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P.O. Box 1721, Washington, NC 27889

CURRENT BOAT SLIP RATES: Covered Slip $2.43 per foot, Monthly ($58.32 minimum) Uncovered Slip $1.99 per foot, Monthly ($47.76 minimum) Dock Master: Scottie Moore - 252-402-5153 DM Assistant: Aubrey Moore- 252-402-5152


Members Name ________________________________________Membership Number __________________

Street Address ___________________________________City ___________________ State _____ Zip ________

Home Phone # ___________________Business Phone #__________________Cell Phone #__________________


Vessel Name __________________________________________________ Power _________ Sail _________

Length _______ft. Beam ________ft. Draft _______ft. Height ________ft. (power boats only)

Vessel Make ____________________________ Model Name ____________________ Model Year_________

Engine: Inboard _______ Outboard _______ No Engine ________ Gasoline _______ Diesel ______

State Registration # ________________________ Documentation Number _________________________

My Vessel will ____ will not ____ normally be connected to shore power when berthed.

My Vessel will need a covered slip ______ uncovered slip ______

I would like to have a boat slip on or about _____________ (date) or as soon thereafter as one becomes available

The boats present location or status is ____________________________________________________________

The boat must be in operational condition and have current State Registration or Federal Documentation per the Lease Agreement. The vessel will be inspected by the Yachting Committee to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Lease Agreement.

I understand that the Washington Yacht and Country Club will notify me when a slip is available.

Members Signature ___________________________________ Date _________________

Dock Masters Signature ________________________________ Date _________________

Approved by WYCC BOD, 2013 Boat Slip Application.doc



P.O. Box 1721, Washington, NC 27889

Dock Master: Scottie Moore- 252-402-5153 DM Assistant: Aubrey Moore- 252-402-5152

CURRENT BOAT SLIP RATES: Escrow for major unanticipated acts of nature $5.00 per month Covered Slip $2.43 per foot Monthly ($58.32 minimum)

Uncovered Slip $1.99 per foot Monthly ($47.76 minimum) Electric Charge monthly at current rate of $3.00 minimum


The WYCC, for and in consideration of the rent to be paid by the lessee / boat owner, leases a slip upon the following terms and conditions:

1. The lease shall begin on the 26th day of _____________, 20___, and shall end on the 25th day of ______________, 20___. Thereafter, the lease shall automatically renew for each succeeding month unless cancelled by either party on thirty days notice to the other party.

Members Name ________________________________________Membership Number ______________

Street Address _____________________________City __________________ State _____ Zip ________

Home Phone # __________________Business Phone #_________________Cell Phone ______________


Vessel Name _________________________________________________ Power _________ Sail _________

Length _______ft. Beam ________ft. Draft _______ft. Height ________ft. (power boats only)

Vessel Make ___________________________ Model Name ____________________ Model Year_________

State Registration # ________________________ Documentation Number _________________________

Covered slip ______ Uncovered slip ______

2. The rent for the slip shall be charged at the rates established by the Yachting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Slip rental fees are payable with the monthly Club statement. No refunds will be considered. If the owner of a vessel tied to the dock cannot be contacted or if the owner refuses to sign the latest yearly WYCC lease agreement, after 30 days an additional Transit Fee of $50.00 per month will be immediately and automatically applied and charged to the member’s account.

3. The lessee / boat owner shall abide by all club rules, regulations, bylaws and postings, and shall fully adhere to all Federal, State and local laws, regulations and ordinances. (see attached copy of the Rules and Regulation Section of the Bylaws of the WYCC)

4. The lessee / boat owner is required to carry property damage and public liability insurance, at a minimum amount of $300,000 coverage, on his boat at all times. The lessee is to provide evidence of such insurance to WYCC at the signing of this lease agreement and each anniversary date thereof. The lessee must also add the WYCC as additional interest with regard to liability to their policy. A certificate of insurance will be required as proof of coverage. The lease agreement must be signed by the owner of the vessel and proof of ownership must be provided at date of lease. Records are to be maintained in the individuals

membership file held in the office. The lessee / boat owner must notify the WYCC if the insurance coverage is cancelled or not renewed.


