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Marina Sotiropoulou Zormpala. Brief curriculum vitae


Academic year: 2021

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Marina  Sotiropoulou  –  Zormpala   Brief  curriculum  vitae    

Surname:  Sotiropoulou  -­‐  Zormpala   Name:  Marina  

Scientific  post:    Assistant  Professor  in  Aesthetic  Education,     University  of  Crete,    

Faculty  of  Education,  Department  of  Preschool  Education    

Specialization:    Aesthetic  Education  of  Child  and  Infant,     Teaching  and  Learning  Through  the  Arts,     Aesthetic  Teaching    


Postal  Address:  University  of  Crete   Faculty  of  Education  

Department  of  Preschool  Education   University  Campus  -­‐  Gallos  

P.C.  74100,  Rethymno-­‐CRETE,  GR    

Office  telephone  number:  +  30  2831077662   Fax:  +30  2108080144  

E-­‐mail:  marinazorb@edc.uoc.gr    

EDUCATION:     1. Graduate:    

a. National   &   Kapodistrian   University   of   Athens,   School   of   Philosophy,   Degree   in   French  Language  and  Literature    

b. Athens   Conservatory,   (piano   class   of   A.   Garoufallis),   &   National   Conservatory,   degree  in  piano  (grade:  excellent)  

c. International   Center   of   Music   Therapy   -­‐   Paris   (Centre   International   de   Musicothèrapie),  Certificate  of  Full  Course  Studies  

d. Suzana   Avigador   Dance   School,   classes   in   «Body   Expression»   and   «Primitive   Dance»  


2. Post  Graduate  Studies:  

University   of   Sorbonne   (Paris   V)   and   University   of   Nanterre   (Paris   X):   Post   Graduate  Diploma  D.E.A.  (Diplôme  d’  Etudes  Approfondies  de  Psychologie,  de  la   Culture   et   de   l’   Environnement,   option   Psychologie   de   l’   Art),   School   of   Psychology  and  Behavioral  Sciences,  Dept.  of  Psychology  of  Art  (1988).  


3. Doctorate:  

National  &  Kapodistrian  University  of  Athens,  School  of  Philosophy  –  Pedagogy  -­‐   Psychology,   Doctoral   Thesis   in   «Sonic   -­‐   Music   Awareness,   in   Pre-­‐   and   Primary   School.  A  Model  of  Psycho-­‐Pedagogic  Intervention»  (grade:  Excellent).        



! 1983–86:  Teaching  (a)  Musical  education  and  (b)  Organisation  of  cultural  events  at  a   private  Nursery  School  (5,  Papadiamanti  St,  Kifissia).  

! 1988–1998:  Teaching  of  Music  and  Psychology  of  Art  at  further  education  courses  for   "Preschool  Education"  (Athens  Centre  for  Pedagogic  Studies  &  Research).    

! 1994:  Teaching  at  the  Training  Courses  for  Secondary  Education  Teachers  of  East  Attica.   Subject:  Modern  teaching  methods  of  aesthetic  education.  Experiential  approach.   ! 1994–2000:  Teaching  (a)  Drama  in  Education,  (b)  Music-­‐and-­‐movement  Education  and  

(c)  Play;  A  theoretical  approach,  (Private  Professional  Training  Institute  "Vocational   Training  Institute  Sotiropoulou",  for  the  specialization  in  "Preschool  Education,   Creativity  &  Expression"  (1890  hours).  

! 1998–2000:  Director  of  the  above  Institute.    

! 1999-­‐2000:  Teaching  Using  the  Arts  in  Education;  A  theoretical  and  experiential   approach  at  a  Professional  Training  Centre  as  part  of  the  Ε  872  Α  programme  for   Welfare  Officers.  

