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Unified Monitoring Portal Online Help Account Admin

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Account Admin

This topic contains the following information:


Account Admin Pane Edit ACLs Dialog

New Account/Edit Account Dialog See Also


The Account Admin application allows administrators to manage account contact users and Nimsoft Access Control Lists (ACLs). Administrators are users with the Account Administration permission in the ACL.

Administrators can add, modify, or delete accounts and account contacts (users) and set passwords for account contacts. They can also add, modify, or delete ACLs and set the permissions for the ACLs.

Changes made in the Account Admin application are reflected in the Infrastructure Manager, as both interfaces write to the same database.

If you do not have the Account Administration permission set in the ACL, you will see a

"Permission Denied" message when you try to run the Account Admin application.

Account Admin Pane


UMP Account Admin Online Help

Delete account icon

Click to delete a user account.

Help icon Click to view the online help for the Account Administration application.

Action icons

= Edit user. The fields in the table become editable. Make your changes and then click the (Save) icon. Or, click the (Cancel) icon to exit without saving your changes.

= Set Password. Opens the Change password dialog. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

= Delete user. Removes the user.

Login ID column Login ID for the user.

First Name column

First name of the user.

Last Name column Last name of the user.

Email column Email address of the user.

ACL column Access Control List (ACL) assigned to the user. The ACL sets permissions for the user and is managed in the Infrastructure Manager.

Click the Edit ACLs icon in the column header to display the Edit ACLs dialog.

NOTE: The permissions set in the ACL include which applications a user is allowed to view. If a user tries to add a application they do not have the correct ACL

permission for, the application displays a "Permission Denied" message. For information on setting permissions for applications, see Setting Permissions for UMP.

Add user icon Click to add a user. A new row is added at the bottom of the table. Enter the information in the fields, then click the (Save) icon. Enter a password for the user. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long. Click the (Cancel) icon to exit without saving your changes.


Account Administration

Edit ACLs Dialog

The Edit ACLs dialog allows you to create, modify, or delete ACLs. You can choose which permissions to assign to each ACL. To access the dialog, click the Edit ACLs icon in the ACL column header of the Account Admin table.

For a list of permissions required to use UMP applications, see Setting Permissions for UMP.

Field Description ACL list Lists the ACLs that have been defined, using either the Account Admin application

or Infrastructure Manager.

Check boxes Click to select the permissions to be assigned to the ACL. Click the check box in the column header to toggle between sorting by checked and unchecked permissions.

Permission column Name of the permission.

Description column Description of the permission.

Type column Type of permission.

Access column Type of access granted for that permission:

• read - Can view data only

• write - Can view and modify data

• admin - Can view and modify data, and make administrative changes

• super - Full access

Add ACL icon Click to create a new ACL, then enter a name for the ACL. Once it is created, click the check boxes to assign permissions to the ACL.


UMP Account Admin Online Help

New Account/Edit Account Dialog

The New Account and Edit Account dialogs allow you to create or edit user accounts.

Enter the name and address information for the user. The Ownership is the origin used to filter alarms and data for the account. Click OK to save changes.

See Also

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