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Soundings Editor: John Ellis

Well Spring is finally here. As you can tell by the looks of the club and our regular updates, things are pro-gressing well. Every day brings a new level of finish (or a new challenge). We are continuing to push toward bringing the new house in on time and on budget. Every decision we make is a balance between fiscal sustainability and finish level or longevity. I am frequently humbled by the depth of experience that your fellow club members bring to the table and the level of leadership your Bridge and Board provide to this project and others on a weekly basis.

April will be a busy month at the club. We start out with the first weekend being our annual Schooner Cup. Please plan on com-ing out on Sunday, April 7th for the music bash in support of Navy Relief. It is guaran-teed to be a great time. On the heels of SC comes a raft up weekend at the Lowes Coronado. This is another of the fun activi-ties we encourage all members to attend. I know George and I are looking forward to some R&R that weekend. The 19th will be our next General Membership Party Meet-ing, with a new twist. We will be having a

new house tour that day from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, and then we will head to Island Palms for some apps and a drink. After the meeting we will break out champagne and birthday cake to celebrate the 62nd birth-day of SGYC. The 20th is a welcome aboard dock party for our new members. Please make an effort to stop by and introduce yourself. We have some really great new members coming on board and I bet you find some new friends. We will let you have a rest on the 27th and 28th, you will have earned it!

I have sent out the summary slides of our Galley Survey. Please enjoy reviewing the information. You will find a link in this arti-cle for a place to log your questions that you think we should have asked, but did-n’t. Get your question in the next survey! ( WRS59C6)

I hope to see you all at one of our next events. Thanks again for your help and support.

Carey Storm Commodore

Silver Gate Yacht Club

Volume 61, Issue 3

April 2013



Inside this issue:

Commodore 1 In memory of Craig Williams 2 Vice Commodore 3 Rear Commodore 4 Fleet Captain 5 Membership 6 Treasurer 8 We Want You! 9 V-32 Fleet 10 New Clubhouse Construction Photos 3, 8, 11 April Calendar 14


The sailing community of Southern California is just that…..a

commu-nity, but also a family. We race together, we play together, and at

times we come together to celebrate the life of one of our members.

Our family and sailing community was touched by tragedy in March,

when we lost a courageous and often victorious sailor Craig Williams.

Craig’s family and friends gathered together at San Diego Yacht Club

to celebrate his life.

Craig was a loving father, a caring husband, an impassioned

competi-tor, an inspiring leader and a kind friend to all. We are all better

peo-ple for having known Craig and having him as a part of our lives.

Craig’s family, friends and the members of Silver Gate Yacht Club are

very grateful for the outpouring of support during the difficult time

following Craig’s passing.

Our personal and heartfelt thanks go to the members of San Diego

Yacht Club, and its Commodore, Chuck Hope, the members of

New-port Harbor Yacht Club and its Commodore Paul Marshall for

sup-porting the Williams Family’s celebration. We will be eternally

grate-ful for everyone’s generosity and support.

Finally, we want to remind the community that we will continue to

raise funds to support Craig Williams’ young family through the

me-morial fund

that has been established at



Volume 61, Issue 3

Page 3

Happy Spring! As you all can see, the building is amazing. Every Thurs-day as I walk through the building, I am truly im-pressed with the progress. I truly think all of our members will enjoy

the new clubhouse. I know many of you have already picked out a perfect spot in the bar and dining room. Hope to see every one of you at the next general membership meeting and building tour.

Financially SGYC is in great shape, especially with all the new members that have joined. The finance com-mittee is keeping close watch on the construction loan and starting to

an-ticipate the new operating costs when the building opens.

I am writing this article from King-ston, New Jersey. I am here visiting with my daughter Jennifer and new grandson Soren Brent Lewis. It is such a joy to be able to spend this time with them and also older brother An-ders. I will be here for almost 2 weeks and Brent will join us for 5 days over the weekend. While we will not be doing any sailing, we will be fishing on the canal, walking, ex-ploring the beaches of New Jersey, and a little home improvement pro-ject.

See you all in a few weeks Cheryl Nielsen

Vice Commodore SGYC Silver Gate Yacht Club

New clubhouse

con-struction progress,

March 24, 2013—

more photos on pages

7-8 and 11-13


April will be an exciting time for all members. The Club-house will start getting the interior areas completed and the sense of space and feel of the new clubhouse will be very apparent. As you have already heard, the next walk through of the clubhouse will be on April 19th prior to the general membership meeting. We will again be serving some food and refreshments so make a point of taking part of the event and wear your name tag so the new members can know who you are. Speaking of events, the St. Patricks’ Day party, for those 80 + members who were there know, it was incredi-ble. I am still amazed at how much great food was there, good conversa-tion and an opportunity to meet

some of the really fine new members that have joined the club.

