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EnGarde Secure Professional

Simplified Management Utilities

Critical System Defenses

Powerful Host Security & Intrusion Detection System

Gateway Firewall Services Data Loss Prevention Module Secure Shell Accounts

Powerful Host Security & Intrusion Detection System

Gateway Firewall Services Data Loss Prevention Module Secure Shell Accounts

Simple and Secure Remote Management System Built-in Support and Alerts

Comprehensive Auditing System

Simple and Secure Remote Management System Built-in Support and Alerts

Comprehensive Auditing System

Integrated Productivity Features

Easily Managed and Maintained Web Services Enterprise Mail Server

High Speed Internet Connectivity PHP, Database, and CGI Support Web Server & Email Aliasing

Easily Managed and Maintained Web Services Enterprise Mail Server

High Speed Internet Connectivity PHP, Database, and CGI Support Web Server & Email Aliasing

Users familiar with the history of Linux have become accustomed to its stability, versatility, and scalability. Now, with EnGarde Secure Linux, Guardian Digital has added unsurpassed security and usability.

EnGarde Secure Linux is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete online presence, including DNS, Web, and e-mail services. EnGarde reduces the time and resources required to create a secure online presence.

Guardian Digital engineered EnGarde from the ground up to be secure. Comprised of a unique collection of Open Source tools coupled with the security expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde addresses the need for applications where security, reliability, and ease of management are necessary.


EnGarde Secure Professional

Realizing that security can no longer be an afterthought, EnGarde is recognized as best-in-class by multi-national corporations for its impressive usability and depth of approach to network and Internet security. Multi-layered network security applications defend servers from all forms of Internet threats, ensuring the continued integrity of business-critical applications.


Web Server & Email Aliasing

Manage and organize corporate websites and email communications quickly and easily. EnGarde's web server aliasing component allows administrators to create thousands of virtual websites to distinctly display and organize all business-critical information from a single IP address. EnGarde also gives the administrator the ability to add email server aliases, allowing the creation of thousands of virtual email domains and providing simplified management for collaborative office email communications.

EnGarde Secure Professional:

Web Services

EnGarde's web services allow administrators to quickly create unlimited Web and SSL secured domains while configuring FTP, DNS and other common network services in minutes. Easily create, manage and maintain thousands of virtual websites through the Guardian Digital simplified web-based management system.

Enterprise Mail Server

The included email server has been engineered to provide security and stability and can control email for hundreds of domains with a click of the mouse. Using conventional email clients, mail can be retrieved quickly and securely. Additional security improvements have been made including protection from common threats as well as restricting unsolicited and potentially harmful email.

High-speed Internet Connectivity

While suitable for any Internet connection, EnGarde Secure Linux combined with cable or DSL high-speed Internet connectivity makes it quick and easy to build an inexpensive online presence. Increase user productivity and speed and functionality of web services.

Database Support

The included database server provides a true multi-user, multi-threaded database server enabling users and applications to create robust interactive websites and powerful e-commerce storefronts.


EnGarde Secure Professional:

Ensure system integrity with Web-manageable Tripwire, the Linux Intrusion Detection System, and the Openwall kernel security improvements. Unauthorized system access and threats of Trojan Horses are virtually eliminated.

Quickly and easily configure your EnGarde system to track potential intruders on your network using its sophisticated open source network intrusion detection system. Engineered to be secure, EnGarde provides advanced levels of protection from Internet threats. The robust Network Intrusion Detection feature provides a ready-to-build device in order to monitor the traffic on a network, and identify the data patterns known to be associated with potentially malicious visits.

Powerful Host Security & Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection System Sample Screens


EnGarde Secure Professional:

Control incoming and outgoing network traffic between the Internet and your protected networks with integrated Network Address Translation (NAT), protecting corporate assets from unauthorized access. Publish internal hosts on the Internet using port forwarding. Network gateway firewall protects internal networks from external threats.

Network Gateway


Firewall Settings Sample Screens


EnGarde Secure Professional:

System Backup Sample Screen

Protect against disk failures using the Web-manageable tape backup support, including incremental ability to download archives to a local workstation. Protect against data loss with the integrated and versatile data backup and recovery solution.

The software and hardware RAID, multiple processor support, journaling file system support, and other features are included to ensure peak performance.

Data Loss Protection


EnGarde Secure Professional:

EnGarde permits only encrypted remote access, effectively creating a virtual private network between the client and the EnGarde Server. Through the use of secure shell accounts users can securely connect to an EnGarde system from anywhere on the Internet. The Secure Shell provides a secure encrypted communications link with from a remote location, eliminating the risk previously found in other remote access methods.

Secure Shell Accounts


EnGarde Secure Professional:

Detailed system and access logs enable administrators to determine who is using the system and provide accountability for potentially unauthorized activity. Produce graphical reports on Web site hit usage on a regular basis. EnGarde Auditing System provides real-time log analysis, statistical and diagnostic information, and more.

Comprehensive Auditing System

Auditing System Sample Screen

Receive instant notification of security events, proactive software updates, and download new products and features using the Guardian Digital Secure Network service. Significantly reduce support costs and protect your investment while being prepared for any possible security assault.