! 1988–2001:  Developing  training  seminars  on  issues  pertaining  to  performing  arts  in   education  (Teaching  methodology,  Music-­‐and-­‐movement  systems,  Creative  use  of  the   Voice,  Theatrical  action  &  play,  Kinetic  improvisation,  Body  expression–psychokinetic).   The  seminars  were  addressed  to  primary  education  teachers  and  artists  and  organised   by  the  ANIMA  Centre  for  Creative  Education.  The  seminars  were  realised  in  

collaboration  with:  Rea  Karageorgiou,  Natasha  Zouka,  Dimitris  Zormpalas,  Alkistis   Kontoyanni,  Suzana  Avigador,  Spyros  Sakkas,  Yorgos  Kimoulis,  Evgenios  Spatharis  and   Maggie  Asvesta.    

! 1988-­‐2001:  Teaching  seminars  on  "Modern  music-­‐and-­‐movement  systems"  (ANIMA   Centre  for  Creative  Education).    

! 2002–2003:  Teaching  "Music-­‐and-­‐movement"  seminars  in  “Domi”  (Private  Vocational   Training  Institute),  for  the  specialisation  in  "Preschool  Education,  Creativity  &  

Expression"  (1520  hours).    

! 2/2003–12/2003:  Teaching  course  ΠΑΙ  114:  Forms  of  arts  education  of  Infant  &  Child,   lab  ΕΡΓ  100:  Methodology  of  arts  education  and  ΣΠΕ  and  ΣΑΕ  Arts  education  seminars   as  an  Act  407/80  teacher  in  the  Department  of  Preschool  Education  of  the  University  of   Crete.  

! 12/2003–8/2008:  Teaching  courses  (ΠΑΙ  114:  Forms  of  arts  education  of  Infant  &  Child,   ΠΑΙ  151:  Methodological  approaches  to  arts  education),  laboratories  (ΕΡΓ  100:  

Methodology  of  arts  education)  and  seminars  (ΣΠΕ  &  ΣΑΕ  Arts  and  Aesthetic  

education)  as  Lecturer  at  the  Department  of  Preschool  Education  of  the  University  of   Crete.  

! 2011-­‐2012:  Teaching  a  course  on  Aesthetic  approaches  and  language  arts  teaching  as   part  of  the  postgraduate  curriculum  for  “Pedagogic  and  methodology  in  preschool   education”  with  a  specialization  in  “Language  and  literacy  in  preschool  education”.  


! 8/2008–to  date:  Teaching  of  compulsory  course  ΠΑΙ  151:  Methodological  approaches   to  arts  education,  lab  seminar  on  Methodology  of  arts  education,  ΣΠΑ  seminars  in  Arts   Teaching  and  Song  Teaching  and  ΣΑΕ  seminars  in  Arts  education,  and  ΣΠΕ  as  Assistant   Professor  at  the  Department  of  Preschool  Education  of  the  University  of  Crete.  



! Member  of  three-­‐member  committees  for  the  guidance  and  supervision  of   postgraduate  students  of  the  Departments  of  Primary  Education  and  Preschool   Education  of  the  University  of  Crete  

! Supervisor  of  degree  theses  by  postgraduate  students  of  the  Department  of  Preschool   Education  of  the  University  of  Crete  

! Supervisor  of  degree  theses  pertaining  to  Aesthetic  Education  and  prepared  by  students   of  the  DPSE  in  the  academic  years  2003-­‐04,  2004-­‐05,  2005-­‐06,  2006-­‐07,  2007-­‐08  and   2009-­‐10.    

! Supervisor  of  the  PhD  thesis  of  Agathe  Argyriadi,  The  effect  of  the  “arts  flow   experiences“,  in  academic  performance  of  preschool  children.  A  psycho-­‐pedagogic   approach.  The  report  on  this  thesis  was  approved  on  7/12/2011  by  the  General   Assembly  of  the  Department  of  Preschool  Education  of  the  University  of  Crete.   ! Participation  in  electoral  bodies,  recommendation  committees  and  administration  

committees  for  the  Department  of  Preschool  Education,  University  of  Crete.      


