Poolesville High School Class of College and Career Planning

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Poolesville High School

Class of 2016


Administrative Staff

• Ms. Deena Levine: Principal

• Ms. Billie Bradshaw: Assistant

Principal, Magnet Coordinator

• Ms. Jacky Orrence: Assistant


– Grades 10 and 12

• Mr. Richard LaRocca: Assistant



School Counseling Staff


• Mr. James Cappuccilli, A-E • Ms. Melissa Nagy, F-Ho

• Ms. Barbara Martin, Hs-M

• Mr. David Gysberts, Ms. Victoria Lyon, N-To • Ms. Sarah Pavlik, Tr-Z

Registrar: Rm 51

• Ms. Elizabeth Hillard

College & Career Information Coordinator

• Ms. Rosalie DeOto




• Post High School

Plans-Where do you go from here?

Learning the College Application Process at PHS:Using Naviance, Family Connection

Requesting Transcripts

Teacher RecommendationsForms

The College Essay


Planning For Next Year…

– College? – Work? – Military? – Gap Year? – Apprenticeship Program?


The College and Career Center

…not only for the College bound



Montgomery College…

• Due date for the Scholars and Macklin Business Institute programs - January, 2016

• General admission applications can be completed on a rolling basis

• Students will take the Accuplacer if the SAT score is not higher than 550 in both critical reading and math, or if the student has not taken the SAT


SAT Subject Tests

What are they and who needs to take them?

• Most colleges do not require subject


• May be used for admission and/or


• When required, most colleges ask for

math and one other subject test

• Check college applications carefully


Finish compiling the College List

• Include “reach”, “target”, and “safety”

schools on the list


College Representatives Visiting


Advertised in…

– English classrooms

– Naviance, The Family


• use the sign up feature!

– The school website under


Now….The nuts and bolts of the application Process

Please don’t


We are

here to


Organization is Key!

• What are the deadlines?

• What are the essay requirements?

• How many teacher


Be aware of these college terms:

• PRIORITY DEADLINE: Students will be considered for every financial aid program for which they may be eligible. (University of Maryland, College Park)

• EARLY DECISION: A binding commitment. Once admitted, all other applications must be retracted.

• EARLY ACTION: Admission decisions are made by an early date.

• ROLLING: An admission decision is made as applications arrive at the college.


A bit of application info…

• MCPS does not use class rank.

Please indicate that our school system “does not rank” when asked this question on


• Grading scale: MCPS uses a 4

point scale. (weighted and unweighted)



Naviance, The Family Connection:

College Search and Application Program

Web based

• Students are able to see

likelihood of acceptance to a

college based on PHS graduates from the last several years.

• For password help, see CCIC or


• Most college applications are


Step 1:

• From the PHS Counseling website, log into your Naviance, account.

• Note the pages

on the left with important


What is the FERPA Waiver?

It is your decision to waive or not waive your right to read your recommendations.


US Department of Education:


Step 3:

Finalize list of “Colleges I am thinking about” -Includes important deadline and decision information.

Then move schools to: “Colleges I am applying to”

Then select your application,


Step 4: Request Teacher


Step 4:

Request recommendations from

teachers 4 weeks prior to the deadline

Students should speak to their

teachers prior to submitting

an electronic request for a


For colleges that do not use

Naviance, students must give

their teachers stamped,


Step 5: Meet with the Registrar

(4 weeks prior to the college deadline to

officially request the transcript


• See Registrar in Room 51 to schedule an appointment • Bring “Transcript Request

Form” and “Authorization to Release Pupil Records”

to the meeting.

• Transcript fees may be


Submit applications online

by the deadline

• It is the student’s


Step 6:

Request SAT/ACT scores

Complete an on-line request for

SAT or ACT score reports to

be sent directly to the colleges

Please note that this step can be

completed at any time in the


College Admissions


Student makes request for PHS to send

Transcript, School Profile, Magnet Descriptions, Counselor & Teacher Recs


A word about Georgetown…

If you are applying to Georgetown,

please speak with the registrar as

there are specific application

requirements that the school must


The University of Maryland


• November 1 - Priority Deadline for all Honors, Special Programs, and scholarships.

• Decisions will be released late in January.

• January 20 - Regular deadline with April 1 release date. (Please don’t wait til January!)


Critical Information regarding

the UMCP Application

• “Online”

means “through

the UMCP system”

• Because MCPS uses


Step 7:

Check with colleges four weeks

after the submission deadline to

ensure that all materials have


Documents sent to Colleges by the


• Transcript, which lists courses, grades,

and credits for grades 9, 10, and 11,

and course titles for grade 12

• Counselor recommendation

• The “School Profile” which describes


• Magnet Program Description

• Mid Year Report if needed

– Student makes request to registrar in January

– Common App schools will receive mid-year report


Scholarship Applications

• Register on Fastweb.com

• Students should frequently

check the College/Career

Center for new scholarship


• Check with colleges for other


School Nominated Scholarships

and Special Programs

• NC State University-Park Scholarship

• Washington University in St. Louis:

Danforth Scholars Program

• University of Virginia: Jefferson


See Ms. Deoto in the CCIC for info!

• Panel



Parent Considerations in the


Discuss guidelines for a realistic college choice (i.e., cost, distance from home)

• Help keep track of deadlines and


• Attend Financial Aid Night on 12/9/15

at 7:00 P.M. in the Auditorium


Additional Student


• Please use an appropriate email

• Keep grades up for the second

semester to avoid college

doubting the acceptance



Please contact the school counselor,

Registrar, or CCIC for additional support


Necessary documents can be found on our school web page:





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