Materials List for Level One Atrium

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Materials List for Level One Atrium


 several individual, low tables and chairs or individual rugs

 small plants and sacred artwork (hung low) to enhance the beauty and sacredness of the space

 low shelving for the storage of materials

Practical Life Area: (will vary according to your needs)

 handwashing set (child-friendly basin, child-friendly pitcher, small bar of soap in dish, child-sized apron, hand towel)

 table cleaning set (child-sized apron, small scrub brush, small bar of soap in dish, small bucket for water, hand towel, flat basket or container to hold items)

 flower-arranging set (small placemat, several small clear glass vases, a larger vase with wide top to hold flowers to be arranged, a small pitcher, small funnel, small scissors, napkins in which to hold clippings for disposal)

 plant care set (small placemat, small spray bottle, cotton pads & q-tips, child-friendly watering can, flat basket or container to hold items, hand towel)

 polishing set (small placemat, small squeeze container to hold polishing liquid, small polishing cloths, a tiny dish to hold polishing liquid, a one-minute sand timer, cotton pads & q-tips, one or two simple small brass items to polish, flat basket or container to hold items)

 candle care set (small placemat, small scissors, small container to hold wax drippings, flat basket or container to hold items)

 small broom and dustpan, small feather duster

 small trash can

 clean-up rags in a basket or container

 basket with replenishing supplies (cotton pads, q-tips, small polishing rags)

 other control of movement exercises as needed (eg. dry and wet pouring exercises, spooning exercise, tweezer exercise, folding exercise)

Prayer Corner:

 low bench or table to serve as prayer table

 a low shelving unit to hold prayer table articles

 book stand or cushion to hold Bible

 medium-sized Bible (able to be held and managed by child)

 four prayer table cloths (one white, one purple, one green, one red)

 a small statue of the Good Shepherd and perhaps also a small Madonna & child

 one or two small easels to hold pictures or prayer cards

 a lovely box or basket to hold a small array of well-chosen religious pictures

 a lovely box or basket to hold one-word small prayer cards (approx. 5x7 in.) such as:

o Amen o Hosanna


o Alleluia

 A lovely box or basket to hold medium psalm/prayer phrase cards (approx. 8x10 in.) including among others, cards of:

o Psalm 23:1 o Psalm 23:1-3 o Psalm 23:1-4

o “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.”

o “Blessed are you among women; blessed is the fruit of your womb.”

 a small kneeler or lovely cushion for a child to rest on in private prayer

 a candle tray including small tray, votive candle in holder, lovely matchbox, spent match receptacle, small candle snuffer, tiny bell (to call children at end of work time), small prayer object (like cross or tiny icon)

 flat basket or file holder to hold the prophecy cards

 five 11x14 prophecy cards Altar Area & Related Mass Works:

 small altar table

 “sacristy cabinet” to hold

o altar cloth sized to altar table, o small brass chalice,

o small brass paten,

o two small candles in candle holders, o small crucifix w/ Risen Christ on a stand, o two small cruets,

o a tiny model of the sacramentary, o a tiny model of the lectionary, o tiny handtowel,

o tiny purificator, o tiny corporal

 small lectern in proportion to altar

 small tabernacle w/ lock in proportion to altar

 tiny ciborium and sanctuary lamp

 rug or small platform to set altar area apart

 two regular-sized glass cruets

 a regular-sized glass chalice and paten w/ a paper host

 funnel and small sponge in dish to wipe spills

 smaller wine carafe and pitcher

 basin on tray to hold discarded water & wine

 white cloth to serve as model altar cloth for Mass works

 small container to hold Mass prayers cards (epiclesis, offering, preparation of the chalice, lavabo, sign of peace)

 four smaller than child-sized chasubles (red, white, purple, green)

 four stands to hang chasubles on

 drawers to hold chasubles (perhaps incorporated into sacristy cabinet)


 folder with liturgical calendar copies for coloring and labeling

 vestment set including tiny mannequin on base, tiny chasuble, tiny cincture, tiny stole, tiny alb

