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R u n w a y o f

o p p o R t u n i t y

A v A i l A b l e s i t e s n e A r l A m b e r t - s t . l o u i s

i n t e r n A t i o n A l A i r p o r t


St. Louis, Missouri has a rich tradition of aviation and aerospace

manufacturing and excellence—one that spans from Charles

Lindbergh and the internationally acclaimed flight of the Spirit of

St. Louis, to McDonnell-Douglas and the current headquarters

of Boeing Defense, Space and Security. also notable is the

loca-tion of Scott air force Base twenty miles east of St. Louis, and

whiteman air force base located just south of Knob noster,

Missouri. for almost a century, St. Louis workers have designed

and produced numerous aircraft, including the navy’s first jet

fighter, the McDonnell fH-1 phantom, which became the first

american jet to operate from an aircraft carrier—as well as the

u.S. air force f-15 Eagle and the u.S. navy fa-18 Hornet. the

f-15 Eagle and the fa-18 Hornet remain in production in St. Louis

with performance records unequaled by any other jet fighter.

St. Louis workers have also made significant contributions to

space exploration. in 1959, naSa selected St. Louis based

McDonnell aircraft to build the Mercury spacecraft in which alan

Shepard and John Glenn became the first american astronauts in

space and in orbit. naSa then chose McDonnell to build the

two-man Gemini spacecraft, which pioneered rendezvous and docking

in orbit and paved the way for the apollo missions to the moon.

for generations, workers in Missouri have built the aircrafts that

have kept us safe and made our economy strong. as a leader in

transportation manufacturing, it’s no exaggeration to say that on

our rails, on our roads, and on our runways, Missouri makes what

moves the world.

But a history in the industry is not enough to continue moving us

forward. St. Louis is preparing for the next generation of

aero-space manufacturing. three prime sites at Lambert-St. Louis

international airport are available to lease, with all the assets

needed to build a thriving facility. Surrounded by ample

trans-portation access, an experienced manufacturing workforce, and

the strong economy of St. Louis, a move to Missouri provides a

smooth runway for business to take off.


l A m b e r t - s t . l o u i s i n t e r n A t i o n A l

A i r p o r t ’ s c A p A b i l i t i e s

• Annual capacity 450,000 takeoffs and landings • 250 daily departures serving 62 non-stop destinations • Three parallel runways and one crosswind runway • Runways open 24/7

• Full ILS all runway ends including CAT III • Runway sizes:

11/29 (next to Gist site) – 9000’x150’

12R/30L – 11,019’x200’; accommodates aircraft in design group 6 12L/30R – 9012’x150’

6/24 – 7602’x150’

• No operational limitations • No noise restrictions

• Foreign Trade Zone presence • U.S. Customs presence on site • Adjacent to I-70

• Three readily available sites for lease: Gist Road Site, Brownleigh Site, and Northern Tract Site

318 acres

76 acres 96 acres

123 acres

Site Leases

Runway Protection Zone Building Restriction Line Security Fence



G i s t r o A D s i t e

• Approximately 394 acres; 156 of which is immediately developable • Generally rectangular; site bisected by US 67/N. Lindbergh Blvd • Currently in process to be zoned for industrial use

• Immediate access to two major interstate highways: I-70 and I-270 • Adjacent to Norfolk Southern railway

• Modification of taxiway would allow access to Lambert’s airfield • All utilities are available on site perimeter

Pictured on the left: the Gist Road Site, north view (above) and south view (below) Below: the Gist Road Site

Site Leases

Runway Protection Zone Building Restriction Line Security Fence


b r o w n l e i G H s i t e

• Approximately 123 acres • Site generally rectangular

• Zoned Airport District 2 allowing most industrial uses • Lightly vegetated, rolling topography

• Immediate access to three major interstate highways: I-70, I-170, and I-270 • Modification of taxiway would allow access to Lambert’s airfield

• All utilities available on site perimeter

Pictured on the right: Brownleigh Site, north view (above) and south view (below) Below: the Brownleigh Site

Site Leases

Runway Protection Zone Building Restriction Line Security Fence



n o r t H e r n t r A c t

Site Leases

Runway Protection Zone Building Restriction Line Security Fence

• Approximately 96 acres of level terrain • Zoned manufacturing

• Direct taxiway access to runways

• Over 1,000,000 square feet of enclosed hangar and manufacturing floor area • Immediate access to highways I-270, I-170, and US-67

• All utilities available on site perimeter Below: the Northern Tract Site


s t . l o u i s ’ s b u s i n e s s A D v A n t A G e s

top 10 business climate

• Missouri ranks among the top 10 states in the nation for low business energy costs overall. Industrial electricity costs are 10 percent lower than the U.S. average, at 6.14 cents/kWh (EIA, 2013).

