Hospital Management Add-On on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Fact Sheet

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Hospital Management Add-On on Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Fact Sheet




Maintain Patient Data. EMR(Electronic Medical Record) / EHR (Electronic Health Record) user to record full patient information & medical data

Accommodation Automation. Easily define accommodation & all its modifications

Automate Patient Transactions. With over 10 modules all patient transactions are integrated & automated in easy & simple methods. Modules include Operation Theater, Radiology, laboratory

Enhanced Invoicing. Multiple invoice grouping & full integration with all sub ledgers

Full Benefit from AX ERP Features. Using tight & full integration with AX GL, AP, AR, Cost Accounting, inventory, MRP modules, you gain the full benefit of AX together with your industry specific features.

User defined modules. Application users can create their own module & customize it according to their needs.

Connect to medical equipment. Connect your medical devices to the ERP using international standards of communication & messaging

CompactSoft Hospital Management on Dynamics AX

Maintaining a healthcare facility is a major challenge for the cycle complexity & the need for a quick & simple solution.

CompactSoft has decided to tale the challenge & build the first Hospital add-on on Dynamics AX. Using the years of experience we developed in our own developed hospital management we have a built a state of the art Hospital Management system that together with Dynamics AX features will provide a unique experience in Hospital ERP solution.

The solution is built according to international standards in building healthcare solution as HL7 & CCHIT.

Available on AX2012 version .



General Features

 Fully integrated solution for automating healthcare & Back office in a single enterprise solution

 Arabic / English support

 Additional languages

 Source code for customer use

 Online user help

 Alert management system

 Attachment of documents in all solution

 Forms & web pages can be modified by users

 Report export to: excel, PDF, text,….

 Integration with Word, Excel, Project,…

 Multiple report designing tools

 Ability to design report using Microsoft Word

 AIF: integration module for integrating with any external device or system

 Dashboards: User defined KPI & charts fort better decision making

 Workflow Management: user defined workflow for any process with escalation management

 Built according to international standards as: o HL7 o SNOMED CT o ICD 9, ICD10 o LOINC o CPT o DRG o CCHIT 



Web Interface

 Access medical features through web interface

 Access medical records & patient charts using mobiles or tablets

 Web pages designed for physicians use using mobile devices

 Access common tasks, notifications, status, charts, KPIs through web pages



EMR (Electronic Medical Record) / EHR (Electronic Health Records)

 Record detailed medical information for every patient encounter

 Maintain full clinical documentation according to international standards

 Link medical records to various patient activities

 Maintain a detailed treatment plan for your patients

 Link treatment plan to actual procedures (Laboratory, radiology, Medication orders, ..)

 Detailed history of admissions

 View history by symptom, disease, treatment

 Record future medical recommendations



Physicians Hub

 Schedules & planning of physicians activities

 Physicians web portal for managing patients & tasks

 Physicians alerting system for critical notification & tasks

 Auto calculation of Physicians fees based on predefined rules



Patient Portal

 Patients can access their medical record through web

 Schedule /Reschedule appointments through portal

 Patient complaints web management



Insurance Management

 Full handling of medical insurance companies accounts & contracts

 Flexible price lists creation for companies

 Integration with in & out patient transactions

 Automatic calculation of company invoices

 E-Approvals

o Paperless approval cycle

o Automatic generation of approval requests o Web approval of patient services

o Integration with any insurance software o Approval alert system for faster approvals

 E-Claims

o Automatic generation & grouping of claims

o Web approval & adjustment of claims

o Automatic generation of GL vouchers

 Insurance class management

 Automatic validation of patient limits



In Patient & Reception Administration

 Reservation & scheduling of In-patients

 Web reservation for patient use

 Easy patient check in & data recording

 Automatic generation of insurance approvals

 Grading management

 Ability to modify grade / room escort easily

 Online update of patient file from all hospital departments

 Online view of all services offered & current invoice value



Operation Theater Management

 Reservation & planning of operation rooms

 Capacity planning of operation resources

 Operation rescheduling using Gantt chart

 Auto requests for medication & consumables from pharmacy

 Planning & approval of pre & post operation procedures

 Allocation of doctors, nurses, anesthesia doctors,…. On operation

 Online posting of operation cost to patient file

 Automatic generation of sterilization orders

 Validation on sterilization status of all OR components



Radiology Management

 Standard method for in & out patient recording

 Integration with any PACS system

 ICD codes integration

 Predefined results with tree controls

 Tracking of consumables inventory with minimum stocks

 Auto generation of purchase orders for materials



Pharmacy Management

 E-Prescriptions

 Predefined medication schedules

 Medication Interaction Validation: drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-Lab Result, drug-Diagnosis, Drug-Food

 Integration with nursing module for prescription follow up & execution

 Alternate medication management

 Integration with insurance for approvals & patient invoice calculation

 Expiry date tracking & control

 Full integration with purchasing module

 Easy transfer to hospital warehouses

 Auto generation of purchase orders for medicine under minimum stock

 Formula medication orders

 Online posting of costs to patient file



 Easy creation of tests & test grouping

 Alerting system for critical results

 Pre-test instruction validation

 External labs automation

 Tests rerun cycle

 Sample generation including barcode tracking

 Auto calculation of sample quantity

Laboratory Management

 Integration with test equipment for result collection

 User defined lab result reports

 Patient web results

 Patient email & SMS notification system



 Easy recording of doctors calendars

 Reservation & scheduling of appointments

 Rescheduling using Gantt chart

 Web reservation of clinics

 Email & SMS alert for patient schedules

Out Patient Clinics Management

 Quick retrieval & update of medical record

 Planning of resources needed for clinic procedures

 Easy transfer to in patient



Emergency Room

 Quick creation of ER file

 Triage management

 Predefined checklist of ER tasks

 Quick creation of patient file

 Track services offered in ER



 Built in universal medical device coding

 Risk based planning

 Centralized maintenance capabilities

 Spare part planning

 Requests user defined workflow

 Web maintenance requests

 Multiple maintenance types as Preventive, corrective, predictive



Medical Equipment Maintenance

 Maintenance contractor agreements

 Contractor performance measurement

 KPI & analysis pages

 Maintenance multi-level cost tracking



Blood Bank

Maintain donor database Expiry date tracking & control

 Maintain stock of blood types & their minimum quantities

 Auto generation of purchase orders for medicine under minimum stock

 Online posting of costs to patient file

Dietary Management

 Auto generation of meals requests

 Restriction of meals according to doctor instructions

 Future planning of meals requirements

 Auto generation of purchase orders for meals components under minimum stock

 Online posting of costs to patient file

Infection Control

Auto indication of infection Tracking of infection cases

 Tracking of infection treatment

 Full integration of laboratory

 Statistics of infection areas & trails

Sterilization Control

Maintain status of sterilization for all facility Predefined rule of sterilization

 Auto generation of sterilization orders

 Alert system for sterilization requests

Infant Management

Auto generation of infant record Integration with any infant tracking device

 Detailed tracking of infant location

 Approval rules for infant discharge



Pricing Management

 Easy to create & update of services price lists

 Pricing versions

 Base price list linking



Back Office Modules

 All healthcare modules are fully integrated with back office modules below in a single



CompactSoft Hospital Management Add-on on Microsoft Dynamics AX is developed by


7 Obour Buildings Salah Salem St., Cairo, Egypt

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