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The Denver Fleet Management Division. Past and Present Past


Academic year: 2021

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Past and Present


The history of the Denver Fleet Management Division goes as far back as horse-and-buggy days.

It's not a hemi, but REAL horsepower!

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Memories of the 801 Larimer facility

An old fashioned filling station

Wheels and rims


The Denver Fleet Management Division

Past and Present


The Denver Fleet Management Division has taken huge strides over the past century. Today's fleet environment is high tech and changing rapidly amid the challenges and opportunities presented by economic downturns and declines in operating revenues. Employee development and a sound business plan will ensure the agency continues to move forward, doing more with less and improving the services it offers through new efficiencies and proactive management techniques.

The Public Works Fleet Management Division supports service delivery to Denver's citizens by ensuring vehicles and equipment are operationally ready for use. Fleet Management:

Is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 2,000 light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles and pieces of equipment, including off-road equipment Offers a second-to-none range of services that ensures refuse collection, street

sweeping, road resurfacing, traffic control, sewer and storm drain maintenance, parks maintenance, public safety, and dozens of other City programs promote a clean and vibrant living environment

• Charges a lower-than-Industry labor rate of $71 per hour

• Purchases 2.9 million gallons of fuel annually that is delivered to 7 primary fueling locations and more than 40 secondary fuel sites

Provides 24/7 fueling services and tracks usage of all fuels and flUids, providing exceptional accountability

• Provides security to five fueling sites

• Supports sustainabillty by running 53% of the fleet on alternative fuels and its entire diesel-engine fleet on cleaner burning biodiesel

Purchases hybrids and the most fuel efficient vehicles possible for City applications, with hybrids now totaling 5% percent of the fleet

• Implements environmentally sound practices to reduce hazardous waste generation and harmful emissions

• Pilots new technologies aimed at reducing costs and improving fleet performance

• Ensures the fleet is right-sized and properly utilized

Strives to make continuous improvement in all levels of the organization to offer the highest quality customer service imaginable


Mission and Values

Missjon Statement: "Quality is Everything!"

Fleet ensures optimum availability of all units with a focus on: • Superior service

• Safety

• Sustainability • Reasonable rates

• Effective contract negotiations maximizing access to parts/services • Ensuring smart acquisitions and a right-sized fleet

Commitment to Service Values

• Accountability personal actions and decisions display high standards of ethical conduct towards work, citizens, co-workers, supervisors, managers and the administration.

• Performance work In a dedicated and focused manner to complete assigned work in a timely manner.

• Respect treat all persons in a helpful, courteous and professional manner.

• Diversity provide an environment where all indiViduals, groups and communities are respected and their experiences and needs are valued.

• Empowerment recognize and communicate opportunities. Take initiative in performance of work.

• Innovation develop and advocate new ideas and/or methods for performing work. • Safety strive to create a safe environment for co-workers and citizens.

• Teamwork prOVide an open and inclusIve team environment where contributions are valued and where products reflect the diverse needs of all members.

• Integrity place the highest regard on ethical and professional behaVior. • Excellence perform duties in a manner that demonstrates a high degree of


The Denver Fleet Management Division


The Denver Fleet Management Division averages 101 employees who work at seven repair facilities. Staff maintains the City Motor Center as well:

• 5440 Roslyn, Building C • 5440 Roslyn, Building D

• 1271 West Bayaud Avenue, Building 5 • 7301 East Jewell Avenue

• 945 South Huron Street • 2013 South Osage

wastewater Building, 2000 West 3rd Avenue • Motor Center - Webb Building, 201 West Colfax Our four main operating sections are as follows:

Administration manages the internal service fund. Responsible for strategic planning, billing, data collection and analysis, communication of fleet data to user agencies, rate development, agency budgeting, Citywide capital equipment requirements, 24/7 fuel management and response, warranty management, customer service, clerical support, vehicle in-processing and public information, and project management.

Fleet Maintenance' Operations provides comprehensive scheduled maintenance and repair of all light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles as well as off-road equipment. Performs fuel deliveries, environmental inspections, oil analysis, design modifications, parts fabrication, and machinery repairs. Responsible for annual vehicle and equipment auction, facility improvements, and maintenance of fuel sites,


washes, hotllnes, and greasing systems. Provides 24/7 emergency' and snow removal support.

Materials Handling audits, inventories, orders, issues, and receives all parts and materials. Provides obsolescence control and new product research. Maintains an inventory of parts, materials, and consumable goods for distribution at our repair locations and warehouse. Manages purchasing and vehicle in-processing.

Equipment Replacement determines agency equipment applications and ensures specification reqUirements are developed to procure the best piece of equipment for the intended application.


Fleet Services

Fleet Management exists to serve a single, sizeable customer - the City and County of Denver. Our agency provides the following key services in support of City operations:

Fleet Management

• New vehicle and equipment purchases

• Development of specifications to meet agency needs and objectives • One-on-one expert advice a'nd procurement support

• Inspection, licensing, and titling of all new vehicles and equipment

• Maintain Inventories and computerized histories of aI/ vehicles, equipment, and parts • Provide parts Inventory control utilizing lean process methods and best qual/ty parts for


• Provide automated monthly billing services • Manage vehicle warranties and recalls

• Develop annual vehicle and equipment replacement schedule • Support City's sustainablllty action agenda

• Manage vehicle and equipment rental programs, Including city motor center • Provide prompt customer service and response

• Offer Internal and external training and classroom space • Manages City vehicle disposal with scheduled auctions

Fleet Maintenance

• Repair and regularly maintain all 2,000 light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles and off-road equipment

• Service street sweepers on a nightly basis In accordance with manufacturer recommendations

• Provide repair estimates for aCCidents, damage, body worf<, and painting services • Perform road calls and tire repair

• Ensure off-site fueling services • Manage fuel/oil analysis programs • Emissions testing

• Metal fabrication

• Partner with manufacturers on modifying vehicles and equipment to improve durability and efficiency

• Provide 24/7 support during critical events, such as snow

Fuel System Management

., 24/7 fueling availability, response, and system support ., Fuel purchases at optimum prices

., Fuel disbursement, tracking, and control

., Maintain and update fueling facilities as needed and reqUired

., Ensure full compliance with federal, state, and local mandates regarding fuel, underground storage tanks, and hazardous materials handling


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