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FAQ – Credit Card (PIN & PAY)


1. When would communication go out to customers on the implementation? We are in the midst of preparing notification/letter to Cardhoder on the implementation of Chip & Pin. For Cards that is issued to the branch, you will receive a mailer to the address tagged to Credit Card(s).

Credit Card Activation

2. How can I activate my Credit Card?

You may activate your Credit Card from the below channel :  HLB Call Centre

 HLB Branches  SMS


3. After activating my Credit Card, why do I have to register a new PIN / change my temporary PIN?

Once your credit card is activated, you shall receive your temporary 6-digit PIN (first PIN) via SMS. You are required to change this temporary PIN to your preferred 6-digit PIN at any of the Hong Leong Bank (HLB) / Hong Leong Islamic Bank (HLISB) ATM. Thereafter, you can then start using the credit card for your purchases at any merchants that support PIN-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminals by entering your PIN.

4. How do I change my PIN?

The instruction to change the temporary PIN is enclosed in the card mailer. Please follow the instructions to change the 6-digit temporary PIN to your preferred PIN. Contact us or visit any of our branches for any inquiries or assistance.

5. Where can I change my PIN?

You may change your PIN at any HLB / HLISB ATM Machine.



Can I change my PIN (first time / subsequent PIN change) in other bank ATM machine (MEPS) in case if HLB ATM is not within the vicinity?

No, you can only change PIN at HLB/HLISB’s ATM

8. Can the supplementary Cardholder request for Pin via mailer or SMS for their own card? No. The pin mailer will send to Principle card holder and the sms will send to Principle hand phone

register in system.

9. Is there any ruling when it comes to assigning a PIN number for my Card? No.


10. When will I receive the PIN if I request thru HLCC? PIN sent via SMS – Within 1 hours

PIN sent via Mailer – Within 7-10 working days


What should I do if I did not receive any sms upon activation of my credit card via sms? Kindly contact HLB Call Centre and they will assist you in obtaining your PIN.

PIN & PAY 12. What is PIN?

A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a 6-digit secret code that is selected by Cardholder and to be keyed into the point-of-sale (POS) terminal or any type of payment device that requires input of PIN, in order to authenticate and complete a payment transaction

13. Why is PIN safer than signing?

PIN usage can help protect against fraud due to lost or stolen cards, as PIN is required to complete a transaction. Therefore, PIN is to be protected in a highly secured manner and not to be disclosed or shared with anyone

14. Why do I need to receive a new card to use PIN?

Your current Card does not support based transactions, hence, we have to replace it with a PIN-enabled card.

15. How do I obtain a PIN?

Upon card activation, you will receive your new 6-digit PIN via SMS. Alternatively, you may call our Contact Center or walk in to any of our nearest branch to request for PIN.

16. Can I continue using my signature Credit Card after I have received my PIN-enabled card?

You are required to activate your Pin-enabled card and upon receipt of your 6-digit Pin via SMS (or Pin mailer for those cardholders who do not have valid mobile no. in Asccend system), to change the 6-digit Pin to your preferred Pin. Once you have done so, you have to start using the Pin-enabled card with your Pin.

Pending the activation and change of Pin for your new Pin-enabled card, you can still use your old signature card until the end of 3 months from the date we issue you the new Pin-enabled card.


It is very important that you keep your PIN confidential so that your Card is protected against lost and stolen card fraud. Some measures to keep your PIN confidential and safe include:

 do not use your birthday or anniversary, phone number, IC no, driver’s license as your PIN;

 do not keep a written record of your PIN;

 do not allow another person to see your PIN when you enter it or it is displayed;

 do not keep your PIN in a form that can be readily identified as a PIN;  do not disclose your PIN to any other person (including persons in apparent

authority, family members or spouse);

 do not negligently or recklessly disclose your PIN;

 notify your card issuer immediately if you become aware that your PIN has become known to someone else

The above also apply to your supplementary cardholders.

18. What if Cardholder claimed did not receive the SMS for the pin? Note: there could be some limitation as some customers have blocked our SMS short code 63633. We had this issue with OTP and TAC; hence for resend of pin they would do via a different short code number.

