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Now you can consolidate all your

maintenance needs into one contract, delivered through a single point of contact and all invoiced on one bill. Or if you don’t you can still benefit from our range of value added services and maintenance packages.

Whatever you do, once you’re with BT you can buy into all our expertise to deliver much bigger savings and business advantages. We can offer you everything from next day, break/fix maintenance, to advanced remote monitoring and fault fixing. We can look after your PBX, your data network, or both. We can manage and maintain a mix of traditional TDM technology and IP. And whenever you’re ready, we can move you on to a

converged solution via our wide range of migration options to provide unrivalled opportunities for reducing cost, boosting customer service and productivity, and growing your business.

BT maintenance cover will make sure you get the maximum value,

performance and continuity from your communications and IT investment: •Save money on annual renewal costs and enhanced services with attractive discount and loyalty schemes •Choose the cover that’s right for you,

with BT ServiceCare cover, including our range of CustomCare Express modules which enhance the standard terms, off the page

•Take advantage of special offers on value added services for extra business continuity assurance.

Performance you can see

•24x7x365 cover available nationally from more than 1,900 expert engineers, managed and supported by seven specialist service centres •Access world-class engineering

expertise through a single point of contact for all service issues •Over £5 million invested in engineer

training every year, and accreditations from all the top vendors – so you can be sure you are receiving the best support, 24x7x365

•Reliable, effective response to faults – 95% of reported PBX faults are fixed by the end of the next working day •At least 70% of faults are cleared

remotely – and half of these are fixed within two hours of receiving a fault report

•With 40 spares stocking points across the UK, we can have the correct part available on the same day, 98% of the time

•25 of our stocking points are

operational 24x7, providing a two-hour spares delivery service to most sites in the UK

•Migration paths to converged platforms from a leader in IPT implementations and integration. Who else can offer you this level of support?

BT Maintenance

For voice, data and converged networks

Why take chances? You’ve invested a great deal to create a network

to support your business, every second – day in, day out. To ensure

that non-stop service you need an expert team who can take care of

everything – from a minor technical hitch to a major catastrophe.

Whether you’re talking about a voice or data network, traditional

technology or IP, BT has the expertise, the

experience and the people on the

ground to take care of it. Every

second, day in, day out.


Is it for you?

BT maintenance cover gives you the peace of mind that whatever happens to your network, wherever you are in the UK, we’ll fix it and get you back up and running. Fast.

With BT behind you every step of the way, service continuity is virtually guaranteed. With a high availability, resilient PBX and/or network, you can maximise productivity and revenue opportunities – and save money on in-house technical support.

What’s more, our voice and data experts can also show you how to optimise your systems and networks, to boost ROI and lower total cost of ownership

Whatever level of cover you want, you can count on BT to provide a service package that gives you peace of mind and value for money. There’s no need to pay for services you don’t need or worry that your contract won’t cover everything that matters.

If all you want is a simple break/fix maintenance deal, BT can arrange that for you. Even if you bought your equipment elsewhere. But our

maintenance services offer you so much more.

Discounted contracts, value added services and a choice of cover across voice and data networks based on traditional or IP technology, all from one expert supplier.


Value for


Benefits and features

Just make one call – and we’ll sort it out

Our specialist service centre teams provide a single point of contact for all technical help and advice, fault reporting and escalation and can deal promptly with any service issues, relating to any product or service, anywhere in the country. We always try to fix any fault on the spot – to minimise the impact on your business. If your contract includes remote access, many technical problems can be solved remotely, without any impact on network and systems availability, or a site visit. More complex issues will be booked for on-site diagnosis, repair and, where necessary, can be progressed with the help of our partner manufacturers and other third parties.

When you trust BT with the maintenance of your communications infrastructure, even if it is made up of multiple vendors, you won’t have to worry about figuring out who’s responsible for what, and we won’t argue. Whatever the problem, the buck stops with us.

Full maintenance cover for voice, data and converged networks

BT’s service offering covers a vast range of PBX, data, IP hardware and software. Everything from cabling and components to contact centres, server farms and storage networks can be covered. Our engineers have a combined expertise that covers all leading TDM and IP PBX systems, plus wide and local area network systems, components and cabling with fixed, cordless or wi-fi connectivity. Even if there is a possibility that BT engineers cannot deal with a specific component we have a network of partnerships with leading vendors and specialists we can call upon to complement our expertise.

Our flexible ServiceCare maintenance cover fits all sizes – from small-scale phone systems to global IP enterprise networks. Whether it’s for one or many sites, we pitch service at exactly the right level. You never pay for more than you need, or have to worry about small print.

