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Palmer High School

Construction Trades

Mr. Gilbert Campbell 746-8414 Room: Woodshop/Laboratory

Level: 9-12 Credit: 1/2 semester

Length: 1 semester Prerequisite: None

Career Cluster Area: Manufacturing Pathway: Industrial and Engineering

Course Description:

Construction Trades is a semester long class which introduces students to the woodworking industry. Highlights will include working on a small building applying skills in measuring, plan reading, power tool safety and the basic woodworking processes. Students will get the

opportunity to explore Construction Trade fields. Students who are interested in careers in Construction Management, home construction or furniture production would benefit from this class.

Student Performance Standards

1. Demonstrate personal safety techniques and handling of hazardous materials. 2. Demonstrate technical reading skills for plans reading.

3. Demonstrate accurate use of measuring instruments. 4. Demonstrate ability to construct basic wood joints.

5. Select and safely operate appropriate hand and power tools.

6. Exhibit responsibilities of employment standards including dependability and meeting organizationally defined expectations.

7. Develop a working resume.

8. Investigate careers associated with woodworking.

Classroom Behavior:

1. Students are expected to exhibit employer desired traits and follow the shop rules. 2. Students will be in their seats when the bell rings ready for the bell activity.

3. Students will follow all shop safety rules in the lab area.

4. Students will bring all necessary materials to class and be ready to work when the bell rings (binder, pencil, safety glasses, and paper).

5. Students will demonstrate appropriate and courteous behavior at all times. 6. Students will adhere to all school rules referred to in the handbook.

7. Students will keep all toys put away (phones, games, and entertainment devices) confiscated devices will be given to the office.

8. Students will refrain from talking during all lectures and demonstrations. 9. Leaving the class for any reason will result in a zero for the day

10. Students will follow all shop safety rules in the lab.

11. Students will only wear issued safety glasses (clear lenses) in the lab.


Materials Needed:

Text Book

3 Ring Binder

Paper and writing tools

Assignment packet

Grading Scale:

Formative Evaluation = 30%

Class Assignments A (90-100%) Outstanding

Quizzes B (80-89%) Above Average

Chapter Assignments C (70-79%) Average

D (60-69%) Below Average

F (0-59) Severely Below Average

Summative Evaluation = 55% Tests , Projects and Labs Safety and Cleanup

Employability Skills Evaluation = 15% Employability Skills


Projects are graded on appearance and accuracy. Students are required to study the plans and precisely layout the material (wood used in building the model scale home) according to the plans.

Daily Work

Daily Work is graded based on staying on task, employability skills, having class materials, handouts and graded work in it. Student will also be graded based on their work with

assignments and on projects. Employability Skills is an important part of your daily work. See the chart: Daily Grade Rubric for Employability Skills next page.

Late Work:

Home work will be expected to be turned in on the designated due dates. Late work will not be accepted over two days late for credit, unless illness or other mitigating circumstances warrant acceptance of the work. Students will have time to work on assignments and projects in class. Team Projects: Students will be selected to work together on teams.

Procedures for Makeup Work:

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they make up any work missed. This information is available from the instructor. Missed work also will be available on the I-Student/I-Parent.

Lab Fee:

There is a $20.00 lab fee for materials consumed in this course. This fee is due by the second Friday of this course.


Daily Grade Rubric for Employability Skills

Daily Employability Skills will be earned based on the following criteria:

5 Points 3 Points 0 Points


Employs positive attitude (peacemaker)


Somewhat good attitude


Negative Attitude towards self and others Enthusiasm:

Contagious enthusiasm

Enthusiasm: Somewhat enthusiastic


Demonstrates little enthusiasm Prepared:

Comes to class prepared


Comes to class prepared occasionally


Comes to class unprepared Self-Starter:

Is ready and willing


Needs promptings to get started

Self-Starter: Refuses to work Time Management:

Utilizes all lab time

Time Management: Utilize some lab time

Excellent Time Management: Ineffective use of lab time Safety:

Appropriate use of safety techniques

Safety :

Utilizes safety techniques but repeatedly needs to be reminded


Refuses to use safety techniques and demonstrates endangering activities towards Him/Her Self and others

Safety Equipment: Corrects other’s proper use

Safety Equipment: Makes appropriate change

Safety Equipment: No positive changes Clean-Up: Willing to clean multiple areas Clean-Up: Only cleans personal mess Clean-Up:

