New Program Awareness Northeast Wisconsin Technical College March 2016


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New Program Awareness


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

March 2016


New Programs

•Autism Technician Technical Diploma

•Biomedical Electronics Technology AAS

•Business Analyst AAS

•Carpentry Technical Diploma

•Construction Management-Carpentry AAS

•Construction Management-Electricity AAS

•Construction Management-Masonry AAS

•Construction Management-Mechanical AAS

•Culinary Technical Diploma

•Electricity Technical Diploma (name change)

•Human Services AAS

•Industrial Mechanic Technical Diploma (name change)

•Laboratory Science Technology AAS

•Masonry Technical Diploma

•Paraeducator (Instructional Assistant) Technical Diploma

• Paralegal Post Baccalaureate Technical Diploma


New Local Certificates

•Early Childhood Program Development

•Substance Abuse Specialty


New Pathway Certificates

•Landscape Installation


Construction Management-Carpentry*

Associate Degree


Tech Diploma

Construction Management-Masonry*

Associate Degree


Tech Diploma

Construction Management-Mechanical*

Associate Degree

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

Tech Diploma

Construction Management-Electricity*

Associate Degree


Tech Diploma

New Construction Management Pathways



Post-Baccalaureate Tech Diploma


Associate Degree

Law Office Administration*

Pathway Certificate

New Pathways

*New 2016-17 program

Substance Abuse Specialty*

Local Certificate

Human Services*

Associate Degree

Substance Abuse Counselor Education*

Tech Diploma

Embedded for the new incoming student. Also, opportunities

for post-baccalaureate/master’s certifications.



Associate Degree


Tech Diploma

Intro to Paraeducator

Pathway Certificate

Landscape Horticulture

Associate Degree

Landscape Installation*

Pathway Certificate

New Pathways

*New 2016-17 program

Transfer to local university

Laboratory Science Technology*

Associate Degree

Digital Media

Associate Degree

Music Production*

Technical Diploma

Digital Media

Associate Degree

Video Production*

Technical Diploma


Business Analyst

Associate Degree

•70 Total Program Credits Associate Degree

• Business analysts are vital links of an organization – clearly communicating key information such as business structure, policies, and operations to stakeholders. Whether you want a career change or a way to expand your marketable skills, the Business Analyst associate degree could be the key to

your success.

•Employment Potential:

Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Enterprise Analyst, Project Coordinator

•Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in management analysis, which encompasses business analysis, will grow at a rate of 19 percent between 2011 and 2022, amounting to the nationwide. Locally, Brown County will see an 18% increase from 2014 to 2019. creation "By 2018, the United States alone could face a

shortage of 140,000-190,000 people with deep analytical skills, as well as a dearth of 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions."

•Rate of pay:

•Average District Hourly Wage - $25.83 •Yearly Starting Salary - $36,000

•Contact person


Kim Pigeon

•Additional instructor: Michael Gemignani •Associate Dean: Julie Ebben-Matzke •Academic Advisor: Paul Valencic


Culinary Program

• Under exploration for either a January 2017 or

Fall 2017 start date.


Music Production

Technical Diploma

Pending State Approval

The Music Production Technical Diploma is designed for a person seeking skills

in software music creation, music recording, music producing and distribution.

The ever increasing production of both audio and video content is requiring the

need for legal production music. Composers and songwriters are recording

record amounts of music to sell or license to outlets from local radio and TV

stations to major Hollywood productions as well as in video game

production. Freelance music production does not need to be centered near large

media outlets as the web has created a worldwide distribution network allowing

composers to work from virtually anywhere. The ability to record music in even

a small home studio has become increasingly economical and can compete on a

sound quality level with major recording studios for minimal investment. The

program is expected to begin in Spring or Fall 2017.

•Contact person:

Chris Kuborn

•Associate Dean:

Mike Vander Heiden


Video Production

Technical Diploma

Pending State Approval

The Video Production Technical Diploma will provide students with essential skills needed to compete in a video based creative content production workforce. A subset of the Digital Media

Technology associate degree, select classes will focus on industry established studio and live video production technique and workflow.

