMEN s/t' Ralph Bates Laura Borum Roberta Coldiron. Meade Boswell Alvin Crannis. r. y ti. Fannie Cassada Dianne Dalton. yy'v. Douglas Chumne^ Edna Dennis. (not shown) Hugh Cochran. ". ^ jt. 0- ,0*. ) C-. }. X. r. V. li. BARRO^RC^CfiRf COMPANY. Lb. E2'. &. -x. V*. ... . f/“. r'.

(25) \. Julia Dobbins Taylor Elliott Virgie Graham Swanson Jennings Ernest Lai I. Betty Dugger Donald Farnsworth Charles Hooper Kayhill Johnson Frances LaNeave. Betty Mae Duke Norman Flowers Nancy Hundley Pat Johnson Dottie Layman. Bruce Dunn William Foote Carol Hurley James Jones Martha Lewis. Maggie Elliott Mary Echols George Goldsmith Ronald Frank Julian Jenkins John Jenkins Carol Kincheloe James King Lelia May ton Betty Lunsford. J fr' ((if o p* * Page 21 y "' yt Sponsored by L. JENNINGS & SON.

(26) Lester McCormick. Eugene Michael. Tommy Musselman. Ramsey Norton. Benjamin Perkinson. Larry Puryear. Melvin Ross. Robert Shires. Thelma Stables. Bob Thompson. Walter Toone. Sandra Vest. Franklin Widgins. Marian Williamson. Brenda Wilson. Joe Meadows. Nancy Miracle. Clara Newcomb. June Oakes. Georgia Pigg. Bettie Lou Roop. James C. Shelton. Thomas Spence. Janie Lee Suit. Faye Thompson. Jane Trump. Marie Vick. Charlotte Williamson. Patricia Willis. Ray Yeatts. Page 22 Sponsored by VIRGINIA ELECTRIC & POWER COMPANY Town and Country Shop.

(27) Boys are introduced to vocational agriculture.. Girls learn to sew.. THE EIGHTH GRADE IS LARGE AND ACTIVE Over the years, the greatest change in the curriculum has come about in connection with the changing from an 11-year to a 12-year school system.. In the Amelia-Nottoway Division, this was accomplished by the. insertion of an Eighth Grade. The students pictured on the next two pages are members of Crewe's fourth Eighth Grade;. next year's. Seniors will be the first to graduate having had the full 12-year program. In addition to Eighth Grade English, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education, these students have a period designated as "Eighth Grade Exploratory" which includes agriculture, industrial arts, and music for the boys, and home economics, personality problems and music for the girls. The pictures on this page were taken in some of these exploratory classes.. Personality Problems class enjoyed a Mother-Daughter Panel discusThe shop machines interest the boys.. sion..

(28) Walter Addleman Mary Anderson Jean Austin Harry Barton Doris Bates WiIliam Black. Beverly Bowen Sue Bowman James Boyd Frieda Boykins Lewis Boyle Raymond Brobst. Officers President. . Vice-President Secretary. . Treasurer. . Sponsors . .. . . Anne Turner Stuart Drinkwater . .Jimmy Foote . . . Lee Long . Mrs. Joan Ross Mrs. Grace Trice. Page 24 Sponsored by BRADSHAW TRACTOR COMPANY, INC Ford Tractors - Dearborn Implements New Holland Equipment. Jean Cary Joan Clay Barbara Cook. Christine Cook Bobby Cook Maynard Daulton. Burkeville - 2410 Etter Dennis Stuart Drinkwater Alice Duke Larry Eddins Danny Eggleston John Elliot. Henry Emmerson James Foote Aubrey Gholson Jimmy Graham Thomas ‘homas Hash t). fh* /1. ^****^»»ll« ludson Hodges Aary Ann Honaker iamuel Jerrell 4ancy Johnson Aary Jones ►hirley Knott. i.

(29) KJ. I l Bernice J. Lai I Cal LaNeave James Leonard Lee Long Lyn Long Hazel Lowe. Mary Lynch Mary Lou McCormick Thelma Morgan Shirley Norton Bobby Perkins Louise Pigg. Gerald Ragland Johann Rice Reba Rice. Sharon Robertson Betty Jean Ross Nancy Schaubach. Betty Schutt Norma Schutt Joyce Scott Shirley Scruggs Steve Slaw Shirley Snead. Marvin Stables Harrell Staylor Dexter Swicegood Myrtle Tatum Julia K. Tucker Anne Turner. Terry Walker William Whorley James Wiley Bernard Wilkerson Nancy Williamson Allen Wilson Not Shown:. Tommy Tatum. Page 25 Sponsored by BRADSHAW'S GARAGE, INC. Burkevi He 2430, 2450, 2420 Ford Sales & Service.

