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Management Board Assurance - 4th June 2014



Minutes/Decision & Actions of Management Board Assurance

Branch / OCU

Met HQ Portfolio & Planning


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June 2014



Record of Decisions and Actions - Meeting Date: 4 June 2014 PRESENT: Chair – Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner.

Members Attending:

Jo Collins, Head of Risk; Nina Cope, Director of Portfolio & Planning; Cressida Dick, AC Specialist Operations; Martin Fewell, Director of Media and Communications; Martin Hewitt, AC Professionalism; Christine Jones, Commander TP; Siobhan Kane, Digital Policing; Anna Klonowski, Interim Director of Commercial and Finance; Rebecca Lawrence, Director of Strategy & Planning MOPAC; Craig Mackey, Deputy Commissioner; Julie Norgrove, Director of Audit & Risk (Items 1-3); Mark Rowley, AC Specialist Crime & Operations; Robin Wilkinson, Director of Human Resources.

Also attending:

Item 9 - Barry Nicholson Service Delivery Manager, SSS - Front Line Services Meeting secretary: Katrina Summerfield, Portfolio & Planning.

Management Board 4 June 2014 (‘the Board’) Minutes / Decision / Action

Person Responsible Apologies

Helen King, AC; Richard Thwaite, interim Director Digital Policing.

Item 1. Review of Minutes and actions from last Management Board- Assurance on 2 April 2014

The minutes from Management Board Assurance on 2 April 2014 were agreed. Updates were given for outstanding actions. The Board noted the briefing note for action 29/MBA regarding access to IT for volunteers.

Item 2. HMIC Update - MBA(14)25

Director P&P introduced the update from HMIC for the Board to note. HMIC have recently carried out the VtP4 inspection, early indications are that they were pleased with our progress since VtP3 although noted the delays in savings and work to do around culture. Two reports are due for publication in the next quarter and P&P will work with leads to test resilience of the action plans.

A report on Crime Data Integrity will be released in September 2014. Issues identified from the inspection are currently being managed through an action plan led by

Commander Hanstock.

Decision: The Board noted the HMIC Update. Item 3. DARA Annual Report - MBA(14)22

Director DARA introduced the report which gave an annual assessment on the

effectiveness of the control environment within the MPS and summarised the activities and performance of the DARA.

Decision: The Board noted the DARA Annual report Item 4. Risk Management Statement - MBA(14)18

Deputy Commissioner confirmed the Risk and Assurance team was being set up in Portfolio & Planning to provide a realistic assessment of risk. The Board were asked to agree a Risk Management Statement which set out the vision and principles for risk management within the MPS as an indication of their support to drive improvement in managing risk throughout the MPS.


• Leadership - the behaviours under the statement should be revised to ensure they provide support.

• Awareness and skills - AC Professionalism will monitor the delivery of

action/training plans through Total Professionalism board. Director HR will be responsibility for building into the leadership framework. P&P will test this on behalf of the Board to ensure total professionalism deliver the plan.

• The Board requested the risk and assurance team to develop an effective escalation process to ensure risks are raised quickly and efficiently.

Item 5. MPS Annual Governance Statement and 2014/15 improvement actions - MBA(14)20

Director Commercial & Finance introduce the Annual Governance Statement (AGS) 2013/14 for approval and publication with the MPS Statement of Accounts. The MPS is required to have an effective governance framework in place and has a statutory duty to produce an annual statement. In line with other public sector organisations,

individual Board members were asked to sign a supporting statement in relation to their responsibilities to provide a self assessment of improvement areas needed within business groups and help prioritise the improvement plan.

After discussion, the Board agreed the direction of travel regarding supporting statements. They would be refined to ensure the statements were not so broad with guidance/clarification on the criteria for tick boxes. Timescales would not allow for the supporting statements to be completed for 30 June (when the AGS is required to be published) so the supporting statements would run as a shadow process.

Decision: The Board approved the Annual Governance Statement as a draft with some amendments prior to discussion at MOPAC/MPS Audit Panel with sign-off delegated to the Deputy Commissioner

Item 6. Governance Review including the MPS Scheme of Delegation - MBA(14)27


Director P&P introduced the Governance Review which was an action from MB-Strategic on 23 January 2014. The report outlined areas of improvement and focused on corporate decision making boards. External audit has been asked to test the effectiveness of governance processes in 2015.

The following comments were highlighted in the discussion:

• The Board acknowledge work was ongoing in relation to MB-Performance and clarity was required from Management Board regarding its aims. The introduction of Scorecards would give a broader picture of performance

• Commissioner requested standing items for Budget and Performance at

Management Board meetings. The Board agreed Budget was a standing item at Investment and Commissioner has now taken over the chair for both MB-Investment and MB-Performance so would have visibility of the data.

