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People you will meet



Devon Place

Halls of Residence


Student handbook



Emergency phone numbers

In case of


please contact:

07415 908402

Attendance officer:

(Please write the details of your attendance officer)

At College

Person Role Phone number E-mail address

Ken Cuthbert Warden 07415 908402 Ken.Cuthbert

Tracey Pountney International Officer 01242 532140 Tracey.Pountney

Judith Woodman International Business

and Welfare Manager

01242 532144 Judith.Woodman

David Busby Manager for EFL 01242 532047 David.busby Matthew Woodman International Student

Welfare & Gateway Advisor

01242 532138 Matthew.woodman Johanna

Granville-Edmunds Accommodation Officer 01247 532007 accommodation@

Farman Kaveh Recruitment Manager 01242 532168 Farman.Kaveh General College number 0845 155 2020



A warm welcome from your warden, my name is Ken, and I will be available to help and support you throughout your stay at the halls. I will help promote a friendly and mature environment where everybody feels involved and can enjoy their stay. Have a great time at college and I look forward to meeting you.

Ken Cuthbert

When you arrive, I will provide you with a welcome pack. This welcome pack provides a lot of information that you will find useful throughout your stay in Cheltenham,

Gloucestershire and England. It might be overwhelming to read it all at once, but it is a great idea to keep it handy for future reference.

I also have additional information that is available for you. This includes leaflets such as places of worship, how to get insurance, local restaurants etc. I can provide support leaflets for things like health issues, safe sexual practice, alcohol and drug issues etc. Please also look at the notice boards that I put up as they will provide a wealth of information that is relevant to you.

A warm welcome from Ken, your halls warden




1.1 Before you arrive Page 7 1.2 Arrival Page 8 1.3 Have you got everything? Page 8

Section 1: You will, We will

Page: 7

Section 2: Your rooms

Page: 9

2.1 Your room Page 9 2.2 Kitchens Page 10 2.3 Inventory and deposit Page 10 2.4 Keys Page 11 2.5 Clearing and care of your room Page 11 2.6 Bedding information Page 11

Section 3: Halls information

Page: 12

3.1 Post Page 12 3.2 Bicycles Page 12 3.3 Car parking Page 12 3.4 Pets Page 13 3.5 Maintenance and damage Page 13 3.6 Communal areas Page 13 3.7 Laundry Page 13 3.8 Telephones Page 14 3.9 Utilities Page 14 3.10 Smoking Page 14

Section 4: Your welfare and behaviour

Page: 15

4.1 How we expect you to behave Page 15

4.2 Who you can talk to Page 15

4.3 Every child matters Page 15

4.4 Medical issues and arrangements Page 16

4.5 Drugs Page 16

4.6 Alcohol Page 17

4.7 Confidentiality in student health and welfare Page 17

4.8 Noise Page 17

4.9 Harassment Page 18

4.10 Safeguarding Page 18

4.11 Equal Opportunities Page 18

4.12 Disciplinary procedures Page 19

4.13 Student complaints procedure Page 19

4.14 Visitors Page 20

4.15 Firearms, weapons and dangerous items Page 20

6.1 Fire and safety Page 23 6.2 Disabilities Page 24 6.3 First aid Page 24 6.4 Electrical appliances Page 24 6.5 Your responsibilities Page 25 6.6 Your health and safety concerns Page 25 6.7 Security Page 26

Section 6: Health and safety

Page: 23

7.1 Accommodation contract/licence details Page 27

7.2 Termination of contract Page 27 8.1 Fees for academic year Page 29 8.2 How to pay Page 30

9.1 Fines and charges Page 31 9.2 Fines Page 31 9.3 Charges Page 32

Section 7: Accommodation contract/licence

Section 8: Halls fee information

Page: 29

Section 9: Fines and charges

Page: 31


Page: 27


5.1 Minor and moderate offences Page 21 5.2 Gross misconduct and automatic expulsion offences Page 22

Section 5: Disciplinary tables

Page: 21

D1: Hospitals Page 34 D2 Doctors’ Surgeries Page 35 D3 Dentists Page 36 D4 Laundrette Page 37 D5 Taxi Services Page 38 D6 Public transport Page 39 D7 Useful contact numbers Pages 40-41 A1 Map of College Page 33


Page: 33



David Busby- Academic manager

David has been working with international students for many years. If you

have a serious problem or complaint, please come and see David . David

monitors attendance and lateness and will come and talk to you if you are not doing well in your classes.

Judy Woodman - International Business and Welfare Manager

Judy has been at the college working with international students for 18 years. Judy is available to help you with things like visas, banking, doctors or anything to do with living in the UK.

Tracey Pountney - International Liaison Advisor

Tracey has a lot of international experience and has lived abroad herself. Tracey can help with applications and any questions you might have about your studies.

Johanna Granville-Edmunds - Accommodation Officer

Johanna is able to help you with any accommodation concerns. She knows the host families and allocates students to them. If you have a problem that either your host family or the halls warden cannot help you with, please ask Johanna .

Farman Kaveh - International Recruitment

Farman is the international recruitment staff for the college. He travels throughout the world meeting students and helping them apply to the col-lege. If you know someone who lives overseas who might like to study at the college, please talk to Farman .

More details

More details about support for students can also be found on the ‘student zone’ section of our website:

You are welcome to find out more about the department by visiting our website at:

The international team are also available to help you with any problems that you may have.

The international team

Section 1: You will, we will

We believe that as long as everybody recognises and respects the needs of others, then there should be no need for a long list of do’s and don’ts.

In this handbook you will find rules and procedures and we ask you to read it to understand the community you are moving into.

We have put into this handbook a simple ‘we do, you do’. We understand our responsibility in providing you with a safe, enjoyable study environment, but we also need you to play your part as well.

Gloucestershire College complies with the Department of Health Accommodation of Students under Eighteen by Further Education Colleges National Minimum Standards. These can be found here: digitalasset/dh_4069190.pdf

We will

 Provide you with a student handbook introducing you to Gloucestershire College

halls, its facilities and its regulations.

 Provide clear and accurate information.

 Provide a letter with details of your accommodation.