! «De   la   nécessité   d’   un   éveil   musical   avant   l’   âge   de   6   ans.   Approche   pédagogique   et   musicale»  (About  the  necessity  of  music  awareness  before  the  age  of  6.  Pedagogic  and   musical  approach),  University  of  Nantere  (Paris  X),  School  of  Psychology  and  Sciences  of   Behavior,  Dept.  of  Psychology  of  Art,  disertation  of  Master  (in  Greek).  

! «Sound  Awareness  as  a  teaching  medium  in  Kinder  garden  and  Primary  School.  A  model   of   psychopedagogical   intervention»,   University   of   Athens,   School   of   Philosophy   –   Pedagogy  -­‐  Psychology,  Doctorate  Thesis  (in  Greek).  


2.  Books  and  Edited  Volumes    

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2007).   A   premiere   every   day.   Aesthetic   Approach   of   knowledge  in  Kindergarten  and  Primary  School.  Athens:  Greek  Letters.  (in  Greek)   ! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2009).  Arts   education   and   aesthetic   sensibility   in   the  

preschool   and   primary   school   classroom.   In   Μ.   Pourkos   (ed.)  Art-­‐Game-­‐Narration.   Psychological   and   Psycho-­‐pedagogical   dimensions  (pp.   211-­‐   228).   Athens:   Topos  (in Greek).  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2009).   Aesthetic   and   lingual   literacy:   A   combined   approach.  In  Ε.  Tafa  &  G.  Manolitsis  (eds.),  Emergent  literacy:  research  and  applications.   Athens:  Pedio  (in  Greek)  (pp.  287-­‐304).  Athens:  Pedio  (in Greek).    

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   &   Trouli,   K.   (2011).   “Creation"   and   "Expression"   in   education  faculties:  The  case  of  the  university  of  Crete.  In  V.  Oikonomidis  (ed.)  Training   in-­‐service  and  pre-­‐  service  teachers  (pp.  410-­‐423).  Athens:  Pedio  (in Greek).  


! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2011).   A   premiere   every   day.   Aesthetic   Approach   of   knowledge  in  Kindergarten  and  Primary  School  (updated  and  revised  edition).  Athens:   Pedio  (in Greek).  


3.  Articles  in  Refereed  Journals    

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2004).  Aesthetic   sensibility   in   the   service   of   learning   process  in  the  frame  of  preschool  education,  Teacher’s  Scientific  Step,  3,  68   –  75.  (in   Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2005).  “Aesthetic   Sensibility”:   Targets,   Conditions   and   Characteristics  of  Applied  Activities,  Modern  Education,  141,  55  –  70.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2006).   Aesthetic   education   in   university   pedagogy   departments:  Revisions  –  redefinitions,  Sciences  of  Education,  2,  137-­‐148.  (in  Greek)   ! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  (2009).  Pedagogical  and  aesthetic  criteria  in  selecting  and  

processing   songs   in   primary   education:   Songs   of   colours.   Musical   Education   [Mousikopedagogika],  7,  34-­‐52.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  (2012).  Reflections  on  aesthetic  education.  An  approach  to   language  arts  in  early  childhood  curriculum.  Art  Education,  65(1),  6-­‐10.  (in  English)   ! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2012).  Aesthetic   teaching:   Seeking   a   balance   between  

teaching  arts  and  teaching  through  the  arts.  Arts  Education  Policy  Review,  113  (4),  123-­‐ 128,  DOI:  10.1080/10632913.2012.719419.  (in  English)  

http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showPreferences?menuTab=AuthorServices   ! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2012).  Teaching   of   Language   through   Art   and   Aesthetic  

