The Behavior of Prostitute and Handling of Efforts in the City of Makassar, Indonesia

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The Behavior of Prostitute and Handling of Efforts in

the City of Makassar, Indonesia

(A Case Study of the Behavior of Prostitute and Solutions)

Dr. Muzakkir,M.Kes

(Lecturer at Stikes of Hasanuddin nani., Makassar city South Sulawesi. INDONESIA)

Abstract:- Behavior of commercial Prostitute and handling of efforts in the city of Makassar, INDONESIA The purpose of this research is to find out and analyze (1) the root causes of the birth of the commercial Prostitute (2) efforts address the growing commercial Prostitute this type of research is a qualitative phenomenological approach through research results indicate the root of the question of the birth of the commercial Prostitute vary greatly, in depth can be aware that the most fundamental reason is the factor lack of science of religion, poverty and low levels of skill while the solutions to overcome the flourish commercial Prostitute is the Government must involve the entire Segway related , stake holders, entrepreneurs, academics and other powers to handle the issue together because the matter should involve cross-cutting commercial Prostitute to be dealt with thoroughly and sustainable.

Keywords:- Prostitute, Sectoral, social Ministry,



The phenomenon of prostitution is still an issue unresolved. The efforts have made governments Makassar city, good preventive efforts or efforts that are repressive and curative for tackling the issue of prostitution has not yet revealed the most, not the existence of one unified program of the Government to tackle the problem of prostitution causes the phenomenon of female commercial Prostitute keeps growing with the lash, as evidenced by the increasing number of female commercial Prostitute every year. The practice of prostitution openly until the practice of prostitution increased the number of veiled female commercial Prostitute in Indonesia. The city of Makassar in South Sulawesi was one of the major cities in the central part of Indonesia that has quite a lot of nightlife. No less than 90 locations suspected to be the arena of sexual trafficking, operate in the city and that is quite prominent as nightspots are the Way styles are dealing directly with the port of Makassar. Predictably strong, partly from the PSK Makassar brought in through the port. They are the victims of human trafficking or trafficking that is hard to get out, from his place of work.

Some commercial Prostitute women enjoying her role as a female commercial Prostitute. Commercial Prostitute women consider a promising job because with being female

commercial Prostitute, money can be easily retrieved so that daily needs can be fulfilled, but reversed it, commercial Prostitute women experiencing the conflict within him. Koentjoro (1996, p. 50) say that commercial Prostitute women always have a conflict within him, whether a conflict of interest between a sense of need of money and feelings of sin, or also due to feelings of insecurity will be his status as commercial Prostitute in the community. Poverty often forces people could do anything for the sake of meeting the needs of life, including a prostitute themselves to the environment prostitution. This is usually experienced by women among middle-down that does not get sufficient education. Overview of lower class women forced to plunge into the world of prostitution the looks of the PSK netted Street and got a construction from the Workhouses, including Workhouses Work Women Mattiro Deceng Makassar.

If viewed from a broader perspective. We will find out that indeed do Prostitute is an activity that involves not only the woman who gives sexual service by receiving rewards in the form of money. But this is a trading activity involving many parties. Trading network also extends into a wide area, sometimes not only in one country but in several countries. In certain cases the women involved had suffered a violent or sexual crime-pathological since childhood. Whereas the case of the others involved in Prostitution in order to get a living sufficient for himself or his family. Some find the figure of the father or the love relationship with a man. There are also trying to pay off a debt that is not reasonable.


call it the PSK, are women who are not actually his. Moreover, described the commercial Prostitute (PSK) the life of its glamorous but corny. Also shown the type of perfume in the bottle depicts a mermaid, whose oil the nyongnyong, who wear fragrance oil it is the Prostitute (PSK).