Built-In Support and Alerts


The Guardian Digital WebTool abstracts the difficult process of configuring a secure system while easing system setup and administration. The WebTool offers the unique ability to monitor security activity quickly, build secure Web sites easily, and manage DNS and e-mail consistently. It ensures secure mail retrieval through the use of 128-bit encrypted IMAP and POP services as well as configures FTP access in minutes. Users have the ability to fine-tune system access, manage SSL and SSH keys, and configure fire walling and port forwarding. With built-in protection from unsolicited email, and support for the latest Web technologies, EnGarde ensures a secure internet presence.

EnGarde Secure Professional:

Simple & Secure Remote Management System

Remote Digital WebTool Sample Screen


EnGarde Secure Professional:

Resilient & Flexible - The flexibility of open

source architecture provides compatibility existing environments and all standards-compliant mail systems.

Rapid System Evolution - Next-generation

technologies and system updates are made available much quicker than closed source counterparts.

Highly Adaptable - Open source software can

be tailored to the individual needs of each organization to provide them with the highest level of security and functionality.

Superior Security - Vulnerabilities are easily

identified and patched much more rapidly with the support of thousands of open source community members, enhancing the overall security of a network.

EnGarde benefits from the merits of being an open source operating system. The advanced management and status monitoring capabilities provide a robust platform requiring very little maintenance. Legacy applications replaced with secure modern alternatives, significantly improving security. Benefits from the nature of being open source software, including compatibility with thousands of existing software packages.

Engineered to be Secure

Significantly Reduces Support Costs

Open Source Security


Annual System Support

Unlimited priority support for the entire year, system administration support, custom fixes and workarounds.

Remote Access Evaluation

Guardian Digital can assess your system and make recommendations.

Incident Response Support

Cost-effective and flexible solutions from the experts that addresses difficult configuration tasks and system issues.

Operating System Engineering

Gain direct access to Guardian Digital engineers to customize EnGarde Secure Linux for your specific environment.

EnGarde Secure Professional:

Guardian Digital Secure Network

Provides users with software updates, version upgrades, and comprehensive technical support.

Managed Services

Ease administrative Guardian Digital Managed Services team take responsibility for the entire operation of your server from configuration to maintenance.

Professional Engineering Services

Leverage Guardian Digital Linux and security expertise for authoritative guidance in areas of software development, security, project

management and more. Gain direct access to Guardian Digital engineers to customize EnGarde Secure Linux for your specific environment.

Installation Assistance

Get your EnGarde server up and running and enter the world of secure Linux computing!

Guardian Digital presents the most proactive approach to managing and securing your corporate network. An annual subscription to Guardian Digital Secure Network (GDSN) and Professional Support Services is the simplest and most secure way to keep your system consistently updated while at the same time receiving authoritative advice, information, and additional services from the experts

Support Services


EnGarde Secure Professional:

Some of Our Valuable Customers

• Aalborg Instruments • Kintel Wireless


• Piedmont Natural Gas • Nexant


• LLV Imports

• Mountain Hardware


• Chicago Stock Exchange



• Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission • Georgia Dept. of Agriculture

• New York Spinal Care • Guilford Pharmaceutical • Implex


• Sony Entertainment Group Travel Division


• AT&T New Zealand



EnGarde Secure Professional: 

“We use EnGarde for mail, personal webspace for our dial-up users, web server, database server, DNS, development, RADIUS, and more. I mean come on, EnGarde is a single source solution.” “I boast about the EnGarde systems to many programmers and developers just to watch their jaws drop. Nothing compares to EnGarde.”

"It's an administrators, programmers, and developers dream come true. Because the system is so self functioning administrators can get an extra day or two off, and programmers and developers don't have to worry about becoming administrators. The system takes care of itself.

I don't even carry a pager anymore. In all honesty I owe my work free weekends to EnGarde."

Single Source Solution

“Guardian Digital outperformed competitive products in

both cost-effectiveness and ease of management. Our decision was clear!.”

Cost-Effective, High


Richard Wilson Itasca Independent School System

“Security is a huge concern of mine. Staying current

with security patches and having an easy way to implement them is important to keeping my store and my customers’ information secure. With Guardian Digital helping to manage our internet presence, I can sleep well at night.”

Trust Guardian Digital

Larry Nguyen, Owner LLV Imports

Wave Wizard Internet, Inc. “With Guardian Digital and EnGarde, I am able to

sleep better at night and focus my resources on managing the business and travel needs of Sony's corporate travelers.“

Reliable Security

Karen Savitch, Manager Sony Entertainment Group Travel Division

“It has been one of the most seamless integrations I've ever handled, and would gladly recommend it for any size organization requiring a real turn key solution with the expertise, and professionalism that it requires. Our network has never been this secure.”

Ease of Integration

Carlos Ramos, IT Director Implex Corporation

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


Engineered Security - Built on EnGarde, Guardian

Digital’s award-winning open source, secure foundation.

Built-in Proactive Protection - Improves productivity

by reducing management overhead and better utilizing network and corporate resources.

Lower IT Costs - Immediate return as a result of

reduced bandwidth, server resources, support, and training components.

Raise Employee Productivity - Control access &

increase time spent addressing core business projects.

Simplified Administration - Provide inexperienced

users with the ability to quickly and easily configure and manage an entire system.

EnGarde Secure Professional:




EnGarde Secure Professional:

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