Teaching   of   Language.  Sciences   of   Education  [Epistimes   Agogis],   1/2012,   7-­‐22.   (in   Greek).  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   &   Trouli,   K.   (2012).   The   arts   education   of   future   primary-­‐ school  teachers  at  Greek  universities  Pedagogiki  Epitheorissi,  the  journal  of  the  Hellenic   Educational  Society,  53,  161-­‐175.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  &  Argyriadi,  A.  (in  press).  Seeking  the  features  of  ‘aesthetic   flow   experience   activities’   in   kindergarten   and   the   first   years   of   primary   school,   Croatian  Journal  of  Education.  (in  English)  


4.  Selected  Articles  in  Conference  Proceedings  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  (2002).  Exploiting  sound  and  music  in  the  teaching  process   in  Kindergarten  and  Primary  School,  Psycho-­‐pedagogy  of  Preschool  Age,  Proceedings  of   the   International   scientific   Conference,  2002,   Rethymnon:   Publication   Department   of   Pre-­‐School  Education,  University  of  Crete,  v.  b,  pp.  929  –  934.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2003).  Sound   and   music   as   teaching   media   of   Language   and   Mathematics   in   Preschool   Education,  Language   and   Mathematics   in   Preschool   Education,   Proceedings   of   the   International   scientific   Conference,  2003,   Rethymnon:   Publication  Department  of  Pre-­‐School  Education,  University  of  Crete,  pp.  99  –  108.  (in   Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2007).  Modern   data   for   teaching   songs,  Methodological   and   experiential   approaches   from   the   First   to   Sixth   Classes,   Proceedings   of   the  


Panhellenic  Conference  of  Musical  Education  of  First  Level  Education,  organized  by  the   Union  of  Music  Teachers  of  Pre  School  Education,  2007,  Athens:  Gutenberg  Publications,   pp.  428  -­‐  439.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2008).   Art   in   the   service   of   reinforcing   phonological   awareness.  Production  of  digitalised  material  for  children  of  pre-­‐school  age.  Proceedings  of   the   6th   Pan-­‐Hellenic   Conference   with   International   Participation:   Information   and   Communication  Technologies  in  Education  (ed.  H.  Aggeli  &  N.  Valanides),  Cyprus:  University  of   Cyprus:  pp.  231-­‐238.  (in  Greek)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  (2009).  The  parts  of  aesthetic  education  as  axes  for  producing   multimodal   educational   material.   Proceedings   of   the   3rd   International   Conference   of   the   Association  of  Primary  School  Music  Teachers,  The  contribution  of  Educational  material   in  school  practice:  Theory  and  implementation  in  musical  education.  Athens.  (in  Greek)   ! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,  M.  (2010).  Arts  education  and  training  of  pre-­‐service  preschool  

teachers  in  pedagogical  studies  in  Greece,  Sotiropoulou  M.,  Trouli,  K.  &  Linardakis.  M.   Traces:  Sustainable  art  education,  Rovaniemi:  InSEA.  Proceedings  of    the  Pan-­‐European   Conference  on  Aesthetic  Education  organised  by  InSEA  in  Rovaniemi,  Finland,  University   of  Lapland,  21-­‐24  June.  (in  English)  

! Sotiropoulou-­‐Zormpala,   M.   (2012).   Categories   of   teaching   through   arts   activities   in   elementary  school.  Educators’  reactions.  11th  InSEA  European  Ccongress  proceedings   (http://www.insea2012.org/files/InSEA%202012%20Prceedings.pdf),   “Arts   Education   at   the   crossroad   of   cultures”,   Limasol,   Cyprus:   CySEA   Board,   718-­‐728.   International   Society  for  Education  through  Art  (InSEA)  25-­‐27  June.  (in  English)  


! “Modern  Education.  Bi-­‐monthly  Review  of  Educational  Subjects”  

! “Music   in   the   First   Level”.   Journal   of   the   Union   of   Teachers   of   Music   in   First   Level   Education.  

! “Teacher’s  Scientific  Step”.  Journal  of  the  Greek  Teaching  Association.      