Refuses to clean Productive:

Busy working toward assignments


Sometimes completing assignment


Not completing assignments Work:

Works effectively

Work: Average work


Minimal work completed Talking:

Respects others and listens appropriately


Has to be reminded to stop talking, and talks out of turn Talking: Unnecessary/Excessive Talking Attendance: Punctual Attendance: Tardy Attendance: Absent Proper Attire:

Wears appropriate clothing

Proper Attire:

Has to be reminded of clothing

Proper Attire: Improper clothing Food and Drinks:

Not brought in class/lab

Food and Drinks:

Needs reminding not to bring it into the class/lab

Food and Drinks: Brings in it into class/lab Leaving Class:

Utilizes pass system

Leaving Class:

Repeatedly asks to utilize pass often (daily)

Leaving Class:

Leaves without permission or pass Cell Phones, music devices etc.…:

Utilized with permission only

Cell Phones, music devices etc.…: Has to be reminded to seek permission

Cell Phones, music devices etc.…: Uses without permission Demonstrates Employability Skills:

Utilizes skills learned in class

Demonstrates Employability Skills: Has to be reminded to utilize skills learned in class

Demonstrates Employability Skills: Demonstrates endangering activities towards Him/Her Self and others (throwing things)


For Your Information: Safety is a Priority in the Shop

Students will be trained in the safe use of tools and equipment, as well as general and personal safety. No student will be permitted to participate in any lab activity until the student has satisfactorily completed the required safety training and tested. A student may be declined lab activity privileges due to blatant unsafe acts. Students will primarily have class in the woodshop but on occasion we will meet in the computer lab in room 203. Safety Program Objectives:

1. To assist students in becoming safety conscious through direct instruction and teacher example.

2. To instruct students in the correct (safe) way of using tools and equipment in order to help them:

a. Acquire a sense of responsibility for their own and others safety. b. Understand the effective ways of doing things are the safe ways. c. Recognize hazardous situations.

d. Use safe practices in their out-of-school activities. 3. To instruct students in what to do in case of accident. 4. To provide information on general safety rules.

5. To develop some means of evaluating student’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards safety.

My school Email is: Please contact me as needed or if you have any

concerns. Thank you, Gilbert Campbell Gilbert Campbell Mr. Campbell, M.ED. (907) 746-8414


In Keeping with School Wide Policy

1. No food or drinks of any type allowed

in the class/lab.

2.There will be NO Cell Phones.

3.There will be NO I-Pods or personal

music devices

4.Please use the rest room before you

come to class.

5.There will limited use of the pass

during class time.

6.Learning will take place. Bring your

own container.

7.Come prepared to take notes, read,

participate and learn.


Shop Rules


Tell the truth.


Treat yourself and each other with respect (i.e. be safe).


Be where you are supposed to be, on time.


Ask permission before you go somewhere (i.e. ask to use

the pass).


Share a positive attitude.


Be prepared to work.


Do what your instructor tells you to do the first time.


Ask permission before you use the power tools.


Put things away that you take out (i.e. bits, hand tools

and projects).


Clean around your area and if you use a machine (i.e.

saw, grinder or drill) make sure it is cleaned and stored



Respect each other’s property.


Look for ways to be kind and helpful to each other.


Start working on your assignment(s) without being told.


Be productive.








Your student is enrolled in a Career and Technical Education class this semester.

This elective class has a

lab fee of $20.00

which is used to help offset the cost of

supplies for projects used throughout the semester. The lab fee for this quarter is

currently due.

We are quickly coming up on the due date for ordering supplies that your student

will need in their labs.

Lab fees are to be paid at the PHS front office.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Gilbert Campbell

Gilbert Campbell, M Ed

CTE Instructor







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Dear Parent: Required Permission Slip

Period: 3

As part of our Career and Technical Education program, your son or daughter will have the opportunity to operate various types of power machinery.

We would like to stress that before a student is allowed to operate any power tools:

1. S/he will be instructed, given a demonstration, and tested on the safe use of each power tool before s/he will be allowed to use it.