 Ensure that your enquiries are dealt with by professional and courteous staff.

 Seek to provide clear guidelines on what to do next.

You will

 Return all necessary paperwork by the deadlines.

 Contact us if your circumstances change.

 Read, be aware of and uphold the terms of the college conduct and halls


 Be polite and courteous to members of staff at all times.

 Please also look at the notice boards as they provide a wealth of information that is

relevant to you.


Before you arrive


Section 1: You will, we will

Key issue will be at the warden’s office from:

08:00am 31st August 2013

A college staff member will be there to help you. If you are arriving before the given arrival time then please contact the college in advance.

This is a busy time for staff so we kindly ask for cars to be unloaded promptly and to leave the site at the earliest opportunity to avoid any delays.

To help you organise and keep track of all the things you need to have done before arriving at halls we have provided you with a small table including all the tasks and documents you should have received and completed prior to arriving at halls. Just tick as appropriate to confirm receipt of each document; remember this is just for your reference so if it helps, please use it.

Form Description Received Received

(by parent) Returned (via email or post) Will return yourself

Accommodation application form

Bedding request form

Under 18 parent contract (Only

relevant for those under 18)


Confidential medical form

Signed letting agreement

Guarantee agreement




Have you got everything?


Section 2: Your rooms

Devon Place halls is organised in clusters. There are 5 clusters of up to 6 students in a flat who share a kitchen and communal facilities. There is also one cluster of 2 as well as 2 studio flats, 1 suitable for disabled students. Devon Place is self-catering only with all the bedrooms comprising of en-suite, fully furnished, single rooms.

In your room you will find a single bed, desk and chair, wardrobe with hanging space (coat hangers not provided), drawer unit and shelving.

Wireless internet connection is provided free of charge.

You’re welcome to put up any posters on notice boards in your room or flat but please remember that putting them on walls can cause damage which could leave you with a repair cost. Do not fix anything to the walls such as picture hooks or shelves, or make any permanent changes to the rooms. We ask you to please not move any furniture from any of the rooms and when you leave make sure the room is left as it was when you arrived.

Do not forget to take your personal things with you when you leave because anything

left behind will be disposed of by the college and you could end up paying a charge.

Please remember not to bring any kitchen equipment into your room (such as mini fridges). There is a kitchen in your flat!

If you would like to move rooms or flats then please write and ask the warden. A transfer cost of £50 will be needed if you are allowed to move rooms.

There is a non-smoking policy throughout the whole building, including bedrooms. Remember to use the smoking areas provided outside.


Your room


Section 2: Your rooms

The halls are self-catering and all flats have a shared kitchen to prepare meals. Each kitchen is equipped with plates, glasses, cups, pots and pans, dish brush and kitchen cleaning items, rubbish bin, as well as an electric cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, and kettle. We provide kitchen equipment with instructions on how to use it in all flats as well as cutlery, but please do not remove anything from the kitchens.

We do NOT allow any deep fat fryers, or chip pans in any kitchen under any circumstance because they are a big fire risk. If they are found they will be removed and you could face a fine.

Kitchens and all the common areas will be cleaned at least once per week. This includes emptying the rubbish bins. It is your responsibility to wash all plates or dishes that you use, and wash surfaces down. Remember to throw away all out of date food and not to put broken glass straight into the bins; wrap them carefully and throw away in the skips provided. Try to remove your rubbish sacks when the bins are full, don’t let your rubbish overflow the kitchen!

Devon Place halls operates a recycling policy. In your kitchens you will notice one bin for general waste and another for recycling. Please try to use these appropriately or you may suffer a fine or charge if found to be abusing the policy.




Inventory and deposit

When you move in to your room you will be handed an inventory which is a list of all the items in your room/flat. This gives you the chance to note any faults or problems you may find in your room. If you do find any then you must report them within 48 hours of moving in to the warden on duty.

You will need to pay a refundable deposit of £250 to Gloucestershire College. For more information on deposits please see the Hall Fees information section, page 29.


Section 2: Your rooms

On arrival you will be given your key card and door keys for access to the main gate and some doors within the hall. These keys are your responsibility, and any loss or damage will incur a charge of £50 to replace, plus a £25 administrative fee. Please see the warden who will be able to provide you with a new one.

As a student at Gloucestershire College you will be issued with a college I.D. badge. You will not be required to wear this in the halls, but must be able to produce it should you be asked by a warden or security.

Losing your keys is a security risk and the college may need to replace locks. This can be very expensive and will result in you being charged for the costs. If you get locked out of your room or need help with regards to your keys/key cards then please contact the warden.




Cleaning and care of your room

You are responsible for the condition of your bedroom and furniture. There will be charges if rooms are not left in a reasonable and clean condition, especially when you leave at the end of term. All accidents and damage must be reported as soon as possible to the warden. You are in charge of the bins in your room and bathroom. Empty your waste into the general waste bin in the kitchen or to the external bins outside. Try not to let any of your waste build up. The cleaners will not clean your bedroom.

Keep the communal areas tidy; cleaners will come at least once a week to keep these areas tidy and empty the bins, but it takes a joint effort to keep your environment a clean, safe and enjoy-able one. Failure to keep your room or communal areas tidy and clean may result in disciplinary action, with the costs for having the area cleaned charged to those students responsible.

Monthly checks will be made by the wardens to make sure that rooms and bathrooms are clean and hygienic.


Bedding information

You will need to provide your own towels, bed linen, duvet, duvet cover, pillow, and pillow cases. It is your responsibility to keep your things clean.

Bedding packs are available from the Warden. They cost £40 and include 2 fitted sheets 1 duvet, 2 duvet covers, 1 pillow,2 pillow cases and 5 clothes hangers

If you would like to purchase a bedding pack and have not received a bedding pack request form, then please contact either the warden or the Accommodation Officer in


Section 3: Halls information

Your postal address is:

(Your Name) Devon Place 2 Devon Avenue Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL51 8AP

All personal post will be handed out by the warden. Keeping this in mind, the hall and college cannot be held responsible for any missing items of post. If any items are of value it is best that they are sent by registered post. The warden on duty will let you know that there is some post for you to sign for and retrieve it from their office.

