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School of Nursing


Tau Iota Mu Chapter Agenda


June 24, 2013

Lubbock Christian University, Nursing Department

CALL TO ORDER BY: The meeting was called to order by Dr. Ruth Ann Bridges at 11:45 PM.

MEMBERS Dr. Ruth Ann Bridges, Dr. Cindy Ford, Terry Hill, Dr. Pat Francis Johnson, Laura Opton, Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge, Grace Sun

ATTACHMENTS (Distributed via email)

• Treasurer’s Report

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Approval of minutes from the last meeting was deferred

OLD BUSINESS Time: Presenter(s):

Agenda Item I.

A. Wrap Up Comments on Induction/Anniversary – Dr. Ruth Ann Bridges reported for Tiffani Wise that having implemented the induction separate from graduation this time it will be easier next year. Suggestions for programming in the future include (a) addressing with more detail the benefits of Sigma Theta Tau

membership and about the organization; (b) considering holding the induction on the same day as convocation/graduation to encourage more participation – only half of those anticipated attended the event; TTUHSC is decentralizing graduation for each of the schools and the SON will hopefully be able to hold the event on the weekend again; (c) providing more information to potential inductees on what Sigma Theta Tau is and the importance of membership – possibly sending out a letter ahead of the call for induction and attending new student orientation; (d) sharing options for financial support for inductees – induction fee was $140 this year; and (e) making decisions regarding cost and induction


OLD BUSINESS Time: Presenter(s): date earlier.

Appreciation was verbalized for Tiffani Wise and Pat Francis Johnson for the induction ceremony.

B. Other – None Agenda Item II.

A. Installation of Officers – Induction of officers took place, led by Dr. Ruth Ann Bridges. All current officers are continuing in their current roles: Dr. Ruth Ann Bridges – President, Dr. Cindy Ford – President-Elect, Mary Madeline Rogge – Treasurer, Laura Opton – Secretary, Faculty Counselors – Pat Francis Johnson (1st) and Tiffani Wise (2nd), Succession Committee – Terry Hill and Dr. JoAnn Long, and

Governance Committee – Dr. Bibha Gautam. Next year (2014) First Counselor, Vice-President, President-Elect, and Treasurer will be elected. Secretary will be elected in 2015; Laura Opton has agreed to a lengthened term to stagger the offices. Dr. Cindy Ford has agreed to serve in a dual role as Vice President and President Elect. The Vice-President position could be elected next spring or a special election could be held to fill the position sooner. Rosalinda Jimenez might be interested in serving as Vice-President now; Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge will follow up with her.

10 min All

B. Other – None Agenda Item III.

A. Officer Reports –

Treasurer: Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge provided the treasurer’s report via email attachment (dated 6/24/2013). Statement on the endowment will be provided in December. Induction costs were approximately $1,500, which was the original targeted amount. Induction fees should be sent to Iota Mu from headquarters in September. Lexie Futrell resubmimtted an application for funding to attend the Research Congress in Prague (originally declined because not a STTI member but now a member); approved to


cover registration fee (moved by Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge, second by Laura Opton). Others previously approved include Dr. Bev Byers, Dr. JoAnn Long, Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge, Jamie Roney, and Christi Weems (covered registration fee).

B. Other – None Agenda Item IV.

A. Key Award – The board members are

encouraged to look at the Key Award and areas Iota Mu needs to work on. Some items are required by the chapter as a whole, and others can be met by individual member’s activities. TNA Leadership Conference will be held in Lubbock at the Overton Hotel in September. Dr. Pat Francis Johnson suggested TNA and Iota Mu partner to provide a reception for attendees at the conference. The board members verbalized support for this opportunity.

NLN partnership with TTUHSC, TNA, and Iota Mu was discussed to support a Certified Nurse Educator review course at TTUHSC on January 8, 2014 in 2C103. Breakfast and lunch will need to be provided, and Iota Mu could work with TNA to sponsor the meals. The activity will be advertised on the NLN website. The board members verbalized support for this opportunity.

Discussion took place concerning an

international collaboration opportunity to work with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, Casa Materna, and Mision Para Cristo in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Financial support was provided for purchase of first aid kits during the spring semester, and continued opportunities to support a Women’s Health Initiative led by Dr. Amy Moore and other faculty led trips to the region to support health care needs of the region in collaboration with Dr. Patti Patterson from the TTUHSC SOM. At least two Iota Mu

10 min 5 min 5 min Bridges Johnson Johnson Bridges


OLD BUSINESS Time: Presenter(s): members (Dr. Amy Moore and Laura Opton)

have participated in trips to Jinotega this past year. Moms and babies could be a focus for Iota Mu for international collaboration. B. Other – None

NEW BUSINESS Time: Presenter(s):

Agenda Item I.

A. Research Grants – The grants we have been awarding are really more of a dissemination grant. Discussion took place concerning determination of a cap on awards for strategic planning purposes.

Other recurring activities supported by Iota Mu are the LCU Scholars Colloquium and the TTUHSC 5th Monday Research and Clinical Services Presentations. Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge and Grace Sun will work together to draft a document identifying items for a strategic budget by the August meeting.

10 min Bridges

B. Other Agenda Item II.

A. Stork’s Nest Baby Shower – Baby items were collected, as well as monetary donations to support the Stork’s Nest Baby Shower. Monetary donations should be given to Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge by 6/30/2013, and she will cut a check from Iota Mu to the Stork’s Nest. Community collaboration is an important key award consideration, and a suggestion was made to strengthen the tie between Iota Mu and the Stork’s Nest Baby Shower. Michelle Hunter is the contact at the Combest Center for the Stork’s Nest (806-743-9393 ext 401).

10 min Bridges

B. Other – None Agenda Item III.


initiation of a chapter in El Paso at Gayle Greve Hunt SON. A suggestion was made to support one person from Gayle Greve Hunt to attend the Regional Leadership Conference. B. Other – None



1. Develop strategic planning budget

August Dr. Mary Madeline Rogge and Grace Sun

2. Send items for consideration in the strategic planning budget process to Dr. Rogge and Grace Sun

August All members

3. Work on Key Award components

Ongoing All members

Next Meeting Date/Time: [Include Date/Time Here]







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