Lease Agreement Continued:

5. The lessee / boat owner acknowledges his responsibility to ensure that any contractor, organization or individual under North Carolina law, undertaking any work on his vessel possesses adequate liability and comprehensive insurance coverage

6. The Club provides a liquid waste pump out station at the site, and solid waste containers on shore. Other wastes such as oils, batteries, equipment, etc. must be properly disposed of off site and not left on Club property. Currently the county waste collection site located nearby does receive such items.

7. The Club shall maintain the facilities and make repairs as necessary. The lessee / boat owner shall notify the Yachting Committee of any known safety situations

8. The Club shall furnish electric power and fresh water to each slip. The lessee / boat owner will be required to pay for electricity used monthly with a minimum of $3.00.

9. Use of the slip shall be for boat owners who are members of the club in good standing. Multi-ownership of a boat requires that all owners be members of the Club. If the boat is owned by a corporation, the owner and/or spouse must be the sole officers and stockholders in the corporation.

The primary use of the boat shall be for recreational purposes. Uses such, as live-aboard and commercial use (deriving income from the use of the boat such as charter, real estate sales, or boat sales) is not allowed.

Gas grilling is prohibited on any dock or under any covered slip at WYCC. The lessee / boat owner accepts liability for any open flames aboard his vessel that may, directly or indirectly, endanger other vessels, docks or any other property of the WYCC. Use of charcoal for grilling is not permitted on vessels or docks at the WYCC. Open flames for any purpose are not allowed in the covered slips.

The boat must be in operational condition and have current State Registration or Federal Documentation.

A boat needing repairs that will take more than two weeks must be moved to a repair facility.

Failure to meet these criteria shall require the lessee / boat owner to remove the boat from the slip immediately and this lease shall be terminated.

Exceptions to any of the above may be approved in writing by the Yachting Committee. Any exception may not be extended for more than 30 days.

10. The lessee / boat owner agrees not to make any changes or additions to the structures or wiring of the dock without written approval from the Yachting Committee. Lessee / Boat owner is required to see the

Dockmaster for approval before making any modification or install any equipment on the docks. This will include but is not limited to Dock Boxes, Hose Reels, Steps, Hoist, Satellite dish, Cleats, Boat Lifts etc.

Guidelines for their installation have been established by the Yachting committee. See the Dockmaster for a copy of the “Guidelines for dock Equipment” and make arrangements with him before you make any changes or install any equipment on the dock.

11. It is understood that the Club shall not be liable to the lessee / boat owner for damages to his boat or contents incurred by theft, fire, hurricane, wind storm, freezing, power failure or other causes beyond the control of the Club.

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Lease Agreement Continued:


• Lessee / boat owners under covered shelters must show the Dockmaster 8 feet clearance above their boat before a normal tide surge of 8 feet.

• Lessee / boat owner shall be responsible for moving his boat if requested.

• If lessee / boat owner requests his boat be moved by the Club, the owner shall do so at his own peril.

• The Club reserves the right to move a boat if deemed necessary to protect other boats or Club property.

• If a boat is moved, the Club and its employees shall not be responsible for the boat, equipment, or contents.

• Lessee / boat owners are required to place additional lines on the boat to properly secure the boat for the anticipated conditions.


The lessee’s / boat owner's Club account will be charged for the following:

A. Dock Lines - It is not the Club's responsibility to replace dock lines. The Club reserves the right to replace worn and frayed dock lines for a reasonable fee if it is deemed necessary to protect other boats or Club property.

B. Cleaning – All boats must be kept clean. Should a boat be deemed unsightly by the Yachting Committee, the lessee / boat owner will be notified. Should the boat not be cleaned within two weeks, the Club will have the boat cleaned and pass any expenses to the lessee / boat owner.

14. Delinquent accounts will be handled per Club policy. Loss of Club membership will terminate this lease, and require the lessee / boat owner to move the boat immediately.

