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Fulbright Scholar Program Opportunities in Political Science and Public Administration

June 12, 2015

Jared McCathren –

Caitlin McNamara –


Today’s Webinar: What to Expect

• Brief overview of the Fulbright Core Scholar Program

• Highlights of opportunities available in Political Science and Public Administration

• Guest Speaker, Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers

• The application process

• An opportunity to ask questions


“International education exchange is the most significant current project designed to continue the process of humanizing mankind to the point, we would hope, that nations can

learn to live in peace.”

• Established 1946

• Sends U.S. academics and

professionals overseas and brings scholars and professionals from abroad to the U.S.

• Sponsored by U.S. Department of

State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

• Administered by the Institute of

International Education’s Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)


Traditional Core Program

• Supports research and/or teaching from 2 to 12 months; Flex research • Region open to all disciplines

• Apply to specific award with proposed project

• Most hosts are post-secondary academic institutions

• Application deadline: August 3, 2015

Specialist Program

• Teaching and consulting projects for 2 to 6 weeks

• 24 Disciplines

• Apply to join Specialist roster

• Institutions overseas develop projects, request specialists from the roster. Host can be higher education institutions or non-academic institutions

• Rolling deadline



• U.S. citizenship

• A Ph.D. or professional/terminal degree

• Professionals and artists outside academia - recognized professional standing and substantial accomplishments

• Teaching experience as required by award

• As a general matter, preference for Fulbright Scholar opportunities will be given to candidates who have not previously received a Fulbright Scholar grant


Real World Policy Implications-Locally and


• Awards in Political Science and Public Administration allow U.S. scholars to share their knowledge of the American political

system, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how another government system operates, ultimately giving greater insight into global governance structures.

• Awards in political science and public administration are available in all world areas for faculty and practitioners at all career stages to teach and/or conduct research.


Scholar Quote

“My Fulbright experience has played a transformative role in so many ways! On a personal and individual level, it enabled me to live overseas for a longer period than my prior overseas

opportunities. Professionally it gave me the opportunity both to gain a new perspective on international relations theory and

governance through dialogue with my students, and to augment my own research and enhance my perspectives in the area of environmental sustainability.”


Successful Projects in the Field

• Rendering Unto God and Caesar: Evangelicals, Catholics, and Electoral Politics in Brazil

• Institutions, Structures, and Alliances: A Cross-National Analysis of Executive Leadership in Foreign Affairs

• Humanitarian Wars and International Security in the 21st Century


What Previous Grantees Have to Say…

• “[…] my Fulbright experience [gave me] a new interest in comparative political research and Australia in particular; a new interest in and knowledge about the region; the acquaintance and friendship of a dozen or more persons with whom I expect to remain in contact from now on; a terrific experience of exploring the

Australian continent; new resources for and approaches to my teaching of

constitutional law and democratic theory.”


What Previous Grantees Have to Say…

• “Another transformative impact is that I now have clear evidence that food security is becoming an increasingly important global

issue and a matter of national survival for Gulf countries. […] I will be on the cutting edge of this emerging field of study, thanks to my Fulbright experience.”

• Deborah Wheeler, United Arab Emirates, 2012-13


Award Highlights in Political Science:

Western Hemisphere

Research Chairs in Policy Studies, Canada: Award #6472

U.S. Studies, Mexico: Award #6507


Award Highlights in Political Science:

Sub-Saharan Africa

All Disciplines, Cameroon: Award #6018

Business Administration, Economics, Economic and Political Anthropology,

International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration,


Award Highlights in Political Science: South

and Central Asia

All Disciplines, Sri Lanka: Award# 6444

Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Awards, India: Award# 6433

Multiple Disciplines, Bhutan: Award# 6432


Award Highlights in Political Science: East

Asia and the Pacific

Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy (Flinders University and Carnegie Mellon University Australia), Australia: Award


United States-Korea Alliance Studies Postdoctoral Scholar and United

States-Korea Alliance Studies: Awards #6096 and #6101

U.S.-Philippine Relations, Philippines: Award #6111


Award Highlights in Political Science:


Close to 50 awards in political

science in the region




Czech Republic

European Union






Award Highlights in Political Science: MENA

Public Policy and International Relations, Jordan: Award 6412

International Relations, Qatar: Award 6426


Making Contacts Abroad

• Read the award description

• International office on campus

• Online U.S. and Visiting Fulbright Scholars List – searchable by discipline and country

• International division of your professional organization

• Who is publishing in your field?

• CIES program officer may be able to help


Application Resources

Online Application

Detailed application instructions

Review Criteria Application

Guidelines Project Statement Guidance Project Statement Samples Reference Letter Guidance Letter of Invitation Guidance, if applicable Notification Timeline Fulbright Scholar List


Application Components

Application Form (online) Project Statement CV or Resume Bibliography (Research) Syllabi or Course

Outlines (Teaching) References (3)

Language Proficiency Report Invitation Letter Portfolio Samples (arts, architecture, journalism, writing)

Each part of the application relates to the whole supporting your candidacy


Application Tips

• Match your expertise and your experience to all award activities

• Focus on what you plan to do and how you plan to do it

• Get three strong, current reference letters

• Your supervisor (crucial for teaching)

• Someone independent of your institution

• A colleague who knows you and your work well

Each part of an application relates to the whole and supports your candidacy – think strategically and organize carefully


Q&A – Thank you for your time today

• We will answer as many questions as possible during today’s broadcast. If we do not get to your question, please contact

Jared McCathren at or visit our staff listing

at to contact a program

officer directly.

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