World-class expertise – all on your doorstep

No other supplier can compete with the sheer scale and quality of our national field engineering support. Years of investment and training has created the capability to ensure that our customers can always operate their businesses without worrying about downtime and risk.

•£5 million goes into training every year, to bring our engineers bang up to date with all relevant technologies so that whenever you call us with a problem, you get the expertise you need. First time. Every time

•We employ more than 1,900

manufacturer-accredited and certified engineers and technicians: three times the number employed by our nearest competitor. In fact, we have more vendor-expertise than the vendors themselves. If a fault can’t be fixed remotely, we have the ability to get an engineer out to you on site in under one hour

•With an increase in multiple vendor infrastructures BT has established partnerships with some of the UK’s leading suppliers to offer you a complete capability arm. Partnerships with orgnaisations such as ATC Sterry ensure we can support your infrastructure regardless of vendor. This partnership combines our specialist experience, skill and resource with Sterry’s niche capability, flexibility and local presence. In short, our engineers can get to you. Faster. And have the expertise to get the problem solved. Faster.

Case Study

See how we have supported other customers

and how we can help you too:

The 4th largest food retailer in the UK has saved 20% on their current spend by moving their multiple maintenance contracts to one supplier – BT. With a CustomCare contract, they now have a Service Manager as a dedicated point of contact for all

communications equipment. This even includes their remote locations in the Scottish Isles.

The customer is also notified of problems before they even occur and will be able to resolve these remotely with BT’s Remote Access services. BT has offered this customer peace of mind by : • managing the contracts, technology and services

• releasing their staff to focus on core business activities • cost savings on operational overheads.

As their business needs evolve so too can their solution – at no extra contract cost.

All services described are subject to a suitable maintenance contract. To find out more – speak to your Account Manager or call Freefone 0800 389 4848





How it works

What can you get?

We make it very clear exactly what you can expect from your maintenance cover. We can even back it up with a service level agreement, and compensate you if we fail to meet all our targets.* Any time you’ve a question or a problem, one call can sort it out.

What services can your contract include?

•Faults resulting from normal wear and tear

•Telephone advice, including any preliminary troubleshooting that you can carry out before a fault is escalated in BT

•Where possible, carrying out remote diagnostic checks from BT premises •Any necessary site visits, carried out as

soon as practicable and after remote diagnosis has proved inconclusive •Fault correction through repair or replacement of all or part of the equipment. If BT has to take all or part of the equipment for off-site inspection, testing and repair, we can provide you with back-up to ensure business continuity •Application of appropriate bug fixes for

known software faults, as recommended by the equipment manufacturer •Service level agreements where we

back up our words with action and compensation if we don’t meet our targets*

•On-site troubleshooting for complex failures

*Service Level Agreements are available on certain products, solutions and managed contracts

•Support by BT engineers at 2nd and 3rd levels and also by the relevant

equipment manufacturer**

•Service anywhere in the UK – including the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man •Service internationally with 6 different

options to suit your business •Spares sourced directly through BT’s

own nationwide inventory. BT

maintenance is not vulnerable to delays in getting third party spares. Our spares inventory is constantly monitored and replenished to ensure adequate geographical cover at all times. **Details of support dependent on solution

Case Study

See how we have supported other customers

and how we can help you too:

One international FTSE 250 financial services group specialising in personal credit and motor insurance took out a new

maintenance contract with one of BT’s competitors. But when a major fault brought down all their phones, it took 60 hours to solve the problem. The last in a string of faults in the months that followed was the final straw, so, they came back to BT. A BT engineer arrived within the hour and the system was back online in 30 minutes. The customer now has BT TotalCare with 24x7x365 cover and a guaranteed 4-hour response time. A future-proof inclusive upgrade was included in the agreement which has allowed the group to take advantage of an IP Telephony trial. “The truth is that when you are dealing with something as crucial as your telephone network, you need to work with the experts. Working with BT gives me the peace of mind that when I call them for advice or to solve a problem, I know that I am immediately dealing with a trained expert in our technology.”

All services described are subject to a suitable maintenance contract. To find out more – speak to your Account Manager or call Freefone 0800 389 4848



How it works


Levels of cover – ServiceCare

Our flexible maintenance contracts provide cover from nine-to-five to around-the-clock. The minimum cover term is one year, but you have the option to take out longer-term contracts to benefit from discounts and special offers.

StandardCare 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with a guaranteed next-day response time for faults reported before 5pm. Work will be carried out during these working hours.