Finally, in the minds of the community over the years that PSK was indeed a bitch. Then, if you see your own real life that many of the Prostitutes were forced to undergo his work as commercial Prostitute due to economic pressures. There are indeed coming from a poor family, there is an abandoned her husband while her children have to keep eating, one is to finance the treatment of his parents, there is also forced to approve of her husband's life as it really was very poor. Such were the recognition of some commercial Prostitute, that in fact if they could vote, they do not want to be a PSK, but what power, they don't have the intelligence or skill.

Of the many research results are very poor condition where one is a survey of UNICEF estimates 30 percent of commercial Prostitute or commonly called commercial Prostitute in Indonesia are aged under 18 year’s. The prolonged economic crisis, poverty is interrupted consumptive lifestyles offered advertising, seems to be very instrumental extending sexual trafficking. This trade is very springy, not easily broken. Like other trades, Commerce did follow the law: there is a demand, there is supply, and creating needs. Bond values, moral norms and have been forcing people to hide or even destroy everything that public "disgrace". In addition, especially discriminatory service also in government health institutions, including questions regarding the name of the husband as well as a certain moral views that make a teen feel ashamed and uneasy, so reluctant to deal with the hospital or clinic.

Formulation of the problem

 How to cause the emergence of commercial Prostitute in the city of Makassar?

 How the right strategy in coping with the large number of commercial Prostitute in the city of Makassar?


The issue of prostitution as a pathological symptom i.e. since the existence of sex relations and structuring the existence of norms of marriage (Kartini Kartono, 2011:208).In Indonesia PSK (commercial Prostitute) as offender Prostitution is often referred to as a bitch. This indicates that the behavior of the whore very so bad and despicable as well as being the enemy of society, they often cut their hair when caught the enforcement order, they also condemned because it is considered insulting the sanctity of religion and they also dragged to court for violations of the law. Prostitution is already known in the community for the past few centuries is evidenced by the large number of records scattered around

them from time to time. (Budi Susilo: 2009) In his book the social Pathology, Kartini Kartono (2011:216) wrote that commercial Prostitute is sale events themselves both women as well as men with the street trade in body, honor and personality too many people to satisfy their lust-lust for sex in return for a payment.

This definition is in line with Koentjoro (2004:36), who explains that commercial Prostitute are a part of the activities of sex outside of marriage marked by satisfaction of various people involving some men do for the sake of money and serve as a source of income. Helen Buckingham in Sutrisno (2005:343), says that women appreciate her and helped him by working for himself, appear on his profession as commercial Prostitute.

A. Types Of Prostitute

Commercial Prostitute in Indonesia varied, according to Hendrina (2012:19) PSK had level-level operations, including the following: allow grade Segment Where commercial Prostitute are not organized. The lowest rates of sex services offered, and the cost of operating in the slum as well as markets, cemeteries, city parks and other places that are difficult to reach, sometimes even dangerous to the PSK can relate to. b. The segments of the middle class in terms of where rates are higher and some pensions set rate the Ministry doubled if taken out for booking overnight. c. The upscale segment of Customers is mostly from communities with a relatively high income who use night club as the first event to call women dated using special contacts only to receive customers. d. Segment of the highest class of most of them from the ranks of film and television artists and women's models.

B. The Behavior

The behavior of an organism is an activity that can be observed and impersonal about the muscles and glands of external secretion glands-as embodied in the movement of parts of the body or at the expense of tears, and sweat (Desmita, 2005:54), the views of the House of behavioristis, cognitive flow looked at individual behavior is a response to the stimulus, but it is in the individual's ability to determine which he took behavior (Walgito Bimo, 20 2003: 13). This means the individual in condition active in determining the behavior of which he took. It is in line with that formulated the Skinner that behavior is a response or reaction someone against the stimulus or stimulation from the outside (Soekidjo Notoatmodjo, 2006:133). While according to Miftah Thoha (2010:33), the behavior is a function of the interaction between the individual and the environment.


changes in behavior. The social behavior of individuals will be displayed when interacting with others.

