High SPF Sun Care Formulation Strategy

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High SPF Sun Care Formulation Strategy

A 90 min online s hort cours e

by Julian Hewitt

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http://cosme tics.specialchem.com/online-course/1144-High-SPF-50-Sun-Care-Formulation-Cosmetics Hi gh SPF i s the strongest trend i n today’s sun care market. Al so, products must meet UVA protection standards, a re qui rement that be comes more challenging the higher the SPF. Ge tting to such hi gh SPF val ues i s a l ot more co m- pl e x than getting the right amount of active - many different aspects of the formul ati on need to be optimized. Meet faster your high SPF & UVA targets by re vi ewing al l the factors affecting your sun care formulations’ fi nal pe rformance (it’s far more than just a question of UV filters selection!)

Jul i an Hewitt (+20 ye ars) wi ll di scuss how to optimize in practice UV fi l ters efficacy al ong wi th photostability, cost, rhe ol ogy, wate r-resistance...!

Why you should attend:


Select optimal UV filters (oi l /water-based; organic/ inorganic) to e nsure a complete UVB & UVA prote ction


Maximize UV filters efficacy usi ng the ri ght system of solvents, di spersants, photostabilisers, e mollients...


Opti mi ze water-resistance, rheology & film-forming performance of your formulations (O/W, W/O, spray...)


Who is it for?

• Sun care formul ators

• Acti ve & functi onal i ngredient suppl iers


1. Fundamental principles of Maximizing SPF efficacy a. Se l ect the right active i ngredients

b. Opti mi ze the even distribution of the acti ves i n the formul ation c. Opti mi ze the formulation di stribution on ski n

2. Selecting UV filter combinations for high SPF broad spectrum systems a. Syne rgi es between organic and i norganic fi lters

b. Syne rgi es between oi l-based and water-based acti ves c. Ensuri ng comprehensive coverage across the UVB and UVA 3. Selecting formulation physical form

a. O/W vs. W/O e mul si ons b. Sprayabl e sunscre ens c. Othe r forms

4. Maximizing the efficacy of organic filters a. Se l ecting emollients: opti mising sol ubility b. Opti mi sing photo-stability: combi nations to

use and combi nations to avoi d, and usi ng photo -stabilisers 5. Maximizing the efficacy of inorganic filters

a. Choosi ng the ri ght grades: particle si ze and physical form b. Opti mi sing and mai ntaining di spersion i n the formulation c. Inorgani c-only high SPF syste ms

At the end

of the training

there will be a

Q&A Session where you

can pos e ques tions to

Julian Hewitt.

A tra ns cri pt of a l l the ques ti ons & a ns wers wi l l be ma de a va i l a bl e a

fter the event.

6. Optimising formulation rheology and film-forming properties a. Fundame ntal rhe ological properties required for hi gh performance b. Practi cal gui delines for opti mising rheology i n O/W and W/O syste ms c. Usi ng fi l m-formers for "SPF Boosti ng"

7. Strategies for achieving water-resistance

a. Advantage s and di sadvantages of the di fferent approaches b. Combi ni ng complementary approaches


Presented by Julian Hewitt

Juli an He witt i s a l e ading expert on the formulation, development and testing of sunscreen prod- ucts, with 20 ye ars of expe rience i n thi s fi el d.

Juli an graduate d from Oxford University i n 1988 wi th a BA Honours De gree i n Chemistry. Afte r graduating, he joined Tioxide, working on ne w product development from 1988 to 1991. In 1991, he joi ne d Ti oxide's Sol aveil Business, as Appl i cations Rese arch and Te chni cal Service Manager for physi cal su n- scre en products. He re mai ned wi th the Sol ave il business as i t move d from Ti oxide to ICI Pe rformance Chemi c als, the n to Uni qe ma whe n the l atte r was formed i n 1999, and fi nal ly to Croda, who purchase d Uni qe ma in 2006. Duri ng this time, Julian be came re cognised as one of the le ading gl obal e xperts in sun care . He represented Uniqe- ma / Croda as the main custome r te chni cal focus for sun care products, de ve lope d and deli ve red trai ni ng pro- gramme s for both i nte rnal and exte rnal audiences, and guided the de velopment and l aunch of i nnovati ve ne w sun care i ngre di ents. Juli an le ft Croda i n Octobe r 2010 and has re ce ntly formed JPH SunCare Technologies, provi ding te chnical consul tan- cy se rvi ces, regulatory advi ce, and trai ning to manufacturers of UV prote cti on products and suppliers of i ngre die nts used i n such products. Juli an has pre se nted pape rs and poste rs at ove r 30 confe rences in ve nues across the Worl d, and has wri tte n or co - authore d more than 20 arti cl e s and 4 book chapte rs on formulating sunscreens and in -vitro SPF testing.

Past attendees feedback

Conte nt: Te chni cal Le ve l : Spe ake r: (49 e val uati ons) Susann W. , from Evonik Industries AG:

"Very good overview and connection of known and new topics reg. formulating sun care products. " Cloe C. , from Clariant:

"Very good! I needed a structured overview in order to be more efficient when developing High SPF formulas. This course was very beneficial!"

David C. , from Aldwin Paige:

"Very concise yet comprehensive and relevant. A well structured and well presented course that has given me great insight into current formulation trends, as well as great idea s for the direction of my future formulations. This course has brought me right back up to speed for a mere hour of my time - truly excellent!"

Mayra C. , from Laboratorios Genesse :

"The course helped me to understand the reason of our formulations. I re alized that there are a lot of things that we have to consider, not only the filters and their solubility. "

Sanela K. , from kanebo paris office :

"Very good! Explanations are clear and it is very helpful for me to formulate new suncare products " Allison H. , from Baker Hughes:


Past attendees profile

 R&D – Appl i ed/Formul a ti on/ Product devel opment- 85%  Product des i gn / Engi neeri ng -15%

 Ba s i c Res ea rch - 9%

 Producti on / Ma nufa cturi ng - 3%  Ana l yti ca l / La bora tory tes ti ng – 3%

Ponsus Pharma AB, mavala sa, Intercos S.p.A, cvl cosmetics SA, Grant Industries, Inc., Baker Hughes, kanebo, Inolex, UAS Pharm, Lubrizol, Energizer Personal Care, Beiersdorf AG, Presperse, Ca b- ot, La Casa Blanca, Wacker Chemie, Johnson & Johnson, Apex International…

Next session:

Thu. Oct 13, 2016

at 10 a.m. ET / 4 p.m. CET


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Pdf slides at l e ast 24h be fore the l ive se ssion

1h online short course by an i nde pendent e xpert

Li ve i nteraction wi th the e xpert duri ng the 30-minute Q&A session

Q&A Transcript whe n you submi t your feedback on the course


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