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Avid Interplay

Shifting viewer habits and growing demand for content are changing the face of the media industry. Meeting these challenges at times seems impossible, but no longer is. With Avid Interplay solutions, you can: • Keep up with the increasing volume of media • Access and share media across groups • Log and handle user-generated content

• Locate hard to find media and eliminate duplication • Repurpose and re-version content

Now you can open new windows of opportunity like never before. Avid Interplay solutions give you the power and performance to do what was once impossible, simply. Today.


Central media intelligence

Avid Interplay solutions provide the critical media management capabilities you need to optimize creative output, automate workflows, and unify production.

With a full set of user tools for browsing, logging, review and approval, editing, and archiving, plus transparent yet powerful background media services, an Interplay solution gives media creators and broadcasters the central media intelligence they need to track their assets and create their ideal workflows, whether it’s building a small high performance postproduction workgroup or tying together an entire media enterprise.

Unique benefits of Interplay solutions include:

Dynamic media tracking and metadata handling>

Comprehensive, uniquely flexible media and metadata management spanning the entire media lifecycle, giving producers the ability to quickly expand and adapt to changing needs

Powerful user tools > Intuitive, lightweight, web-based tools that let producers, assistants, loggers, journalists, librarians, and other contributors find, browse, pre-visualize, review, annotate, shot-list, and edit content

Universal media access, edit, transfer > Ability to access media, create, and collaborate in real time from anywhere, link to multiple sites, independently produce projects, and upload full resolution media from a laptop

Adaptable workflow orchestration > Interoperation with over 100 different vendors’ systems to automate non-creative tasks and keep staff focused on the creative process

Editing awareness > Deep integration with full-featured Avid editing systems and project structures, keeping teams in sync and letting producers, assistants, and loggers do more pre-edit work

Best in class storage > Integration with a wide range of NAS, SAN, archive management, and robotic library systems, as well as Avid ISIS real-time and near-line storage solutions

Proven daily >Built to high Avid standards, qualified under maximum load, and proven daily in over 1,200 of the most demanding media organizations in the world


Fuse TV on Interplay MAM


I wanted anybody from any production team to log into a database and see what we had available to them to use in their production; a media jukebox—Ingest once, and then put the tape on the shelf…the MAM has been a huge, huge benefit.

Production of media doesn’t stand alone—it’s part of a bigger picture. We’ve got different production teams that are responsible for all this content, with their own workflows and timelines, but

the MAM has brought all those teams together so they’re all working within one system. The desktop tools far exceed anyone else’s—frame-accurate proxy viewing, the ability to enter metadata based on frames, timecodes, getting very specific with the strata— those are all key elements to providing the right desktop tool for production.

Ed Russo

Fuse TV


Modular, open configurations

Distributed Production Multi-Platform Distribution


Solution Modules Production Staging Ingest and QA Management Production

Workgroup ArchiveCentral

It’s easy to get started with Interplay through cost-effective solution modules that address common workflows. Each module comes with the applications, integration options, and services required to address specific business needs. This lets you invest at your own pace and expand flexibly over time. Pre-defined Interplay Web Services integrations with Avid and/or third party systems are included with some modules.

Solution modules include:

Ingest and QA management >Automated,

centralized media scheduling and capture from tape, file, camera, devices, etc., with quality control and metadata extraction

Production staging >Find and share content globally with automated transfers, managed storage, and centralize workflows for improved efficiency

Production workgroup >Real-time production asset management with project tracking and workgroup collaboration, including editor integration, web-based browse, review and approval, shot listing, and logging tools

Central archive >Web-based search, browse, and basic editing, with powerful cataloging tools and automated file import

Multi-platform distribution >Orchestrated publishing to multiple platforms, channels, or formats including transcoding, packaging, and linkage to rights management,

content management, analytics, and other operational functions

Distributed production >Real-time proxy access to a central library, full-feature remote editing, and transparent uploading of full resolution and proxy media from the editor


Industry focused solutions

Whether you’re in news, sports, film, television, or video postproduction, cost-effective solution modules and templated reference designs leverage thorough Avid integration, qualification, and support to deliver significant gains in

deployment speed and productivity.


Complete real-time newsroom and media access lets you create and distribute stories faster, upload quality packages from the field, and publish to every channel with automated multi-platform distribution


With sophisticated media management capabilities you can create exhilarating fan experiences, grow your brand, and generate incremental revenue by keeping assets close at hand for swift repurposing, development of in-game entertainment, and production of special features

TV production

Intelligent media production and management technology reduces production time, enables remote teams to collaborate in real-time, automates non-creative tasks, and lets you run projects in parallel


©2012 Avid Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Product features, specifications, system requirements, and availability are subject to change without notice. AirSpeed, Archive, Avid, the Avid logo, Avid DNxHD, iNEWS, Interplay, Instinct, ISIS, Media Composer, NewsCutter, and Symphony are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries, in the United States and/or other countries. The name Interplay is used with the permission of Interplay Entertainment Corp. which bears no responsibility for the product. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. IPMAMB0312

To learn more, visit or contact your local Avid office

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+1 800 949 AVID (2843) + 65 6476 7666 + 44 1753 655999 visit

Avid Interplay helps media organizations transform their operations, manage rich media assets, and grow revenues by more effectively repurposing and distributing content across multiple platforms. Creating optimal return on your investment, modular Avid Interplay solutions let you streamline automation, tie all aspects of your media operations together, and link them to business functions.


Interplay solution modules incorporate one or more key Interplay technologies:

Interplay Media Asset Manager > Comprehensive, flexible, and highly scalable asset management with sophisticated workflow orchestration, intuitive user tools, and interoperation with a wide range of third party systems

Interplay Sphere > Bi-directional connectivity that enables full-featured editing and complete, collaborative workgroup access from anywhere

Interplay Production > Real-time management, tracking, and user tools for in-process content creation, tightly integrated with Avid editing, storage, and server systems, including broad media format support

Interplay Central > Web and mobile media browsing, logging, basic editing, and news reporting tools for assistants, journalists, producers, media librarians, and more


The extensible, modular Interplay design gives you the ability to build your system incrementally and affordably— it’s based on proven ROI models every step of the way. Working as a trusted partner, the global Avid Professional Services team can help you design, install, and deploy a solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Needs assessment > Analysis of workflow, processes, systems, technology partners and integration points by experienced professionals and delivery of detailed solution recommendations

ROI analysis > Establishment of metrics and baseline data, process, payback, and post-deployment comparative analysis

Solution design and validation >

Holistic solution development, including software, hardware, integrations, and validation procedures

Systems deployment > Project planning, oversight, and implementation services in primary or subcontractor role

Training and best practice implementation >

Application, workflow, system administration, and best industry practices education through standard courseware and custom training

Support > Proactive, responsive support services delivered by highly-trained and experienced media technology professionals





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