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Empowering working people




Empowering Working People

Creating Better Communities

Community is a modern union dedicated to offering advice, assistance and protection to our members and their families both at work and at home. We offer a wide range of services including legal advice, training and consumer benefits so you can really get the most out of your membership. We deliver real results for our members and are continuing to grow in new sectors so whatever your job, the benefits of our membership are too good to miss out on.



Safer Workplaces . . . . 4 Campaigning . . . . 4


Child Benefit. . . .5

Bereavement Benefit . . . . 5

Benevolent Fund . . . . 6

Convalescence Benefit . . . . 6

Driver Care Plus . . . . 6

Communitas. . . .7

Higher Education Bursary Benefit . . . . 7


Free legal advice . . . . 8

Free will writing service . . . . 8

Reduced-rate ‘personal legal services’ . 8 Personal injury . . . . 8 Road accidents . . . . 9 Public liability . . . . 9 Workplace injuries. . . .9


Leisure. . . .10 Travel . . . .10 Insurance . . . .10 Advice . . . .11 Car insurance . . . .11 Cinema admissions. . . .11 Retail cashback . . . .11 Travel discounts . . . .11 Example savings. . . .12


What do I get?. . . .13

Why do I need it?. . . .13

What else do I get?. . . .13




Community is a modern and aspirational trade union and our

resources are dedicated to making our members’ lives and their

communities better.

Being a member of Community is a rewarding experience and you


and support we provide. Please take a few moments to read what


get involved.

Our workplace representatives, Member Service Centre and

website provide three different ways for members to access a range


peace of mind. This is just an introduction to how Community helps

its members and we are always looking to improve the support and


It is my pledge to members that the union will never stand still

because we recognise that as the world changes the union needs

to change to respond to your issues and concerns at work or in your

community. As a Community member you will be part of a growing

organisation of people in communities and workplaces right across

the UK.

Yours in Unity



We support members who have been dealt with harshly or unfairly at work. Our representatives can attend disciplinary and grievance hearings with members and offer support and advice.

Our lawyers make sure all our members are treated fairly and legally.

Where Community is the recognised union, we negotiate on behalf of our members for better pay and conditions.

Workplaces with a recognised union have, on

average, a 14.5% higher hourly rate of pay than

non-union workplaces.

Source: Labour Force Survey, BIS, 2012

Safer Workplaces

No one should have to work in an unsafe environment. We offer health and safety training to all members and the support to implement changes in your workplace. As well as training in identifying occupational health issues and hazards in the workplace, our Health and Safety courses include

training to deal with bullying, harassment, work-related stress, drug and alcohol abuse.


We work hard for our members in the political arena. We will continue to stand up for equality and fairness and we want to make sure that our members’ voice is heard when it comes to their jobs, pensions, pay and conditions. We also campaign for the Labour Party because we believe that our members and their communities are better off under a Labour Government.




Child Benefit

What is it?

We pay a ‘baby bonus’ to any member upon the birth or adoption of a child of which they are a parent, providing they have held membership for at least 12

months prior to the child’s birth. If both parents are members then both can claim. Children registered under the scheme receive ongoing support from Community. They will receive birthday cards and vouchers at key stages of their childhood such as when they first go to school or when they start secondary school.

Bereavement Benefit

What is it?

The Bereavement Benefit is an accrued benefit designed to assist your next of kin at a very difficult time. Working members will accrue £200 per annum for the first six years of membership, and £20 per annum thereafter*. At retirement the benefit continues to accrue at £20

per annum and remains available for as long as membership is continued as a non-working member.

If a member has accrued a Bereavement Benefit and becomes

unemployed, they will continue to accrue £20 each year, providing they remain a non-working member. When they return to work, they will continue to accrue their Bereavement Benefit at the normal rate.

A non-working member at joining will be entitled to a £200 flat rate after a year.

*Subject to any special rules which may apply to members who have transferred to Community from other unions.

*Subject to change at the discretion of the National Executive Committee.






Benevolent Fund

What is it?

The Benevolent Fund provides assistance to our members and their families who are experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Donations are made to those with exceptional needs for whom state support is insufficient or not forthcoming. Typically many individuals and families are in distress and have few other places to turn to for support. The Benevolent Fund also welcomes applications from branches which are actively involved in projects and good causes within local communities.

Convalescence Benefit

What is it?

The Convalescence Benefit provides members who have experienced serious illness or injury with up to two weeks rest and recuperation at our partner convalescence home.

Members can recover among beautiful surroundings, with full board and all

expenses paid. A member can go alone for two weeks or with a companion for one week.

Driver Care Plus

What is it?

Professional drivers who are members of Community can be covered for permanent

loss of licence due to accidental injury, disability, illness, poor eyesight or assault by up to £10,000 for only 90p per week. We also offer legal support – advice and representation against prosecution for Road Traffic Offences while driving an official vehicle on duty*.

* See full terms and conditions


Member Service Centre

handles over 10,000

calls a year

from members



What is it?

