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Open forum with research workshops at the occasion of the annual conferences of the


experts and the


network for active participation in cultural activities

8th-10th June 2011

Ghent, Belgium

Hosted by Forum voor Amateurkunsten, Ghent with the support from

the Council of Europe, the Flemish Government and the city of Ghent Scientific Partners:

European Association of Cultural Researchers (ECURES); Finnish Foundation for Cultural Research, Helsinki (CUPORE); Ghent University; Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP); Zentrum für Kulturforschung (ZfKf), Bonn/Berlin


COMPENDIUM: The annual meeting of experts and editors of the Council of Europe/ERICarts Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe ( addresses cultural policy and research issues of importance for the maintenance and further development of this leading Internet information system covering 45 countries. Previous conferences were held in

Strasbourg, Berlin, Budapest, Zagreb, Madrid and Zurich. Cultural rights, diversity and intercultural dialogue have been focal points during the most recent of these meetings and public forums. AMATEO: The Amateo network and its member organisations in 12 countries try to enhance:

• The information flow about socio-cultural activities in all parts of Europe; • Political support for the importance of active participation in cultural activities; • The exchange of information and best practices;

• The development of international co-operation projects, exchange programmes, festivals, exhibitions and tours with partners throughout Europe;

• Joint research into the field of active cultural participation;

• Debates about common issues such as intercultural dialogue or trans-national mobility. At the occasion of the annual meeting of Compendium experts and the Amateo General Meeting in Ghent, the organizers want to seize the opportunity to join forces with scientific and cultural partners to explore issues around the active cultural participation of different groups of the population in all parts of Europe and related policies, including but not limited to arts education; socio-cultural programmes for different generations and other target groups; integration policies. As well, strategies regarding the collection and interpretation of comparative data will be discussed with the aim of improving the content of the Compendium information system and of facilitating future pan-European research efforts in this domain.




location: Ghent, arts centre “Vooruit” Morning

Arrival of the participants Afternoon

Internal meetings

Compendium experts Amateo participants 13.30 – 18.00: Annual Compendium conference

of experts and editors (see separate programme) 18.30 – 19.30: Assembly / Open Board Meeting of the European Association of Cultural


13.30 – 15.30: Workshop discussing strengths, weaknesses and especially opportunities for European networks in the field of amateur arts 16.00 – 17.30: General Meeting of Amateo


Dinner and optional cultural programme: Akram Khan Company – Virtual Road (see p. 6 for info)


Morning location: Ghent, arts centre “Vooruit”

9.00 – 10.30 Active cultural participation throughout Europe in facts and figures under the guidance of Ghent University (John Lievens and Dries

Vanherwegen) and SCP (Andries van den Broek).

Flemish and Dutch researchers will prepare a paper that provides information about the design of recent research on active cultural

participation / amateur arts participation in Flanders and the Netherlands, which is to be complemented by experiences from other countries

(distributed to participants well in advance of the conference). In order to facilitate this paper, all participants are asked to gather and send prior to the Ghent Conference relevant information from their own countries on existing research into active cultural participation, on the methodology used and on main results, based on a short questionnaire.

The workshop aims at bringing together results and to open the discussion whether future research on cultural participation could become more consistent so that results are comparable on a European scale. 10.30-11.00 Coffee/tea/nicotine/chocolate/sugar/oxygen break


11.00 - 12.30 How is active cultural participation supported throughout Europe? In a facilitated debate, a Round Table on policies and structures supporting an active cultural participation we will enquire to what extent governments use research to create policies on active cultural participation. This

workshop will also provide an overview of the support mechanisms in the different countries and the support given by European networks, provided by Compendium experts and other participants of the Forum.

Lunch 12.30 – 14.00 Lunch at “De Vieze Gasten”, a socio-artistic organisation Afternoon location “De Vieze Gasten”

14.00 - 15.30 Introduction to the working methods of “De Vieze Gasten” followed by a facilitated discussion on

How can intercultural participation be enhanced? 15.30 - 16.00 Coffee/tea/nicotine/chocolate/sugar/oxygen break

16.00 - 17.30 Keynote speaker: Eva Hambach, chairperson of the European Network for Volunteers: “How to support volunteers in the cultural sector throughout Europe”.

Followed by an interactive discussion providing additional examples (and fitting perfectly in the "European Year of the Volunteer", 2011).

