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Santa Vittoria Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml 5

Santa Vittoria Sparkling Mineral Water 1000ml 9

GTG Living Water (Still Water) 750ml 7

Soft Drinks & Juice

Coke, Coke Zero, Dry Ginger Ale, Sprite, Lift, Tonic Water 4

Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato 5

Australian Beers

Hahn Premium Light 7

Hahn Super Dry 8

XXXX Gold 8

Tooheys Extra Dry 8

Tooheys Old 8

FurphyRefreshing Ale 8

James Boags Premium Lager 9

Little Creatures “Rogers” Amber Ale (Mid strength) 9

James Squire “150 Lashes” Pale Ale 9

Little Creatures Pale Ale 9

White Rabbit White Ale 10

White Rabbit Dark Ale 10

International Beers

Heineken 9

Corona 9


Bilpin Original Apple Cider 9

Bilpin Pear Cider 9


Cocktail List

Mocktails All $13

Strawberry Mojito An irresistibly fresh and punchy drink with lime juice, sparkling water andmint


Mixed Berry Smash A deliciously fruity blend of mixed berries, apple & cranberry juice with a touch

of lime & raspberry.

Pine Lime Spritzer A bubbly mix of pineapple, lime, lemon & soda to keep you cool.

Classic Cocktails All $17

Strawberry Daiquiri A refreshingly sweet & fruity blend of ice, strawberries, lime and white rum

Pina Colada Smooth rich blend of pineapple juice, coconut milk and white rum.

Mojito An irresistibly fresh and punchy drink with white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling

water andmint leaves.

Brandy Alexander A bold creamy classic featuring cognac, brown cream de cacao nutmeg

Nobles Cocktails All $19

Miami Iced Tea A perfect mix of Bacardi, Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec & Peach Schnapps topped with

lemonade & garnished with lime and fresh peach.

Tequila Smash Fresh pineapple & lemon smashed and shaken with Tequila, Midori,

Grand Marnier & lime juice. Poured over ice with a dash of lemonade

Toblerone A delicious creamy mix of Baileys, Kahlua & Frangelico with a hint of chocolate &


Espresso Martini A smooth blend of Vodka, Kahlua & hot espresso.

Caribbean Rumba Served in a jug this refreshing drink is a great to share amongst friends. Boasting

in a bubbly mix of Brut, Malibu, Bacardi & Chambord. Topped off with lemonade, orange wheels, fresh strawberries, raspberry & mint.


White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc


De Bortoli Legacy Riverina N.S.W. 2019 glass 11 42

Trout Bay Marlborough N.Z. 2018 glass 13 47

Simon Tolley Adelaide Hills S.A. 2019 49

Greywacke Marlborough N.Z. 2019 59

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Chain of Fire Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Margaret River W.A. 2019 glass 13 47

Sorrenberg Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Beechworth Vic 2015 59


The Islander “Wally White” Kangaroo Island S.A 2018 65


Angullong Fossil Hill Orange, N.S.W. 2018 glass 13 47

Glandore Hunter Valley N.S.W. 2017 49

Rockcliffe 3rd Reef Great Southern W.A 2017 glass 14 49

Domain Road Defiance Central Otago N.Z. 2016 54

Alpha Cruis Adelaide Hills S.A. 2018 65

Tucks Ridge “Buckle“ Mornington Peninsula Vic 2009 69

Bay of Fires Coal River Tas 2013 79

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Margaret River W.A. 2016 129


