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Neev's Expertise on Ruby on Rails


Academic year: 2021

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Magento eCommerce SaaS Applications Video Streaming Portals

Rich Internet Apps Custom Development

250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ‘05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners

Member of NASSCOM & ESC

Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune.

Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.

Key Company Highlights

iPhone Android

Windows Phone 7 HTML5 Apps


User Interface Design and User Experience Design

Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing

AWS Consulting Partner Rackspace

Joyent Heroku

Google App Engine

Mobile Cloud

About Neev



Large Fashion and Apparel Store with 55 Million /month hits.


Diamonds and Jewelry Portal for one of HongKong’s largest Diamond merchant.


California’s popular organic farm products

We loved working with Neev because they were perfect blend of experience and entrepreneurship. That’s what it takes to do outsourced product development for a startup.

- Sridhar Turaga

Co-founder, Open2save.com



Live mobile TV screening content from Indian Movies and TV series.


Video marketing portal for creation and distribution

Attend by Video

Interactive platform for online tutorial and training

Video Streaming

Futures Inc

Talent Management Software for recruitment needs of companies.


Sales force transformation product

Pulse GRC

Audit and Risk Management Software

SaaS Applications

Google Mobile Moves

Marketing campaign for promoting mobile users.


Asia’s largest B2B travel and hotel platform.


Independent Mobile advertising network of publishers and advertisers

Others Groovy on Grails Ruby on Rails Java ASP.NET PHP Magento Wowza


Experience on Web 2.0

• Web 2.0 has been at the core of Neev’s implementation for last three years. Neev has worked with more than 30 B2C companies, ISVs, start-ups across Video streaming, Healthcare, Media and Advertising and other domains on Rapid Application Development tools like Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, PHP, Java, ASP.NET

• Java and Open Source Software – Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, JPA, JCAPS

• Web 2.0 and Rich Client – JSF, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Groovy on Grails, GWT, jQuery, ExtJS • Application and Web Servers – Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS

• Mobile Development – iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry, Mobile Web, RESTFul and SOAP web services, GPS & location aware, Bluetooth, offline data and synch

• Social Media – Integration with Facebook, Twitter

• Cloud Computing and migration – Development for public clouds AWS, Google App Engine, cloud application monitoring


Neev RoR Advantage

• Neev has helped many software companies and start-ups deliver applications faster and at a lower cost.

• Flexibility in the size of allocated Ruby development team (Access to a pool of Rails developers and QA engineers).

• Ability to setup a team from 1 resource to 20 resources; flexible sourcing model – can allocate resources for 3 months to 12 months or longer term

• Deep expertise in Ruby on Rails, as well as experience in utilizing Git and other tools to accelerate RoR development

• Mature software development life-cycle and QA procedures; a proven, phased, scalable, and meticulously documented approach to accelerate product delivery

• Extensive experience across a variety of industries, including social networking, broadcasting/media, online education, marketing/advertising, and more.

• Focus on Ruby software product engineering; understanding the difference between software product development and an IT project delivery


Services offered on RoR

• Product development life cycle services

• Porting applications to RoR

• Application architecture re-design or


• Social Media Integration

• RoR Installation/ Upgrades

• RoR Application Support and Maintenance

• RoR performance tuning and scaling


Solutions Delivered

• Social Networking Platform

• eCommerce application

• Ads, Media Streaming and Entertainment

• Online project management, helpdesks,

bugs/issue tracking

• SaaS Solutions

• Universal Wellness Application

• Mobile Applications – B2C


Case Study 1 : Ashoka Hub .. (1)

About Ashoka: Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social

entrepreneurs. Ashoka fellows are characterized by their innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change the society.

Business Challenge: The challenge was to create a platform where the social

entrepreneurs interact among themselves to share their needs and offers .

Solution: A Cloud based web application was built using RoR to provide a social hub

for the social entrepreneurs to interact and benefit.

Neev’s approach: Neev has developed the RoR application, which is hosted on

Heroku platform available for all social entrepreneurs. The whole application was built in less than 4 months on an agile methodology. As the social entrepreneurs are from across the world the application is multilingual and supports 12 languages to start with.


Case Study 2: ArtBee … (1)

About Artbee: Artbee is a network of leading and most influential contemporary

galleries and a platform for online art auctions. It provides great virtual art shows from around the world and provides an easy way to purchase and sell through its large network of collectors, dealers, galleries and museums.

Business Challenge: Artbee is a platform where a large variety of arts and artists are

exhibited and transacted. Collection of data, search on it and handling purchases / selling is always a challenge for users.