 file holder to hold altar-related tracing packets

o tracing packet for basic altar articles

o tracing packet for articles associated with tabernacle o tracing packet for articles associated with the Word o tracing packet for further altar articles

o tracing packet for liturgical colors

o tracing packet for vestments of the priest

 small posters of altar articles – one with just basic articles, one with all

 altar pasting box

 liturgical colors pasting box

 liturgical colors template Good Shepherd Area:

 circular sheepfold with green base with 2-D Good Shepherd and approximately10 sheep

 circular green base

 Eucharistic presence container with

o Tiny black & white Good Shepherd

o Approximately 10 tiny figures representing people in Church o tiny altar table, altar cloth, chalice, paten

 scripture booklets for Good Shepherd and Found Sheep

 Good Shepherd tracing packet

 Orange booklet with “words of the gift” Geography Area:

 small, simple globe with only land/sea distinctions, red dot on Israel

 raised surface map with flags to match three key towns; small container for flags

 regions puzzle map

 folder with maps of Israel to label and color Infancy Narratives Area:

 Annunciation diorama & scripture booklet with separate box containing

o Angel Gabriel and Mary figures

 Visitation diorama & scripture booklet with separate box containing

o Mary and Elizabeth figures

 Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds diorama & scripture booklet with separate box containing

o Mary, Joseph, infant Jesus, angel, 2 shepherds, several sheep figures o Tiny manger

 Adoration of the Magi diorama & scripture booklet with separate box containing

o Mary, Joseph, small Jesus, three Magi figures o Small chest or table and three gifts


 Presentation in the Temple diorama & scripture booklet with separate box containing

o Mary, Joseph, infant Jesus, Simeon, Anna figures o Tiny basket carrying two doves

 Tracing packets for each of the five infancy narratives Paschal Mystery Area:

 Cenacle diorama with table, Jesus & 11 disciple figures, small table cloth, chalice and paten, tiny crucifix, tiny candles with candle holders

 Last Supper scripture booklet

 Map of Jerusalem with control chart

 Empty tomb diorama with three women and angel figures, burial cloth

 Empty tomb scripture booklet

 Empty tomb tracing packet

 Folder with maps of Jerusalem to color and label Kingdom of God Area:

 small container of mustard seeds (perhaps kept in a treasure box)

 diorama for Precious Pearl parable, including small table, several tiny baskets with pearls, one tiny shell with one pearl, 2-D merchant figure

 leaven set including:

o two containers with covers for allowing dough to rise o container for flour

o container for yeast

o measuring cup or spoon for flour o ½ teaspoon for yeast

o mixing spoon

o tray to hold materials

o “recipe card” with instructions for mixing dough o container for water

 scripture booklets for each of the five Kingdom parables

 tracing packets for the Kingdom parables

 Mystery of Life & Death materials, including:

o Vase with full-grown sheaths of wheat o Small jar with seeds of wheat

o 3 small pots with soil

o butter knife and washable mat o tray to put all materials on

o small poster with words of John 12:24 and drawings of wheat at various

stages of growth Baptism Area:

 small baptismal font or large glass bowl

 shell for pouring water


 Small lectern or book stand with small Bible in white cover

 Rug or platform to set baptism area apart

 Small, v. simple white baptismal garment with red cross on chest

 Several small tapers or votives with protectors for children to hold

 Some way of holding children’s lit candles around the Paschal candle (eg. small long sand box)

 Two small, lovely containers of oils (Oil of Catechumen / Chrism Oil)

 Baptism pasting box

 Crucifix of Risen Christ (generally a wall hanging) Art Area:

 Small array of colored pencils in jars (about 5 per jar)

 pasting sets (paste jars, paste brushes, paste dishes, paste trays)

 container with several child-friendly scissors

 a few clip boards or cardstock with paperclips attached for tracing

 a small variety of papers including perhaps

o blank paper for free art o tracing paper in 8x8 squares

o bordered paper or scroll paper for making prayer cards or copying


 a ruler and pencil for drawing lines on paper (to aide writing)

 small basket of religious pictures (from missalettes or used Christmas cards, etc..) for the child to use in their artwork if desired