• Missouri is a low-tax state, ranking in the top 10 for property tax index, unem-ployment insurance tax index, and corporate income tax index (Tax

Founda-tion, 2013).

• Missouri’s hourly wage is 10 percent lower than the U.S. average (BLS).

top-ranked transportation network

• Missouri has the northernmost ice-free ports and the southernmost lock and dam on the Mississippi river, offering national and international companies the most efficient means of shipping.

• Sites have access to Municipal River Terminal, Alberici private port, and America’s Central Port with cargo transportation from port to site. Compo-nents can be shipped from New Orleans in 12–14 days via the Mississippi River. • Missouri has one of the best and least congested transportation networks in

the United States, and the 6th largest public road and highway system by total

mileage (Federal Highway Administration, 2010).

A global corporate presence

miles Lambert-St. Louis International (FTZ #102) MidAmerica St. Louis (FTZ #31) St. Louis Downtown St. Louis Regional Airport Spirit of St. Louis Airport BNSF - Burlington Northern Santa Fe

CN - Canadian National CSX - CSX Transport KCS - Kansas City Southern NS - Norfolk Southern UP - Union Pacific

BNSF Intermodal Union Pacific CSX Transport

Norfolk Southern Intermodal NS/Triple Crown Intermodal America’s Central Port St. Louis Municipal River Terminal



A e r o s p A c e i n D u s t r y i n s t . l o u i s

Major aerospace industry manufacturers:

• Boeing Defense, Space, & Security Division (HQ St. Louis, MO) • GKN Aerospace (St. Louis, MO)

• LMI Aerospace (HQ St. Louis, MO) • PAS Technologies (HQ Kansas City, MO)

• QinetiQ North America, Inc. (St. Louis, MO and Ft. Leonard Wood, MO) • Sabreliner (Perryville, MO and Ste. Genevieve, MO)

Recent aerospace-related expansions in the St. Louis area:

Company New Jobs Investment Project Type Date

Boeing Corp. 20 $3,700,000 Expansion of

MidAmerica Airport facility

Mar. 2013

Boeing Corp. 400 Aerospace R&D

Centers 2014

LMI Aerospace 100 $4,300,000 Aerospace

manufacturer 2012-2017

Jet Linx 70 $1,000,000 Private Jet Provider Aug-13

Boeing Corp. 600 IT Center of

Excellence May-13

West Star Aviation 40 $5,800,000 Aircraft Repair and

Maintenance May-13

Air Evac Lifeteam 190 $4,900,000 Air ambulance HQ Jun-12 The Boeing

Company 75 $9,000,000 Assembly and sub-assembly facility at MidAmerica Airport

Aug-10 Tech Aerospace 100 $17,500,000 Airplane parts

manufacturer Jul-10

Missouri’s top advanced manufacturing sectors by employment

1. Aerospace product and parts: 17,518 2. Plastic products: 11,261

3. Other fabricated metal products: 9,584 4. HVAC & Commercial refrigeration

equipment: 7,976

5. Electrical equipment: 4,781

6. Other advanced manufacturing: 49,216 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, 2012

1 2 3 4 5 6 Traditional manufacturing employment


other aerospace-related manufacturers in the St. Louis area:

• Aero Aviation Company, Inc. (Granite City, IL)

• Aero Enhancements Inc (Fenton, MO)

• Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. (Chesterfield, MO) • Ameron Global, Inc. (St. Louis, MO)

• Apes Inc. (St. Louis, MO)

• Avion Manufacturing, Inc. (Wright City, MO) • Avmats Mid America LLC (Mascoutah, IL) • Avtask, Inc. (Wright City, MO)

• Bickel Air, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

• Boeing Defense, Space & Security (St. Louis, MO) • Boeing-O’Laughlin (Winfield, MO)

• Cameron Balloons (Chesterfield, MO) • Carden Machine Shop, Inc. (Sullivan, MO) • Central Air Parts Inc (Staunton, IL)

• Centurion Investments, Inc. (O Fallon, Chesterfield, MO) • Computech Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Washington, MO) • Davlan Engineering, Inc. (St. Louis, MO)

• Essex Industries Ltd. (St. Louis, MO) • Fregata Systems LLC (St. Louis, MO) • Ginnaire Rental, Inc. (Chesterfield, MO) • Heizer Aerospace, Inc. (Pevely, MO)

• Honeywell International Inc. (St. Louis, MO) • Jetcorp Technical Services, Inc. (Chesterfield, MO) • L. E. Sauer Machine Co. (St. Louis, MO)