(30) SEVENTH GRADERS. are happy To have moved To Rooms. 303 and 304 This year.. FRONT ROW: George Spencer, Wayne Thornton, George Morton, Yeatts, Carolyn Fisher, Barbara Lunsford, Claudia Drinkwater, SECOND ROW:. Douglas Meadow, Dottie Watson,. Linda Kennedy,. Sandra. Nancy St. John, Betty Shires.. Galey Honaker, Delma Rockwell, Neal Reid, Charlie Cook, Jean Carey,. Helen Rice, Hazel. Daniel, Barbara Whaley, Elizabeth Spencer, Harriet Dobbins, Mary Lowe, Linda Wilson. THIRD and FOURTH ROW: Lewis Williamson, Sam Leonard, CharlesConderman, DonaldKent Davis, Bill Noell, Jack Norton, Bright Thompson, Homer Mitchell, Carol Roberts,. Cookie McGhee, Eula Robertson, Betty May,. Mary Ann Wheary, Carolyn Toone, Joyce Moore, Thelma Woodson,. Nancy Swicegood, Martha Ann Harper,. Barbara Jean Shell, Carole Dunn, Gwen Bozeman. FIFTH ROW: Junius Pridgen, Preston Nunnally, Mrs. Clarke, David Horner, Roland Coleman, Harold Whaley, Bill Atkinson, Harless Dobbins, Jerry Barlow, Mrs. Hubbard, Cecil King, Ronnie Milton.. Page 26 Sponsored by W.E. NEWBY & COMPANY CLAY'S MARKET. **«**uim.

(31) ►1. IT-. A. A. M. SIXTH GRADERS. * ft flT«l. enjoy the large second floor rooms in the Primary Bui Iding .. FRONT ROW: A lomia Duncan, ScottyPoole, MarianPoole, Dickie Meadows, Joyce Ann Andrews, DickieMitchell, Marguerite Oliver, Melvin Payne, Margaret Smith, Jack Wiley, Barbara Akers, Jimmy Park. SECOND ROW:. Virginia Elliott, Jean Cranford, Shirley Miracle, Gwen Chaffin, Rhea Lee Mahan, Ann Vaughan,. Joyce Simonton, Barbara Kay Jeter, Gene Warren, Jean Lawson, Linda Lee Bobb, Ernest Hendrick, Ray Barlow, Shirley Ross, Juanita Austin, Connie Jeter, Chris Klocke, Charles Lee Mason, Dick Nelson, Billy Ragland. THIRD ROW: Betty Jane Dobbins, Junior Stewart, Jerry Johnson, Billy Kingery, John Benedict, Harold Grove, Peggy Tucker, Carol Hussey, Jean King, Bobby Strum, Stanley Rice, James Vaughan, Kenneth Adams. FOURTH ROW:. Witt Vernon, Linda Lou Miracle, Robert Traylor, Shirley Bowman, Herbert Mayton, Francis. Thompson, Teenie Foote, Lyn Wilson, Joe Vanarsdall, John Statom, William King, Jerry Hawthorne. TOP ROW:. Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Short, Mike Belschwender, Robert Traylor, George Cole, Henry Foote, Dennis Rice,. Ernest Traylor, Butch Worsham, Billy Stables, David Arrington.. Page 27 Soonsored by CREWE LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS WILSON'S 5c & 10c STORE. ■«. ) f. rI I *. ff II n. i *. i.

(32) C.H.S. STUDENTS STUDY MORE THAN THE "3 R S” I. and 2.. Home Ec. II girls, under the d ir e ct io n of Miss Wilmoth, proudly exhibit their miniature rooms prepared in the study of interior decoration.. 3.. One of the Eighth Grade Music classes stopped rehearsing long enough to pose in the shiny, new auditorium seats.. 4. and 5.. Film strips are used in a great many classes.. Here, eighth grade science. prepares to view one.. Page 28 Sponsored by RIPCHICK'S GRILL Crewe Builders' Supply Company. 6.. The process of distilling water is shown in experiment form for the science class.. This type of "visual aid" is common in science classrooms..


(34) A WEEK IN THE MAKING THURSDAY, Fifth Period This group meets with Miss Staples to plan the next issue. FRIDAY, Sixth Period Typist Wayne Pulley makes the stencil head¬ ing while reporters scout for news. MONDAY, Sixth Period The editorial is checked, "set up" and placed as the first item on page 2 by Typist Frank Shepard.. TOP ROW: '. Editor. cer.. Marian Davis, Editor;. Elsie Jenkins, Betty Jack Wilkerson, Peggy Via, Grace Bates, Assistant. SECOND ROW: Miss Staples, Adviser;. Alice Tunstall, Betty Jo Newcomb, Lois Cook, Joyce Spen¬. THIRD ROW: Jerry Fuller, Mary Frances Ford, Nancy Moore, Sherwood Robertson,. Elliotte Boswell.. FOURTH ROW:. Alexander Hamilton, Conrad Clingenpeel.. Frank Shepard, Typists.. C. TUESDAY, Sixth Period Stencils are finished (or should bel) and Mary Frances Ford draws the headlines. WEDNESDAY, Sixth Period The " publications" groupwhich meets in the Typing Room operates the mimeograph and distributes the copies before dismissal time.. Page 30 Sponsored by THE CREWE CHRONICLE. FIFTH ROW:. Ronnie Vernon, Wayne Pulley,.