C. Principles Of Behavior

In the study of human behavior, Miftah Thoha (2010:36-45) put forward the basic principles of human behavior that is: a. Different Human behavior because his ability is not the same Principle it is important to understand why a person do and behave. The existence of these differences because the man destined from birth is not the same ability. In addition, because of the difference of an absorb information, symptoms and others contended that the difference that ability is caused by a combination of the two. b. Human beings have different needs of humans to behave because it is driven by a series of needs. The definition of needs is some statement in a person who causes a person to do something to achieve it as an object or results. Needs someone different from the needs of others. Sometimes a person who has already managed to meet the needs of the one, for example, needs feeding or Board, its needs will be continued and developed, changed or changed with the needs of the other. The need now is someone could encourage potential and could also not to make his behavior later in life. c. The person is thinking about the future and making choices about how to act. Human needs can be met through his behavior. In many ways, one is faced with a number of potential, needs to be met through his chosen behavior.

D. Social Deviation

Prostitution is the thing that deviates from social norms, customs and religion below some explanation about the theory of social aberrations. The deviation is defined as behavior that deviates from the central tendency or characteristic traits of average people (Kartini Kartono, 2011:11). Social deviations that occur are caused by many factors. According to Dwi Narwoko (2007:101) that are included in the behavior deviates are: a. non-conform actions of non-conform, i.e. behavior that does not comply with the values or norms. Action, for example, wearing a battered Sandal to the event official, ditching school, smoking in anon smoking area, litter, etc. In this case the PSK is also included, since it has violated the norms in force. b. Action anti social acts of antisocial or asocial, i.e. actions which are against the custom of the society or the public interest. The form of such actions, withdraw from the Association, refused to make new friends, a desire to commit suicide, and so on. PSK is also one of the actions against a social habit of the public or the public interest. c. Crime, criminal Actions, i.e. acts or acts that harm economically and psychologically in violation of applicable law in the 27 countries of Indonesia as well as social norms and religion. For example, theft, robbery, assault, rape, murder, and so on. PSK is arguably criminal action because it has violated the social and religious norms. Someone performs actions deviate influenced by certain factors, which led to the neglect of one's values. This is in accordance with the theory of materialism embraced by Karl Marx. The basic principle of the theory of materialism is not the human consciousness that

determines the social, but rather a State of social that determines the consciousness of man (Ali Infallible, 2009:155)


This type of research is a qualitative Phenomenological approach through?


A. Factors Cause The Emergence Of Commercial Prostitute (Psk)

Along with the progress of development, the challenges of life also increased, so that the wheel of life there exist which are able to survive there is also unable to survive, the reality will certainly see a lot of the issues that arise from the actions of criminal fraud, crime, as well as a shortcut to quickly get money, cannot be denied many women trapped in conditions of hard-paced and has no uncertainty , a number of women who get caught up in the life of the night add row issue, this is when there is no strategic effort and effort on target will have an impact on the emergence of new issues, harmonization of the family will be ruined because the head of the family looking for distraction in the places of prostitution who impersonate nightspots, a salon, a massage parlor, the inclusion of a number of women in prostitution scene is not born of one reason and cause of which :

Lack of understanding Religion and poverty


However, another factor that drags them into the work as Commercial Prostitute, among others due to rape or divorce. “Sixty-five percent because of the economic problems, and thirty five percent more for a variety of reasons "4 poverty is one of the factors that make a child leaving home. In the region of Central Indonesia, poverty is an acute personal. An expert estimate, roughly the gross domestic product (GDP) in the area was no more than 30% of the national GDP or even less, when considering the issue of about 65% of the money supply in Jakarta and 15% remaining in Java. In everyday life, motion-very, very sluggish economy appears, among others, from the look of money (paper) a very dishevelled, showing the flow of money that only 20-that's it. Not only had the poverty factor which makes children left home.