If any large items of post come you will be required to sign for them and you may need to provide some proof of identity.

3.1 Post



You are welcome to bring bicycles to the halls and these will be kept in a secure part of the compound at the back, by the conservatory.

The bike rack is easy to get to; just through a pedestrian pathway, and is access controlled. There is a buzzer which is linked directly to the warden’s office as well. Keep your bicycles securely locked with a strong cycle lock (provided by you) within the compound.

It is a good idea for you to have identification, such as a post code, permanently stamped on the bike frame and ensure your bicycle is covered by an insurance policy.

Please remember to take your bikes with you when you leave the halls at the end of the academic year


Car parking

We do discourage you from bringing a car to the halls as there are only a limited number of car parking spaces. The spaces which are available are for disabled students or disabled visitors, the warden and any emergency service vehicles that need access to the building. If you do bring a car then there is street sparking available, but you do this at your own risk, and don’t forget to keep your valuables out of sight!


Section 3: Halls information

No animals or pets of any kind are allowed in the halls or on the compound. If animals or pets are found, a charge will be levied.




Maintenance and damage

If you find any faults or problems in your room you need to tell the warden as soon as possible. If it is an emergency you must speak to the warden immediately with a full description of the location and what is wrong.

If there are repairs that need to be carried out, maintenance teams might have to carry this out when you are not in your room or flat. We will give you 24 hours notice before any member of the maintenance staff enters your room or flat.

Any damage or repairs which are caused by you will mean you have to pay the costs. Any damages that cannot be attributed to anybody in particular may be charged to all of the students living in the cluster, or if the damage takes place in a public area, to all students.


Communal areas

The halls have a TV lounge with a tennis table and table football that is open to all the students living in the halls to use. These facilities are in place for everybody’s enjoyment so please be respectful of the property and share the facilities with your fellow students.



There are no laundry facilities on site at Devon Place halls. However there is a laundrette just across the road from the halls. See Directory 4 on page 37 for a map and more information about laundrettes near Devon Place.

Because of mould, condensation and wet patches, please do not wash clothes in bedrooms or bathrooms. Wet items of clothing should not be dried over radiators or other areas in the bedroom and bathrooms


Section 3: Halls information

Your rooms do not have telephones. However, there is a card phone provided for your private use. You can buy pre paid cards from the halls warden or use your debit/credit card to pay for calls.

There is also a G.C. telephone which is downstairs by the warden’s office; this phone is directly linked to the college reception during office hours. You will have access to this telephone when needed.





Your rent includes all your main electrical, water, and gas bills.

Your rooms have a wireless internet connection free of charge. This service is in place for you to enjoy and use for studying but please remember to act responsibly when you use it. If you do use the internet remember that you are agreeing to the Internet Use Agreement with Gloucestershire College.

If you have any problems with your internet then firstly ask the warden to see if they can help. The Warden is trained in dealing with some basic problem solving techniques. If this is not enough to resolve the problem you should direct all your IT inquiries to the IT Help Desk (details below).

IT Helpdesk Telephone: 01242 532040 E-mail: Opening hours: Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00 Friday: 09:00 - 16:30

3.10 Smoking

Devon Place is a non-smoking halls of residence, but there is a smoking area near the bike sheds for you to use. There are smoking bins provided for cigarette butts and ash. Be respectful and use these and keep the grounds clean.


Section 4: Your welfare and


Living away in halls is an exciting and valuable time, however a pleasant environment and the reputation of the college halls depends on the respect, thoughtfulness, and sensible behaviour of you to not only respect each other, but also members of the public. We want you to use your individual responsibility, but within a safe and respected environment. To achieve this it is important for certain rules to be followed. Invasion of others’ personal privacy is disapproved of. Absolutely no verbal or physical bullying, sexual or racial harassment or insulting or disorderly behaviour, drunk or otherwise, is excused by the college. Your accommodation agreement explains more of your responsibilities. Behaviour or actions which put at risk the safety and security of the halls will lead to disciplinary action and possible fines.

We hope that if you have any concerns about behaviour in the halls you will come and tell us. Smaller disagreements should always try to be dealt with informally, and you should always try to do this by firstly talking the problem through. However, this is not always possible and so if it fails please do not hesitate to contact the warden or your personal tutor.


How we expect you to behave


Who you can talk to

Sometimes you may experience problems ranging from a variety of areas; personal relationships, family, financial, medical, eating and drinking problems or broader problems such as anxiety or depression. Whatever the problem do not hesitate to seek advice, other people’s experiences can often shed a new light on problems which seem troublesome to you.

Gloucestershire College offers a counselling service for all students and contact details can be found in the student services department in the college. You can make an appointment easily and confidentially.


Every child matters

The college is committed to meeting the aims of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda which seeks to ensure that all young people are given support to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.


Section 4: Your welfare and



Medical issues and arrangements

There will be days when you are feeling unwell. When this happens you MUST tell the warden immediately, or get a friend to tell someone that

you’re unwell.

It is a good idea when you arrive in Cheltenham to register with a local doctor’s surgery. Try and do this sooner rather than later; if you leave it till you fall ill it could cause delays in any treatment you need. Have a look at the directory at the back of this handbook for information on local doctor surgeries near Devon Place. During your induction, the warden will help you register with a local GP.

A list of doctors’ surgeries can be found in the directory, section 1, on page 35. If you have a medical issue which you need assistance or any special supplies (e.g. a medical fridge in your room), then please make these known when you apply for accommodation so that we can do everything to try and make sure your needs are met. A medicine locker is available should you need it for any medicines to be kept safely. We will provide a medical records form when you apply for accommodation. Please fill this out with up to date information so that we can be aware of any specific needs you may have to ensure you are fully looked after. All such information will be treated with complete confidentiality.



The college has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to drug abuse, misuse or possession on the halls grounds. If any drugs are found then the college may terminate your tenancy and you may still have to pay the remaining rental costs.

We welcome you to have visitors and guests but as the tenant you are responsible for your guests you invite into the halls. If any of your guests bring drugs on to the property you will take responsibility and your tenancy may be at risk.

