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Lighter Alternatives

Beer-cured salmon

Toast Skagen

Served with a lemon marinated carrot & fennel salad and browned butter emulsion

Ölgravad lax serveras med en citronmarinerad morot- och fänkålssallad och brynt smöremulsion

Scandinavian dish with a twist

Toast Skagen med en twist


89:-Garlic bread


29:-Picking platter

A selection of fine mature cheeses and charcuteries. Served with olives, capers and homemade


Ett urval av smakrika lagrade ostar och charkuteri-delikatesser. Serveras med marinerade oliver, kapris och hemmagjord marmelad

119:-Beetroot carpaccio

Served with goat cheese and toasted walnuts Rödbetscarpaccio severas med gratinerad getost och rostade valnötter



John Scott’s Burger

200g homemade ’chef’s special recipe’ beef burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and red onion. Served with pickles, chips and 3 different dip sauces

200g hemmagjord nötfärsburgare med cheddarost, bacon, sallad, majonnäs, tomat, rödlök. Serveras med saltgurka, 3 dippsåser och pommes frites

149:-BBQ Prime Rib Burger

200 g American prime rib burger with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, salad, mayonnaise, tomato and onion. Served with chips and BBQ sauce

200g Amerikansk högrevsburgare med cheddarost, krispigt bacon, sallad, majonnäs, tomat,

lök. Serveras med pommes frites och BBQ-sås

175:-Prime Rib Burger

200g american prime rib burger with cheddar, pickled onions, tomato salsa, jalapeños and salad.

Served with chips and a tomato mayonnaise

200g amerikansk högrevsburgare med cheddar, syltad lök, tomatsalsa, jalapeños och sallad. Serve-ras med pommes frites och tomatmajonnäs



Vegetarian Burger

Soy burger with cheddar, mayonnaise, salad, tomato and red onions. Served with 3 dipp sauces, pickles and chips

Sojafärsburgare med cheddarost, majonnäs, sallad, tomat, rödlök. Serveras med 3 dippsåser, saltgurka och pommes frites


149:-Main courses

Caesar salad

Grilled chicken breast with lettuce, Caesar dressing, topped with bacon, home made croutons and parmesan

Grillad kycklingfilé, romansallad, rödlök, bacon, Caesardressing samt ört- och vitlökskrutonger

143:-Shepherds pie

Stout marinated minced lamb covered by a blanket of mashed potatoes and parmesan gratin

Stekt lammfärs smaksatt med stout och toppad med potatismos, gratineras med parmesan


Grilled beef served on homemade bread with a dijon and horseradish créme, mixed salad, pickles and french fries

Grillad oxfilé på hembakat bröd med en dijon- och pepparotsdressing, spröd blandsallad, saltgurka och pommes frites


119:-Creamy Pasta

119:-Pasta with grilled beef, a creamy mushroom sauce

and papardelle

Krämig oxfilépasta med svampsås och papardelle

Main courses

Mussels cooked in white wine served with aioli, french fries and garlic bread

Vitvinspocherade blåmusslor serveras med aioli, pommes frites och viltlöksbröd

Moules Frites

149:-Fish and chips

Deep-fried haddock with chips


139:-Main courses

Hereford steak

300g grilled Hereford steak. Served with garlic baked cherry tomatoes, chili bearnaise and french fries

300g Australiensisk Herefordryggbiff. Serveras med en liten örtsallad, vitlöksbakade cocktailtomater, handslagen chili- bearnaise och pommes frites

249:-Beer braised flank steak

Pork belly and onion ragu served with mashed potatoes

Ölbrässerad flankstek med sidfläsk- och lökragu. Serveras med potatispuré

139:-Bangers & Mash

John Scott’s thyme and bacon sausage. Served with a full-flavoured onion gravy

John Scott’s timjan- och baconkorv på eget recept. Serveras med en fyllig löksky och potatismos