Pikes Traditional Riesling Clare Valley, S.A. 2020 glass 14 49

Kanta(Dry) Adelaide Hills S.A. 2005 65

Blends & Other Varietals

Alasia Moscato d’Asti Piedmont, Italy 2016 48

De Bortoli Pinot Gris Riverina N.S.W. 2018 47

Derwent Pinot Gris Derwent River Tas 2020 glass 15 54

Greywacke Pinot Gris Marlborough N.Z. 2017 59

Petersons Verdelho Hunter Valley N.S.W. 2017 62


Red Wines

Pinot Noir


Simon Tolley Adelaide Hills S.A. 2019 glass 14 49

Riposte Sabre Adelaide Hills S.A. 2018 59

Bindi Dixon Gisborne VIC 2016 79

Pepik Tasmania 2019 79

Curly Flat Macedon Ranges VIC 2016 89

Bass Phillip Gippsland VIC 2013 99


Chain of Fire Central Ranges N.S.W. 2019 glass 13 47

Angullong Orange N.S.W. 2016 52

Cabernet Sauvignon & Blends

De Bortoli Legacy Cabernet Merlot Riverina N.S.W. 2018 glass 11 42

Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek S.A. 2018 glass 14 52

Chateau Le Mayne Turon Merlot Cabernet Bordeaux, France 2015 glass 14 53

Claymore “Bittersweet Symphony” Clare Valley S.A. 2016 59

Penley Estate “Tolmer” Coonawarra S.A. 2017 65

Johns Blend Langhorne Creek S.A. 2015 79

Pegasus Bay Merlot Cabernet Canterbury NZ 2011 82

Moss Wood Margaret River W.A 2014 119

Shiraz & Shiraz Blends

De Bortoli Legacy Shiraz Riverina N.S.W. 2018 glass 11 42

Chain of Fire Shiraz Cabernet Mudgee N.S.W. 2018 45

Glandore Hunter Valley N.S.W. 2013 49

Simon Tolley Syrah Adelaide Hills S.A. 2016 59

Gibson “The Dirtman” Barossa Valley S.A. 2017 glass 15 62

The Islander “The Red” Kangaroo Island S.A 2018 65

Polin & Polin “Limb of Addy” Hunter Valley N.S.W. 2014 69

The Islander “The Cygnet” Kangaroo Islnad S.A. 2015 99

Other Varietals

Kylie Minogue Rosé France 2019 45

Simon Tolley Rosé Adelaide Hills S.A. 2019 glass 14 55

Discovery Rd by Gibson IL Minestrone Barossa Valley S.A. 2015 glass 13 47

Biscardo “Neropasso” Rosso Veneto, Italy 2015 59

Forester Alicante Margaret River W.A. 2011 69




Sparkling Wines

Emeri Chardonnay Pinot Noir 200ml bottle 12

Emeri Pink Moscato 200ml bottle 12

Lagioiosa Prosecco -Italy 200ml bottle 14

Piper Heidsieck Champagne -France 375ml bottle 69

De Bortoli Legacy Brut -Riverina N.S.W. 42

Emeri Pink Moscato 46

Lagioiosa Prosecco -Italy 52

Jansz Cuvee NV -Tasmania 59

The Islander—Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV -Kangaroo Island 79 Lallier Grand Rose - Grand Cru NV Brut Champagne -France 99

Charles Heidsieck NV Brut Reserve Champagne -France 129



Jim Beam 9 Canadian Club 9 Jack Daniels 9

Makers Mark 11 Jim Beam Black 11


Smirnoff Red 9 Stolichnaya 10 Chase 10

Belvedere 11 Grey Goose 12


Bundaberg (Au) 9 Bacardi 9 Malibu 9


Scotch & Whisky


Johnnie Walker Red “Blended Scotch ” Highland, Scotland 9

The nose is quite pungent & full. There are notes of heather roots, cut herbs, fresh fruits & honey. The

palate is full & rich with notes of malted barley & potpourri, with a touch of winter spice & fruitcake.

Jameson “Irish Whisky“ Dublin, Ireland 9

To the nose, Jameson has a light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes.

It has the perfect balance of spicy, nutty & vanilla notes with hints of sherry & exceptional smoothness.