Communitas is the part of Community that meets your learning and skills development needs. If you need to refresh existing skills or learn new ones, we can provide advice, training, support and other opportunities in your workplace or at one of our own centres across England, Wales and Scotland. This can help you to improve your prospects in your current workplace and in the job market.

We can help you with:

Information, advice and guidance on learning opportunities Basic literacy and numeracy

IT skills

Redundancy support (CV writing, interview techniques etc.) Workplace coaching and mentoring for apprentices

Many other lifelong learning activities

Communitas can also work with your employer to design learning and development programmes for your workplace.

Higher Education Bursary Benefit

What is it?

Community will provide 20 bursaries of either £1,500, £3,000 or £4,500 to individual members or their children who are entering higher education. If you are a member going back into higher education, or if your son or daughter is off to university or college, then you/they could be considered for a bursary. If you can answer YES to ONE or more of the following

questions then you should think about applying: ● Does your family have a low household income?

Is the higher education course related to an industry or sector where Community traditionally has members or to the work of the union? ● Are you (your child) active in the local community?

Could you (your child) inspire others from your community to go on to higher education?

For full application criteria or for more details please visit the benefits section of our website, ask your branch secretary or phone 0800 389 6332.




We provide an array of legal services which are available for you to use and some of our services are open to your family members too.

Free legal advice

Community operates a Free Legal Advice Service which is open to all members. We can help with a wide range of legal queries, such as consumer issues, neighbour disputes and housing matters. In times of need, you can access the service to cover close family members too.

Free will writing service

Community can arrange for you to be provided with a basic will free of charge. A basic will leaves your estate to a partner and then to any surviving children. This service includes a mirror will for your partner.

Reduced-rate ‘personal legal services’

If you require specialist services, such as conveyancing, probate and family issues, Community can arrange for reduced-rate services through the Union solicitors.

Personal injury

Community provides free legal advice and support to members and their immediate families who have been injured through no fault of their own. Personal injury claims can be complicated and time consuming, but with the help of specialist solicitors the process can be made much simpler and quicker.

Community has a nationwide network of solicitors on call

to serve members for free. With unscrupulous private solicitors charging astronomical rates per hour or offering dubious ‘no win, no fee’ services – which means they may take part of any compensation you may win – you simply can’t afford to be without the union.


Road accidents

Whether you were the driver, passenger or pedestrian, you could be entitled to bring a claim for compensation for your injuries. The injuries suffered in road accidents may vary from minor to extremely serious injuries. You can claim compensation for injuries that you have suffered up to three years ago.

Public liability

If you have been injured in the street or in a public building, for example a supermarket or restaurant or rented accommodation, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Community’s specialist solicitors are on hand to provide advice and assistance.

Workplace injuries

Your employer is responsible for your health, safety and welfare while you are at work. If you have been injured in an accident at work or you suffer a mental health issue through bullying or an unreasonable workload, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Your employer must not treat you unfairly just because you are making a claim for personal injury. The union is here to ensure your rights as an employee. Industrial Disease due to your working environment means you may have been exposed to harmful substances or conditions. As a result of this exposure you may have suffered from a work related condition for which you may be able to claim compensation. These include:

Asbestos-related diseasesRespiratory diseases


Industrial deafness/tinnitusVibration white finger

To take advantage of any of Community’s legal

services, contact our Member Service Centre

and speak to one of our advisors

FREEPHONE 0800 389 6332


#3 million

compensation is

recovered for Community

members every



Community Offers is a portfolio of money-saving discounts designed to support you both personally and professionally.

There is no sign-up process, nor any extra charge to access these benefits – you are automatically eligible by virtue of your membership. Community Offers has been designed to make membership even more rewarding. It is becoming increasingly easy to find “competitive” deals and offers through work or on the internet. That’s why many of the benefits carry price promise stamps:

The National Price Promise means that you should be getting the best possible price/deal in the UK, for this product or service. The Provider Price Promise means that you should be getting the best possible price/deal that this company makes available

Community Offers benefits come in several categories. These examples will give you an idea of what is on offer.


Discounted cinema admissions, retail cashback at over 50 major retailers, discounted eye care with Vision Express, 2-for-1 restaurant dining at

over 6,000 restaurants, corporate-rate gym memberships, energy price comparison, magazine subscriptions, top UK attractions and more.


Package holidays, hotel accommodation, car hire, airport parking and lounges, cottages, foreign currency and more.


Save 15% on your current car insurance renewal premium, 20% on your home insurance renewal premium as well as travel, life and roadside assistance.



With a vast array of benefits available to members, we are certain there is something for everyone. These are just a few of the benefits on offer:

Car insurance

Through Community Offers, Community members can

save 15% on their current car insurance renewal premium (including free legal expenses), without compromising on cover or service. If your renewal is not yet due, you can set up a renewal reminder request and you will be contacted nearer the time.