In such case, Cardholder may opt for PIN mailer to be sent to his/her mailing address. 19. Is the PIN used for making purchases the same as the PIN used at ATMs?

Yes. Each Card will have only one PIN that can be used for both Cash Advance at ATMs and purchases at point of sale (POS) or any other payment device

20. Do I need to enter PIN whenever I use my Card in Malaysia?

Yes, if you are prompted by the merchant to key-in your PIN. Please be informed that effective 1 January 2017, all payment transactions performed via POS, ATM and other payment devices, require input of PIN.

21. Will I have to enter a PIN when I use my card overseas?

Yes, if you are prompted by the overseas merchant to key-in your Pin. However, for those countries that do not support PIN-based transaction, you are still required to sign on the Sales Draft to complete the transaction.

22. If the PIN is the same number (both for retail purchases and Cash Advances), can I request to get a 2 different number for retail and cash transaction?

No. There will only be 1 PIN used for both Point-of-Sales transaction and Cash Advance. 23. Will PIN be used to make Card transactions through the Internet or over the


No, the 6-digit PIN is to be used at point-of-sale terminal, ATMs or other payment devices. It is not applicable for Internet or over the telephone purchases. For secured online purchases, you are required to key in the MasterCard Secured or VISA Secured password instead.


24. What happens if I use my new PIN card at a terminal not supporting PIN? In this case, the terminal will process your new PIN card without prompting for PIN and you are required to sign on the Sales Draft to complete the transaction.

24. Can I use my Chip & Pin card at overseas that is still on magnetic stripe (example USA)?

Yes, your PIN-enabled credit card can be used globally where the payment brand (Visa or MasterCard) acceptance is present. At a Pin-enabled POS terminal, you will insert your PIN-enabled card into the chip reader and prompted to enter your PIN to complete the transaction. If you are using your PIN-enabled card at a merchant has yet to enable the POS terminal to be PIN-enabled, you are required to sign on the Sales Draft to complete the payment transaction.

25. If a transaction is pre-authorized - for example when checking into a hotel - will I need to enter my PIN?

Yes, for card present pre-authorisation transaction, PIN is required.

26. If I return goods to merchant for a refund, will I need to enter my PIN to receive the money back?

For void transaction (i.e. the refund takes place before settlement), no PIN is required.

For cancelled transaction (i.e. refund takes place after settlement and card must be present), PIN is required to be entered.

Forget PIN / Wrong PIN

27. What happens if I enter the wrong PIN?

You will be allowed several attempts before your PIN is blocked. Limited PIN tries protects you against the possibility of attempted fraud on your Card. If your PIN is blocked, contact us to receive or select a new PIN.

28. What happens if I forget my PIN?

You may want to request for a new PIN from us. To do so, please call our Contact Center (log-on to HL Connect, mobile banking, IVR or visit any of the Hong Leong Bank branch) and a new PIN will be sent to you via SMS. Upon receipt of the new PIN, you are required to change the PIN at any Hong Leong Bank ATM (or log-on to HL Connect).


Contactless Transactions

29. I realize that there is a VISA PayWave / MasterCard PayPass on my card, what function is this for?

VISA PayWave / MasterCard PayPass allows you to perform a payment transaction by tapping your card on the contactless terminal.

30. Do I need to key in PIN for contactless transactions?

For contactless transactions within the threshold, no PIN is required.

However, if the transactions exceed the pre-defined threshold, you will be prompted to enter the PIN. 31. What is the contactless limit per transaction / per day?

The contactless limit per transaction is capped at RM150. However if the amount transacted is above RM150, you are required to key in PIN to complete the transaction.

32. If Cardholder does not want this contactless function, can they off this facility? No, this function cannot be switched off.


33. I am applying a supplementary card for my daughter who is studying overseas. As I am the principal cardholder, the card would be delivered to me. Since it requires change of pin via ATM, can I perform the necessary pin change for my daughter’s card, then request the bank to place a temporary block on the card while I courier the card my daughter in overseas?

This is not allowed.

34. I would be going to overseas for work for few months/ years and would not come back to the country often. Can I request your bank to issue a chip and pin card earlier?

You may send in a request for us to expedite and issue you the Pin-enabled credit card.