Solution: Each user has his/her own dashboard and other customized parameters,

which were to be maintained with notifications. Here user can search for people and galleries, can auction / buy arts, have his/her own personalized dashboard. User also had capability to search by location. The same application was built on iPhone as well.

Neev’s approach: Neev developed an application which can list down all the

exhibitions / galleries / artists in a manageable way (website as well as iPhone app). Now Artbee users can auction / buy or exhibit their art-works easily. Neev also developed an admin interface for Artbee officials to supervise the content on website.


Case Study 3: DUPLAYS … (1)

About DUPLAYS: DUPLAYS is the largest provider of sports leagues and events in

UAE. It organizes social, recreational and competitive sport leagues and events for men and women.

Business Challenge: The website is a single point of contact for all sport registration,

communication, scheduling and to discover new sport opportunities. Connecting users from different nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures on a very intuitive platform.

Solution: Neev’s solution was based on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,

integration of blog on Wordpress and public Forums

Neev’s approach: Neev built the application in such a way that users can connect

their account with their Facebook account; which allows users to publish their actions on the site, like registration to some league or event on their Facebook profile. A blog page publishes blogs related to upcoming leagues and events and also publish RSS feeds which users subscribe to. It also has an admin tool which allows overall control on Email campaigning, leagues, sports, events etc.


Case Study 4: EduNest … (1)

About Edunest: Edunest provides an education management software that helps

maximise students' potential. This helps schools improve academic performance and comply with respective education boards.

Business Challenge: Connecting teachers, students and parents altogether on a

single platform with a very intuitive user interface, was the need. The site also had to generate reports, charts and graphs to show child's progress and recommend videos for improvements.

Solution: The solution provided schools there own copy of the application by giving

subdomains in edunest. All the authorization of maintaining data was done by a separate admin module. Faculties were allowed to maintain profile, class data, student progress reports, analyse progress with charts and graphs and allowed to communicate any student and their parents.

Neev’s approach: The approach was based on AJAX and jQuery to build a rich

interface and HiCharts to build charts and graphs. This also used Youtube API to generate video recommendations based on youtube tag search. Used PDF generation plugin so that report could be exported in a PDF format.


Case Study 5: Attend By Video … (1)

About Attend By Video: ABV is first of its kind of initiative that enables real-life-like

knowledge exchange using audio/video/and file-sharing capabilities, between people in any area of life with utmost ease and in a mutually rewarding manner.

Business Challenge: . The system’s target audience includes people who have

minimal knowledge of information technology. The challenge was to have a stable and reliable audio/video/sharing interface that could work even on a slow connection and at the same time have a very intuitive interface.

Solution: Neev made use of Webex APIs and user feedback along with jQuery and


Neev’s approach: Neev leveraged features provided by the APIs of Webex to provide

a user interface for sharing audio/videos/files. Through the portal, user can schedule, conduct, join and record the session for future references. The system was built on the user feedback to have an intuitive UI which everyone can use.


Project Management Tools Redmine Jira/Trac Deployment Tools Jenkins Emma/Cobertura QA Tools Selenium Jmock

Knowledge Capture Tools

Neev Hub

QA to Staging to Production environments

Daily Stand-ups


• End-to-end consultative approach for software solutions through needs assessment, process consulting and strategic advice

• Internal QMS are ISO 9001-2008 certified and CMM level 3 compliant.

• Continuous process and service level improvements through deployment of best-of-breed processes and technologies

• International Standards and best practices on Project Management including PMI, ISO and Prince-2

• Proven EDC Model of delivery to provide predictable results

• Scrum based Agile development methodology


In Summary

 RoR is a platform of choice for emerging technology firms in

e-commerce, cloud, e-business and mobile space

 Neev is a leading provider of technology services in the

emerging technology space has developed a strong

competency and resource pool with RoR skills

 Neev also offers its RoR development services through

turn-key projects or outsourced product development platforms.

 Neev can help setup teams of1 to 20 resources for a duration

of 3 months to 12 months

… through a dedicated team model


India - Bangalore USA Sweden

The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, Dickenson Road


Phone :+91 80 25594416

Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

1121 Boyce Rd Ste 1400,

Pittsburgh PA 15241 Phone 724-260-5283

Neev AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 53, 6tr, 11145, Stockholm Phone: +46723250723 sales@neevtech.com India - Pune #13 L’Square, 3rd Floor

Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune – 411007. Phone : +91-64103338 Singapore #08-03 SGX Centre 2, 4 Shenton Way, Singapore 068807 Phone: +65 6435 1961


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