(35) BACKS TO CAMERA:. Myra Todd McGhee, Vice-President;. Tommy Cole, President; Betty Jack Wilkerson.. Kayhill Johnson, Ann Turner, Beverly Bowen, Merrilee Ogb’im, Lewis Bridgeforth, Treasurer; Wayne Pulley, Betty Jo Newcomb.. FACING CAMERA:. Alexander Hamilton, Secretary;. STANDING: Jimmy May, Nancy Moore, Marian Davis, Eleanor Mason, Mary Frances Ford,. Shirley Turnage, Edward Norton, Sterling Horner.. kp. 70*. THE SCA COUNCIL ISA REPRESENTATIVE GROUP^X, The Student Cooperative Council consists of a representative from each homeroom and eoch'-ctub q£"'_ organization. Elections to the Council are held at the beginning of the school year, officers are elecfted in the spring to serve the following school year. The sponsoring of Homecoming was one of the first activities of the SCA. Under the leadership of Mrs. Dorothy France, the Association promoted a parade before the football game, the Friday night game with Kenbridge, and the Saturday night dance at the Center. Following the resignation of Mrs. France, Miss Irwin Staples became the sponsor.. The association has. been responsible for arranging an assembly program each Thursday morning, as well as promoting the inter^* ^ club dance and the eighth, ninth and tenth grade dance. 1 ^ v Crewe's SCA council sent several representatives to the District meeting in Amelia in Novembe . IjT r inchir ■ February, eleven students and the sponsor attended the Youth Forum in Richmond. Tommy Cole, Al Hamilton and Betty Jack Wilkerson will represent the Crewe Council at the State convention a^^Redfo ). i. 5. _ ‘ *^. The council has endeavored to live up to its stated aims and purposes—citizensh'iTjj> co^e.raH^i/he^blfh, recreation, and self-improvement. x\ \.

(36) -. /. v ^ j. <F. Pagfe/,32 Sponsored by VIA MOTEL Routes 360 and 460 Burkevi lle-9925. “Vi. Page 32 Sponsored by LUSH BROTHERS Burkeville, Va.. Thelma Stewart. p. Reporter. cJ JurfL*' ^ cJh*#**. Elsie Jenkins. "Vc*. THE ACE OF CLUBS. X. The Ace of Clubs, formed in 1933 under the sponsorship of Mrs. T. P. Harwood, was first known as the "Blue Eagle" club. Records of a year later show that the name had been changed and green and white chosen as its colors. Most of the activity of the Ace of Clubs stems from its dual purposes—the promotion of social contacts in Crewe High and the sponsoring of baseball. This year's initiates dressed as nursery rhyme characters and produced a pantomime, "A Human Ford, " as an assembly program. The Club entertained its alumnae at a tea on New Year's day. Baseball season will find them busy at the new concession stand in the grandstand..

(37) iirominim. FIRST ROW: Carolyn beth Johnson, Ann Kay Poole,. Carolyn Little, Diana Fisher, Myra Todd McGhee, Dottie Bullock. Judy Owen, Emily Norton, Mary Page Thompson.. SECOND ROW:. Eliza-. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Mason,. Ford, K^iirti Da^is, AliceyTunstall, (Bitty Jo Newcomb, Miss Wilmoth.. CLUB Sponsors of Football and Buddy Poppy Sale. OFFICERS President.Mary Frances Ford Vice-President.Shirley Turnage Secretary.Alice Tunstall Treasurer.Marian Davis Reporter.Betty Jo Newcomb Sponsors.Mrs. DuPriest Miss Wilmoth. Club Colors. Red and White. "Rush" Tea. Stunt Initiation. September 20. October 8. Page 33 Sponsored by BURKEVILLE ESSO BIJRKEVILLE DRUG AND THEATER.

(38) FIRST ROW:. Edward Norton, Vice President; Kinsey Wingo, President; Jerry Fuller, Reporter; Jimmy Martin, Treasurer; Alexander. Hamilton, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Whit Bates, George Goldsmith, Julian Jenkins, Ralph Bates, Warriner Atkinson, Mr. J. S. Clingenpeel. Adviser; John Jenkins, Sentinel;. Dick Yeatts, Ernest Lail, Billy Foote.. THIRD ROW:. Lloyd Elliott, Warriner Blevins, Thomas. Spence, Harold Bennett, Lester McCormick, Norman Flowers, Lewis Kanipe, Charles Spencer.. TOP ROW: Ronald Frank, Earl Boyle.. NOT SHOWN: Jack Coldiron, Hughs Cochran, Ramsey Norton, Swanson Jennings, Philip Austin.. FUTURE FARMERS ARE BUSY All FFA members have crop and livestock projects, which makes membership interesting as well as profitable.. This year the boys ex¬. hibited at Blackstone Farmers Day and participated in crop, forestry, shop and dairy judging contests. Along with the work came fun of the Green Hand initiation and hamburger fry, the trip to the Atlantic Rural Exposition in Rich¬ mond, the exposition baseball game, and the annual banquet. delegates are now looking forward to the VPI convention in June. Page 34 Sponsored by THE BOSWELL COMPANY. Jimmy Martin exhibits some prize sticks of his to ba cc o project.. It. produced noo#per acre with net earnings of $700. Ronald Frank poses in his Green Hand Initiation garb.. These members "Learn to Do by Doing" in the agriculture shop.. -. WALKER'S RESTAURANT. FFA.