Cinema admissions

By purchasing their cinema tickets through Community Offers, Community members can save an average of 38% on cinema tickets. Members can purchase vouchers to be used at their nearest participating cinema (including Cineworld Cinemas, Odeon, Empire, and Showcase) at discounted prices.

Retail cashback

Retail cashback is becoming an everyday essential

for the savvy shopper. By using My Cashback Cards for all your purchases you can earn cashback of between 5% and 15% at retailers such as

Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Currys PC World, River Island, Costa, New Look, M&S, Boots, House of Fraser and H Samuel to name just a few.

Travel discounts

Community members can take advantage of great low prices on a wide range of popular destinations through the Travellers Advantage service. All the major tour operators are available to book at discounted prices including Thomas Cook, First Choice, Virgin Holidays, Cosmos, Airtours, Crystal, Neilson and Kuoni.

save the

cost of your


Example savings

We believe that many members could easily save the cost of their annual membership of Community.

In most cases, if you were to

use the scheme for your everyday needs (home insurance, car insurance, grocery shopping, package holidays, gas and electricity, going to the cinema, going to the gym etc.) we would expect to be able to save you a multiple of the cost of membership.

Here are just a few example savings

A member whose car insurance renewal premium is £400 can save £60, without compromising on cover or service, through Baxters Streetwise ● A family of two adults and two children

attending Cineworld in Wandsworth would pay £22.20 instead of £30.80. If they visited once a month over a year, the saving would be £103.20

Spending £250 a month on groceries with a Sainsbury’s cashback card would earn £130 (net of charges) in cashback per year

Compare gas and electricity tariffs in your area and see how much you could save. Average member savings are currently £205.65 for dual fuel.

Terms and conditions apply to all benefits. See Community Offers website for details. Offers subject to change without notice. All insurance is subject to underwriting. Some benefits not available in Northern Ireland or outside the United Kingdom.

To access the wide array of benefits, visit

Community Offers via




Motor accident cover from Assist Protect provides peace of mind free to members.

What do I get?

24/7 freephone helpline for immediate assistance UK-wide.Vehicle recovery throughout the UK*.

Vehicle repair without having to pay the excess on your motor insurance*. If you

rely on your motor insurance you will have to pay an excess to get your vehicle repaired, even when an accident isn’t your fault – does that strike you as fair?

Like-for-like replacement vehicle that is free to drive while Assist Protect

professionally manages the repairs to your own vehicle: you get an as-new

vehicle similar to your own delivered to you, not a small hatchback that you have to collect from the garage with the words ‘courtesy car’ plastered all over it.

Private healthcare with no waiting list.*

Specialist legal support from Community’s lawyers.

* if the accident is not your fault

Why do I need it?

Total Motor Assist Essential is not something that is included as part of any other policy – that is why most people do not have it and why Community is giving it to you and your family for no charge now: it is a vital resource that Community feels you can and should use.

What else do I get?

All your family vehicles are covered regardless of value or type of vehicle.All your family members are covered: you, your partner, and all your children

regardless of age.

Cover acts to protect your No Claims Discount so it can never be adversely


Once you have joined, you get discounts on other products and services too,

such as car servicing.

To get this valuable cover free of charge,

together with your Community

Total Motor Assist Glove Box Pack, go to:




Members can get involved at any level of the union, from signing petitions in support of other members or writing to your local MP to

volunteering as a Health and Safety rep or serving on the union’s National Executive Council.

The easiest way to get involved is to make sure that your details are up to date to ensure you get the latest news, advice and support from your union. This is particularly important if your circumstances change or you change jobs. You can do this by contacting your branch secretary, the Member Service Centre or by visiting our website.

Meet other members: Members are organised into branches, either where you work or where you live. Branch meetings are where all Community members can have their say and discuss issues

important to them. Getting involved in your branch is a great way to defend your rights in the workplace and make sure that you and your colleagues are treated fairly. Every few months regional forums are a chance to meet members from other workplaces in your area. They are a focus for the work and campaigning that Community does in local communities.

Become a rep: You may want to get more involved. Community is always looking for volunteers to serve as

branch officials in valued and exciting roles. All our reps are well

supported and we offer specialist training courses at our dedicated Education and

Training Centre, The Grange in North-amptonshire. If you are interested

in developing your skills, improving Health and Safety in the workplace or think your employer can go green, speak to your local branch or the Member Service Centre.


Get political: Community is a union that positively and actively supports the

Labour Party because we believe a Labour government can best help us deliver improvements in the lives and communities of our members. Labour Party members who are not already Community members can join our Labour Campaign Network (LCN). All Community members can get involved in our LCN if you are a member

or supporter of the Labour Party.

We help develop the skills of our activists through training in

community organising as well as plenty of opportunities to get

involved in local actions and campaigning. We also train and support Community members to seek elected office – from Councillors to MPs.

See www.community-tu.org

for more information

For information on how to access any of

Community’s core benefits and services

speak to your Branch Secretary or

FREEPHONE 0800 389 6332

or visit


Member Service Centre

0800 389 6332










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Benefits for

You and Yo




AND Training






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