• Leonard’s Metal, Inc. (St. Charles, MO) • LMI Aerospace Inc. (St. Charles, MO)

• Lockheed Martin Corporation (St. Louis, MO) • Mastercraft Tool Company (Earth City, MO) • Midcoast Aviation, Inc. (Cahokia, IL) • Missouri Metals, L.L.C. (St. Louis, MO) • National Control Sys Div M J (St. Louis, MO) • Ozark Air Services, Inc. (East St. Louis, IL) • Paramotors, Inc (Weldon Spring, MO)

• Precoat Metals (St. Louis, MO, Granite City, IL) • Sabreliner Corporation (St. Louis, MO)

• Seyer Industries, Inc. (St. Peters, MO) • Sourcing Solutions Mfg LLC (St. Louis, MO) • St. Louis Metallizing Company (St. Louis, MO) • Stauder Consulting, Inc. (St. Peters, MO) • Summit Air, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

• Tech Manufacturing, LLC (Wright City, MO)

• The Boeing Company (Hazelwood, St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, MO) • Ufc Aerospace Corp (Earth City, MO)

• Ultimate Services Inc (Chesterfield, MO) • United Engineering Company (Pevely, MO) • West Star Aviation, Inc. (East Alton, IL) • Willerding Acquisition Corp. (O Fallon, MO)


1 0

Engineering degree programs Precision production degree programs

s t . l o u i s ’ s s k i l l e D w o r k f o r c e

Highly trained available workforce

• Missouri has a strong manufacturing workforce:

Total manufacturing employment in Missouri: 248,539

Transportation equipment manufacturing employment: 34,335 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing: 14,235

Aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing: 401 Other aircraft parts manufacturing: 2,911

• 109,900 employed in manufacturing in the St. Louis MSA region

(Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012)

occupational information for the St. Louis area


code Occupation title Employment hourly wageMedian Annual mean wage

00-0000 All occupations 1,274,970 $16.76 $44,660

17-2011 Aerospace engineers 880 $48.21 $98,380

17-2141 Mechanical engineers 2,050 $38.66 $82,190

17-3023 Electrical and electronics

engineering technicians 900 $27.88 $57,070

17-3027 Mechanical engineering

technicians 340 $25.91 $57,600

49-3011 Aircraft mechanics and

ser-vice technicians 1,540 $26.42 $54,880

51-0000 Production occupations 76,850 $16.01 $36,500

51-2031 Engine and other machine

assemblers 90 $16.96 $35,220

51-2041 Structural metal fabricators

and fitters 410 $19.93 $43,590

51-2092 Team assemblers 10,570 $15.41 $33,120

51-2099 Assemblers and fabricators,

all other 1,650 $10.00 $23,670

51-4041 Machinists 2,890 $21.03 $45,260

51-4121 Welders, cutters, solderers,

and brazers 2,770 $17.42 $38,430

51-4122 Welding, soldering, and braz-ing machine setters, opera-tors, and tenders

380 $17.36 $42,310

Robust higher education resources for engineers and

precision production

• Missouri Aerospace Training Consortium has partnered five community colleges in the greater St. Louis region to commit to training thousands of workers for advanced manufacturing jobs. The members of the consortium currently offer many programs that are related to aerospace manufacturing such as aerospace production and assembly, robotics and automation, preci-sion machining, and welding.

• Missouri benefits from a number of available two- and four-year engineer-ing degree programs. In 2011–2014, there were over 580 engineerengineer-ing degrees granted.


m i s s o u r i b u s i n e s s i n c e n t i v e s

fast-track construction process

• Permitting assistance and expedited local permitting are available. • A strong relationship with building trades, carpenters, and laborers

encourages collaboration to shorten project completion times. • FAA approvals have congressional support.

• The Missouri Department of Transportation has received recognition for com-pleting projects ahead of schedule, winning top honors in the Mid America Regional “America’s Transportation Awards” competition for the statewide Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Project and the Route 5 Shared Four-Lane Project in Camden and Laclede counties.

aggressive state and local incentives may include:

• Missouri Works tax incentives (including withholdings tax retention and/or refundable corporate tax credits)

• Missouri Works training funds

• Workforce hiring and recruitment assistance • Missouri BUILD refundable corporate tax credits

• Automatic tax exemption on inventory, energy consumption, machinery and equipment for manufacturers

• Sales tax exemption for replacement parts and equipment used on aircraft • Sales tax exemption for FF&E

• Real and personal property tax abatement • TIF real estate PILOT program

• Foreign Trade Zone deferral and/or exemption of customs duties • EB-5 Regional Center designation for qualified investor visas





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