Bad treatment against children being pretty strong driving factor, which makes children stranded on the streets in major cities in other islands surrounding it, or even to Java. In fact, the street is the wilderness, which makes difficult children out when trapped inside. 3 other cases not less terrible threatened group, who account for approximately 15% of the number of workers it is adult sexual infections PMS. Of the 41 people who want to do a voluntary test, 80% of whom had been infected with an STD. Of the 27 children who get pregnant, 13 which continue her pregnancy, everything is infected with an STD. Of the 13 babies born, one of whom had signs of carrying the infection suffered his mother. The risk against the gestational age of the youngest among the children of sexual workers are very high due to ignorance about the impact of sexual intercourse, which is corroborated by the myth of "people get pregnant if sexual intercourse with a loved one alone", and there is no access to information and reproductive health services.

In addition, especially discriminatory service also in Government health institutions, such as questions regarding the name of the husband as well as a certain moral view makes a teen feel ashamed and uneasy. So reluctant to deal with the hospital or clinic. A social worker ever accompanies sexual workers in the area of Kupang, named Willy Bawala suggested that his work is "critical", as it will affect the number of clients that come. In short, the "new" name, it is expected that more and more able to attract customers. In many places the localization, found sexual workers who had worked from the age of 13. There was a pause, and then return to work with personal reasons, but there is a constant sexual workers, despite being already married, have kids, even had grandchildren, according to Willy, also cannot be translated as Barca is real. Turnaround or travel cross border provinces and regions within the boundaries of commercial sexual businesses in the region of Eastern and Central Indonesia, very dynamic. Willy also exposes business networks, it widens to Marauke, Papua from Ambon, Manado, Kupang. "Sexual workers moving from East Java, and Flores, most sexual adult workers of yarn is here never worked in Dili, East Timor's time is still in our region." The network of sexual workers’ movement is

also very creative search of new locations that provide better prospects.

The phenomenon of Prostitute in Indonesia, especially in Makassar was not an event that is coming from the empty abstract space or appears by itself. The presence of Prostitute and spread due to various factors that multidimensional nature and interlinked with one another. a. Poverty among the important reasons which aspects influenced is poverty that is often structural in nature. The structure of a policy of impartiality of the weak, so that the poor are getting poorer, while the rich people increasingly accumulate treasure his wealth. More on the needs of a woman forced him to find a job with a satisfactory income, but from some of them have to work as commercial Prostitute for the fulfillment of those needs. They work as commercial Prostitute are expected to need that is able to reach tertiary, in this materialist aspirations are very prominent. The reason this is so is both economical and the most frequent reason we hear. b. Sexual violence and our satisfaction Research showed many factors cause women into commercial prostitute, including sexual violence, such as rape by the father of the siblings, uncles, and teachers and so on. Another thing that is important is because it is not satisfied with their sexual life having before.

B. Fraud

Another factor that is, fraud and coercion with Impersonate agent contracting workforce. The case of the sale of girls by parents themselves is also often found. a. Pornography according to defenisi Anti-pornography law, pornography is a form of visual expression in the form of images, text, photos, movies or are used interchangeably with film, video, impressions or other communication media are deliberately made to reveal a blatant or subtle way to publicly the vital tools and parts of the body as well as erotic movements accentuate sensual and sexuality, as well as all forms of sexual behavior and the human sex are thought to cause stimulation of Lust in others. b. Education because it does not have enough intelligence to enter the formal sector or for stepping on the higher education level. Issues affecting Social and Psychic behavior of the PSK. c. Due to the lifestyle of modern women no doubt someone wanted to perform with the beauty of the body. However, there are some of them who cornered because of financial problems for the fulfillment of such desires, and then they take the last road into PSK for the gratification of himself.

C. Broken Home


related to their work so that by itself the phenomenon-phenomenon that often occurs in his life can be accounted for. The impact caused when someone work as commercial Prostitute (commercial Prostitute ) a. Families and communities can no longer look upon its worth as a woman. b. Social stability in itself will be hampered, because the public will just always booed him. c. To give a bad image for the family. d. Facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, venereal, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS.

