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Time Care Professional Services

Time Car e Pr ofessional Services


“The Time Care service has helped us to achieve great things, with a combination of competence, expertise, enthusiasm and

dependable support.”

Pia Helsing Sector Manager LSS Fagersta Municipality

Time Care Professional Services

There is more to workforce management than just making schedules. Effective management involves, for example, proficiency in using the software, resource analysis and optimisation of staffing processes.

Successful workforce management entails above all a new way of thinking, resulting in a workplace where everyone is devoted to providing customers with the service they need. Where everyone, managers and employees alike, see themselves as part of a larger whole, and show responsibility and commitment to make the whole function as well as possible.

This brochure is designed to help you to staff your organisation with people who are passionate about what they do, who want to realise their full potential and be part of an organisation that constantly evolves towards improved staff satisfaction and better customer service. Time Care Professional Services can help you to lead the change process, and this brochure shows how, together, we can help you find the optimal staffing solutions for your organisation.

Why Time Care?

• Experience – Time Care have

been market leaders in workforce optimisation since 1993 and our customers now include more than half of Sweden’s local and regional municipalities.

• Leadership – The majority of our

services offer various forms of support for individuals or groups in leadership positions. We are experts in supporting managers who lead their organisations through a change process.

• Passion - Our experienced and

competent consultants are dedicated to helping organisations to evolve.

With Time Care, you can rely on

committed and whole-hearted support throughout the change process.

Economy and quality

More efficient use of personnel resources today means better opportunities to create safe jobs and ensure high quality tomorrow. And while employees are by far the most valuable assets in achieving high quality services, for most municipalities staff costs represent 65-95 % of total expenditure, making production- driven workforce planning a crucial strategic step in delivering higher quality within a balanced budget.

Change management Introducing effective workforce management entails a change process that affects all parts of the organisation. At Time Care, we have extensive experience in supporting our customers throughout the change management process and for more than 20 years, we have used this experience to provide services based on customer needs.

Key to effective workforce planning is the recognition that scheduling and temporary staff management cannot be divided into separate management silos - instead, all staffing elements must be integrated into one coherent system. At the same time, successful process change is dependent to a large extent on staff willingness to drive towards a common goal, to embrace change and to understand that the ultimate aim of the staffing process is to create value for customers.

Welcome to Time Care Professional Services, giving customers

access to the training and support that enables leadership in

organisations where every penny, and every minute, counts.



At Time Care, our extensive experience of

implementing new staffing processes and working procedures has enabled us to develop a model that is both proven and comprehensively tested – the key to successful implementation.

The implementation process is focussed on delivering in-depth training, customised to meet the needs of the organisation, in mission-critical Time Care software and applications. Our consultants make sure that your personnel know how to use the functionality to the best effect, that your system includes the right usage agreements and compliance protocols and that your key people are capable of making the right analyses and follow-up actions. The process also establishes how to integrate securely with external systems and, of course, how to produce schedules that achieve the optimum balance between the interests of the organisation, employees and customers.


Following implementation it can be important to make sure that new applications are running as they should and that the organisation continues to make the most of the new system. With Time Care as trusted partner, organisations can rely on dependable support for follow-up and assessment. Our consultants can help you to demonstrate positive effects and increase and consolidate acceptance and usage of new procedures.

Crucially, we make sure that the organisation continues to achieve management efficiencies and higher service quality levels.


Time Care consultants help with everything from overall strategic planning to providing hands-on experience with scheduling tools, implementation and follow-up support. Key to the guidance process is an in-depth analysis of your current situation, which leads to defining clear objectives and identifying the most appropriate solutions.

The process also includes a series of workshops designed to inform planning and balance the interests of all stakeholders, managers and employees, in achieving the optimum outcome. The Time Care guidance process is also totally flexible, capable of providing everything, from simple ‘sounding board’

advice to complete project management.

Employee involvement

Staffing process transformation affects everyone in the organisation. Employee insecurities can lead to poor acceptance levels or even active opposition to new working methods. Consequently it is absolutely vital that the whole organisation is involved in the change process at an early stage and that everyone understands why change is necessary and how it will be achieved.

Time Care consultants support managers and provide them with the tools for leading the change process.