35. I will be travelling and be back only in a few months (example Cardholder call on Sept 2015 after receiving our letter) and I will be back end of the year. Can I request your bank to issue me the new card only when I am back as I want to continue to use my existing card while I’m in overseas?

We will not be able to do so as it’s mandated by Bank Negara Malaysia to complete the issuance of the Pin-enabled card to all existing customers by 31 December 2016.

36. What happens if I am working Overseas and will not be back in the next few years? Can I still use my Card?

No, you will not be able to use your old signature card once we have issued you a PIN-based credit card. And it’s mandated by Bank Negara Malaysia to complete the issuance of the PIN-enabled cards to all existing customers by 31 December 2016.


37. What happens if I’m in overseas and need to change my default Pin after receive the SMS? Currently, you are unable to change your PIN at ATM machines located outside Malaysia.


38. Will Cardholder’s Credit Card number change?

There will be no changes in your card number. We will be issuing your new chip credit card with the same card number as your existing card to avoid any disruption to your standing instruction / auto debit payment (i.e. monthly insurance payment)

39. If there is no change in the Credit Card number and I have two Credit Card of the same number in my hands, how do I differentiate which Credit Card is CHIP & PIN? Is it by the card expiry date or any symbol will be embedded on the new card?

The expiry date of the card will be different as compared to your existing card. To avoid confusion, we recommend you to dispose your old Card upon activating the new Pin-enabled card.

40. When would the bank start issuing Credit Card that are chip and pin compliant?

HLB will start issuing PIN-enabled cards beginning of August 2015 to both new and existing customers.

41. If I request a replacement Credit Card with same Card number, can I continue to use the existing PIN given to me prior to this?

Yes, you may continue to use the existing PIN once receive your replacement card. There will be no changes in your PIN. New PIN will be given if there is any change made to the credit card number.

42. Can I identify a transaction authorized by Chip and PIN on my receipts and statements? Yes, the merchant slip/sales draft will display/show the word “PIN Verified”

43. Is my PIN printed on the transaction receipt? No.

44. Does Chip and PIN Credit Card still need to be signed on the reverse?

Yes. This is still necessary, as the signature will continue to be used for verification in certain situations (e.g. travelling abroad to a country where chip and PIN is not used / where the POS terminals of retailers have not upgraded to support PIN-based transactions).


45. What if someone has seen my PIN?

If you suspect your PIN has been compromised or revealed to someone else, you must contact HLCC immediately to have a new PIN issued or change it at any nearest HLB ATM.

46. I live abroad and holding a Credit Card with HLB, will I be issued with a new Chip and Pin card?

If you have opted for branch collection during your earlier sign-up, the card will be sent to the respective HLB branch for your collection. If you have opted for mailing of the card to your mailing address, the new PIN-enabled credit card will be sent to the foreign address, recorded in our system.

47. Will all merchants know how to process a Pin & Pay transaction?

All merchants / cashier will be trained to perform a Pin & Pay (PIN-based) transaction. This will be done over a period of time till end of 2016.

48. Do I still need to sign on the receipt after implementation of Pin & Pay Credit Card?

If you transact with your PIN, signature is no longer required. The Sales Draft will display the word “PIN verified”.

49. What should I do if the merchants insist that I sign the receipt after I've already entered my PIN?

You do not need to sign on any Sales Draft as long as your PIN has been verified. The Sales Draft shall display the word “PIN verified”.

50. Can I continue to use my Pin & Pay Credit Card at non Pin & Pay enabled terminal if the Credit Card is block after several unsuccessful Pin entries at Pin & Pay enable terminal?

No, please contact us for assistance at Hong Leong Contact Center.

Note for reference: Cardholder can still use the card blocked with BP at old POS terminals that support signature-based transactions. However, it’s not appropriate to communicate this in this FAQ. 51. Can I continue to use my Credit Card for contactless transaction if the card is block after

several unsuccessful Pin entries at Chip &Pin enable terminal? No, please contact us for assistance at Hong Leong Contact Center.

Note for reference: Cardholder can still use the card blocked with BP at POS terminals that support contactless transactions. However, it’s not appropriate to communicate this in this FAQ.

52. Can I update my contact details via Hong Leong Connect?





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