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The Electric Power Board of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County


– ESL-601-1


: High Intensity Discharge Lamps


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Specification ESL-601-1

2 1.0 SCOPE

1.1 The purpose of this specification is to insure the furnishing of a high intensity discharge lamp of high quality, manufactured in accordance with current applicable Electrical Industry Codes, American National Standards Institute and Underwriters Laboratory requirements.

1.2 It is intended that this specification shall serve as a guide to the supplier to prepare a quote. This specification is not intended to be a detailed a

specification. The supplier will furnish complete descriptive information including the specifications for the lamp being quoted.


2.1 The lamp shall be designed and constructed to the most current

recommended practices of the IES, ANSI, and NEMA. The lamp operating voltage and ANSI ballast codes shall be as follows:


Watts/Approx. Init. Lumens

Lamp Type Approx.

Initial Lamp Rated Voltage ANSI Ballast Code

100/9,500 Metal Halide (MH)/Pulse Start-ED 17/Med Base

100 M90

175/13,500 175/16,000

MH-ED 28/Mogul Base MH-Pulse Start-ED28/Mogul Base 132 132 M57 M152 250/20,500 250/20,000

MH-ED 28/Mogul Base MH-Pulse Start-ED28/Mogul Base 133 133 M58 M153 320/30,000 MH-Pulse Start-ED 28/Mogul


132 M132

400/36,000 400/42,600

MH-ED 37/Mogul Base MH-Pulse Start-BT-28/Mogul Base 135 135 M59 M155 1000/110,000 MH-BT 56/Mogul Base 263 M47

70/6,500 High Pressure Sodium (HPS)- ED 17/Med Base

52 S62

100/9,400 HPS-ED 23.5/Mogul Base 55 S54

150/15,800 HPS-ED 23.5/Mogul Base 55 S55

250/27,000 HPS-ED 18/Mogul Base 100 S50

400/50,000 HPS-ED 18/Mogul Base 100 S51

1000/140,000 HPS-ED 25/Mogul Base 250 S52

2.2 The lamp shall be of the high intensity discharge type, universal operating position, clear, mogul base ANSI type E39 (or medium base, ANSI type E26, where required by request for quotation) and specifications as otherwise described in the request for quotation.


3 2.3 The screw shell base of the lamp shall be constructed of brass or

nickel-plated brass.

2.4 The lamp shall include a date code etched into the base of the lamp to indicate manufacturing date of the lamp. The base shall also include a code for the installer to indicate the installation date of the lamp.

2.5 The lamp shall be constructed of hard glass which shall be designed for an operating temperature up to 400° C. or as otherwise required by ANSI standards for the lamp being furnished.

2.6 The lamp base shall be designed for an operating temperature up to 210° C. or as otherwise required by ANSI standards for the lamp being


2.7 Lamps meeting current US Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines of Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for non-hazardous waste (or State of Tennessee requirements of the same guidelines, if more stringent) will be acceptable but are not required.

2.8 The lamp warranty shall be based on 12 hours per start per day operating cycle.

2.9 The high pressure sodium lamp shall be consist of a single arc tube unless specified otherwise in the request for proposal.

2.10 The high pressure sodium lamps shall have arc tube manufactured of PCA (polycrystalline alumina) tubing.

2.11 The color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamps shall be a minimum of 21 unless otherwise required by the request for proposal. 2.12 High color rendering index high pressure sodium lamps shall have a

minimum CRI of 65.

2.13 Dual arc tube high pressure sodium lamps shall be of the same size and operate on the same ballast with the same lumen output as the single arc tube lamp. The dual arc lamp shall have instant re-strike capabilities for the first 24,000 hours of average life. The lamp shall be of the monolithic arc tube design. The two monolithic arc tube shall be mounted in parallel and provide 40,000 average hours of life. Dual arc tube lamps of other designs may be acceptable if the bid contains endorsements by other electric utilities and pre-qualification requirements have been met. 2.14 The metal halide lamp shall be of the universal burning position.

2.15 The color rendering index of metal halide lamps shall be a minimum of 65. 2.16 The metal halide lamp shall be designed to operate in an enclosed type

luminaire. However, lamps designed to operate in an open type fixture will be acceptable.

2.17 Lamps which convert high pressure sodium to metal halide shall operate on existing high pressure sodium systems with an external ignitor requiring no modifications to the luminaire. The CRI shall be a minimum of 65.


Specification ESL-601-1


3.1 The supplier’s quotation shall include the information listed below. 3.2 Shipping date from the supplier’s facility.

3.3 List exceptions to this specification (or notations on drawings or catalog cuts of exceptions to this specification).

3.4 At a minimum, the manufacturer’s warranty shall provide for proportionately credited lamps which fail to operate according to the following interval based on the manufacturer’s date code on the base of the lamp: Operating Intervals Credit Based on 4500 Hours/Year Operation

Upon receipt Fully Credited

First Year Two (2) lamps for every failure Second Year One (1) lamp for every failure

Third Year One (1) lamp for every two (2) failures 3.5 To pre-qualify for a NES request for quotation, the manufacturer must

present technical information indicating that the lamp meets the

requirements specified here-in, three lamp samples, and recommendations from three utilities purchasing the lamps, on more than one occasion. The utility recommendations must include the name and phone numbers of the utility representatives.







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