Evening Location: Ghent, exact location to be confirmed 19.00 - 20.30 Dinner

20.30 - … Meeting with representatives of the European Commission/Parliament and the Council of Europe



Morning location: arts centre “Vooruit” 9.30 – 11.00 Minorities and artistic practices of the majority

This workshop deals with the question how minorities or migrants express themselves through the arts and what obstacles exist to involve them in mainstream activities. So far, there exists not much empirical evidence about current practices, but surveys are under way, e.g. in Germany. Should policies aim at celebrating diversity or towards social and cultural cohesion (or both)? In both cases, this may also involve issues of cultural / human rights.

Documentary maker and anthropologist An Van Dienderen will open the workshop with her (visual) reflections on this topic, followed by a

presentation of the new "Inter-KulturBarometer" in Germany by Susanne Keuchel (ZfKf).

11.00 - 11.30 Coffee/tea/nicotine/chocolate/sugar/oxygen break 11.30 – 13.00 The effect of generations

Researchers throughout Europe observed that the generation to which people belong has an effect on their cultural participation, next to an effect of age as such. While studies show a decline in active participation with the age of people, the scope of interest seems to gradually widen and the desire to participate or engage as a volunteer is remarkably high. Can this be related to artistic or educational opportunities that people were given when they were younger? Research indicates that those who practiced arts in their youth are much more frequently active cultural participants when they get older. If more and more youngsters now get involved in arts activities, will they still be more active when they get old? Or can we directly enhance the participation of the older generations, and if so, what are suitable measures and opportunities to encourage this?

The workshop is opened by Ritva Mitchell (CUPORE) and Andreas Wiesand (ERICarts / ZfKf), who will compare main results of the joint German / Finnish surveys "Cultural Participation and the 50+ Generation"

13.00 – 14.00 Closing of the congress (with quick lunch) Afternoon



Rooms for the Compendium authors, European networks and speakers have been booked in:

FLANDRIA hotel Barrestraat 3

9000 Gent

Hotel Erasmus

Poel 5

9000 GENT

Transportation to Ghent from Brussels airport

Every hour there are 2 trains (xx:52) and (xx:09) that go directly from Brussels Airport to Gent-Sint-Pieters station. Additional links exist from Brussels Midi (main station) – travel time from there is about half an hour.

Participation fee

The participation to the congress is free. For Compendium and Amateo guests and speakers, Hotel accommodation, meals and transport in Ghent will be covered by the congress organisation. Participants must cover their flights and the trip between Brussels and Ghent.


Please announce your participation to the Forum/Research Workshop until 9th May 2011, indicating whether you would like to contribute with a paper to one of the sessions. Contact:

European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts), Olivier Göbel Irmintrudisstr. 17, D-53111 Bonn; Tel: +49 228 2420996, Fax: +49 228 241318


The congress offers you a ticket to


Akram Khan Company – Vertical Road

8 June 2011(evening) in arts centre Vooruit

Nitin Sawhney’s pulsating, pre-recorded score is perfectly matched to the needle-sharp textures and muted colours of Khan’s detailed choreography, which this ensemble interprets with astonishing fluidity and facility, quite blowing you away.

(The Independent on an earlier collaboration between Khan and Sawhney)

Akram Khan is one of the biggest names on the contemporary dance scene. The last time he could be seen at Vooruit dates back to 2005, with the performance ‘Zero Degrees’, which he created together with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. For his latest piece, ‘Vertical Road’, he drew inspiration from universal stories about angels that symbolise ‘ascension’. The road between the earthly and the spiritual – The Vertical Road. Dancers from all corners of the world will give their own interpretation of these stories. ‘Vertical Road’ is a spiritually overwhelming and visually stunning masterpiece.

Although Khan was born in London, he likes to return to his roots every so often. In his contemporary choreographies he uses classic elements of traditional Indian dance: complex footwork, elegant moves of the arms and the hands, a dynamic contrast between moving and standing still. As a young dancer, Khan made his mark with Jonathan Burrows and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. He is now a successful choreographer himself, working with well-known artists such as actress Juliette Binoche, sculptor Anish Kapoor and author Hanif Kureishi. For ‘Vertical Road’, Khan will once again collaborate with musician Nitin Sawhney.

Artists: Akram Khan (choreography), Nitin Sawhney (music), Salah Al Progy, Ahmed Belabbas Khemis, Eulalia Ayguade Farro, Li Qian, Andrej Petrovic, Young-Jin Kim, Paul Zivkovich & Konstatina Efthymiadou, Jesper Kongshaug (lighting), Ruth Little (dramaturgy), Jess Gormley (research) & Farooq Chaudhry (producer)





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