It is a criminal offence! The college has a responsibility to report any drugs to the police

and let them take further action.


Section 4: Your welfare and




Current UK law states that it is illegal for under 18 year olds to consume and purchase alcohol. Therefore, any student who is under the age of 18 will not be allowed to drink or be in possession of alcohol. Any students that are found will be subjected to disciplinary procedures.

Devon Place is a mixed age group hall and so we appreciate that those old enough to drink may want to.

 Only students who are 18 and over will be permitted to drink alcohol on the premises.

 Alcohol is not to be consumed in common areas or in any under 18 rooms

This needs to be respected and absolutely NO drinking may occur in any other parts of the halls. Drunk and Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated—remember alcohol is NOT a mitigating factor for your behaviour.


Confidentiality in student health and welfare

Personal information provided by or about you will be treated in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that all information will be strictly confidential and measures will be taken to protect any disclosures which are not allowed.

The college does have a duty of care to all students and therefore in some necessary cases confidentiality may have to be broken (e.g. where the student is at harm to themselves or others, or where the student’s medical health is at risk).



The college wants you to use and enjoy the halls environment but this means you are expected to have some respect and thoughtfulness for all students. Too much noise will not be accepted. During the hours of 23:00 and 08:00 hours no music should be able to be heard outside your rooms. Remember to bring your headphones that way you can enjoy your music whilst being respectful of others.

If you do feel like your neighbours are creating too much noise and it is bothering you please don’t hesitate to contact the warden so that the matter can be solved quickly.


Section 4: Your welfare and




The College has a Code of Practise against harassment (found at:

Harassment is a completely unacceptable form of behaviour and will not be tolerated. We are dedicated to ensuring a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can study in a relaxed and secure environment with a positive atmosphere. Any action or behaviour intended to hurt or negatively affect the quality of life of anybody for the reasons of sexual orientation, religion, race, colour, ethnic/national origin or gender is seen as a serious matter. Harassment can take on many forms of behaviour including verbal or physical bullying (single cases or repeated), offensive physical contact, hostile or offensive acts or language, unwelcome sexual advances, requests, or verbal behaviour. This also includes cyber bullying as well.

Steps will be taken to stop any such behaviour. Offenders will be subjected to the appropriate disciplinary actions laid out in the college’s disciplinary procedures.

4.10 Safeguarding

Gloucestershire College is committed to attracting staff and students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Such diversity of staff and students is viewed as a major strength of any organisation. The college seeks to ensure no student receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their age, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, and disability, marital or parental status.

In accommodation you will come into contact with a broad cross section of people; including those with seen and unseen disabilities, and people from a range of different cultures and lifestyles. All students and residents are expected to comply with the college’s policy in regard to equal opportunities.

The Gloucestershire College Equal Opportunity Policy can be found at: Equality_and_Diversity.pdf)

4.11 Equal opportunities

We believe that it is very important for all students to feel secure, valued and listened to. We endeavour to provide all learners with a safe environment and ensure that you are protected.


Section 4: Your welfare and


4.12 Disciplinary procedures

The Disciplinary Procedures and information about appeals are set out on the Gloucestershire College website ( 20downloads/Student_Policies/Student_Disciplinary_Procedure.pdf).

If you are called to a disciplinary meeting you MUST attend, and bring all evidence which is asked of you. The College normally will hold students responsible for any damage or disturbances in their rooms whether the student was present. You will be charged and fined in some circumstances for any unreasonable damage. The College reserves the right to move or remove you from accommodation if you fail to comply with the regulations set out in this Handbook and the Accommodation Licence (contract).

4.13 Student complaints procedure

Your first point of call is always the warden or your personal tutor who may be able to resolve your issue informally on your behalf. If the warden is unable to help (or the complaint regards the warden), then you can either speak to your link worker, personal tutor or to a member of staff in the international department. The college has in place a compliment and complaints system called Talkback should you wish to make a formal complaint. This system provides a framework to help you formally compliment or complain to the college about services you have received from Gloucestershire College. Talk back cards can be found outside the warden’s office or at any of the college campuses.

You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint within 3 working days after logging your comments on Talkback. Keep all communication you receive and send. If you are still not happy with the outcome and still have further complaints then you should write to the Quality Improvement Manager at the address below:

The Quality Improvement Manager, Gloucestershire College, Llanthony Road, Gloucester, GL2 5RQ

More information about the talkback policy can be found at Talkback.pdf


Section 4: Your welfare and




Visitors are welcome to the halls; they are your responsibility so please ensure you and your guest (s) are respectful of your neighbours or any other people you share your flat with. All visitors must sign the logbook (located in the warden’s office) when they enter and leave the halls. This is not meant to be an intrusion of your privacy but in case of emergency such as fire, it is vital we know how many people are in the building.

Any over night visitors must be of the same gender and you can have no more an two visitors.

Disabled visitors are welcomed; please look at the health and safety section titled Disabilities on page 24, for more information.

4.15 Firearms, weapons and dangerous items

No firearms, nor ammunition, other weapons, including swords/knives, replica guns, all BB guns, air soft guns, or paintball guns may be brought into the halls at any time. Fireworks should not be brought into the halls nor stored in bedrooms. They are not to be let off anywhere within the halls/college grounds. Breaking these regulations will result in disciplinary action and your tenancy may be terminated.



Minor and moderate offences


Section 5: Disciplinary tables

Minor offences (automatic first warning)

Moderate offences (automatic second warning) Minor bullying or harassment/


Moderate bullying or harassment/ discrimination.

Candles in room (lit or not). An overnight guest who has not signed in.

Not appropriately handling rubbish. Possession of obscene material.

Online poker or mah-jong. Under 18 leaving halls without warden’s

permission (not overnight)

Not tidying kitchen or doing dishes. Verbal abuse to local establishments.

Minor damage to walls, furniture or fittings. Moderate damage to walls, furniture or fittings.

Minor noise violations. Moderate noise violations.

Minor disorderly conduct. Moderate disorderly conduct.

Leaving door unlocked repeatedly. Under 18 student breaking curfew.

Not providing the warden with a mobile

number change. Violation of guest rules.