(39) SEATED: Reabel Allen, Mary Page Thompson, Emily Norton, Betty Ann Dugger, Jackie Bowman, Vice President;. Betty Jack Wilkerson,. President; Judy Owen, Secretary; Ann Page Bolick, Treasurer; Barbara Jones, Diana Fisher, Nancy Moore. STANDING: Miss Wilmoth, Sponsor;. Betty Culliton,. Grace Bates, Joyce Spencer, Elsie Jenkins, Queta Sutherland, Pat Johnson, Daisy Mae Weeks, Mozelle Frazier,. Linda Franken, Carolyn Little. NOT SHOWN: Viola Giles, Edna Gowin, Elizabeth Johnson, Carolyn Klocke, Eleanor Mason, Kaye Poole, Thelma Stewart, Betty Lou Roop, Carol Hurley, Thelma Stables.. The ideals of. THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA are best expressed by the Creed.. “We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage. And high hope. "For we have the clear consciousness of seeking Old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes. Homes for America's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realities, not dreams. "We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage And high hope. ".

(40) STANDING:. Billy Foote, President.. SEATED:. Barbara Jones, Shirley Knott, Shirley Snead, Secretary; Joan Clay, Song leader; Steve. Slaw, Song leader; Cal LaNeave, James Leonard, Betty Jean Ross.. STANDING AT BACK: Dexter Swicegood, Billie Black, Betty Cul-. liton, Reabel Allen, Emily Norton, Treasurer; Jackie Bowman, Reporter; Nancy Williamson, Mary Page Thompson, Vice President; Allen Wilson, Violet Abernathy, Charlotte Williamson, Jane Trump, Meade Boswell.. MANY STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN 4-H The 4-H Club work in Crewe school is divided among seven groups—Southside which is pictured above, and a club in each of the fifth, sixth, and seventh grades. side meets at the Center.. The Grade School clubs meet at the school. South-. Joan Clay receives the 1954 Talent Show award from County Agent, Paul B. Cassell.. Leslie Beatty is enthusiastic about his Tractor Main¬ tenance Project.. Nancy and Lewis Williamson display their Dairy Cow Project.. Francis Thompson (Sixth Grade) views his Pig Project.. 36.

(41) SEATED:. Ann Page Bolick, Ann Dobbins, Shirley Turnage, Vice-President; Peggy Sue Via, Treasurer;. Wayne Pulley, Secretary; Alice Tunstall, Reporter; Frances LaNeave.. STANDING:. Betty Jo Newcomb, President;. Miss Fitzgerald, Sponsor; Tommy Cole, Marian. Davis, Bill Wilson, Ronnie Vernon, Alex Hamilton, Myra Todd McGhee, Mary Frances Ford, Johann Rice, Nancy Moore, Barbara Bass.. LIBRARY CLUB’S ACTIVITIES ARE VARIED. The theme, "Let's Read "was carried out by the Library Club during Book Week, November 14-20. The members presented the farce, "Pyramusand Thisbe" in assembly on November 18. The Library members have enjoyed reading to the primary children, super¬ vision of the trophy case displays and participation in the inter-club dance.. Bob Thom. 37. Pson works at the vertical fije..

(42) SEATED: Mary Frances Ford, Marian Davis, Secretary; Alice Tunstall, Vice-President; Wayne Pulley, President; Nancy Moore, Treas¬ urer; Elsie Jenkins, Grace Bates. STANDING: Mrs. Jennings, Sponsor; Lois Cook, Ann Page Bolick, Earl Boyle, Edward Norton, Tommy Cole.. BETA PROMOTES LEADERSHIP, LOYALTY AND TRUTH Membership in the Beta Club signifies that the students have been designated by the high school author¬ ities as worthy of special recognition because of outstanding attainment and promise. Because of the small membership this year, Crewe's Chapter has had limited activities. They supported the SCA at Homecoming time by preparing a float for the parade. club's colors) featured the Beta emblem.. The float, done in black and gold (the. As a money-making project. Beta successful ly staged the King and Queen of Hearts Program on February 1 I with Nursery Rhyme Characters as its theme. Mrs. Jennings, Sponsor, Ann Bolick, Nancy Moore, Wayne Pulley, and Edward Norton represented the Crewe Chapter at the State Convention in Roanoke, March 1 1-13. Crewe Chapter will lose only one member this year through graduation—Edward Norton. rollments next year should mean much for the local chapter's activities.. Betty Jo Newcomb, Jerry Fuller. Larger en¬. Alec Hamilton, Peggy Via, Judy Owen,. David Kidwell, Dottie Bullock, Shirley. Frank Shepard. Turnage, Mac Clingenpeel.

(43) QUEEN OF HEARTS PROGRAM February II, 1955 NURSERY RHYMES (with apologies to Mother Goose) MASTER OF CEREMONIES. SHERWOOD ROBERTSON. Hearts of Stone.Brenda Wilson Little Miss Muffett.Carolyn Klocke, David Daulton Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. Nancy Moore, Frank Shepard, Tommy Cole Pussy Cat.Grace Bates Milkmaid Song.Diana Fisher, Charles Borum Little Red Riding Hood.Jane Colley Wright Jack and Jill.Myra Todd McGhee, Wayne Pulley Mary Had a Little Beau .. .. Betty Jack Wilkerson, Lewis Kanipe. Man and Woman. Jane Kani. 1Pe.. Wright, Bett y Jack Wilk Todd erson. %ra. McGhet. Joan Clay, Sterling Horner. Tommie Cole, Nancy Moore,. Fishet,. ChatleS. $0iutn,. Brenda. Conrad Clingenpeel. Joan Cla y. Sterlin '§ Ho.'rner. Diana G*. VJilson Ronnie Vernon, Emily Norton, Shirley. Steve Slaw, Meade Boswell, Carolyn. Snead, Bobby Vanarsdall. Little, Jimmie Martin. Buddy Scott, Linda Cassada.