The need for video content creation has grown following the popularity of commercial online marketing strategies and emerging distribution channels. With video becoming the visual “norm” traditional media positions like photo and newspaper journalist are being asked to produce video content as part of their job duties. Businesses are competing to obtain skilled

video producers to stay current and competitive in visual marketing, social media and maintaining their online presence.

The technical diploma will provide the basic skills needed for employment by online media content creators, TV stations, In-‐house video departments as well as educational institutions and the

entertainment industry. Freelancing is also a viable avenue of opportunity for diploma graduates.

Occupational opportunities include video production assistant, camera operator, editor, visual media consultant, online media producer, production team member along with assisting in screenwriting, storyboarding, set and light design, floor direction and post-‐production.

Program may begin in Spring 2017 or Fall 2017.

•Contact person:

Pat Saxe


Paralegal Post Baccalaureate

Technical Diploma

•28 Total Credits Technical Diploma

Can be completed in two semesters

•A paralegal or legal assistant is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity to perform specifically designated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is

responsible. Paralegals are not authorized to practice law.

•Employment Potential:

•A graduate may be employed by a private firm, insurance company, corporation, bank, private business, legal clinic, government agency, legal aid office, law department, special interest group, public defender's office, prosecutor's office, service company, or consulting firm.

•Job market :

•Northeast Wisconsin employment of Paralegals and Legal Assistants is projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022.

•Rate of pay :

•Wisconsin Starting Hourly Wage: $17.00 •Wisconsin Yearly Starting Salary: $34,000



Beth Pless & Anne Oestreicher


Law Office Administration

Pathway Certificate

•12 Total Certificate Credits with Pathway to Paralegal AAS

Can be completed in two semesters

A law office administrator is a person qualified by education, training or work experience

who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency, or

other entity who is responsible for law office management, communications process,

supervising paralegals, law office billing and law library management. Law office

administrators are not authorized to practice law.

Employment Potential:

Graduates of this Pathway Certificate are prepared to work as a Law Office Administrator.

•Job market :

Northeast Wisconsin employment of Paralegals and Legal Assistants is projected to grow

22 percent from 2012 to 2022.

•Rate of pay :

Wisconsin Hourly Starting Wage: $17.00

Wisconsin Yearly Starting Salary: $34,000

•Contacts: Beth Pless & Anne Oestreicher

Dean: Randy Smith


Laboratory Science Technology

Associate Degree

•67 Total Program Credits Associate Degree

•The Laboratory Science Technology Associate of Applied Sciences Degree program blends key theoretical concepts with practical laboratory skills needed for success in a broad range of science careers, including biological, chemical, and environmental industries as well as academic research laboratories. Courses will focus on experimental design, application of scientific principles in analysis of results, accurate documentation processes, fundamentals of quality measurement, and use of industry-standard instrumentation and protocols.

•Employment Potential:

•This program has been designed not only to prepare you for immediate employment, but also to transfer smoothly to local universities, allowing you to start your science education at NWTC and continue toward a Bachelor’s degree and beyond.

•Job Market

•Employment of laboratory technicians, laboratory analysts, and quality assurance specialists is expected to grow 3-6% in our district by 2020

•Rate of pay:

•Average District Hourly Range - $16-20/hour

•Contacts: Angelo Kolokithas, Tracy LeGreve, Shannon Brunette •Associate Dean: Matt Petersen


Autism Technician

Technical Diploma

28 Total Credits

Employment Potential

Graduates Work As: Behavior technician, line therapists, paraeducators,

paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, instructional assistants, early childhood

assistant teachers

Duties include collecting and examining data; implementing strategies and

techniques to promote educational and social success; and providing vocational

and functional living skills support for persons with autism.