15. WYCC reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of this lease from time to time by either:

A. Written notice to the lessee / boat owner

B. Prominent Publication by notice on the WYCC grounds

Members Signature ___________________________________ Date _________________

Dock Masters Signature ________________________________ Date _________________

Insurer: ____________________ Policy #: ___________________ Insurer’s Phone: ________________

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Approved by BOD 2013 , Boat Slip Lease Agreement. 2013.doc




(Copied from the Bylaws of WYCC, Rules and Regulations Section)

1. The full enjoyment of the yachting facilities depends upon courtesy and respect to other yachters. Yachters are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

2. With respect to use of Club facilities by such guests, the general guest rules of the Club are applicable.

3. Restrooms and showers in the bath house are available for the convenience of yachters at all times. Yachters are requested to see that these facilities are relocked after use and to assist in keeping these facilities in shipshape condition.

4. Members are urged to observe “no wake” in general area of yachting facilities. Remember, you are legally responsible for any damages as a result of your wake.

5. Main docks, boathouses, and finger piers are shared by yachters. Each yachter has a responsibility to see that these areas are kept clean and clear of extraneous material for safety and neat appearance.

6. No charcoal fires or other open fires are allowed on docks.

7. Members are requested not to idle boat engines at dock or in boathouses for more than 15 minutes. The resulting noise and fumes could be annoying to other boaters.

8. No one is allowed on the docks after 10:00 p.m. except boat owners and guests.

9. No swimming is allowed from gas dock. Swimming from other docks is discouraged because of danger to swimmers and to boats in the area of the yachting facilities.

10. Boat slips are available on a priority basis to Club members owning boats. Slip assignments are to members, not to boats; therefore, when a member relinquishes a slip, it reverts to the Club, not to a new owner of the boat that has occupied the slip. Club members wishing to rent a slip may make application. Priority for available slips will be assigned according to member’s date of application. When a slip becomes vacant, first priority for that slip will be given to a member who already has an assigned slip, provided the top person on the waiting list can use the old slip to be vacated by the member having higher priority. Slip assignments are made by the Yachting Committee through the Dockmaster.

11. The person in number one position of the priority list will be advised when a slip is available. That person, in conjunction with the Yachting Committee, will determine if the boat fits the slip. If the applicant declines the slip the committee determines is suitable for the boat, then the applicant’s name will be removed from the priority number one position and placed at the bottom of the priority list.

12. A slip holder who disposes of a boat will be allowed to hold the slip for a maximum of 90 days. In order to retain the slip beyond that period, the holder must present valid proof that another boat is anticipated by presenting to the committee either a building contract or a sales slip for such boat.

13. Subletting of any slip is strictly forbidden. A boat owner is not allowed to let any boat other than his own occupy his slip. The Yachting Committee, with the renter’s permission, has the authority to assign, on a temporary basis, any slip which is vacated temporarily by the renter, but such temporary assignment shall not relieve the owner’s responsibility for the payment of rent. The Club shall also charge the assignee rent for the use of said slip.

14. Each slip will be controlled by a minimum footage length and beam regulation and, regardless of position on the priority list, each applicant will be controlled by this regulation.

15. Slips are rented to members on a monthly basis at rates established from time to time by the Yachting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

16. Guests of members are welcome to tie up their boats at Club yacht facilities for visits provided prior arrangements are made with the Dockmaster. Daily rates for transient boat guests are established by the Yachting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

17. The Club offers a small boat launching ramp for the use of members and guests. There is no charge for the use of the ramp for members. A small launching fee is charged for guests. Please contact the Dockmaster when you have a guest who wishes to use launching facilities.

18. Small boats and trailers may be left by members in assigned areas at a nominal monthly rate established by the Yachting Committee and approved by the Boar of Directors. Members must contact the Dockmaster for space assignment.

19. Members are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and for the actions of their pets.

20. Complaints concerning violations of yachting rules or discourtesies or disturbances should be made to the Yachting Committee either directly or through the Dockmaster.

Approved by BOD 2013 Boat Slip Application.doc




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