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Our solution doesn’t change or oppose the current systems in place instead promote the use of them but we will be adopting the working policies as they are in every environment. As part of our customization process we will allow the system to enable and approve all work cycle levels and structures.

Our Solution is Web Based and doesn’t limit the number of seats to have in the Customer Care and the system will also be accessed at various levels as per the organizational or work policy structures. It promotes transparency with all activities logged either internally or externally.

We strongly believe that our solution does cater for growth in any manner. This is a full Customer Care Management System that runs the organization with ease and it tracks, monitors and reports to all incidents or complaints.


 Measure performance, service demand, support and delivery in various areas of need.

 Tracking of services and improved deliverables to the society.

 Assist officials in efficiency throughout their service to the community at large.

 Enhanced service delivery to the taxpayers (in a government entity) at in all incidents and faults reported to the them

 Traceable internal communiqué – can be used as intranet services

 Document management system

 Full system control from the Admin Option menu

What it does or features?

Fault Reporting Module (i.e. All equipment failure details, Complaint/problem logging, Ref Number

generation, etc)

Fault Tracking (i.e. adding comments to all reported faults, tracing progress on faults, measure

delivery on reported faults, etc)

Reporting Module (Generates Reports on all Faults as per Totals of all incidents, Reports as per

incident, Graphical Reporting, etc)

Integration with Munsoft for retrieval of clients’ accounts and employee details

Statistics – (Where you compare previous and current status on all system aspects and features)

Administration Module (i.e. User Management, Official Management, Municipal departments,

Common faults, additional Modules, etc)

Email Notification – (Send Emails to the community notifying about failures, events, etc, receives an

email on call logging, updates, etc)

Document Management – share documents within the network and log faults with documentation

attached to them


Fax Number : 086 614 8341

Contact Number : 086 1 INGENIOUS (464364)

E-mail Address : info@ingenious.co.za | support@ingenious.co.za Website : www.ingenious.co.za



Scope of this preface

 Prerequisites for attending the o-manager training

 How the training manual is organised.

 Related publications


Welcome to the


training. In this preface you will find the prerequisites for attending the

training and information on the layout of this training manual as well as publications that relates to

the content presented in this training manual.

Prerequisites for the training

Before you begin this module, you should comply with the prerequisites as listed below.

 Must be computer literate or have basic knowledge of using a computer.

 Be able to identify and interpret relevant policies and procedures related to the Implementation of the logging of faults and other applicable policies with the municipality.

 Read, Speak and write English as medium of instruction throughout the training session.

How this training manual is organized

The main objective of this training manual is to enable the users of the system to effectively utilize

the system on all the respective applicable processes.

The reason for the compilation of this manual is to give all officials guidance as to the procedure that

will be used by the in the capturing, storage and retrieval of) information and processing in the



All examples used in this document are purely fictional. The examples are presented without

prejudice and are for illustrative purposes only.



User Login

This is the first page that the user sees. This screen allows the user to enter their username (employee number) and the password to access the system (shown below). The user can also from this screen one of 3 more options “Login assistance”, “User feedback” and “user manual”.

Login User Screen

In the event that the user enters the incorrect user name or password or doesn’t insert anything, the systems will show an error message (shown below).


IF a user forgot their password, they must click on login assistance. Option to change password can be selected, where user can choose temporally password can be emailed or sms. If problem persist user is encouraged to log a call as indicated above.


2. The System

After a successful user login the system will give you a notice board with overdue faults that needs attention immediately unless there are no overdue faults.

2.1.1. Public Call Search

This option allows user to be able to view/search the logged calls without having to login with their user details. As shown below, the user has the filter options for viewing their appropriate call.

Public Call Search Options

If user searches for “All” calls, the results will be shown as below with the total number of calls in red.

Call Search Results


Viewing Call Details

3. Logging a Calls

This menu options allows the user to enter details of a call (Internal or Citizen call ), but before the actual details about a call or fault, user needs to search for client (Information is pulled directly from Munsoft). However when client details were previously added, the user knows the client ref number then they can directly search by it.


New call

New call options “Log citizen call” or “log internal call”


If matching client’s records are found the system will show results according to the entered search options. In this option to view all the clients that have already been added, the user can enter the keyword “all” for the “Client ID” text.

When user is done selecting, they will then select next to type the call information as shown below. Client details are shown on the left hand side and call details on the right hand side.

If user wants to allocate the call then they will select “Allocate this call” and click “Save”. This will take the user to the next screen where they will enter allocation details as shown below. The user when specifying the call/fault details, they would also specify the priority of the call and also the day in which the call will be done (turnaround time/period.). This turn-around period would also be added as the allocation turnaround time (This is the maximum time that a call/fault that is allocated to an official should be released or updated or some progress made on the call.)


The user can also attach a file to a fault that is added, where the file would provide additional information about the call.

When a call has been successfully captured and saved, the system will display a message as below.


Track call


Searching official for allocation

4. Citizen

This module is a live integration with Munsoft and searches for Citizen details as captured in

Munsoft and show the basic account details.


Select one account to view details:

5. Reports

This option allows the user to view various statistical reports about call/faults. In this option the user needs to specify the report type “Call information report” or “call allocation report” or Electric application report”


6. Administration

This menu option is only available for when a user logs in as an administrator. This menu options is for helping the administrator to manage user accounts, posting events/news, managing departments, common fault types, call status and system Backup/Restore, etc.

Manage users and Citizens

Manage drop downs






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