Chivas Regal 12 yr “Blended Scotch ” Speyside, Scotland 10

Aroma of ripe orchard fruits: pear, bananas & apples with vinous raisins & dried figs. Caramel, vanilla & marzipan balance the fruit. The palate is filled with toasty caramel, fruit, pepper, sandalwood & nutmeg.

Glenmorangie 10 yr “Single Malt Scotch” Highland, Scotland 11

This really is a classic malt, so creamy & fruity. Very thick with rich notes of lemon, nectarine, apple & spices. Fresh & balanced with tastes of vanilla, boiled sweets, tiramisu & toffee.

Bunnahabhain 12 yr “Single Malt Scotch” Islay, Scotland 12

This 12 year old is lightly peated for an Islay malt & consequently is a light, fresh dram. To the nose it is fresh, sweet with a hint of seaweed & malt. Whilst a soft & supple, sherry, nutty sweetness, malty, juicy

Glenfiddich 12 yr “Single Malt Scotch” Speyside, Scotland 13

Packed to the brim with spectacular sherried, dried fruit notes all the way through. Gentle & well-balanced,

hints of smoke, rich oak & a little pine resin. Medium-bodied, notes of date & walnut cake, Oloroso sherry &

hints of forest floor. A beautiful note of malt, with toffee apple & a touch of smoke.

Starward ‘’NOVA’’ “Single Malt Australian Whisky” Melbourne, Australia 15

Matured in red wine barrels hand selected from Australian wineries. Barrels are kept untouched to keep the distinct flavor of Australian wine and oak with subtle hints of berry, chocolate and spice.

Oban 14 yr “Single Malt Scotch Whisky” Highland, Scotland 15

Lovely sweet aromas of toffee & sticky pudding. Subtle smoke and surprising amount of tropical fruit.

Sherry-like flavors of almond and ranice emerge mid palate, accompanied by some crunchy sea salt. Overall

sweet & lush.

Laphoroaig 10yr “Single Malt Scotch” Islay, Scotland 18

This opens on big, smoky muscular peat notes. Spices, & liquorice, as well as a big dose of salt. It appears

beautifully on the nose, admist the classic iodine & cool wood smoke. Seaweed-led with a hint

of vanilla ice cream. The oak is big with an upsurge of spice including cardamom, black pepper & chilli.

Lagavulin 16 yr “Single Malt Scotch“ Islay, Scotland 18

One of the smokiest noses from Islay. Concentrated & redolent of iodine, sweet spices, good mature Sherry & creamy vanilla. A massive mouthful of malt & Sherry with good fruity sweetness. Big powerful Peat & oak with a spicy finish.

Ledaig 18 yr “Single Malt Scotch” Isle of Mull, Scotland 20

Matured in superior oak & finished in Spanish sherry casks resulting in a wonderfully peated single malt, robust & vibrant with a spicy smokiness, floral seaside aromas with hints of liquorice & cloves.


Australian Gins


Poor Toms “Sydney Dry Gin” Sydney, NSW 11

Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cinnamon bark, cardamom, cubeb pepper, strawberry gum leaf, granny smith apples, lemon myrtle & dried chamomile.

Animus “Classic Dry Gin” Kilmore, Victoria 13

Lemon myrtle & mountain pepper added to the rich juniper led base. Classic Juniper , sappy freshness offset by deeper spice driven undertones.

Animus “Ambrosian Gin” Kilmore, Victoria 15

Asian inspired with zest & spice. Bright tangy notes from fresh mandarin, lime & kaffir leaf. Fresh ginger & galangal bring rooty & spicy notes. Sesame seeds add a nutty hint on finish.

Animus “Arboretum Gin” Kilmore, Victoria 15

Herbaceous. Strawberry gum leaf offer floral & menthol hints. Native bush tomato delivers tamarillo notes. Rosemary & bay leaf build herbaceous depth, with orange offering zest.

INK Husk Distillers “ Butterfly Pea Dry Gin” Tumbulgum, NSW 13

This unique Gin has a floral infusion with the exotic Butterfly Pea Flower. A unique Gin experience, but not one for the traditional London Dry drinker.