They help the executive group to develop a robust plan of action and how to communicate it, providing support for education sessions, lectures and forums for discussing objectives and expectations – all with the aim of involving employees and building understanding of professional roles and the ultimate purpose of the change process – creating customer value.

Professional Services implementation approach

The Time Care process. Time Care Professional Services are structured around four phases, all fundamental to successful change management.


Changes to the staffing process affect the entire organisation, and with all areas having equal importance in successful change management, all staff roles should be provided with the best possible opportunities for competence training and objectives understanding.


Includes all personnel, from across the organisation, with strategic roles in the design, purpose modelling and implementation of the change process.


All staff members with responsibilities for personnel management, staffing or budgets, potentially including Unit Managers, Division Managers or the whole executive group.


Including the Head Administrator, responsible for correctly applying rules and agreements, and Scheduling Administrators, responsible for the scheduling process.


All personnel subject to scheduling, including temporary staff, whose training is normally the responsibility of Scheduling Administrators.


Organisation support services

Staffing analysis – Analysis of the schedule to examine how resources are being used compared to organisation requirements. Identification of areas suitable for added-value initiatives and for finding ways of using employee skills more efficiently.

Resource analysis – Measuring actual work times and analysis of how workforce resources are utilised.

Makes possible more efficient staffing, with the right competence in the right place, more even workload distribution and lower staff costs.

Staffing process – Strategic and practical support during the transformation of workforce management and its sub-processes. Helps leaders assume control of and actively manage the change process.

Vacancy handling – Establishes solutions to temporary staff management, including everything from situation analysis to security strategies, routines and implementation.

Manager training

Executive Group Workshop – Helps the executive group to identify strategies for successful change management. Focuses on how objectives and working methods are to be communicated to, and shared by, all levels of the organisation.

Resource Academy Manager – Inspires managers and provides the tools to survey, control and communicate the staffing process. The course also gives insight into how the process affects budgets, the working environment and service quality.

Resource Academy Manager Advanced – Helps managers to apply the knowledge gained in ‘Resource Academy Manager’ to their own organisations, by using Time Care systems for analysis, planning and control, for example.

Manager Support – Individual meetings in which the Time Care consultant acts as a sounding board. The manager is assisted in dealing with challenges and difficulties, and in converting theoretical knowledge into concrete action.

Administrator training

Resource Academy Administrator – Inspires administrators and provides the tools for effectively surveying and controlling the staffing process as well as communicating it within the organisation.

Helps administrators understand their own roles and responsibilities.

Resource Controller – Trains key people to become Resource Controllers, specialists in scheduling and staffing issues. Together with the Time Care consultant, the Resource Controller analyses the planning on a number of selected units and then suggests improvements.

Head Administrator – Training for administrators who are responsible for ensuring that regulations, trade union agreements and other basic settings are correct in Time Care programmes. The Head Administrator has the overall responsibility for the functionality of the programmes and for contact with Time Care support.

Schedule Administrator – Training for those responsible for ensuring that the scheduling process in Time Care Planning is functioning correctly on their respective units. Scheduling Administrators often train employees and they also support Unit Managers in daily planning.

Integration and automation – Construction of parameters in Time Care programmes to make sure that the information flow to and from external systems, such as payroll and detailed planning systems, is correct.

Update course – An overview of new features in Time Care programmes, to make sure that users are kept updated and to ensure continual competence development, necessary in maintaining effective staffing. Available for Managers, Head Administrators, Scheduling Administrators and Resource Planners.

Employee training

Resource Academy Employee – Gives employees a clear understanding of the staffing process and their own roles in it. Leads to happier and more responsible staff and creates greater understanding of the organisational changes that are required for customer service excellence.

Resource Planner – Training for people working with temporary staff assignments in Time Care Pool. Gives deeper knowledge, leading to greater flexibility and more active use of the tool.

Time Care Professional Services - training and support

Time Care Professional Services training and support programmes can be applied and utilised by all staff in key roles across the organisation and in all aspects of workforce management. Services are tailored for the whole workforce, smaller groups or individuals.

Services offered in this brochure are subject to change without notice.

Please visit www.timecare.se for up to date information.

Find out more

To find out more about Time Care Professional Services, please contact us:

Phone +468-505 518 00 Web www.timecare.se Email info@timecare.se


Find out more

For more information please contact us:

Phone +468-505 518 00 Web www.timecare.se Email info@timecare.se




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