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Advanced Manufacturing

Business Program

Growing Your Professional Capability.

Achieving Best in the World.


What is AMB?



Advanced Manufacturing

Career Paths

Robotics Programmable Controls Line Controllers Vision system Troubleshooting Toyota Maintenance Internship Toyota Advanced Program Manufacturing Management Program B.B.A. A.B. AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program AME Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Program Electrical / Industrial Mechanicall B.S. TOYOTA Engineering Career Design Engineer TTC TOYOTA Engineering Career Production Engineer TEMA * 6 mo. – 2 years * Full-time floor experience TOYOTA Seibi Career Org Mgt. Seibi Mgt. Seibi Tech___ TOYOTA Maintenance Career MGR AM GL____ TL____ TM________ Special Toyota Degree Program 100% Toyota Relevant

Project Lead the Way

NED New Engineer Development Lean Manufacturing Certificate Automotive Manufacturing M.B.A. In d e v e lo p m e n t Masters





Why A Bachelors Degree?

• It will strengthen your ability to do your

current job.

– Grasp the “business impact” and “business

contribution” of your job as a skilled technician.

– Stronger understanding of Lean Manufacturing

(TPS-M), especially relating to manufacturing cost

and of it’s dynamics.

– Strengthen problem solving thinking.


Why A Bachelors Degree?

• It’s a significant achievement that brings

pride, a sense of accomplishment, and that

denotes those with a drive to improve and


• It provides additional life security to be ready


Why A Bachelors Degree?

What It Will Not Do

It will not get you a promotion.

Promotions are

earned through hard work, reliable

performance, and demonstrated and sustained

achievement. The learning gained through your

degree, if put to practical use, can help you to

enhance and excel in your performance, and

contribute to earning advancement.


AMB Practices and Requirements

• AMB Certificate issued on completion

• Northwood University BBA degree (Management) on


• AMB Entry Requirements:

– Must be a graduate of the AMT Program.

– Must meet all Northwood criteria for enrollment.

• AMB Program Components

– Complete all course requirements for the Northwood BBA

– Introductory seminars. Future credit course. Align to


AMB Practices and Requirements

– Refresh Manufacturing Core Exercises

• Safety Culture, Visual Workplace Organization, Lean Manufacturing, Problem Solving, Machine


• Pass MCE Comprehensive test

– Complete 10 Professional Development/Leadership Seminars w/assignment

– Complete a work-based Problem Solving exercise (8-step)

– Complete Project Management training. Using Microsoft Project, complete a

project management exercise (real preferred, mock acceptable)

– Complete a Manufacturing Relevance Report at the conclusion of each course

– Complete 5 public speaking engagements (> 3 with self-developed PPT)

– Complete Situational Leadership II training.

– Complete next-level Lean Manufacturing training (future – credit component)

– Complete 5 comprehensive plant tours (Toyota, 3M, Heartland Automation,



A Legacy of


• Free-Enterprise

• Global Outlook

• Creativity

• Ethical Leadership

• Innovation

• Problem Solving



Northwood is Different.

Our students….

• Understand the tradition of freedom

• Communicate effectively in speech and


• Have a constant attraction to new ideas

• Have a broad practical understanding of

their chosen field

• Are familiar with the ideas driving


• Are action oriented

• Are skilled at detecting and solving



The Northwood


• Attend classes where you work and


• Discounted tuition for AMB

• Enjoy program flexibility

• Get credit for your work/life

experiences, determined by PLA, and

… PLA timed for your benefit

• Faculty with real-world experience

• Your own personal advisor – from

application to graduation


Benefits of a Personal Advisor

• One person (Emily Porter)

• One phone number/email

• From the time you apply

to the time you graduate

• Gets answers for you


What to Expect

• Current and Relevant

Curriculum with

Manufacturing Focus

• Accelerated Classes

• Critical Thinking and


• Online Learning

• Small Class Sizes

• Mature Learning Environment

ADP Video


AMB Schedule

Session 5 Session 4 Session 3 Session 2 Session 1 Principles of Marketing






OPS 1200 Business Process Management ACC 2415 Fund. of Managerial Accounting MGT 4030 International Management OPS 4200 Lean Six Sigma

Business Law I MTH 2310 Statistics I ECN 2210 Principles of Microeconomics ECN 2220 Principles of Macroeconomics MGT 2300 Principles of Management ENG 1200 Composition II ACC2410 Fund. of Financial Accounting PHL 3100 Ethics ACC2410 (cont.) MGT 3500 Operations Management FIN 3010 Financial Management ENG 4010 Communications & Interpersonal Relations OPS 2350 Statistics for Quality

Engineering OPS 3600 Supply Chain Management MGT 2500 Human Resource Management MIS 3400 Project Management PHIL 4100 Philosophy of American Enterprise MGT 4250 Organizational Behavior MGT 3700 Practice of Management and Leadership


Bachelors of Business Administration

Major in Management Minor in Operations

Associate in Applied Science

Minor in Industrial Maintenance Technology

MGT 4800 Strategic Planning A M B A M T


• Application for Admission (online)

• Request Official Transcripts

• Transfer Credit Evaluation

(AMT credit transfer standardized)

• Admission Approval

• Attend New Student Orientation

• Register for Courses


Looking Ahead

• Post-Graduate Lean Manufacturing Certificate

• Northwood Masters Program

– Core Masters




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