Guests not signed in during the day. Under 18 student with a guest of the

opposite gender in the bedroom (day or night).

Under 18 student in a room with alcohol,



Section 5: Disciplinary tables


Gross misconduct and automatic expulsion


Gross misconduct offences

(automatic third warning) Automatic expulsion offences

Possession of firearms, weapons, etc. Dealing and in possession of an illegal

substance. Smoking anywhere in halls other than the

designated smoking areas.

Lighting a fire. Tampering with fire equipment/alarms/

safety devices/fire doors.

Convicted of a criminal offence.

Obstructing stairways (fire hazard). Subletting a room.

Serious bullying or harassment/ discrimination.

Absent from room longer than 28 days.

Not sleeping in your own room. Failure to pay rent within 28 days.

Use of room for illegal purposes. Excluded from course.

Major damage to walls, fixtures and fittings.

Gross misconduct. Under 18 students leaving the halls

overnight without warden’s permission.

Unlicensed firearm.

Physical assault. Breaking the law.

Major noise violation.

Major disorderly conduct.

Unauthorised electrical appliances. Preparation of hot food in bedrooms. Theft.

Section 6: Health and safety


Fire and safety

When you move into your room it is a good idea to learn where the nearest fire exit is as well as the location of all fire alarms and fire fighting equipment. The fire evacuation procedures are displayed in the kitchen and on notice boards throughout the halls of residence.

Discovering a fire:

 Immediately activate the nearest fire alarm.

 If it is safe to do so close all doors and windows behind you and walk to the

nearest exit and assembly point.

 Call the emergency services on 999, and advise staff and emergency services of

the location of the fire.

 Wait at the assembly point until you are told by warden/security or the fire

brigade that you can re-enter.

 Remember, never attempt to extinguish a fire unless you are CONFIDENT that

you can do so safely using the right equipment.

Hearing a fire alarm:

 If you hear a fire alarm you must leave the building using the nearest fire exit


 Do not run, do not use lifts and close all doors and windows (if it is safe to do so)

behind you.

 Meet at the fire assembly point outside your building.

 Remember not to re enter the building until you have received permission from

the staff or fire brigade.

The fire alarms are there to protect you so please take them seriously. The college regularly tests fire alarms. There will be one fire alarm test once a term.

Remember the college wants to create a safe and secure environment for you, but in order to do so we need your support too. Here are a tips to help reduce risk and prevent false alarms:

DON’T smoke anywhere within the halls of residence apart from the smoking

areas designated.

DON’T use candles, incense, oil burners or other flammable material in halls.

DON’T leave your cooking unattended; this is usually the main cause of fires in


DON’T obstruct halls, stairs or fire exits. Students found doing so will face

disciplinary procedure.

DON’T use barbeques on hall grounds

DON’T tamper with fire fighting equipment. Any cases of tampering will

result in disciplinary action and may lead to termination of tenancy at the student’s expense.

DON’T stay in your room during a fire alarm.


Section 6: Health and safety



Students with disabilities are welcome to the college halls of residence. Once we have assessed your level of need then we can assign you to suitable accommodation to suit your needs.

If you need physical assistance in any emergencies please notify the warden when you move in. The college has a managed evacuation system in place to ensure the safety of all disabled students and visitors. You will be fully briefed on the evacuation procedures by the duty warden.

Please note: the lifts are not suitable for wheelchair users to gain access to the upper floors; therefore evacuation procedures do not make provision for the evacuation of wheelchair users from upper floors.

Disabled visitors:

If you have a disabled visitor please make sure they make themselves familiar with the relevant refuge points and safe areas in cases of emergencies. During an evacuation you must evacuate your visitor to a refuge point and tell the warden of your visitor’s location.


First aid

If you or another student or visitors need first aid treatment then please go to the warden’s office. There is a telephone in place which rings directly through to the college reception during office hours if needed.

If it is out of office hours then please ring the 24 hour emergency telephone number +44 (0)7415908402. If anyone is unwell or if an ambulance has been called please let the warden know.


Electrical appliances

Please use all electrical appliances carefully and responsibly. Try not to overload sockets, this could trip the mains switch and leave the halls in a blackout. When you are away or not using electrical equipment remember to turn all switches off and disconnect equipment.

Portable heaters and kettles are NOT ALLOWED in bedrooms because they present a

fire hazard. Any that are found will be removed.


Section 6: Health and safety


Your responsibilities

Gloucestershire College takes the health and safety of students very seriously and we appreciate that this is a joint effort.

As a student living away from home you must take safety measures for your own health and safety as well as being aware how others may be affected by your actions too. It is a good idea to:

 Understand and comply with the college’s health and safety regulations and


 Familiarise yourself with all fire procedures as well as first aid procedures

(posted on notice boards throughout the halls as well as kitchens)

 Report any incidences or near misses you are involved in and complete the

relevant forms (available from the duty warden).



Your health and safety concerns

Gloucestershire College is interested in any concerns or issues you may have regarding health and safety issues. Please use the Talkback procedure


Section 6: Health and safety



The halls have CCTV in place to keep out crime and ensure your safety and security whilst you use the halls. The warden is also available and performs a regular walk through the halls. To help keep the halls a safe and secure environment we ask for you to remain alert and compliant with the warden and security. You do not need to wear your badge while in the halls, but you must be able to present it if asked.

It is also important that you look after your personal safety. As a student you are more likely to become victims of crime (about 1 in 3 students fall victim each year!). Although the halls have a security system in place, it doesn’t hurt for you to follow a few simple tips to make sure you and your valuables stay safe.

Halls of Residence

 Lock your door, even if you are leaving it for a short time.

 Always make sure that the main flat/entrance doors are closed behind you at

all times.

 Never prop open the doors.

 Never leave valuables on display.

 Always close your bedroom curtains/blinds when going out. If you’re on a

ground floor flat then close your window when leaving.

 Never let anyone follow you in unless you know them. All visitors must sign

in the visitor log book when entering or leaving the halls.

 Alert security if you see any suspicious behaviour.

Personal Safety

 Avoid walking home alone, try to always return with a friend.