PromptCare 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday (excluding public/bank holidays), with a guaranteed four-hour response time from the time a fault report is received. Where BT employees are working at the site of the fault at the end of the day, it may be possible for them to continue working at the customer’s request. BT may make an additional charge for such work.

TotalCare* 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year, with a guaranteed four-hour response time from the time a fault report is received. If the fault is not cleared within that period, BT will telephone the customer with a progress report.

CustomCare* Attendance hours, response times and fix times tailored to specific requirements and can include having an engineer permanently on site.

CustomCare Express Our most popular requested enhancements to our voice portfolio. Pre-packaged and off the page for flexibility and convenienece. Includes enhanced response times and pre-paid call-outs.

International Maintenance: Through our approved global network of third party suppliers we can maintain any Options 1-6 components that you operate outside the UK. Choose from 6 different options to suit

your needs.

*Includes Remote Access for performance monitoring, diagnostics, fault fixing and configuration changes.

All services described are subject to a suitable maintenance contract. To find out more – speak to your Account Manager or call Freefone 0800 389 4848 Not only will you receive the right level of

cover for your business, you will also be offered competitive pricing and discounts. When you make an investment with BT, you can be sure we always look for ways to deliver even more value and peace of mind. BT has loyalty programmes, long-term maintenance discounts and special takeover maintenance offers to maximise your existing investment.

Get even more value from your investment

Long-term ServiceCare coveris available for three-, five- and seven year periods saving up to 20% on annual renewal costs and providing access to special offers and discounts

BT Rewardis available for Nortel Meridian/CS1000 and Siemens HiPath DX customers who require long-term cover. It is a points-based customer loyalty scheme where BT will award a number of points according to the value and term of your contract. Points can be redeemed against any products and services in BT’s converged portfolio

Blended Maintenanceprovides cover for both telephony and LAN equipment. This provides savings in annual renewal costs and a service geared to ensure continuity for all your communications

Take Over of Maintenance Only (TOMO)

is available for LAN and WAN equipment from Cisco or Nortel, offering competitive pricing for a break-fix maintenance service, when switching to BT for the maintenance of existing equipment

Take Over of Maintenance and Management of Existing Equipment (TOMMEE)is available for LAN, IP Telephony and WAN. It offers you the same competitive break-fix maintenance service as TOMO, plus discounts on selected value added services, when bringing existing equipment over to a managed BT contract. Each option allows you to rationalise your supply chain, by moving a mix of equipment onto a single contract and invoice with BT.

Value added services

Our value added services can act as standalone options in addition to your solution, or included as part of TotalCare and CustomCare cover. If you have a managed contract with BT, remote fault fixing is automatically included whatever type of ServiceCare cover you have. And that goes for both voice and data networks.


Quick & easy

How it works


Pro-active fault management for fast, round-the-clock response.

Despite every effort to give you total reliability, no system can ever be guaranteed 100 per cent. But since communications are always mission critical, we offer round-the-clock proactive fault management. We can monitor alarm-reporting systems 24 hours a day to make sure you’re always open for business. Through a

permanent, online connection to your systems, our engineers can deal with alarms remotely and instantly, usually without having to come out and see you. If a site visit proves necessary, our diagnosis will make sure the engineer has all the equipment and apparatus needed to fix the fault

Rapid diagnostics.

Remote access can be vital in isolating and diagnosing faults that you’ve already reported to us – quickly. We aim to clear most faults remotely, usually well within the agreed response time, to minimise disruption to your business and maximise response times from our on-site teams. We can deal with around 70% of reported system faults without having to arrange a site visit

Configuration management. Quick and easy adds, moves and changes. As well as being able to access your equipment remotely for alarms and diagnostics, our engineers can use the same link to carry out routine preventive maintenance and configuration

changes. Software moves, adds and changes can be handled remotely, on-the-spot, without an engineering visit or any disruption to your business. As well as relieving you of the burden of everyday system administration tasks, you can also use this service to carry out major or significant upgrades to your systems and network

Performance reporting.

To highlight opportunities and potential risks. We can monitor your systems and network 24x7x365* and take regular snapshots of performance to highlight areas for investigation and

improvement. We can provide in-depth reports weekly, monthly, or whenever you request them. Each is a compilation of definitions, trunk traffic, overall traffic, overall trunk summary, trunk route, attendant console and CPU performance – all presented to you in an easy-to-follow graphical format. It’s easy to see where and when you need more capacity to cope with bottlenecks, and where you have capacity to spare

Service management & Professional services.

