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PAYROLL ACCOUNTING 1Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

1A: Obtain an Automatic Payroll Deposit (APD) authorization card, Form L-60-950, from the office at any school or work location. 2Q: What do I send in with the APD card?

2A: For a checking account, attach a voided check. For a savings account, attach the top part of the most current statement showing your name, bank name and account number.

3Q: How long does it take to set-up or change my direct deposit account? 3A: Approximately four weeks from the time we receive the request. 4Q: Where do I send the forms?

4A: For school mail: Payroll Services Branch, Beaudry Bldg. 27th Floor

Attn. Payroll Accounting.

For U.S. mail: Los Angeles Unified School District Payroll Services Branch

P. O. Box 512298

Los Angeles, CA 90051-2298 Attn: Payroll Accounting

5Q: How can I tell what account my direct deposit went to?

5A: The account number is shown in the first row of the pay stub, next to “Employee Statement of Earnings”, and listed with the prefix “AC”.

6Q: What do I do if I change my account or the financial institution changes? 6A: You must submit a new Automatic Payroll Deposit authorization card, and


7Q: What must I do if I close my account?

7A: You must submit a new Automatic Payroll Deposit authorization card, and check the “cancel” box to cancel direct deposit into this account.

8Q: What will the bank do if my account is closed?

8A: This depends on the bank or financial institution. You would need to contact your financial institution for an explanation of their policy regarding account closure and automatic payroll deposit.

9Q: If the financial institution returns the deposit, how long does it take for a replacement check to be issued to me?

9A: It takes approximately 2 to 3 working days for the District to receive the deposit from the bank. Upon receipt, a replacement check is issued on the same day, and sent to your current mailing address.


10Q: Will I be notified before my warrant is garnished?

10A: We will send a notification of garnishment to the most recent address that you have on file with the District.

11Q: How may I contact the garnishing agency if I have any questions? 11A: Child Support Collections (916) 845-4010

Court Ordered Debt Collection (916) 845-4064 Franchise Tax Board (800) 689-4776 Internal Revenue Service (800) 829-7650

Los Angeles County Court Trustee (800) 615-8858 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (213) 974-6613 US Department of Education (800) 621-3115 Vehicle Registration Collection (888) 355-6872 12Q: When and where are garnishment warrants mailed?

12A: All garnished warrants are mailed to the employee’s most recent mailing address on file, on the Monday after the regular scheduled payday.


13Q: What happens if I do not receive my garnished warrant?

13A: You may obtain an “Affidavit for Issuance of a Replacement Warrant” from your work location, complete and fax to Salary Delivery at (213) 241-8982. A replacement warrant will be issued in three working days.

14Q: Is it possible to have direct deposit while on garnishment?

14A: While on garnishment, you may not participate in the District’s Automatic Payroll Deposit program.

15Q: Is it possible to have my warrant sent to my work location after it has been garnished?

15A: While on garnishment, your warrant will be mailed to the most recent address that you have on file with the District.

16Q: What happens to my warrant if I do not earn enough money to be garnished? 16A: All warrants that are not garnished will be mailed on the Thursday prior to

your regular scheduled payday.

17Q: Will my Direct Deposit be reinstated automatically after my garnishment has been satisfied?

17A: In order to reinstate your Direct Deposit, you must submit a new Automatic Payroll Deposit enrollment card (Form#L-60-950 REV 5/02).

18Q: Will I be notified after my garnishment is paid in full?

18A: Once your garnishment has been fulfilled, there will be no further notification.

19Q: What are disposable earnings?

19A: Disposable earnings are those earnings left after mandatory deductions (required by law) have been made. Common examples of mandatory deductions are (1) Federal and State Tax, (2) Social Security Tax, (3) State Disability Insurance, (4) Medicare Tax, and (5) Retirement Contribution.


20Q: What are the telephone and fax numbers for the Garnishment Unit? 20A: Telephone: (213) 241-3190, Fax: (213) 241-8986.

SALARY DELIVERY 21Q: Where was my check mailed?

21A: Payroll warrants are mailed either to the work location or the most recent mailing address on file.

22Q: Why was my check sent to another location or changed without my permission?

22A: Employees’ warrants and pay stubs are seldom mailed to the wrong work location or address. However this could happen if there is a change in work location or mailing address, and payments are disbursed before the Personnel Department can update the employees’ records.

23Q: Do my payroll records reflect my new mailing address?

23A: The Personnel Department is responsible for updating employees mailing address. However, we request that employees fax a copy of their change of address request to our office, so that we may have it on file until their address is updated. This way, we can forward the warrants or pay stubs to the correct address or location. Our fax Phone number is (213) 241-8982. 24Q: Why didn’t I get paid for certain days worked?

24A: Salary payments are based on the time reported by your time reporter. Please contact your time reporter to confirm that the time worked was reported correctly.

25Q: Why didn’t I get paid?

25A: Please contact your time reporter for an explanation as to why you did not get paid. We can only confirm whether a warrant was issued or not, and if issued, where it was mailed.


26Q: Why was my check sent to my home instead of my work location?

26A: When an employee has been away from work location for an extended period of time, warrants are mailed to the most recent mailing address on file. 27Q: How long does it take to reissue a check?

27A: It takes approximately three business days to process a stop payment. A replacement check for the full amount cannot be issued until the first check has been stopped. In order to receive your full net pay, the affidavit must be received in our office by Tuesday at 10:30a.m. If affidavit is received after Tuesday, you must specify that you want 95% of your net pay or the full amount will be issued on the following Friday. The daily cut-off time to process all affidavits is 10:30 a.m.

28Q: How long does it take the post office or work location to return an undelivered check?

28A: In the event that a check is undeliverable, it takes the post office approximately two weeks, and the work location approximately three days to return it to our office. Upon receipt, the check will be re-routed to the correct address or work location provided that a “stop payment” has not been placed on it.

29Q: Why is my warrant still going to my old work location?

29A: Your warrant or stub will continue to be sent to your old location if there is a change in assignment. You may contact the appropriate Personnel office (Classified/Certificated) to have your records updated.

30Q: Why did I not receive my warrant/stub on payday?

30A: All warrants and pay stubs are mailed on Thursday morning to your work location or your official home address on file.

31Q: If I have an emergency, can I get pay advance?