79:-Chocolate truffles

48:-Cognac pannacotta served with espresso jelly and a rum cherry

Cocnacpannacotta serveras med espressogelé och romkörsbär

Apple cake with a vanilla cream Äppelkaka med vaniljgrädde

Apple cake



Draft cider

Kopparbergs Päron Sweet cider

Naked Apple Medium dry cider

Strongbow Dry cider

66:- 72:- 56:- 62:-pint 40 cl

Bottled cider

Kopparbergs Päroncider Sweet cider

Naked AppleMedium dry cider

Elderflower & Lime Sweet cider

Strawberry & Lime Sweet cider

33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl




Sofiero Swedish premium lager

1857Swedish ”mellanöl” lager

Höga Kusten Swedishhigh coast lager

Zeunerts MerkeLager from northern Sweden

Gambrinus Czech lager

Grolsch Dutch lager

Kaltenberg German lager

Pilsner Urquell unfiltred czech pilsner

Zeunerts Orginal Swedish lager

Bryggmästaren Swedish lager

Mörka Småland Swedish lager

Wolfgang Pils Swedish lager

59:- 58:- 68:- 72:- 68:-68:- 68:- 49:- 48:- 58:- 62:- 58:-pint 40 cl


Rickys Swedish indian pale ale

Zeunerts Ale Swedish ale

New Castle Brown English ale

Fuller’s ESBEnglish ale

Fuller’s London Pride English ale

S:t Eriks IPA Swedish indian pale ale

68:- 72:- 78:- 58:- 62:-


Murphys Stout Ireland

Fuller’s Black Cab Stout England

74:- 82:-



Tucher Weissbier Germany 62:-

72:-Cask Ale


Bottled beers


Sofiero Sweden 1857 ”mellanöl” Sweden Miller USA Grolsch Holland Peroni Italy

Pilsner UrquellCzech Republic

Corona Mexico

Wolfgang Pils Sweden

Pabst Blue Ribbon Lager Exp USA

Samuel Adams Boston Lager USA

Höga Kusten Sweden

Tucher Dunkel Germany

Tucher Export Germany

Tucher Weissbier Germany

Fagerhult Export Sweden

Zeunerts Merke Sweden

Zeunerts Original Sweden

Mörka Småland Sweden

Gambrinus Czech Republic

33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 35,5 cl 35,5 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 50 cl 58:- 56:- 62:- 66:- 62:- 66:- 68:-68:- 68:- 68:-68:- 68:-

Ask our staff about our

special beer on offer


Bottled beers


New Castle BrownEngland

S:t Eriks APA Sweden

S:t Eriks IPA Sweden

Samuel Adams Latitude 48 USA


Kwak Belgium

Lagunitas New Dog Town Pale Ale USA

33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 35,5 cl 33 cl 33 cl 35,5 cl 58:- 78:- 72:- 86:-

84:-Stout and Porter

Ask the staff


Westmalle Dubbel Belgium

Westmalle Tripel Belgium

33 cl 33 cl


96:-Ask our staff about our

special beer on offer



E´Got Chardonnay/Trebbiano, Italy

Carl-Jan Bordeaux Sauvignon/Semillion/Muscadelle, France

Wagon Tree Chenin Blanc, South Africa

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling, Australia

Matua Sauvignon Blanc,New Zeeland


68:-bottle glass

Red wine

E´Got Merlot/Sangiovese, Italy

Carl-Jan Bordeaux Cab Sauv/Merlot/Cab Franc, France

Wagon Tree Cabernet/Merlot/Cinsault, South Africa

Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz, Australia

Amarone Valpolicella, Italy


76:-White wine

259:- 329:- 286:- 329:- 367:- 259:- 329:- 286:- 319:-

695:-Rosé wine

Wagon Tree Cinsault/Shiraz,Pinotage, South Africa 59:-

259:-Sparkling wine

Lindemans Bin Chardonnay/Colombard, Australia

Pink Yellowglen, Australia



Moët & Chandon

Mercier 795:-



Ardbeg Ten Ardbeg Corryvreckan Ardbeg Uigeadail Balvenie Doublewood 12 YO Bowmore Cragganmore 12 YO Dalwhinnie 15 YO Highland Park 12 YO Highland Park 18 YO Lagavulin 16 YO Laphroaig Oban 14 YO Talisker 10 YO Glenfiddisch 12 YO Glenfiddisch 15 YO Glenkinchie 12 YO

Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 YO Glenmorangie Lasanta

Glenmorangie Original Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Glenmorangie Signet 32:- 38:- 36:- 32:- 28:- 34:- 36:- 28:- 34:- 28:- 26:- 28:- 26:- 48:- 34:- 28:- 34:- 48:-price/cl

Single malt

Cutty Sark Famous Grouse J&B Rare

Johnnie Walker Black Label Johnnie Walker Gold Label Johnnie Walker Green Label Johnnie Walker Red Label

22:- 24:- 36:- 26:- 19:-price/cl

Scotch Blended



Bushmills 20:-price/cl

Irish Whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon Jack Daniel’s No 7 Makers Mark Buffalo Trace 22:- 20:- 24:- 22:-price/cl

American Whiskey / Bourbon


Richards Gin Tanqueray Tanqueray Ten Bombay Sapphire 19:- 22:- 33:- 24:-price/cl


Franks Vodka Smirnoff 21 Smirnoff Flavour Grey Goose 19:- 20:- 34:-price/cl



Bacardi Superior Bacardi Gold Bacardi Black Bacardi Reserva Bacardi 8 años Bacardi Flavour

Captain Morgan Black Captain Morgan Spiced Pampero Blanco Zacapa 23 yr 19:- 20:- 24:- 28:- 20:-


José Cuervo Clasico José Cuervo Especial Herencia de Plata Reserva de la Familia price/cl 20:- 22:- 25:- 48:-price/cl


Hennessy VS

Hennessy Fine de Cognac Hennessy XO 26:- 34:- 56:-price/cl


Grappa di Aglianico price/cl


22:-Coffee drinks

All topped with cream

Irish Coffee

Bushmills, brown sugar

Kaffe Karlsson

Baileys, Cointreau

Leonard Sachs

Grand Marnier, Kahlua

Café D.O.M


French Coffee

Hennessy VS, brown sugar


104:-Soft drinks / Water

RC Cola, KB Apelsin, Fruktsoda

Duvfemåla Naturell/Citron/Lingon/Äpple Zeunerts Lättöl

Kopparberg Pear non alcoholic

33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 33 cl 28:- 35:-Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Latte Tea 28:-26:- / 32:- 35:-

28:-Coffee / Tea




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