Hats off again to Angela Benson and her crew that once again were able to process the many applications that were received, for Board and Bridge approval. For those of you who are actively recruiting new members, the initiation fee is increasing every month now. If you are not sure what the fee is, have prospective members contact the office or Angela . Angela will be hosting a new member dock party on April 20th on “C” dock. If available, come by and meet the new members. I also have to mention that part of my duties as Rear Com-modore involve attending SDAYC (San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs) meetings where, Southern California yacht clubs get together to talk about relevant issues regarding legislation, issues regarding the Port of San Diego, yacht club management and any other topics of interest or

concern. By far, the topic most dis-cussed lately is, how and why Silver Gate Yacht Club is stealing all our members. Silvergate is fast becoming THE club to belong to…and we all know why!

Lastly, I want to encourage all mem-bers to participate in club activities— more than just attending parties and events. We have 16 standing com-mittees that all need chairpersons and members to function properly. This is the heart of our club and to participate is part of your duty as a member. Without these fine, dedi-cated individuals we would not have the great “Silver Gate family” we are so proud of. All of the committees can use help and now is a great time to get involved. Not sure how? Just ask any bridge or board member or attend a Board of Directors meeting held every third Tuesday of the month.

See you on the water, Tom Iverson

Rear Commodore SGYC Silver Gate Yacht Club

Malaine Hall-Plymesser and John Brown out for a sail on March 2, enjoying temperatures in the 80s!



Page 5





1 Pendragon II Davidson 44 David Gray L E A D

2 Lightray Sch34GPM STEVE NAPEAR 0:27:06

3 Mis-Behave II Cat30 STEVE ROEBER 0:36:58

4 Escape Cat34 JAMES HARVEY 0:42:57

5 Malaki Tartan 30T LARRY HINCK 0:54:29

6 Paradise Cat30 DENNIS JACKSON 0:55:34

7 Sabbatical Cat36T LARRY PASCOE 0:57:26

8 Pesty Too Cat 309 LINK KERSHAW 1:02:12

9 Flying Circus C & C 27-3IB TONY JESKE 1:02:20

10 Lanterne Rouge Beneteau F310 GEORGE ELWERS 1:08:17

11 HIS 'n HERS Cat30 MkII KEN HUBBARD 1:15:20

12 Hakuna Matata Cat34 BRIAN YATES 1:18:20

Kudos to David Gray, a brand new SGYC member and our 1st place finisher in the St Patrick's Day Race! And congrats to all who participated. Here are the results:




Our next race is the Coronado Islands Race on April 20. If you’d like to race your boat, need crew or would like to crew on a race boat, contact our Race Chair, Dennis Jackson at It’s a great way to get out on the water and enjoy boating and camaraderie!

Additionally, if you’d like to volunteer on the Race Committee, contact our Principal Race Officer, Joe Plymesser at – another great way to get out on the bay for a day! You don’t need any experience, and it’s a fun way to meet new members.

Don’t miss the The Loew’s Hotel and Marina Cruise and Coronado Cays YC Raftup on April 13 and 14. We’ve already got 18 boats signed up! Meet new members! It’s easy - just sign up in the trailer.

And finally - the Schooner Cup is right around the corner – April 5-7. We need a few slips for our incoming schoo-ners. To accommodate them, we’re holding a raftup in La Playa. If you’re interested, please sign up online at and in the trailer.

Brad Brown

Fleet Captain, SGYC





1 Houn Dawg Serendipity 43 DREW NIEDRINGHAUS L E A D



Preliminary Stats for April:

Flag 167 Junior 15 Honorary 3

Jr. Flag 88 Retired 113 Total 450

Associate 28 Non-Resident 37

New Members Approved at March 19 Board Meeting: WELCOME ABOARD!

Katherine Tenney; Junior Flag Jeff Gemmell; Junior Flag Jan Strode(& Mike); Associate Eric Koch; Associate

Mike Kilbride; Junior Flag Jason Flar (& Kip); Associate Jack Hardy (& Monika); Associate

Robert Salvucci (& Joyce Tonnaer); Junior Flag Daniel Curtis (& Kit Gray); Associate

Jim Winchester; Junior Flag Mikey V. Vasquez; Junior Flag Harry Powell; Junior Flag

John Kozarich & Marcia Durso; Joint Junior Flag Oscar Weathersby; Junior Flag

Theodore (Ted) Miller; Junior Flag

Harry (& Mary Lou) Quick; Associate/Reinstatement Mark & Lisa Clements; Flag

Robin Davis (& Walter); Associate Todd Richardson (& Stasia); Associate

Anita Cazin; Associate

Janice Degan (& Jerry Hall); Associate Ashley Tuggle; Associate

Charlie & Cia Salanger; Joint Junior Flag Michael Kirchgestner (& Mary); Associate