• The Board requested increased awareness of upcoming agenda items for corporate boards to allow better planning of attendance at Corporate Boards.

• The Board acknowledged some areas of the business were not forward planning and this was impacting agendas and last minute items. As improvements are made to agenda planning this should reduce.

• The Commissioner raised concerns’ regarding the current model and it was agreed practicalities would be discussed at the Diversity workshop on 2 July 2014.

Decision: The Board broadly accepted the update but requested further options were explored.

Item 7. Emerging Risks - Information Management Risk - MBA(14)24 Restricted s31 FoIA

Item 8. Quarterly Review of the Corporate Risk Register - MBA(14)23 AC Professionalism introduced the Risk Report and confirmed he would become the lead for Operational risk and learning and would chair the Risk and Organisational Learning meeting (previously Risk Board) which will begin at the end of July. It was noted that getting the right attendance at the meeting was essential.

There was broad support for the approach and the following points were highlighted in the discussion:

• The Board disagreed with the wording on the new risks around “Failure of the Total Technology Programme to deliver financial savings in line with an improved and efficient operating environment”. The risk is not just around the savings, the risk is around the programme itself and the business benefits. The Board requested the likelihood score was increased by one.

• There was the potential for not achieving the savings as identified in the Estate Strategy and it was requested to add this to the Risk Register, particularly as there was no mitigating plan. The Board requested to consider the detail at

MB-Assurance in August to understand the gap and any mitigation.

Decision: The Board agreed the recommendations as per the paper and noted the new risks added to the Risk Register on Total Technology and Information Management. Item 9. Contract Management - Carlson Wagonlit - MBA(14)23


Commissioner introduced this item which was commissioned following a Value for Money challenge from the intranet forum. Director of Customer and Commercial Services highlighted that VfM button didn’t always compare like for like so results could be misleading. The internal team has detailed knowledge of each travel company to understand the best value options. The paper recommended educating/training frequent users to understand the criteria for getting best value when making travel arrangements.

The Board were supportive of the recommendations and the following points were highlighted in the discussion:

• Additional members of the team have now been trained to assist with workloads and improve the answering service. The team are awaiting wave 3 to understand the shape of the future model.

• The Board supported:

o the development of self service train tickets to assist with workloads along with a set of principles to guide staff officers/PA’s when making travel arrangements.

o more detailed information management to ensure best value, particularly to understand if more notice for travel arrangements would deliver significant savings.

o returning to the criteria as used by the foreign office levels for hotel

accommodation and exploring a financial limit for UK hotel accommodation.

• More detailed information was requested to confirm whether CWT are delivering a good service.

Decision: The Board were broadly reassured and offered assistance to enforce best practice to reduce costs. The proposals for savings opportunities on the contract were accepted.

Item 10. Health and Safety Report - MBA(14)21

Director HR introduced the report and highlighted that H&S Board continues to consider significant heath & safety risks at each meeting. The most significant of these were water related incidents and non-police firearms. H&S Board were reassured that appropriate control measures were in place. Management of explosives had also been a significant risk but the H&S team was working with business groups to resolve this issue and assurance was increasing. Statistics around unintentional discharges were improving. Overall we are getting better at managing the risks we know about but Director HR expressed concern that emerging /new areas of risk are note escalated from a local level. The next H&S Board will consider whether local risk assessments have remained static or are changing.

The following points were highlighted in the discussion:

• The Board supported writing to the National Crime Agency regarding issues around firearms being packaged together with ammunition and sent to the MPS for forensic analysis ensuring there was clarity that the legal risk sat with their agency.

• The number of physical assaults on police officers appeared to significantly increase. Management Board requested this was reviewed by the Health and Safety group.

• Director HR is looking at the number of Taser deployments. The Board thought it would be helpful for the statistics to include the date Tasers were rolled out to understand the data.

• Director HR to review the employee rates to know whether these are regularly updated.


Decision: The Board noted the Health and Safety Report.

Item 11. Summary of Decisions from Corporate Boards - MBA(14)26 Deputy Commissioner highlighted the following decisions for the Board’s information:

• MB People escalated two items to MB-Strategic. The Board were reassured the escalation process was working

• MB Investment, a short briefing note has been commissioned to explain the shortfall for the Command and Control Business Case.

Decision: the Board noted the report. Any Other Business

Director DMC gave an outline of the agenda for the Senior Leaders Group on 5 June. Decision: Following discussion, the Board agreed to cancel July’s SLG.

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