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Academic year: 2021

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@financial is a full service financial services brokerage specializing in comprehensive, holistic financial planning, and offers a complete line of financial services and products for families and businesses – including retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, business planning, life insurance; annuities; health insurance; property and casualty insurance; long term care insurance; disability insurance; and investment advisory services.

Many financial planners take a “one size fits all” approach with their clients. During our initial meeting, our advisors will collect key data during an extensive discovery process. @financial will then provide

a thorough assessment of your current financial circumstances using a proprietary process that assesses you on 10 dimensions of risk. We will then develop a comprehensive, proactive plan for you and your family.

StRAtEgic DEbt REDuctiOn AnD WEALtH AccuMuLAtiOn

Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement, or do you have some doubts? In most cases, over 70% of income is paid toward taxes and interest! We can show you how to erase ALL debt (including mortgages) in 9 years or less, and dramatically increase your emergency fund, and long-term savings.

Rather than focusing on savings, if we reduce payments going towards interest and taxes, we create more money for lifestyle and savings!


• Eliminate ALL debt (mortgage included) in less than 9 years • Accumulate wealth on any income

• Cut your current and future tax burden

• Be better prepared for emergencies, college, and retirement • All without spending any more than you are currently!

Savings 3% Interest 34% Taxes 40% Lifestyle 23%

takes a

fiduciary, holistic approach

to financial planning




comes solutions



Financial Planning

Our firm specializes in comprehensive, holistic financial planning for every stage of life. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, growing your family, or planning your exit strategy into retirement, our advisors have the expertise and skill to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your financial life and organize it in a meaningful way.

Investment Advice

What matters most to you when choosing the RIGHT advisor to manage your

investments? Many of our clients have gravitated towards our Registered Investment Advisory because they trust that as fiduciaries we always have their best interests in mind; operate with transparency; provide unbiased advice; and adhere to a strict code of ethics. Insurance Brokerage

Rather than trying to force any one particular company’s products to meet the varying needs of all of our clients, our insurance brokerage searches a multitude of insurance companies to identify which, out of all of the products available on the market, is the best suited to meet your specific need, based on your unique situation.

OuR MEnu Of SERvicES

• Social Security Planning • Retirement Planning • Strategic Debt Reduction • College Planning

• Wealth Management • Estate Planning • Insurance Needs

• Group Captive Insurance • Beneficiary Review


@financial Public Education Series

Serving the public is important to us. As independent financial advisors with special certifications and training in multiple planning disciplines (social security, retirement planning and estate planning), @financial advisors feel strongly about doing pro bono work for various Chicagoland communities. Throughout the year, @financial advisors hold complimentary educational workshops throughout the Chicagoland area on the following topic areas:

SOciAL SEcuRity bEnEfit MAxiMizAtiOn

One of our most well-attended public education workshops is “Maximizing your Social Security & Retirement Income - Secrets for Married Couples to Boost ther Benefits.”

The right Social Security planning strategy could be worth up to $100,000 in lifetime benefits and reduce other risks associated with your retirement portfolio. For married couples, finding the right strategy means sifting through 567 different filing combinations. Take the guesswork out of one of the most important decisions affecting your financial future.


Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy. Estate Planning is for everyone. Give your heirs peace of mind and prevent potential conflicts. Take the guess work out of some of the most important decisions affecting your Estate.

This workshop will teach you how to preserve the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed, to maintain complete control over your assets and affairs, help you remain independent for as long as possible, and preserve your dignity should you become incapacitated.

REquiRED MiniMuM DiStRibutiOn (RMD) StRAtEgiES

If you’re between age 65 and 70 and own a traditional IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan, you’ll soon have to deal with your required minimum distributions – RMDs.

Suddenly, a portion of your tax-deferred savings will be taxable again, and the impact on your overall portfolio could be significant if you’re not armed with all the right information.

MARKEt & EcOnOMic cOnDitiOnS OvERviEW fROM “StOP tHE finAnciAL inSAnity”

During this workshop, @financial advisors provide an overview of research findings and concepts from

Stop the Financial Insanity, the breakthrough book authored by David J. Scranton, CLU, CHFC, CFP, CFA, MSFS, one of the country’s leading independent financial advisors.

Stop the Financial Insanity is both a shocking history lesson and an uncompromising attack on Wall Street deception. In clear and concise language, @financial advisors provide workshop attendees:

• Historical data on cyclical financial trends and how this translates to current market conditions • An outline of secure investment options designed to reliably grow and generate income regardless

of stock market conditions



@financial Investments is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) and is a sister company to both @financial and @properties, both based in Chicago, IL. As an RIA, @financial Investments has a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interests, and is compensated by working with you to guide and direct the management of your overall investment portfolio and financial plan, rather than earning commission on the sale of securities.