Member Resignations:

Robert King: Non-resident to Resigned Dennis Trovato: Non-resident to Resigned Steve Stamps: Non-resident to Resigned

Member Status Changes:

John & Lara Grinceri: Joint Flag to Joint Jr. Flag Gary & Candy Morris: Joint Flag to Joint Jr. Flag Larry & Mary Clark: Joint Jr. Flag to Joint Flag Richard Davis: Jr. Flag to Flag

Jim & Kathy Kruse: Joint Jr. Flag to Joint Flag Bob Burger: Jr. Flag to Retired

Baron & Patty Sams: Joint Flag to Joint Jr. Flag Kevin MacDonald: Associate to Jr. Flag

John Sampson: Non-resident to Retired

Member Statsfor March:

Flag 166 Junior 15 Honorary 3

Jr. Flag 78 Retired 111 Total 428

Associate 15 Non-Resident 40

Applicants for Review at April Board Meeting: Kenneth (& Lisa) Boyar; Junior Flag; Sponsors TBD

Kevin Foley (& Michelle Juent Foley); Associate; Gary Nydam & Chris/Lyn Byles

Troy (& Rebecca) Hartmann; Junior Flag; Tony DiLeva & Jim Hallameyer

Michael Khoury (& Robin): Associate Sponsors TBD

Rick Jeffs; Junior Flag; Tom Iverson & David Fontilla

Joe Pieri (& Sally Stewart); Associate; James Penning-ton& TBD

Charles McGohey; Associate; Sponsors TBD

Lynn Hanna (& Bee Barker); Associate; Drew Niedring-haus & TBD

Gerald Liddy;Junior Flag; Joe Ravitch & TBD

Dennis Maas; Junior Flag; Steve Nichols & TBD

Todd Setzer; Associate; Sponsors TBD

Stephen & Julie Zambroski; Joint Jr. Flag; Reg Pyrke & Mike/Nancie Lafferty

Joan Schauwecker (& Richard); Associate; Dick/Michelle Wold & Lisa/Mark Clements

Cynthia Sinclair; Associate; Bill/JoAnn Sedgwick & Cleve Hardaker

Patrick (& Debbie) Sullivan; Junior Flag; Tony DiLeva & Jim Hallameyer

GeneWillen (& Pam); Associate-Reinstatement Daniel & Sarah Williams; Joint Junior Flag; Ethan Be-neze & Carey Storm

Robin (Robert) Winter (& Jean); Associate; Alan Katz & David/Terri Endert


Volume 61, Issue 3

Page 7

SGYC: Boating ~ Friendship ~ Community Service

We are continuing to see good numbers of applicants as our new Clubhouse comes closer to completion. Though the Construction Special initiation fees continue, the fees go up incrementally on the first of each month and will be back to our Pre-Construction level on September 1, 2013.

The Membership Committee is very excited about the new Members who are choosing to join SGYC. We have peo-ple from all walks of life – with the common thread of loving boating and loving being on the water/waterfront. There is also a strong affinity for community service with those coming aboard. All of this syncs well with our legacy Members. Once the Clubhouse is up & running we will all have a great time getting to know each other and sharing our life experiences!

Many thanks to my Membership Team…we handled a new record number of applications & applicant reference calls last month. Please be sure to say thank you for all they are doing when you see them around the Club.

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 20th. We will have a “Welcome Aboard” Dock Party from 3 – 6 PM for all legacy Members to welcome our new Members aboard SGYC.

The last day to turn in new Membership applications for the April Board meeting is Saturday, April 6, 2013. Family: I often refer to SGYC as a Family. That epithet rang true when we all found out about the tragic accident that took Craig Williams’ life. We, Silver Gate, rallied around the Williams family to see how we could help; wrap-ping protective arms around them as the emotions were (are) so raw; crying together and laughing together at the many stories told at Craig’s Celebration of Life. Craig, and his great smile & love of life, will be greatly missed. SGYC is known for its community service…this past month, we proved how well we come together to support our

“Family”. It’s good to be a Silver Gater. Sincerely,

Angela Benson


It’s springtime! The daffodils are blooming, the pollen is flying, and the new clubhouse will soon be dazzling. Many of you have remarked that you can’t believe it’s finally coming to life. Do you remember one year ago? We were still in the old house, we had some drawings, financial projections, and a bank failing to meet our expec-tations. Now we walk through the new building and rely less and less on our imagination to appreciate the beauty and comfort that is becoming our club’s new home. Now we have a new, 20 year fixed loan at a terrific rate and no messy balloon payment to deal with when the interest rates rise in a few years. I fully expect to attend the mortgage burning party in 2033.