(44) FIRST ROW: Wright.. Meade Boswell, Polly Borum, Kayhill Johnson, Queta Sutherland, Carolyn Little, Carolyn Klocke, President; Jane Colley. SECOND ROW: Betty Roop, Pat Johnson, Frances Ann LaNeave, Nancy Boisseau, Nancy Hundley, Sandra Vest, Treasurer and. Accompanist; Ashton Edwards. THIRD ROW:. Charlotte Williamson, Jane Trump, Ann Dobbins, Marian Davis, Assistant Librarian; Betty. Culliton, Linda Franken, Charles Borum, Vice President. Hurley, Mrs. Brown, Director;. Alvin Crannis.. FOURTH ROW: Billy Foote, Sterling Horner, Librarian;. NOT SHOWN:. Dottie Layman, Reporter; Dick Yeatts, Lyda Mae Dickerson.. Jj. ay. 1. Nancy Miracle, Carol. q ./fa* ^Jjyyu^y'. i .. 1. .. c&0 JF. . V/r '. TERS ARE MUCH IN DEMAND^w^* & >* /. The Glee Club is a distinct asset to the community and school. It provides good music for many programs and, at the same time, it gives those who like to sing a chance to study good music. This group has sung at assembly programs, in local and out-oftown churches, and local clubs. and a Spring Concert.. The Club gave a Christmas Concert. The Eighth Grade and Elementary Choruses as¬. sisted the Glee Club in both concerts.. The Glee Club lead the carol singing at Christmas assembly.. CHS singers entertained at the Christmas Better Service Club meeting in the YMCA gymnasium..

(45) BASEMENT ROOMS RENOVATED New science equipment enhances the science lecture room.. The old cafeteria rooms now house the business department.. Chair desks, placed in the Lab, provide a classroom for bookkeeping and math classes.. The electric water coolers were in con¬ stant use on hot, autumn days.. Page 41 Sponsored by BANK OF CREWE Crewe and Burkeville, Virginia.

(46) Physical Education is fun when classes are held out of doors.. mmTm&i. Mr. Golubic used giant-size charts provided by the Internal Revenue Department to explain income tax reports to government classes.. THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOUND SOME MORE INTERESTING CLASSES. Biology students dissect frogs.. In bad weather, health is the order of the day. Here, Alice adminis¬ ters First Aid to Brenda.. Bunnies?. No, just some fancy bandaging.. Brenda seems to have survived the ordeal..

(47) I.

(48) KNEELING:. C. Clingenpeel, T. Jenkins, Cole, Elliott, Cochran, Toone, Shires, Bridgforth, Vanarsdail, Meadows.. SECOND ROW:. J. Jenkins, Ross, Kanipe, Vernon, May, Wilson, R. Clingenpeel, Coldiron, Pulley, Spence, Horner,. Foote, Coach Golubic.. THIRD ROW:. Bennett, Shepard, Robertson, Hamilton, Frank, Emerson, Hooper, Kidwell,. Flowers, Chumney.. VARSITY RAILROADERS LACKED EXPJERI i. ^ r>4 m, was a tsam without 1954 team V. //. ^. * (YZy^ 1. J>. Co-captains Robertson, Vernon, and Clingenpeel, Coach Golubic. -. *. ». zr. ^1 ^. °y 954. Record. Crewe. 0. Lawrencevi I le. Crewe. 0. Randolph-Henry. 7. Crewe. 14. Amelia. 0. Crewe. 12. Farmville. 43. Crewe. 6. Emporia. 28. Crewe. 25. Victoria. 0. Crewe. 12. Kenbridge. 33. Crewe. 6. Blackstone. 26. 25. Page 44 Sponsored by THE NATIONAL BANK OF CREWE. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS.

(49) BACKS:. Kanipe, May, Wilson. Flowers. M. ENDS:. *. '. * ■ <.•. Chumney, Shepard, Kid. well. QUARDS:. Cochran, Cole, Toone. Pulley, Bennett. CENTERS:. Jenkins, Spence,. C. Clingenpeel. Page 45 Sponsored by LONGBOTTOM’S JEWELERS PERK'S ESSO SERVICENTER.

(50) TACKLES: Frank, Coldiron, Emerson, Hamilton, Hooper.. •epyf. :'. r.. BACKS: Horner, Ross, Vanarsdall, Foote, Jenkins.. Page 46 Sponsored by J. R. FISHER & SON SUPERIOR SUPPLY COMPANY.