 Stick to well lit areas or take a taxi home.

 Let someone know where you are and when you will be returning home.

 Avoid confrontation.

 Carry a personal alarm.

 Report any suspicious behaviour to the duty warden (or the 24 hour

emergency telephone number).

If your key card or key is ever stolen or lost then you must report it to the warden straight away. If you need your key card or any keys replaced then you will have to pay a charge of £50, any charges for lock changes will also have to be paid by you.

If there is ever an emergency which requires the emergency services then you must dial 999 from a landline, and 112 from any mobile. The call is free. There is also a halls landline phone available to students in cases of emergency. It is linked directly to the college reception. Minor incidents can be dealt with at the local accident and emergency (A&E). See the directory on page 34 for a full list of hospitals near to Devon Place.


Section 7: Accommodation



Accommodation contract/licence details

All students are required to sign a separate accommodation contract.

The College’s offer of accommodation and this student handbook will create a legally binding contract between the Student and College. Please make sure you read all documents very carefully and fully understand and agree to them. It becomes binding when the student has accepted and signed the accommodation contract and accepts the keys to the room.

The accommodation in the halls which the college allocates to the student is in agreement with the terms of this Licence. By this agreement the college grants the student a Licence to occupy the accommodation for a period of 43 weeks within the academic year:

Starting on: Saturday 31st August 2013

Ending on: Sunday 29th June 204


Termination of contract

Gloucestershire College may terminate the tenancy contract by giving 4 weeks written notice. This will occur in cases where:

 You are convicted of a criminal offence.

 You have broken the conditions of the contract and student responsibilities.

 If you or your parent/guardian fail to pay the rent within 28 days of receiving a


 If you have been expelled or excluded from any course at Gloucestershire


 If you have been found to take part in any instances of gross misconduct.

 If you are absent from the room for longer than 28 consecutive days.

Termination By the Student

If you wish to terminate the contract before the end of the agreed occupancy, all requests must be made in writing to the international office. Usually the request will only be

granted if you can find another student to occupy the room.

Expulsion or failure to attend a designated college course is not in itself reason for


Section 7: Accommodation




Special rules for under 18 year olds

1. You must be in your clusters by 22:30 on weekdays and 23:30 at weekends.

2. If you leave the halls for weekends (overnight), or holidays you must complete a

leave request sheet and you must have your parents/guardians permission;

once the warden has received this your request will be considered. You must not

leave until you have spoken with the warden. The warden will run checks to

make sure these rules are being followed.

3. Absolutely NO possession or consumption of alcohol on college property, halls or

grounds is allowed. Drunken disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will be disciplined according to the college Disciplinary Procedure.

7.4 Special rules for all students

 Each evening between 22:00 – 23:00 (weeknights) and at 23:00 - 00:00 (weekends)

the warden will complete a walk through to ensure that all under 18 students are in halls. You will be required to sign the evening attendance register with the warden when they complete this walk through; this tells the warden that you are in your flat/ rooms and not just that you are in the building somewhere. If you do not ‘sign in’ and the warden does not know where you are then your parents will be informed and the police may also be contacted.

 You must sleep in your own room and flat.

 A maximum of 2 same sex guests from the college are allowed in your room. All

guests must leave by 22:00 on weekday nights and by 23:00 on weekends. Re-member you must sign in your guests by using the visitor’s register located in the warden’s office. If you wish any overnight guests to stay then you must get permis-sion from the warden on duty.

 If you want to leave the halls during the evening or at weekends (not overnight) you

must sign in and out. The log is located in the warden’s office. You must always

sign out when leaving and sign back in when you return. You must not leave until

you have spoken with the warden. The warden will run checks to make sure

these rules are being followed.

 Absolutely NO possession or consumption of alcohol on college property, halls or

grounds is allowed. Drunken disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will be dis-ciplined according to the college Disciplinary Procedure.

 You must give permission for the warden to carry out suitable and appropriate room


 You must provide your mobile phone number to the college as soon as you can.

This will only be used in emergencies. If the telephone number changes you must inform the college.

Section 8: Halls fee information


Fees for academic year 2013/2014

The fees for the session 2013/2014 for Devon Place Halls are as follows:

*please note ALL rooms are subject to a £25 registration fee and the £250

refundable deposit.

Clusters of 6, self catering, en suite single bedrooms, £125 per week: (Total of 42 weeks

Cluster of 2, self catering, en suite single bedroom, £125 per week: (Total of 42 weeks) Studio

en suite, self catering, £130 per week: (Total of 42 weeks)

Option 1: Cluster of 6

Option 2: Cluster of 2

Option 3: Studio

Term Dates Price

Term 1 31st August –19th December £2,275.00 Term 2 4th January—4th April £1,625.00 Term 3 5th April– 29th June £1,625.00 £5,525.00 Total including deposit:

Term Dates Price

Term 1 31st August –19th December £2,355.00 Term 2 4th January—4th April £1,690.00 Term 3 5th April– 29th June £1,690.00 £5,735.00 Total including deposit:

Term Dates Price

Term 1 31st August –19th December £2,275.00 Term 2 4th January—4th April £1,625.00 Term 3 5th April– 29th June £1,625.00 £5,525.00 Total including deposit:


Section 8: Halls fee information


How to pay

All rental payments according to your tenancy agreement are due at the beginning of every term (the first payment is due on 19th of August 2013). The start dates of the new terms are found in the previous section. Payments can be made by cash or debit/credit card (credit cards have a 2% charge, but debit cards remain to be free of charge), bankers draft or bank transfers are also acceptable.

Non-payment of fees will result in legal action and may result in your exclusion from halls.

Questions about your invoice, statements, and any other issues relating to payment should be put to the International Office or the Central Finance Office (details of which can be found on the invoice)

Permission to terminate the Halls of Residence contract early will only be given by the college and only in exceptional circumstances, refer to your contract for details. If you do leave the Halls of Residence before your contract is due to expire, you will be liable for all Halls of Residence fees until the college re-lets the room.

If you are over 18: You are responsible for payment of your accommodation fees. The

data protection act means the college cannot discuss your financial affairs with anyone (including parents) unless you have given written permission. If you are over 18 and an international student, we may need to contact your parents or agent. We will not do this without telling you first.