KIS Old Tom “Contemporary Australian ” Kangaroo Island, SA 13

Vintage style Gin lightly sweetened with local aniseed and lemon myrtle before aging on oak. Sweet creamy vanilla & burnt toffee caramel on the palate, yet woody with a lingering spicy

Archie Rose “Inside Gin” Sydney, NSW 15

This fruit-driven gin displays a bright positive summery character and presents a cast of botanicals including native thyme, Australian apricot, raspberry and strawberry gum.

Archie Rose “Outside Gin” Sydney, NSW 15

A juniper forward gin accented with lemon-scented gum, South Australia yuzu, finger limes, white grapefruit, locally foraged seablite and native seaweed.

London No.1 “London Dry” London, UK 13

12 different botanicals are within, including juniper, almonds, cinnamon, bergamot, savory, coriander, angelica root, lemon & orange peel, cassia, gardenia flower, liquorice & lily root.


International Gins


Lighthouse “Small Batch” Martinborough, NZ 12

Smooth & fresh with herbal & citrus characteristics. A unique blend of botanicals including,

juniper, coriander, yen ben lemon & orange zest, cinnamon quills, almonds, cassia bark, orris root & liquorice root.

Hendrick’s “London Dry“ Scotland, UK 13

Signature taste with botanicals including flowers, roots, fruits & seeds. Their unique flavor comes from an infusion with Rose petals & specially selected cucumbers.

experience, but not one for the traditional London Dry drinker.

London No.1 “London Dry” London, UK 13

12 different botanicals are within, including juniper, almonds, cinnamon, bergamot, savory, coriander, angelica root, lemon & orange peel, cassia, gardenia flower, liquorice & lily root.

Roku “Japanese Craft Gin” Japan 14

6 very special botanicals that are sourced in Japan. Traditional gin taste in the base, plus characteristic Japanese botanical notes with yuzu as the top note. Smooth and silky texture. Cherry blossom & green tea provide a floral & sweet aroma.

Chase GB “Extra Dry” England, UK 12

Extra dry gin, smooth full-bodied, perfectly balanced with juniper, spice and citrus.

10 botanicals including juniper, coriander seed, bitter almond, cinnamon bark, ginger, cloves, Angelic root, liquorice root, lemon peel and cardamon

Chase “Rhubarb & Bramley Apple” England, UK 14

Is perfectly crafted by blending gin with freshly pressed rhubarb and bramley apple juice. This perfect blend is tangy and tart.


Chase “Mulberries & Sloe” England, UK 14

A rich warming sloe gin that is perfectly balances tart sloe berries and sweet mulberries with long subtle oak finish.


Dessert Wines

glass bottle

Pepper Tree “Sticky Pig” Pinot Gris Hunter Valley NSW (2016) 375ml 12 45

Mr Rigs “Sticky End” McLaren Vale S.A (2016) 375ml 45

Dandelion Vineyards Riesling Eden Valley S.A (2016) 375ml 49

Liqueur Coffee


Irish - Jameson Irish Whiskey French - Grand Marnier

Italian - Galliano Amaretto Jamaican - Tia Maria

Fortifieds , Cognacs , Liqueurs & more

Galway Pipe Port 12 Cointreau 9

Penfolds Grandfather Port 15 Campari 8

Hennessy XO Cognac 20 Baileys 9

Courvoisier VSOP Cognac 18 Don Julio Tequila 10

Chatelle Napoleon Brandy 9 Frangelico 9

Tia Maria 9 Kahlua 9

Drambuie 9 Dom Benedictine 9

Southern Comfort 9 Glayva 8

Galliano (Vanilla, Sambucca, Amaretto) 8 Grand Marnier 8

Wild Brumby Distillery - Snowy Mountains, NSW

(45ml serve)

Limoncello 5

Pear William Schnapps 5

Butterscotch Schnapps 5




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