Job Market

CDC estimates 1 in 68 children identified with autism spectrum disorder

Rate of pay:

Annual Salary: $31,000

Hourly: $10.80 Behavior Technician

$13.97 Paraeducator



(Instructional Assistant)

Technical Diploma

49 Program Total Credits

Employment Potential

Graduates Work As: Paraeducators, paraprofessionals, instructional assistants,

specialized aides in reading, special education, and autism line therapists

Duties include: supervising classroom and playground activities, giving tests,

supporting individual learning needs of all students, following teacher lesson

plans, and personal hygiene care

Job Market

Schools in NWTC’s district need qualified paraeducators faster. Law requires Title

1 schools to have qualified paraeducators (at least 48 credits or Associate Degree)

Rate of pay:

Annual Salary: $31,000

Hourly:$13.97 Paraeducator


Early Childhood Program Development

Local Certificate

12 Total Certificate Credits

The Program Development Credential focuses on implementation in high-quality learning

environments - from curriculum development to staff coaching.

Employment Potential

The Program Development Credential promotes the development of a high quality early

learning environment. This certificate is for early childhood teachers, directors of family

childcare providers, supervisors of early childhood settings, Head Start professionals and

others in the field. It compliments the Administrator’s certificate and other credentials

from The Registry.

Job Market

96% of Early Childhood Education students are employed in the field.

Rate of Pay: Annual Salary: $28,000

Department Contacts:


Human Services

Associate Degree

•70 Total Program Credits AAS

Human Services associate degree program designed to help learners acquire

the skills needed to work with individuals, groups and communities.

•Employment Potential:

Trains people to provide education, support, care, advocacy and/or crisis

intervention in a human services agency.

•Job market :

Projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022.

•Rate of pay :

Hourly: $13.40

Yearly Median: $28,306

•Department Contacts:

Michelle Grimm, Mollie Kaebisch and Nicole Fonder


Substance Abuse Counselor

Education Technical Diploma

•31 Total Program Credits Technical Diploma

•Substance Abuse Counselor Education Technical Diploma is designed for individuals interested in working with addiction issues.

•Will attach students that have an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a Behavior Sciences field who want to gain licensure in Substance Abuse Counseling.

•Employment Potential:

•Substance abuse counseling in the areas of: correctional facilities, employee and student

assistance programs, private organizations and various community and social service


•Job Market

•Projected to grow 31 percent from 2012 to 2022.

•Rate of pay :

•Hourly: $14.40

•Yearly Median: $30,555

•Department Contacts


Michelle Grimm, Mollie Kaebisch and Nicole Fonder


Substance Abuse Specialty

Local Certificate

15 Total Certificate Credits

This program is a good choice if you already hold a Wisconsin license as a professional counselor, clinical social worker, or marriage and family therapist, and you want to add certification as a substance abuse counselor.

Employment Potential

Completion of this program makes you eligible for the specialty in substance abuse counseling, the equivalent of the Substance Abuse Counselor credential in Wisconsin.

Job market

Projected to grow 31 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Rate of pay:

Hourly: $22-32

Yearly Median: $48,000-60,000

Department Contacts:

Shelly Grimm, Mollie Kaebisch and Nicole Fonder



Biomedical Electronics

Technology Associate Degree

•62 Total Program Credits Associate Degree

The Biomedical Electronics associate degree prepares learners for a career

as a technician in medical facilities or medical equipment manufacturing

firms. Program graduates may begin careers as electronic technicians in

development, maintenance, testing, and field service.

•Job market :

District employers are indicating a strong need for trained Biomedical Technicians

in all healthcare markets due to necessary advanced skills and attrition.

•Rate of pay :

Wisconsin Hourly $17.04

Yearly $35,000

Department Contacts:

Pam Mazur, Don Cormier


Construction Management

Associate Degrees

•Construction Management-Carpentry, Construction Management-Electricity,

Construction Management-Masonry, Construction Management-Mechanical

•67 Total Program Credits Associate Degree

The Construction Management - associate degrees are designed to provide fundamental job management skills to those already working in the trade to advance their career in the construction field. Subject areas covered include managing construction costs, project and personnel management, site supervision, estimating, and

project scheduling.

•Employment Potential:

Construction Project Coordinator, Expeditor, Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Construction Manager, Trade Supervisor

•Job market :

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in carpenters, masons and electricians is expected to increase 20-40% from 2010-2020.