If you are under 18: You will need parental/guardian to provide permission and

countersign for all the contractual obligations, including the payment of accommodation fees.


Before you arrive you will need to pay a refundable deposit of £250 in addition to the hall fees. This is called a damage deposit and if there is no damage or missing equipment at the end of your contract it will be fully refunded. Keep in mind that any deliberate damage may also result in a disciplinary as well.

To ensure that your deposit always remains at £250 total, any costs incurred for damage throughout the academic year will need to be paid for by you separately.


No insurance cover is provided by the college so it is a good idea that you take out your own insurance policy. This can usually be done through an existing household insurance policy or separate policies. Remember that many different insurance policies especially designed for halls of residence exist. Try to arrange your insurance before you arrive. If you do need any help and guidance when you arrive, the warden will be happy to help you find the best cover for you.


Section 9: Fines and charges


Fines and charges

Below are two tables for your information which indicate some of the fines and charges that will be imposed. It is not a complete list and there may be other items which could be charged for.

It is important for us to be clear about what the difference is between a charge and a fine.

 A fine is a penalty or punishment.

 A charge is designed to repay the halls for the cost of repairing the damage


All fees and fines will incur an additional £25 administrative fee.

In some cases bad behaviour may result in both a fine and charge. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or charged then you can appeal, just visit the link to log your complaints at Talkback:

Action Fine

Illegal car parking £50.00

Damage to college property and signs

£50.00 Damage to fire safety equipment

£100.00 Unwarranted discharge of fire extinguisher

£100.00 Re-entering building too soon after a fire alarm/

failure to evacuate during fire alarms

£100.00 + possible expulsion Non emergency use for call out


Disruptive behaviour

£50.00 - £100.00 depending on severity/frequency

Smoking in prohibited areas


Consuming alcohol in halls (under 18s)

£100.00 +possible expulsion

Excessive noise

£50.00 - £100.00 depending on severity/frequency

Additional cleaning due to damage

£25.00 per hour charged Unauthorised overnight guest

£50.00 per night




Section 9: Fines and charges


Charges (repay the cost)

Action Fine

Replacement key card/ Door keys £50.00

Failure to hand in keys at the end of tenancy

Deposit not returned at the end of tenancy

Sub letting of rooms Expulsion

The removal of any rubbish/unwanted possessions left at the end of tenancy

£25.00 per bag £50.00 per large item Misuse of kitchen equipment resulting in


Cost as per invoice Damage to walls, flooring, furniture, fittings

or windows

Cost as per invoice

Recycle bins filled with ordinary waste £50.00 per bin

Additional cleaning for kitchen £25.00 per hour charged

Additional cleaning to bedrooms £25.00 per hour charged

Additional cleaning to en-suite £25.00 per hour charged

Moving/removal of furniture £50.00 minimum

Removal of fire signs £50.00

Replacement of a new fire extinguisher/ clips/tags

£50.00 - £100.00

Replacement of fire blanket £50.00

Replacement fire alarm glass £50.00

Replacement of internet cables £25.00

Window cleaning if required £25.00 per window

Replacement window/door glass Cost as per invoice

Carpet cleaning Cost as per invoice

Paint + small wall £25.00 - £30.00

Paint + large wall £50.00+


Appendix 1

Appendix 1: Map of College

Full address of Gloucestershire College Cheltenham campus:

Gloucestershire College Cheltenham Campus Princess Elizabeth Way Cheltenham

Gloucestershire GL51 9QL


Cheltenham campus



Section 1:


1. Cheltenham General Hospital

Sandford Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL53 7AN

Tel: 0845 422 2222

2. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road Gloucester

Gloucestershire GL1 3NN

Tel: 0845 422 2222

3. Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital (private hospital)

Hatherley Lane Tel: 01242 246 500

Cheltenham Fax: 01242 246 501

Gloucestershire GL51 6SY


4. Winfield Hospital (private hospital)

Tewkesbury Road Longford Gloucestershire GL2 9WH Tel: 01452 306 009 5. Tewkesbury Hospital Barton Road Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL53 7AN Tel: 01684 293 303



Section 2:

Doctors’ surgeries

1. St Paul’s Medical Centre

121 Swindon Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 4DP Appointments: 0844 477 8963 2. Underwood Surgery 139 St George’s Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 3EQ Tel: 01242 520 022

3. Hesters Way Healthy Living Centre

Hesters Way Resource Centre Cassin Way

Cheltenham GL51 7SU

Tel: 0844 477 8961

4. The Springbank Surgery

Springbank Way Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL51 0LG

Tel: 01242 234 306

5. Overton Park Surgery

Overton Park Road Cheltenham

Gloucestershire GL50 3BP

Tel: 01242 580 511



Section 3:


1. Coronation Dental Practice

6 Gresham Court

Princess Elizabeth Way Cheltenham

GL51 7SQ

Tel: 01242 523573

2. Springbank Dental Clinic

Springbank Community Resource Centre Springbank Way

Cheltenham GL51 0LG

Tel: 01242 234 306

3. Lovat House Dental Surgery

32 Christchurch Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 2PL Tel: 01242 522841

4. Gloucestershire Dental Access Centres

121 Swindon Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 4DP Tel: 0844 477 1872

5. Montpellier Dental Surgery

59 Montpellier Terrace Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 1UX Tel: 01242 234274



Section 4:


1. Washing-done Unit 1 Rowanfield Exchange Devon Avenue Cheltenham GL51 8AU Tel: 01242 255 566 E-mail: Directions

Directly opposite the halls of residence.


By weight: £2.90 per kilogram.

Opening hours Monday: 08:30 - 17:00 Tuesday: 08:30 - 17:00 Wednesday: 08:30 - 17:00 Thursday: 08:30 - 17:00 Friday: 08:30 - 17:00 Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00 Sunday: Closed 2. Coin-op 229 Gloucester Road Cheltenham GL51 8NJ Tel: 01242 690 040 Directions

Ten minute walk from Devon Avenue. Near to the train station (map below).