(51) FIRST ROW: Jack Wiley, William King, Ralph Vick, Dick Nelson, George Morton, Dickie Meadows, John Benedict, Witt Vernon, Bucky Drinkwater, Boots Staples, Homer Mitchell, Melvin Payne, Charles Conderman, Jimmy Wiley. SECOND ROW: Bucky Cochran, Lyn Wil¬ son, Bobby Strum, Bright Thompson, Douglas Meadows, Pearl Leonard, Ray Barlow, Neal Ried, Joe Vanarsdall, B. C. Wilkerson, Delmar Rockwell, Chuck Shorter, Coach Joe Wilkinson.. THIRD ROW:. Mike Belschwender, Danny Eggleston, Walter Addleman, Stuart Drink-. water, Jerry Barlow, Jimmy Foote, James Boyd, David Horner, Ronnie Milton, Harless Dobbins.. BLE RECORD. CREWE MIDGETS \ 1954 Schedule Lawrencevi 1 le Kenbridge Emporia Kenbridge Emporia Lawrencevi 1 le. 6 14 7 12 12 14. Crewe Crewe. 6 21. Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe. 25 27 18. J. 24. Page 47 Sponsored by E. A. COLE & CO. Your Clover Farm Store in Crewe Drury W. LaNeave, Owner MIDGET CHEERLEADERS: Mary Ann Honaker, Terry Walker, Nancy Johnson, Mary Anderson, Shirley Snead, Joan Clay, Beverly Bowen..

(52) —. --. ■. -. -—. I. Clingenpeel. Fuller, Captain. Jenkins, Vanarsdali. THE BASKETBALL TEAM TOO LACKED EXPERIENCE, BUT WORKED HARD Shires, Crannis. Horner, Meadows. Page 48 Sponsored by WSVS - WSVS FM.

(53) I Vernon. SEATED: ward;. L.. R.. Clingenpeel, Guard; J. Fuller, Center; R.. Kanipe, Forward.. STANDING:. Vernon, For. R. J. Golubic, Coach; S. Horner, Forward; T. Jenkins, Guard; R. Vanarsdall, Guard; R. Shires Guard; J. Meadows, Guard; A. Crannis, Forward.. Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe. 34 54 26 21 39 38 38. 1954-55 SCHE Amelia 31 C Victoria 35 Q Amelia ^29 A Lawrencevi 116 ^*55 Blackstone #3^35 a Randolph-Henry 48 C Kenbridge 45. 36 53 48 34 40 55. Emporia Farm vi lie Buckingham Randolph-Hem Kenbridge Victoria Page 49 Sponsored by |TW. L. WILLIS' SONS MOORE'S SERVICE STATION.

(54) Eleanor Mason. Alice Tunstall. Center. Forward. Forward. b y. m. Tv. l. Co-captain Bo 1 ic k (guard), Mrs. Jean Ross (coach), and Co-captain Shirley Turnage (forward). ^•EAMS composed of underclassmen Bj^rTu !Y1. #. THE RECORD. & Crewe. v i. *. /. 35 Kenbridge. X. Gloria. 41. Farxnville. -. 24 Buckingham 28 Farmville. V. ■». 2l. ' .4%, * t %4° ^ ^. IT 37. 43. 26 Randolph-Henry * 40 13 Kentfridge 28 Victoria. Elsie Jenkins. 25 Blackstone. jr 1. 43. v. F. 3y. 1 A.I4 -SA ". Page 50 Sponsored by L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY. Emily Norton Guard.

(55) BACK ROW: Guards--Nancy Moore, Eliza¬ beth Johnson, Peggy Via, Manager, Diana Gayle Fisher.. FRONT ROW: Forwards--. Meade Boswell, C aro ly n Klocke, Nancy Boisseau.. BACK ROW:. ~. Guards--Mary Page Thomp¬. son, Brenda Wilson, Faye Thompson, FRONT ROW:. Forwards—Nancy Hundley,. Jackie Bowman, Julia Dobbins.. Page 51 Sponsored by E. P. Bass & Son and GROVE DRIVE-IN THEATRE "Always the Best in Movies".

(56) THE SCHOOL REVEALED--1. 2.. The only period in the day students push and shove to be on time--lunch period.. 3-. The photographer found a handmade periscope, as well as posters, in the English I classroom.. 45. and 6.. Nancy Moore and Conrad Clingenpeel do a little "explaining" in Geometry.. The cafeteria staff keeps the line moving as quickly as possible.. FFA members held a commemorative program for all to see on Washington's birthday..


(58) —Spoi BURKEVILLE \ Betty Jack Wilkerson Shirley Turqage. Betty Jo Newcomb, Queen. Terry Walker. Carolyn Oliver. Merrilee.


(60) Jerry Fuller Business Manager. Marian Davis Betty Jo Newcomb Editor. THESE STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BOOK. Mary Frances Ford. Wayne Pulley. Frank Shepard. Alice Tunstall. Railroader Staff pages in the past have usually contained pictures of staff members busy at their jobs. But this Railroader is different for a great many reasons—chiefly because of the size of the graduating class. Due to the irregularity of schedules of Seniors, much of the detail work of the book had to fall on underclassmen. The only clearly defined jobs were those of the Editor, Betty Jo Newcomb; the Business and Advertising Manager, Jerry Fuller; and the Sponsor, Mrs. Hag berg. The others whose pictures appear on this page were members of a so-called "publications" class. This group met in the Typing Room workroom (the kitchen of former years) and donated a study period each day to work on The Dispatcher and The Railroader, averaging three days a week on the former, and two on the latter. Their work was freewill, for they received no academic credit for it. Their duties ranged all the way from writing copy, taking snapshots, and identifying pictures, to typing copy and proofreading. Thus, each might be called an "assistant editor." Peggy Sue Via and Thelma Stewart helped Jerry Fuller with the advertising in Burkeville. Jerry, by the way, doubled as photo¬ grapher. Alice Tunstall headed the group of homeroom solicitors for the sales campaign. She was assisted by Eddie Norton, Frank Shep¬ ard, Barbara Bass, Lewis Bridgforth, Bobbie Lee Vanarsdall, Jane Colley Wright, Dottie Layman, Ann Turner, and Joan Clay. Sher¬ wood Robertson drew the cover motif. The Staff is again indebted to Miss Kay Crittenden who took the raiIroad pictures used on the divider pages, as well as the basket¬ ball pictures. The Norfolk and Western Magazine Department con¬ tributed the picture, on page 40, of the combined choruses which sang at the Better Service Club meeting. The 1955 Rai Iroader Staff is grateful to those who have spon¬ sored pages inthisbook. A complete listof these sponsors will appear in the supplement which will be delivered in the late summer. Itwill beevident to al I that this has indeed been a cooperative venture and represents the work of many hands. It is the hope that it will bring pleasure to students and alumni alike. Betty Jo Newcomb, Editor P. S. Be on the lookout for the supplement! It will contain al spring and commencement activities. BJN.

(61) jUpi •». ... I ■ ■ ■ B ■ B B B I B S B afltiBcajUSapa* iliiBiiBiiBiaiiiiiBiqir. '. BBBBBBiaiB'BUBI-ill. ■ BIIIBiMlliaiHlil'. iii&u. -laaaiiK^. h M b ■ h pR 1 ■ V I H I Ml 11 m t wN!. KB *•. ■■ft. :::. ms*1; 2!_a. The mannequin helped to carry out the theme,. «ret deC°' ocNteStai ce^oV ^ot. i ■*d ta.u^?>. "An Old Fashioned Garden. ". *e. Pat panr,'idge n“hed the an<] his °fc h usi,. JUNIORS AND SENIORS MET IN AN OLD FASHIONED GARDEN Everyone enjoyed dancing and listening to the music of Pat Partridge.. estra fUr~.

(62) SOFTBALL GAME WITH FACULTY IS HIGHLIGHT OF THE SEASON Co-captain Shirley Tumage, Mrs. Ross (coach), and Co-captain Alice Tunstall.. KNEELING: Nancy Hundley, Joyce Spen¬ cer, Nancy Moore, Shirley Turaage, Alice Tunstall, Eleanor Mason, Nancy Boisseau, Meade Boswell, and Linda Franken.. (. STANDING:. Georgia Mae Pigg, Roberta. Coldiron, Julia Dobbins, Betty Ann Dugger, Marian Williamson,. Betty Roop, Patricia. Willis, Lucy Yeatts,. Charlotte Dobbins,. and Kaye Poole. 3. Meade Boswell gets credit for pitching 5 winners.. GIRLS' RECORD. 4. Mrs. Jennings shows her athletic. i. Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe. 20 36 10 34 34 17 12. Blackstone Kenbridge Kenbridge Amelia Blackstone Amelia Faculty. 11 21 13 17 12 18 9. ability by hitting a ball out to left field. 5. Mrs. Bullock, Mrs. Wilson, and Coach Golubic give their team¬ mates a hand. 6. Here everyone can see the length and breadth of Coach. 7. Mrs. DuPriest warming (?).. Page 58 Sponsored by HOLSUM BREAD.

(63) WEARERS OF THE MONOGRAM. Nancy Boisseau Eddie Cleveland Ann Bolick Robert Clingenpeel Tommie Cole Meade Boswell Diana Gayle Fisher Joe Flowers Linda Franken Ronald Frank Nancy Hundley Jerry Fuller Alex Hamilton Elsie Jenkins Elizabeth Johnson Charles Hooper Carolyn Klocke Sterling Homer Eleanor Mason Tom Jenkins Myra Todd McGhee David Kidwell Nancy Moore Jimmy Martin Betty Jo Newcomb Jimmy May Emily Norton Joe Meadows Merrilee Ogbum Wayne Pulley Kaye Poole Melvin Ross Joyce Spencer Frank Shepard Thomas Spence Alice Tunstall Shirley Tumage Charles Spencer Betty Jack Wilkerson John Toone Jane Colley Wright Ronnie Vernon Harold Bennet Bill Wilson Douglas Chumney NOT SHOWN Leslie Beatty Sherwood Robertson Jack Coldiron Robert Shires David Daulton Kinsey Wingc. SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. Sea I test Ice Cream.

(64) LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Flowers, Lewis Kanipe, Jimmy May, Bruce Dunn, Eddie Cleveland, Harold Bennett, JerryFuller, Sterling Horner, Robert Setzer,. Tommie Jenkins,. Clingenpeel,. Robert. Ronnie Vernon, Joe. Meadows, and Alvin Crannis. NOT SHOWN: Charles Spencer.. 1. First Base: Fuller 2. Second Base; 3. Third Base:. RAIN AND COLD WEATHER HAMPEREDTHE BASEBALL SEASON Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe Crewe. 3 7 5 6 4 0 8. BOYS' RECORD 14 Victoria Crewe 6 8 Amelia Crewe 5 6 Crewe 5 Blackstone Buckingham 10 Crewe 3 2 Farmvi lie Crewe 6 4 Kenbridge Crewe 4 13 Farmvi lie Crewe 7. Lawrenceville Amelia Randolph-Henry Victoria Blackstone Kenbridge Randolph-Henry. 4. Shortstop:. Kanipe Clingenpeel. Meadows. 5. Outfield:. Horner. 6. Outfield: Cleveland. 5 2 6 0 1 3 6 7. Pitcher:. May. 8. First Base; Jenkins. Page 60. 9. Catcher: Bennett. Sponsored by GREENLEAF DAIRY, INC. 1. Pitchers: Flowers, Horner, and May 2. Catcher: Vernon 3. Pitcher: Flowers. Page 61 Sponsored by McKENNA INC., MEAT PACKERS. 10. Outfield: Setzer 11. Second Base: Crannis 12. Outfield:. Dunn.


(66) FIRST ROW: Eddie Joe Cleveland, Carolyn Little, Betty Culliton, Betty Jo Newcomb, Warriner Blevins. SECOND ROW; Kinsey Wingo, Jimmy Martin, Jerry Fuller, David Daulton, Edward Norton. NOT SHOWN: Hazel S. Yeatts, Robert Hodges.. TWELVE MORE BECOME ALUMNI The Baccalaureate sermon was delivered by the Reverend W. Boyd Bryant on Sunday, June 5. Mr, C. M. Bussinger, County Superintendent of Schools, gave the Commencement address, Tuesday, June 7. Edward Norton, class presi¬ dent, gave the valedictory, and Betty Jo Newcomb, the salutatory.. Page 62 Sponsored by VERSER-CHAPPELL COMPANY and A FRIEND.

(67) WE APPRECIATE OUR SPONSORS Once again the business firms serving Nottoway County have shown their interest in Crewe High School by sponsoring pages in The Railroader. The Staff is grateful for this continued support and encouragement.. JJ^MDrug Company Balfour Company, L. G* Bank of Crewe Barrow Grocery Company Bass, E. P. & Son Boswell Company, The Bradshaw Tractor Company, Inc. "Bradshaw's Garage, Inc. Bradshaw Motor Company Burkevilie "Drug and Theater Burkevllies Esso Burkeville Veneer Company City Fuel Company Clay's Market Cole, E. A. & Company Crewe Builder's Supply Company Crewe Chronicle, The' Crewe Ko-op Store, Inc. Crewe Laundry & Dry Cleaners Crittenden's Drug Store Fisher, J. R. & Son Fitzgerald Cleaners Greenleaf Dairy, Inc. Grove Drive-in Theatre Holsum Bread Jennings, C. L. & Son. i Jennings, W\W. Johnson's SupelSMarket Jones & CompanysW Kincheloe, W. S. Klocke Motor Company Long bottom's. Jewelers V V Lush Brothers Mathias 5c-$l .00 Store McKenna, Inc. Moore's Service Station National Bank of Crewe, The Newby, W. E. & Company •. 24 25 16 33 33 54 15 26 47 28 30 19 27 12 46 17 60 51 58 21. \A/. /. Page 15 6 13 19 fo 32 6> 49 44 26. ■. Perk's Esso Servicenter Ripchick's Grill ,^Rock Castle Floral Company SoutheaxiDokles. Inc.. i^Sfwvn & Country , Shop ~. S. V\a Motel " ^ Verser-Chappell Co. Virginia Electric & Power Co. WSVS-WSVS FM Walker's Restaurant Willis' Sons, W. L. Wilson's 5c & 10c Store. man i H/. *.

(68) PARTING IS SUCH SWEET SORROW June 10. 1955. '. The 1955 Railroader Staff and the Class of 1955 never realized the truth of this ex¬ pression until now. The graduation events have come and gone. A dozen more stu¬ dents have been added to the ranks of the alumni. The events recorded in this book have become history. Your Staff is happy to have been able to acquaint the present students, as well as the alumni, with the happenings and changes which have taken place in "old CHS." We are grateful to Mrs. Hagberg and other mem¬ bers of the faculty for their cooperation, without which this book would have been very incomplete. The Class of 1955 is glad to have finish¬ ed at a time when thought and attention were being given to another graduating class of CHS, the Class of 1930. Thirty-two of the forty-four persons who graduated twentyfive years ago, met at the Community Cen¬ ter, June 3, for a homecoming banquet. The affair was so enjoyable that the class voted to contribute what funds were left over after expenses to starting a fund to be used in furthering the formation of an Alum¬ ni Association. Mrs. Mary Klocke Shipp was named treasurer. We hope that other classes will follow the lead set by the Class of 1930—CHS de¬ serves an Alumni Association!. i.

(69) y /. CC. zxxj£. <?\t(MAj. f4<£. bd oChbeA^ O. 77Ki-*Ls. CL/Z^^b. ^LqJ~ jpajAjt~. i. o-it. uJa^J-. & o. taSis. bo. ob. —. CUn^oL. &Lsn<J. _^o. bu^a^Lb' oj?~?. c*o~j. a^uL. **.\ U^t-CVL. —. -t^foJUU^ouLL. ') ji/^/. South, XjJ£_X^jb. w/. x^mJzL cX. M 6J^jLxi. ^ .^Wc^y AyJ ^. CcS^s. __ C^cX^.. uOua/J^j A-€.c£ .. Jh. S&-S X-C><LJ. ^. ^. ^. 04.








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