You could opt for a dedicated Service Client Relationship Manager (SCRM) who will provide a single, expert point of contact for all service issues relating to Secure VPN, LAN and IP Telephony solutions and take ownership of all in-life service issues. Our Professional Services offer consultancy in many phases of a solution lifecycle from planning and design through to training. These can be ad hoc or called off against a contract •Service Level Agreements*

Our maintenance and value added services can provide an agreed set of targets for On time Delivery, Repair, Service availability and Network performance for peace of mind and offer you compensation if we fail to meet these targets.

For example, our latest Hardware Fix SLA offers targeted repair times within four hours for LAN/WAN equipment, five days a week or 24/7.

*Service Level Agreements are available on certain products, solutions and managed contracts


Your phone system is only as effective as the people who use it. With BT Business training, your employees can learn how to get the very best out of it.

The BT Business training portfolio can help you to capitalise on existing skills, open up new ways of using technology and increase productivity. We offer a flexible and comprehensive range of training options, which combines practical experience with professional tutoring and computer-based learning.

What products and services can BT cover?

Just about every communications and IT equipment and services you can think of including: ...and many more legacy installations

*Including Cisco partner-initiated customer access (PICA) which is free to customers who purchase Cisco products with a maintenance contract via BT. This provides enhanced online services for access to the Cisco global price list and downloadable access to bug fixes and the latest software releases.

All services described are subject to a suitable maintenance contract. To find out more – speak to your Account Manager or call Freefone 0800 389 4848


No.1 in

the UK

Why come to BT?

Because, as the biggest supplier and maintainer of voice, data and converged networks in the UK, we are the best people to deliver non-stop availability and performance for your business network. BT is a key player in the supply and management of integrated business solutions. As one of the country’s largest pioneers and users of communications and IT, we have built-up substantial expertise in the installation, repair, management and support of mission-critical applications, systems and infrastructure. We are one of only a handful of credible suppliers with enough know-how to make sure your organisation has a network service that can be relied upon for lifelong performance and availability.

•More than 60,000 traders in over 1400 financial trading rooms across 51 countries rely on BT’s sophisticated voice applications and integration technologies to make rapid

critical decisions under busy market conditions

•BT manages its own IT systems which consist of over 900 mission critical systems running on 13 mainframes and over 12,000 mid-range services controlling operations from network monitoring, through advanced call centre functions to customer billing

•The public network – the infrastructure that runs to virtually every household and business in the land – is built, evolved and maintained by BT. Other companies may provide you with voice and data services. But they all depend on the integrity of a network built by BT. So who better to rely on?

•February 2005 - BT received a Telemark Gold Award in the latest Telemark Managed Data Network Services customer satisfaction report. BT received satisfaction scores rated at more than 20% above the Benchmark standard, which represents an exceptional level of customer satisfaction

•BT has been awarded the highest possible partnership status by Nortel, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Avaya – proof that we meet and exceed the standards set by the world’s top communications companies. Plus we have strong alliances with Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lake

Communications, Dacon, ATC Sterry, Microsoft – and more

•Massive multi-vendor, multi-platform expertise covering:

– cabling, equipment, software, applications

– small office key systems, multi-site voice and data networks, contact centres, fully converged solutions – consultancy, systems development,

installation, and of course,

maintenance, technical support and account management.

BT is an expert in networked IT services. Our trusted and efficient installation, management and continuity services can be there to you throughout the life of your solution, leaving you free to concentrate on core business issues. When it comes to maintaining mission-critical networks, BT has it all covered.

Offices worldwide

The telecommunications services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British

Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2006

Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England No. 1800000

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Network Flexible Customer Service

Contact & Further Information

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Talk to us about Maintenance and how we can help you pull together allthe building blocks for convergence.

•Call on Freefone 0800 389 4848 Quoting 48252

•Talk to your BT Account Manager •Visit

for anything else in our portfolio Tell us if this datasheet was useful or how we can make things better

Finance options

If you want to minimise your capital outlay, you can take advantage of simple, flexible repayment options to cover your

equipment, software, installation and connection charges. With BT Contract Rentals Ltd*, there’s no deposit to pay and rental agreements are designed to suit your preferred payment schedule, lasting from three to seven years.

As well as being easier on your cash flow, it’s a hedge against inflation and, depending on how your auditor treats the payments, you may be able to allocate them as a business expense, which could reduce your tax bill at the end of the year.

There’s an in-built technology refresh option whereby you can upgrade or add new equipment during the term of the contract and, if you wish, replace it at the end of the payment term.

*Contract Rentals is a service provided by BT Contract Rentals Ltd. Contract Rentals Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital Equipment Finance Ltd, part of the General Electric Company (USA) Group.

All services described are subject to a suitable maintenance contract. To find out more – speak to your Account Manager or call Freefone 0800 389 4848