! 9/2003   –   2/2007:   participation   in   the   research   project,   under   the   auspices   of   Pedagogical  Institute  (Ministry  of  Education),  on  the  subject  of  «Writing  New  Books  and   producing  Educational  supporting  material  on  the  basis  of  cross  -­‐  curriculum  analytical   programs   for   Primary   School   and   Kinder   garden»,   as   a   member   in   the   evaluation   committee  for  the  new  Music  Anthology,  for  Primary  Level  Education  


! 4/2007  –  8/2008:  Participation  in  the  Program:  «Digital  World  of  Preschool  Education».   Intra-­‐Border   mutual   influences   of   educators   and   infants   in   Greece   and   Cyprus»,   co-­‐ financed  by  the  European  Fund  of  Regional  Development  and  the  National  Ministry  of   Education  

! Member  of  a  Ministry  of  Education  committee,  1999–2000:  manager  of  the  team  for  the   development   of   curricula   for  Vocational   Training   Institutes   for   Preschool   Education   Specialists  


! Member  of  a  Ministry  of  Education  committee,  2003–2007:  member  of  the  evaluation   committee  for  the  new  Anthology  of  Music  for  Primary  Education,  on  the  basis  of  the   Consolidated  Interdisciplinary  Framework  for  Curricula  for  Preschool  and  Primary   Education  


! Examiner  in  the  written  tests  for  Nursery  School  Teachers  in  the  state  national   competition  (ASEP)  (1/2007)  


! Member  of  the  Hellenic  Society  for  Language  &  Literacy  (since  11/2009)      

! Member  of  the  International  Society  for  Education  Through  Art  (since  7/2010)    

! Member  of  the  Hellenic  Educational  Society  (since  5/2011)        



a.  «When  numbers  ran  away»  (Hitirio  theater,  2003  –  2004,  Altera  Pars  theater,   2004   –   2005,   performed   for   pupils   from   42   schools   in   Attica),   performance   targeting  children  of  Nursery  Scholl  and  the  first  two  grades  of  Primary  School,   pertaining   to   the   lesson   of   Mathematics   and   specifically   to   the   notion   of   ‘number’.    

b. «Time-­‐pirates»  (Αltera  Ρars  theater,  2004  –  2005,  performed  for  pupils  from  42   schools   in   Attica   and   Evoia),   performance   targeting   pupils   of   Fifth   and   Sixth   grade   of   Primary   School   and   pertains   to   the   lesson   of   History,   and   specifically   the  sequence  of  basic  historic  periods.    

c. «Emotions…   go   to   the   museum»:  (Museum   of   Cycladic   Art   –   Goulandris,   6   N.Douka,   Kolonaki   -­‐   Athens,   2006   –   2007),   performance   targeted   to   the   pre-­‐ school   and   first   school   years,   targeting   museum   education   and   emotional   evolution.    

d. 2006   –   2007:   pedagogical   overview   of   the   drama   laboratory   of   Museum   of   Cycladic  Art  (Goulandris  Foundation).  



• Kryou   Maria:   «The   child.   Opportunities   for   theater-­‐lovers:   Theater   of   Knowledge».   «Athinorama»   Weekly   magazine,   issue   234,   period   B΄,   pp.   235   -­‐   236.  

• Sarigiannis   George:   «The   theater   as   an   alternative   way   of   education»,   Newspaper  «Ta  Nea»,  November,  24,  2004,  «Horizons»  special  edition,  pρ.  35.     • Triantafilidis   Iason:   «Shows   for   children»,   Newspaper   «Independent   press»,  

December  9,  2004,  special  edition:  «Culture»,  pp.  45.  

• Lymberopoulou   Katerina:   «”Playground”   in   Museum   of   Cycladic   Art.   An   imaginary  world,  inspired  by  the  exhibits»,  Newspaper  ‘To  Vima’,  February  25,   2007.    

• Kryou   Maria:   «Emotions   …   go   to   museum»,   «Athinorama»,   2007,   issue   361,   period  Β΄,  pp.  91.  


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