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Business Reporter Inner Circle presents:

Customer Experience Summit 2015

Brand strategies for facing the challenge of the all-powerful consumer

February 23rd-24th, Gouman Tower, Tower Bridge, London

Day One – Monday 23rd February 2015

0800: Registration and coffee

0900: Host’s welcome and introduction

0910: Chair opening remarks

Richard Dilks, Which? (TBC)

0930: Keynote: The UK customer service crisis

Research suggests that the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of service. What does this mean? And what can the industry do about it?

Attendees will discover:

 The current state of the UK customer service industry

 Why the UK is lagging behind other countries in terms of service

 What needs to happen to halt this downward tendency

 Who is doing customer service well

 Emerging trends to keep you ahead of the competition

Quaalfa Dibeehi, Principal, Forrester Research

1030: One-to-one meetings and workshop

Workshop: Rethinking the role of the contact centre

More and more, the contact centre is being recognised as a hub of valuable

customer insight – but does simply feeding reports to the board go far enough? This illuminating workshop will introduce you to the doughnut principle, where the contact centre is at the heart of your organisation.

Attendees will learn:

 What the doughnut principle is


 Why is doesn’t matter if the rest of the business shares your view

 The business benefits that can be realised simply by seeing the role of the contact centre differently.

Workshop leader: Martin Hill-Wilson, Brainfood Consulting

1100: Speaker Q&A 1130: Networking coffee

1145: Case study presentation: Money can’t buy you love

Learn about the innovative approach ASDA is taking to employee engagement and the impact it’s having on customer satisfaction.

Attendees will hear:

 Why simply offering monetary incentives/prizes isn’t enough

 The things that will really make your employees go the extra mile

 The surprising results of letting workers take charge of their own destiny

Nathan Dring, Head of Learning and Engagement, ASDA (TBC)

1210: Sponsor session

1230: Time out: Chair’s comments on day so far 1235: Networking lunch

1335: Case study presentation: Stop doing stupid things to customers

Discover how this simple philosophy has instilled and maintained a customer-centric culture at Metro Bank.

Attendees will learn:

 Why the stupid things companies do are hurting their profitability

 The impact seeing everything from the customer point of view has had Metro Bank

 How to identify the stupid things in your organisation and stop doing them

Tamsin Byrne, Metro Bank (TBC)

1405: Speaker Q&A

1435: One-to-one meetings and workshop 1505: Delegate networking

1535: Panel discussion: Is ‘good enough’ customer service good enough?

Many organisations are obsessed with ‘wowing’ customers in an effort to drive loyalty and spend. But is that really necessary? Is it simply enough to answer the customer’s query/complaint? Or do companies need to impress customers at every touchpoint to ensure their return?

Panellists: Keith Gait, Chief Executive, NHS;


Simon Kolsholm, Head of Service, Hillary’s Blinds (TBC)

1615: Case study presentation: Connecting great service with increased sales

In today’s ultra-connected world, the line between sales and service is becoming more and more blurred. So what is the nature of this new relationship, and how can it be harnessed to maximise revenue and loyalty?

Attendees will find out:

 Why your customers no longer distinguish between sales and service

 How the two departments must work together to ensure a consistent customer experience

 What sales has to offer service and vice versa

 How to communicate this new dawn of collaboration to the board

Bob Dunn, Group Sales Director, Sky (TBC)

1645: Keynote: The John Lewis approach to customer service

Long held up as a leading light in the world of customer service, the John Lewis partnership continues to perform exceptionally well in industry benchmarks, including the Nunwood and ICS indexes.

Attendees will discover:

 What makes the John Lewis customer service proposition unique

 The secret to maintaining a consistent performance

 How John Lewis achieves outstanding service no matter what the channel

 Strategies for service that will win you points with the board

Julian Price, Head of Customer Contact, John Lewis (TBC)

1715: Chair’s closing remarks 1720: Networking drinks reception


Day Two – Tuesday 24th February 2015

0800: Registration and coffee 0900: Chair opening remarks

0910: Keynote: 8 innovations changing the face of customer service

Does what it says on the tin. In this keynote address, Sarah Bentley will describe the findings of the Accenture innovation centre and the impact that new and emerging technology will have on the consumers of the future.

1010: One-to-one meetings and workshop (How to use analytics to make informed decisions)

1040: Speaker Q&A 1110: Networking coffee

1125: Case study presentation: Why the voice of the customer matters in marketing too Founded in 2006, Ella’s Kitchen revolutionised the baby food industry. The firm has won several awards for its fanatical focus on its customers (i.e. parents and kids). Attendees will learn:

 How customers help the firm make decisions on everything from what the packaging should look like, to which community projects to support

 How giving customers true involvement in the business has led to 20% market share in just 8 years

 Practical ways you can involve customers in your decision making

Kim Gelling, Head of Making Friends (Marketing Director), Ella’s Kitchen (TBC)

1150: Case study presentation: Using data and insight to better serve customers Analytics, CRM, and automated surveys all mean we know more about our customers than ever before – but what good is all that data if it’s not used? Attendees will find out:

 How to discern what customer data is important to your organisation


 How to analyse, interpret and distribute data to achieve maximum business impact

Ross Antrobus, Head of Customer Insight, The Football Association (TBC)

1215: Speaker Q&A

1235: Time out: Chair’s comments on day so far 1240: Networking lunch

1410: One-to-one meetings and workshop

Workshop: What are the best measures of customer service performance? There are so many different performance measures for customer service organisations – NPS, customer effort, customer satisfaction, service levels,

adherence, FCR, etc… and that’s before you get to any company-specific measures. It can be difficult to know which measures are truly important and which ones can have a positive impact on the business.

Attendees to this workshop will learn:

 Why the right performance measures are so crucial

 Which metrics really matter

 How to objectively and honestly pick the measures that offer a true picture of performance

 The ways to communicate your findings that will make the board sit up and listen

Workshop leader: Matt Nash, Head of Insight and Reporting, Virgin Media (TBC)

1440: Delegate networking

1510: Panel discussion: How to deliver premium customer service

The panel will detail what they do to offer a superior service to customers and offer advice on how audience members can do the same

Attendees will hear:

 How engaging with customers on an emotional level helps drive loyalty

 Practical ways to make customers feel you care about them

 Hints and tips on personalising the customer experience

Panellists: Emma Clarke, General Manager, Soho House (TBC); Daniele Blasi, Head of CRM, Selfidges (TBC);

1550: Case study presentation: Meeting the challenge of the online generation

Today’s consumers shop online – and retailers ignore that fact at their peril. Argos is ahead of the game with its keen focus on digital sales and service, but achieving a multi-channel approach has not been without challenges.

Attendees will discover:

 How Argos has created a virtual contact centre, encompassing all customer service channels

 How recruitment and training online enhances productivity

 Why traditional contact centre tools are not fit for purpose in a virtual environment


 The role of homeworking in making sure customers can contact you when it’s convenient for them, rather than the business

James Leech, Service Lead, Argos

1615: Keynote: The importance of delivering a consistent customer experience Offering a great customer experience is about more than just one interaction in isolation. To truly exceed a customer’s expectations, you must deliver at every touchpoint. This can be tricky to achieve, given the emotional nature of customer service, but there are things you can do to ensure at least some level of consistency. Attendees will hear:

 Why it’s important for service to be consistent with your brand promise

 Why the level of service you offer has to be the same, regardless of contact channel

 How to ensure consistency, even when it involves other departments

 How ‘being helpful’ is the easiest – and most difficult – constant to achieve

James Petherbridge, Group Director of Owner Experience, Dyson (TBC)

1645: Chair’s closing remarks 1700: Close





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