We are building the clubhouse on a very tight budget. To hold to that budget has required a constant strug-gle to decide between what is ideal and what is necessary. Every week the construction oversight committee walks the building with the architect and builder to hammer out decisions about the endless details so that we get the absolute best building for the money available. The monthly

fi-nance committee meetings are fo-cused on compliance with new port rules and assuring that our finances stay on track. Every month, a dis-bursement manager visits the site to assess the construction progress. The disbursement manager then ports to the bank and the bank re-leases funds to SGYC to pay our con-tractor. I am happy to report that these activities, though often difficult and tedious, are producing out-standing results. I attribute this suc-cess to our having selected the right architect, contractor, and bank. I am impressed with the vision and focus of the architect and bridge in driving this project forward. I’m delighted that the architect, Kent Prater is a member of SGYC. I am amazed by the dedication and drive from Carey, Cheryl, and Tom on the bridge. I’m grateful that Terry Brothers continues to soldier-on as a staff commodore as he remains completely engaged with the project. And thanks to the BoD for tight cooperation and expediting decisions. The project has been re-lentless and time consuming for all. I am grateful to everyone who has la-bored so hard to bring forth our new


While the building goes up, we con-tinue to add many new members. This success is due to the dedication and effort of the membership com-mittee led by director, Angela Ben-son. This team has effectively lever-aged the construction as an opportu-nity to build our membership. As a result we are developing a more di-verse membership, each of whom brings a wealth of experience as well as a dedication to boating. I look for-ward to seeing new members step up to become part of the SGYC leader-ship team over the next few years. I welcome all of our new members to the best yacht club in town!

I’m astounded as to the smoothness of the project. There have been no significant unwelcome surprises and we’re all working to keep it that way. With a little luck we’ll be at the bar in the new building sometime in July. I look forward to lifting a glass to toast the new clubhouse, new members, and the new promise of Silver Gate Yacht Club.

Jim Fine SGYC Treasurer


Volume 61, Issue 3

Page 9

Here's an opportunity to have fun on the water and you don't need a boat! Join us

on the SGYC Race Committee

It takes just a few hours one Saturday each month.

You can join the Race Committee and potentially run races as a Principal Race


And – no experience is necessary and it’s a great way to meet new members!

Please contact Brad Brown at

or Joe Plymesser


It was a very solemn day as we were notified of the tragic boating accident that occurred just hours before and the loss of one of our beloved members. Several of us spent a little extra time on the docks that afternoon remi-niscing and sharing memories of Craig.

We also learned of another passing of one of our members and V32 Fleet skipper, Bruce Anderson. They will both be missed by all of us here at Silver Gate.

Eight skippers arrived on the docks. There was a slight change in venue for the racecourse because of the weather forecast.

The top three skippers for the day are as follows: First Place - Joe Plymesser - Blue Peter - 15 points Second Place – Dave Endert – War Child – 18 points Third Place – Larry Pascoe – Day Off – 19 points Congratulations!

Our next race is scheduled for April 27th. This is the race you do not want to miss. OUR ANNUAL TOP SIRLOIN STEAK AND BAKE POTATO EXTRAVAGANZA. Yes, even with the clubhouse under construction, we have con-sulted with our Cordon Bleu chefs and they have promised us an outstanding gourmet meal!!! Please mark you calendars and plan to attend. Please order your hats and T-shirt now!! (Not really!) Everyone is invited to come and see the V32 Fleet and be a part of the fun afternoon.

See you on the docks. Dave Endert,

V32 Dude


Volume 61, Issue 3

Page 11


Volume 61, Issue 3

Page 13


2013 Bridge & Board

Commodore: Carey Storm

Vice Commodore: Cheryl Nielsen

Rear Commodore: Tom Iverson

J. Staff Commodore:Terry Brothers

Secretary: Debra Pennell

Treasurer: Jim Fine

Director: Don Mumby

Director: Angela Benson

Director: Chuck Olson

Director: Bob Floyd

Director: Paul Brooks

Director: Harold O’Neal

Port Captain: Joe Moody

Bar Hours Galley Hours HARBOR POLICE DAY OR NIGHT (619) 686-6272 EMERGENCY ONLY CALL (619) 223-1133 POLICE ASSISTANCE (619) 531-2000 email:

April 2013













Schooner Cup


Schooner Cup


Schooner Cup







Lowes Hotel

and Marina Cruise


Lowes Hotel

and Marina Cruise









Tour and General Membership Meeting


Coronado Island Race













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