Rate of Pay:

Mean Starting Hourly Wage $22.00 Mean Yearly Starting Salary $45,000

•Department Contacts:

Gene Francisco, John Bergold

•Academic Advisor:


Carpentry Technical Diploma

•31 Total Program Credits 1-year Technical Diploma

•The Carpentry program prepares students with the fundamental skills and hands-on experience to embark on a carpentry career. Carpentry classes and curriculum cover residential and commercial construction and include planning and estimating, framing, roof and stair building techniques, finish carpentry, blueprint reading, building codes, using hand and portable power tools and other equipment common in the carpentry profession, and other related subjects. All credits from this program transfer to the Construction Management - Carpentry associate degree.

•Employment Potential:

•Carpenters and General Laborers

•Job market :

Employment of carpenters is projected to grow 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Population growth should result in new-home construction—the largest segment

employing carpenters—which will stimulate the need for many new workers. Demand for carpenters is expected to be driven by home remodeling needs as well.

•Rate of pay :

•Median Hourly Wage: $14.00

•Department Contacts:

•Gene Francisco, Jeff Schlag

• Academic Advisor:


Masonry Technical Diploma

•33 Total Program Credits 1-year Technical Diploma

•The one-year Masonry technical diploma prepares students for a beginning level career in brick/block/stone laying, tile setting, and concrete flatwork finishing (cement masons) in residential and commercial construction. Students also take courses in job-related math, plan reading, and estimating. All credits from this program transfer to the Construction Management - Masonry associate degree.

•Employment Potential:

•Brickmason, Blockmason, Stonemason, Cement Mason, Tile or Marble Setter

Job market :

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (


) data indicate that the brick/block mason occupation to be number 21 of the top 25 highest growth occupations in the State of

Wisconsin for the 2012-2022 period with an increase of 26.32% expected.

Rate of pay :

• Median Hourly Wage: $17.00

• Department Contacts:

•Gene Francisco, Dave Pryes

Academic Advisor



Electricity & Industrial Mechanic

Technical Diploma (name

changes only)

•Name Change

: Electrical Systems changed back to Electricity

Electricity Contacts:

•Gene Francisco, Tony Van Egeren

•Academic Advisor:

•Stephanie Wilson-Welhouse

•Name Change

: Mechanical Systems changed back to Industrial

Mechanic (PeopleSoft title: Industrial Maintenance Mechanic)

•Industrial Mechanic Contacts:

•Gene Francisco & Dan Andersen

•Academic Advisor



Landscape Installation Pathway


•8 Total Certificate Credits with Pathway to Landscape Horticulture AAS

The Landscape Installation Certificate will provide a basic skill set in 3 core areas

for those looking to enter Green Industry positions. This certificate will provide

students with the opportunity for employment and additional education.

Employment Potential:

Graduates of this program are prepared to work safely on a landscape job site

and contribute to the work of an installation crew.

•Job market :

According to EMSI Analysis, there will be significant growth in the area

of landscaping and grounds keeping workers jobs.

•Rate of pay :

Wisconsin Hourly $13.00

Yearly $26,000

•Department Contacts:

David Wright, Tony Sticha

•Academic Advisor



Discontinued/Suspended Credentials

Discontinued Programs/Certificates

AODA local certificate

AODA Technical Diploma (TD) shared with NTC

Applied Engineering Technology AAS

Biomedical Electronics local certificate

Childcare Development Apprenticeship

Computed Tomography Apprenticeship

Construction Technology AAS

Credit Business Management AAS

Echocardiography local certificate

Electrical Systems TD

Electrician Apprenticeship (ABC)

Financial Institutions Management AAS

Foundry Apprenticeship

Human Services AAS shared with NTC

Industrial Safety local certificate

Landscape Design Advanced local certificate

Paralegal Post Baccalaureate local certificate

Power Engineer & Boiler Operator TD

Retail Management AAS

Telecommunications Vdv Installer Technician


Therapeutic Massage local certificate

Wood Tech TD

Programs on State Suspension


Programs on Internal Suspension

Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 520

Academy (due to new WTCS/DOJ alignment;

replaced by Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement

720 Academy)

Marine Construction TD


Updated curriculum can be

found at:

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Diploma Programs



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