2. His/her operating procedures will be checked.

3. S/he will be supervised while operating the equipment and continually monitored by the instructor.

4. S/he will be expected to use safe operating procedures throughout the semester.

We want you to know that students’ safety is a very important issue and that safety is stressed in our department and throughout the school. We have an excellent record in the prevention of student injury in our Career and Technical Education classes at Palmer High School.

In order for us to have an awareness of your knowledge of your student’s activities, we must have your consent before allowing your student to use any power equipment.

We invite you to visit the school laboratories at any time; please check in through the school office.

Yours truly,

Gilbert Campbell

Gilbert Campbell, M. Ed.

Construction Trades Instructor

I give my permission for __________________________, Period: ______

(Please Print Student Name)

to use power equipment in the Woodshop program at Palmer High School.

____________________________________ __________________

Parents Signature Date



Period: 3

All work performed in the lab will be carried out in the safest possible manner. Any

person working in the shop agrees to be safety conscious at all times. It is

understood that any violation of the safety regulations contained herein or given verbally by a teacher, is grounds for immediate removal from the program.

1. Do not enter the lab unless the teacher is present.

2. Eye protection is required when in the Shop, in the Finish Room, when using any power tool or at any other time you suspect there may be eye hazards present.

3. Eye protection that is issued is the only approved eye protection for the laboratory work.

Eye protection must have clear lenses while working in the shop.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO HORSEPLAY IN THE SHOP. Others can be injured by your actions.

5. Proper clothing must be worn. No loose, ragged or sloppy clothing will be allowed. No

open toed footwear will be worn. All loose jewelry must be removed before operating a machine.

6. LONG HAIR IS DANGEROUS. Special care must be taken to prevent accidents. Hair (bangs) will not cover your face or eyes in the shop. Long hair shall be held back by a cap, headband or hairnet.

7. Always clean your area when through.

8. Safety lines are for your protection. Stay behind them unless you are using a machine within the safety line area.

9. Tools and materials can be very dangerous they are to be used only on teacher approved projects. Devote all of your attention to the machine or tool you are using.

10. When help is needed on an operation, ask for only enough to do the job. 11. Use of any electronic device is against school rules.

12. Always disconnect power before changing blades or belts. 13. Never leave a machine until all motion has stopped. 14. Throwing any object in the shop is strictly forbidden.

I have read the general safety listed above and my teacher, Mr. Campbell, has explained

them to me. I fully understand them and agree to obey them at all times, while I am

working in the lab. If, at any time, I do not understand what is the safe way to use any hand tool or power tool I will ask my teacher for help before I proceed.

_________ ______________________________________

Date Student Signature

_________ _____________________________________

Date Parent Signature

August 8, 20114 Please return to Mr. Campbell signed. Thank you


NCCER Registration and Release Form Instructions

As the leading source for career and technical education, NCCER:

Offers a vast number of CURRICULUM PROGRAMS

Meets PERKINS requirements

Provides Industry Recognized CREDENTIALS

By signing this form you permit your son/daughter to send their NCCER test results to the NCCER’s National Registry Department.


NCCER created a National Registry. The National Registry provides credentials in the form of transcripts, certificates of completion, and wallet cards when training is delivered through an

NCCER Accredited Sponsor. Palmer High School is an accredited training and education


These valuable industry credentials benefit students as they seek employment and build their careers.

The National Registry also gives students more flexibility in their career path planning and ensures that their training accomplishments will be recognized wherever they go. This means portability of your training accomplishments, regardless of where the training may have geographically occurred.

PHS utilizes the NCCER Curriculum in the Construction Trades course. Each chapter will have an end of chapter test. We will not get through every chapter in the book in one semester, but, students can work independently on other chapters if they want to complete the credentialing process. If your son/daughter passes a test with a 70% or better the results of the test can be sent into the registry.

The Registration and Release Form asks for specific, sensitive information. They ask for this information for identification purposes. Please be advised that these forms will be secured and shared only with the NCCER officials.

If this form is not fully filled out or is incorrect, they will not have the opportunity to be registered.

Check One: Check Trainee

Name: Please print student’s full name

SSN or Date of Birth: If you do not feel comfortable writing the Social Security Number please write a DOB and an identifying number will be assigned to your student from NCCER.

Job Title: Write in: Student

Company Name: Palmer High School 1170 West Arctic Ave

Palmer, AK 99645

(907) 746-8414

Sign and Date: Parents need to sign and date Optional: Please write in student’s address





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