D. Government Agencies

Related government agencies are still always regarded as most Parties Prostitute (PSK) guilty. Stigma Causes PSK considered unscrupulous Job a. Work is synonymous with adultery, which is sex an activity that is considered immoral by many religions. b. The sexual behavior of the community is considered as connected activities with reproductive tasks should not be used freely in order to earn money. c. Prostitution is considered a threat to family life, formed through marriage and sacred values of abusive marriages. d. Women hate Prostitution because it is considered as a thief of love from the man (husband) they are at once a thief of his wealth. Any action or behavior that happens always has a reason behind him. Similarly, a commercial Prostitute has any reason to plunge into a world of dark. Koentjoro (2004:134) explains there are five factors which aspects influenced someone into commercial Prostitute, namely: a. The Materialism that is an aspiration to accumulate wealth is an orientation that prioritizes the physical things in life. People whose lives were oriented material will make a large number of money that can be collected and the material possessions they can have as a benchmark of success alive.

This view of life sometimes makes human beings can justify any means to obtain the desired material. It is in accordance with the theories of Karl Marx on the base and the top of the building that contains that political and ideological power structure is determined by the structure of property right relations, so by the power structure in the field of Economics (Ali Infallible, 2009:159). It can be said the power structures that are the economic power structure that is formed due to the relations of production in the base, affecting the political and ideological power in building up. b. Modeling is one way of socialization of prostitution is easy and effective. There are many commercial Prostitutes who have managed to accumulate wealth in the community which produced the commercial Prostitute so that people can easily find model. The community makes this model as a person who wants to emulate its success. For example in the world of prostitution, there is a Prostitute (PSK) which is now a successful and wealthy so that triggers people around him to mimic the activities of commercial Prostitute. c. Parental Support in some cases, parents using her daughter as a means to achieve their aspirations will be material. The support given by parents to make sure children to be commercial Prostitute. In this case, sometimes parents are included in the members of the world

of prostitution. For example, a mother is PSK and daughter forced her mother to be a PSK anyway. d. If a permissive environment the social environment permissive towards Prostitution means the control is not running as it should be and if a community is already a weak control environment then Prostitution will flourish in the community. The social environment is an important factor that can affect human behavior, therefore the public should create a healthy environment to avoid disease community. e. Economic factors, economic factors are a classic reason for someone to be a PSK. These factors put more emphasis on money and money motivates someone into commercial Prostitute. Economic pressures, factors of poverty, resulting in the existence of economical considerations to maintain his survival, and in particular in hope of getting a better social status.

Solutions address the growing commercial prostitute in the city of Makassar

The question of commercial Prostitute is the classic issue, his presence caused a variety of factor and reason, to landscape Makassar city the most fundamental reason is the economic factor of the economic aspect, we can see that the impact of poverty where the insistence of needs that never get a solution leads to a lot of women get stuck the lure of treasure, it is also compounded by the lack of religious knowledge and lack of skills so that they are eliminated in the competition alive However, in spite of the various efforts undertaken by the legal Government of the city of Makassar as though helpless in suppressing the rate of growth of the commercial Prostitute , according to researchers there are some steps that can be taken that is, the question of commercial Prostitute should be dealt with in terintegratif that involve cross-cutting for example cooperation with social service, law enforcement, education, health and others, the next root problems that became the classic thing i.e. economics can be addressed through the strengthening of economic strengthening – in the form of skills and venture capital, certainly after them through the stages of their construction was accompanied on an ongoing basis to develop their business skills through venture capital provided, besides the role of religion is urgently needed so that they can realize his wrongdoing, for it required leadership, supported by the entire element, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the media, formal and informal institutions to tackle these problems together, perhaps 100% not be deleted but with such business will be minimized



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