The RIA Model

As an RIA who has partnered with TD Ameritrade Institutional and Morningstar, we have the capability to not only offer any Stock, Bond, Mutual Fund, or Exchange-Traded Fund currently traded - we also have the analytic tools to help you to identify which, of the many suitable products, may actually be the best for your specific goals and objectives.

Why the RIA Model?

Although, there has been a recent call for broker-dealers to be bound by a fiduciary duty as well, there is currently no such standard. And though there are certainly many quality broker-dealers operating, it is estimated that a sizable portion of the revenue generated by broker-dealers is based on their commissions and transaction fees. While this is a legitimate business model, we feel that this type of relationship creates too much of a disincentive for these types of firms to adequately and consistently work toward their clients’ best interests.

Our Approach to Managing Risk

Simply stated, risk plays a role with any investment strategy. We believe that a sound

financial investment philosophy, like any championship team, has to play offense as well as defense. With respect to investments, that means that your total portfolio should not only provide a solid rate of return, but should mitigate potential investment risk, such as…

Longevity Risk What if you simply outlive your money?

Timing Risk What if the market takes a nose dive a year or two before or after you retire?

Withdrawal Rate Risk From your investments, what percentage can you safely withdraw each year?

Market Risk How can you possibly predict when the market will go up or down?


Quantifying the @financial Investments Model

When investors work with many well-known investment companies they are not only charged a commission on the purchase of the securities - they are also charged a management fee for overseeing their portfolio. These fees can work to dramatically reduce gains when the market is performing well, and compound losses when it is not. Clients who work with @financial Investments pay no commissions on the purchase or sale of securities, and enjoy some of the lowest management fees available anywhere in the market.

Below is an example of how working with @financial Investments can provide you with more growth with identical market returns over a 20 year period - simply because of our lower fees.



comes solutions


Commission 1.5% Fees CommissionNo 0.5%Fees



“Tad and Sam with @financial are a pleasure to work with. Tad and Sam put together a comprehensive financial plan for my wife and me that is easy to follow and set our goals around. One of our bigger concerns was updating our college savings plan and they offered a great solution for us that we

would not have known of otherwise. We met with them many times and never felt pressured or like we were wasting their time. They are super approachable - this was an added advantage in the process for us. They are not just nice guys, but smart and experienced. You know you are in good hands with them after the first meeting. I highly recommend meeting with them!” – Patrick M., Winnetka, IL

“We are so pleased with our @financial advisors! With the assistance of Tad and Sam, we have started saving for our children’s educations, retirement (let’s hope the real estate market stays strong), and have invested wisely for our future. I deduct a percent from my paychecks and this money helps me plan for my family’s future. Who has time for planning when we are all so busy selling real estate? @financial has the time and it was such a pleasure working with Tad and Sam.” - Kathryn M., Winnetka, IL

“Sam & Tad have been instrumental in taking what was a fragmented, unbalanced retirement/investment plan with no defined long-term goals and turning it into a much more sophisticated, nuanced plan that is created with an actual end goal in mind and which also offered me the flexibility to change course if my life takes an unplanned left turn. They have been patient and diligent throughout the process & I have not hesitated to refer them to family and friends.” - Greg V., Chicago, IL “First, build trust; Second, build wealth. Within moments of meeting Tad and Sam, the element of trust was a given. It came through in their reassuring nature, impressive knowledge and personal attention. Under the fiscal stewardship of Tad and Sam we have effortlessly set a good path to future wealth opportunities. Needless to say, this is a benefit that should not be overlooked or delayed. Run, don’t walk to engage their services. We are very glad we did!” - Vicky K., Chicago, IL



comes solutions


to client needs, realizing

we all have unique











AbOut uS

@financial is a full service financial services brokerage specializing in comprehensive, holistic financial planning, and offers a complete line of financial services and products for families and businesses – including retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, business planning, life insurance; annuities; health insurance; property and casualty insurance; long term care insurance; disability insurance; and investment advisory services.

In addition to managing @financial and @financial Investments and working with an extensive client base, our leadership team personally coaches, trains, and mentors a network of close to 100 financial advisors throughout the country, and have been asked to lead adult education classes, workshops, and seminars on a variety of financial topics including Social Security planning, investment strategies, retirement planning, risk management, college planning, and estate planning.

Collectively, our national team holds the following designations: CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant), MSFS (Masters in Financial Services), NSSA (Certified National Social Security Advisor), CCPS (Certified College Planning Specialist), CPA (Certified Public Accountant). These professionals comprise an experience and knowledge base we can pull from as situations require.

The @financial and @financial investment senior management team is led by Tad Cook, NSSA and Sam McElroy, Psy.D., NSSA, who are headquartered in Chicago, IL.




comes solutions


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