NEC SigmaSystemCenter Integrated Virtualization Platform Management Software

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NEC SigmaSystemCenter

Integrated Virtualization Platform Management Software

2nd IT Software Division

IT Network Global Solutions Division


Severe competition heats up among major vendors!

Crowded virtual platform market

Independent virtual platform vendors entered the market. => VMware(ESX), Citrix(XenServer) and MS(Hyper-V).

Increasingly intense competition on customer retention and function enhancement

Make a difference on license, maintenance support level, performance, function, I/O ,etc.

Delay and uncertainty of standardization.

User select virtual platform based on specific requirements. As a result, heterogeneous virtual platform is inevitable.

Due to multiple virtualization layer, failure handling and maintenance get complex.

Integrated management software for mixed virtual platform is required.

Server Server Server

VMware ESX XenServer

Win Win Linux

VMware for Job A Hyper-V for Job B XenServer for Job C Linux Win Win

Integrated Virtualization Platform Management Software

Optimized for heterogeneous


-Why is unified VM management required ?

While increasing flexibility of system configuration, system operation may become more difficult.


© NEC Corporation 2005 Virtual Server Virtual Server vCenter Server ESX Server XenServer VMware XenServer Integrated Management Console

XenServer ESX Server

© NEC Corporation 2005 Hyper-V Manager Hyper-V Hyper-V Hyper-V Storage Network Server

Integrated management from unified console with consistent management interface for multiple virtual platforms including VMware ESX, XenServer, Hyper-V, and KVM.

Integrated VM Management Technology

Virtual Server XenMotion XenServer Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server VMotion Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server LiveMigration © NEC Corporation 2005 virt-manager KVM KVM KVM Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server LiveMigration


XenServer Hyper-V


Integrated management in different virtual platform

(VMware ESX, XenServer and Hyper-V, and KVM).

Heterogeneous virtual environment management 1


VM Creation,

Power management,

Shutdown/Reboot, Migration, etc

Common operation of multiple virtual environments.

Provides unified console for mixed VM environment that makes

management easier.

*Available function might differ according to environment


NEC SigmaSystemCenter absorb the difference of each environment.

Simple operability is enabled even in the mixed environment because of providing collective CLI.

MS Hyper-V


Individual customization using API/CLI for environment target management is required.

Since each virtual environment API/CLI is not compatible, mixed environment management is more difficult.

Single virtualized product will be selected, the freedom of optimized selection is restricted. Still, it is not easy to control the virtualized environment with the existing operation tools.

As well as basic operations, advanced processing like recovery process and optimized VM placement are provided as command.

Control function for virtual environment is added to the existing operational environment, if NEC SigmaSystemCenter is used as "command processor".

Operation tool Operation tool

VMware ESX

Batch control by NEC SigmaSystemCenter

The entire virtual environment is controlled with simple command.

Individual customization

Heterogeneous virtual environment management 3

Challenges : Integrated Monitoring/Operation tools are not enough for managing virtual machines.

What would happen if we try to connect virtual environment with tools that don't have management function for virtual environment....


NEC SigmaSystemCenter enables patch deployment/management

using multiple methods to physical machine and virtual machine


Management Servers

VMware ESX Server

Virtual Machine


Automatically determines patches to be applied to each server.

Administrator only registers patch information and schedules.

Patch information registration and distribution schedule

Patches are batch applied according to the schedules. OS automatically reboots as


Patch status are centrally monitored.

Batch Distribution

Applies patches to each virtual machine

Template Template Template

If patches are applied to a template, all virtual machines created from it have the patches already applied.

Method 1: Concurrent

platform Management

Method 3: Template Distribution

Method 2: Selective Distribution

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine

VMware ESX Server

Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Status Management Selective Distribution


NEC SigmaSystemCenter can detect and recover from failures of virtual machines and virtualization platform.

Avoid downtime with predictive failure detection and pre-emptive live migration.

Administrator Reports

ESX / XenServer / Hyper-V ESX / XenServer / Hyper-V Storage

Virtual Machine OS Job A Virtual Machine Job C OS Virtual Machine OS Job A Virtual Machine OS Job B Virtual Machine OS Job A Virtual Machine Virtual Machine OS Job A Response 2 :

Reboots and recovers virtual machines when live migration unavailable.



Response 1 : Pre-emptive Migration with live migration.


NEC SigmaSystemCenter monitors the load status of each server.

Live migration relocates virtual machines and equalizes entire load

when high load detected.

ESX / XenServer / Hyper-V

ESX / XenServer / Hyper-V

Virtual Machine Job C OS Virtual Machine OS Job B Virtual Machine OS Job A Virtual Machine OS Job B Virtual Machine Virtual Machine OS Job B High Load Detected


Relocates virtual machines to equalize the load of ESXs/XenServers

with live migration

Virtual Machine OS

Job D

Resource Optimization in virtual environment 1


Enable load equalization and power saving operation by setting up

appropriate load threshold in optimization engine.

The Optimization Engine Threshold set up UI Fig.1.Load equalization

by allocating VM to low load server.


As all servers are loaded beyond a threshold, NEC SigmaSystemCenter will build up a new ESX Server to equalize server load.

Resource Optimization in virtual environment 1


Virtual Machines are relocated dynamically according to system load level. Idle servers can be powered off if desired to reduce power consumption.

CPU Usage Rate

Appropriate Load Level on on on off off on on on on on Power OFF Appropriate Load Level Load monitoring

Relocating VM to keep appropriate load level.

Then, extra server are powered off.

Resource Optimization in virtual environment 2


Appropriat e Load on on on off off on on on on on Power off Appropriat e Load

Achieves Load Dispersion of Server Resources

High Load High Load

Power on Standby Not Operating Operating Resources Equalized (1)Load Monitoring (2)Optimal

Location Calculation (3)Power On (4) Equalization

Resource Optimization in virtual environment 3

Automated Scale-out

Turns backup server power on and equalizes resources as needed from high load detection.

In case of VMware environment, automated provisioning of new ESX servers from bare-metal state enables on-demand scale-out.


Integrated VM management features and functions for new business type and usage scenarios.

More flexible operations such as optimized VM placement across different virtualization platforms.

Server Server Server Server

VMware ESX Citrix XenServer Microsoft Hyper-V

Win Win Linux Linux Linux Unix

Migration Technology High Availability Technology Security Technology Integrated VM management

Integrated VM Technology

Optimal Location of Operations Easy Server Migration

Expanded Hetero Environments High Added Value

Flexible operations of

heterogeneous VM environments

Provisioning Technology

Linux Linux

Win Win

Integrated Virtualization Platform Management Software

Support mixed VM environment (ESX, XenServer, Hyper-V) from NEC SigmaSystemCenter2.1




Management console for Entire System NEC SigmaSystemCenter


Management console for Server

EM Card

Win Linux Unix DB OLTP AP AP OS MW AP Server Resource Storage Network Virtualizatin Platform Managed Resources

For usual operation, manageable by only NEC SigmaSystemCenter.


Utilize dedicated tool

Server specific setting, special feature etc

Management console for Servers Remote KVM Remote Media Power management

Visualization Auto configuration

NEC SigmaSystemCenter manages virtual environment as well as

physical environment.

In case of specific management task





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