This laundrette is coin operated so you will need to bring your own detergent. Opening hours Monday: 08:00 - 17:45 Tuesday: 08:00 - 17:45 Wednesday: 08:00 - 17:45 Thursday: 08:00 - 17:45 Friday: 08:00 - 17:45 Saturday: 08:00 - 15:30 Sunday: Closed




Section 5:

Taxi services

1. Bridges of Cheltenham 14 Rippendale Close Cheltenham Gloucestershire Tel: 01242 706 323 Website:

Long-distance taxi or airport transfers

2. Cheltenham Airport Cars

Wymans Brook 124 Windyridge Gardens Cheltenham, GL50 4TA Tel: 01242 698 080 Website: These companies specialise in airport transfers but the taxi companies above may also

be able to quote you a price if you contact them

directly. 2. CheltCars2Trust Tel: 07989 130 630 Website: 1. Andycars Tel: 01242 262 611 Website: 4. Cheltenham Taxi Tel: 01242 650 250 Website: 3. Cheltenham Cabs Tel: 01242 430 100 Website: 6. Spa Cars Tel: 01242 250 555 Website: 5. Cheltenham Taxis Tel: 01242 790 019 Website:

8. The 727 Car Company ltd

Tel: 01242 523 523 Website: 7. Starline Taxis Tel: 01242 250 250 Website:




The local bus service in Cheltenham and Gloucester is operated by Stagecoach. You can find information about local bus routes, timetables and fares on their website:

The ‘A’ Bus - Stagecoach

The ‘A’ bus goes directly to the College and runs every 10 minutes from the bus stop near your halls. This service will also take you into Cheltenham town centre.

A Unirider bus pass is the cheapest and most flexible way of travelling on local stagecoach buses. They are available on any bus and cost £8.00 for 1 week unlimited travel.

The ‘G’ Bus - Marchants coaches

The ‘G’ service leaves from the bus stop directly outside the Halls. To get to college you get off the bus at the Coronation Square stop which is a 2 min walk away from the Cheltenham campus. Services go every 30 minutes.

The timetable can be seen on the website below:

Please be aware that the G bus service is run by Marchants, not Stagecoach, so your weekly/monthly/one year Stagecoach passes will not be valid for this service. The journey costs £1.40 one way and £2.30 for a return, or you can purchase a weekly pass for


Section 6:

Public transport

Cheltenham Spa Train Station is only a 10 minute walk from Devon Place Halls.

You can get trains to all major cities and towns from Cheltenham Spa. Ticket prices vary depending on day and time of travel.

You can check train timetables and fares across the UK at the website:

Young Persons Railcard

If you are under 24 years of age, or are a full time* student you can buy a Young Persons

Railcardentitling you to a 34% reduction on standard fares. This costs £28 and is valid

for one year. Please see the Student Services department at Gloucestershire College for

more details.

* A full time student is someone who studies for at least 15 hours per week.


Bus information

6.2 Train information



Section 7:

Useful contact numbers

Organisation Contact Details

Child Line

Free and confidential helpline for children and young adults in the UK.

0800 111 111

Web: Citizens Advice Bureau

Advice and assistance with legal problems, debt and consumer issues, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment and immigration.

01242 522 491

Web: Connexions, Gloucestershire

Career & personal guidance for 16-19 years.

01452 426 900

Web: Dental Help Line

Advice on dental terms and treatment procedures, oral hygiene, current UK legislation and regulations, dental charges and complaints.

0845 0631188

Web: Disability Info & Advice Line

National organisation for a network of approximately 120 local disability and advice services run by and for disabled people.

01302 310 123 Web: Drinkline

Confidential help, info & advice on all aspects of alcohol use and abuse.

0800 917 8282 Eating Disorders Association

Helpline for those aged 18 and over. Open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm, Sat 1.00pm-4.30pm.

Helpline: 0845 634 1414 Youth line: 0845 634 7650 GCS

Counselling Service for young people

01453 766310

Web: Get connected

Telephone & email helpline finding young people the best help whatever the problem – calls are free from all landlines & mobiles.

Open 1pm-11pm every day.

0808 808 4994 Txt free: 80849

Email: Web: Immigration Advisory Service

Providing representation and advice in immigration and asylum law. Services are free to those who are eligible.

0844 974 4000


Job Centre Cheltenham

Help and advice finding work in the UK. 0845 6043 719 Web: www, Juniper Lodge

Support and advice for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

0116 2733 330

Web: Lesbian & Gay Line

Need to chat to someone/get some advice? Local based & well equipped to deal with your problems.

01452 306 800 National Debt Line

Free debt advice and support for people with money worries and debt difficulties.

0808 8084 000

Web: National Drugs Helpline (FRANK)

Free confidential drugs info & advice, open 24 hrs. 0800 77 66 00Web1: Web2:



Organisation Contact Details

National Rail Enquiries

Information about train timetables and fares across the UK.

Web: National Union of Students

The national voice of students in the UK; helping them to campaign, get cheap student discounts and provide advice on living student life to the full.

01625 413 277 Web: NHS Direct

24hr nurse advice & health information service.

0845 46 47

Web: Quitline

Helpline for smokers who want to quit and for those ex-smokers trying to remain ex-smokers.

0800 002 200

Web: Relate

Info, support & counselling opportunities for people with relationship difficulties.

0116 2543 011

Web: Samaritans

Provides confidential emotional support to those experiencing feelings of despair, distress or suicidal feelings. Open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

08457 90 90 90

Web: Saneline

Call if you are worried, depressed or believe that your mental health is in a poor state

0845 7678 000 Web: Sexual Health Clinics

A local service drop in services which promotes positive sexual health & provides care and support for all.

08454 224 279 Web: Winstons Wish

Free support and guidance for any young person affected by bereavement.

0116 2544 341

Web: Traveline

Public transport information. 0871 200 22 33 Web: Victim Support Line

Assistance for victims of crime 0845 30 30 900 Web:

Section 7:

Useful contact numbers


Student link workers at Gloucestershire College operate a daily “drop in” service for face-to-face information and advice, and can direct you to specialist internal and external agencies.

Find out more on the ‘Student Zone’ section of our website: