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The Power of Social Media


Academic year: 2021

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The Power of Social Media

Over 100 Million of pieces of content

are shared on the web every day!

Including: video, pod casts,web links,

comments, news stories, opinions, blog


Search Engines are #1 Way to be Found

 85-90% Of on-line traffic begins at a search engine!

 33% of Internet Users Believe Companies Found in Top Search

Results Must Be a Major Brand -- Indicating That Top Rankings

Transmit Brand Equity --

iProspect, the Original(TM)

To gain their business. . . .



 Do you advertise in a phone book?


Popularity of Search Engines

Search Engines: Google Dominates


YouTube/Google Search

•95% of Americans use Google Search

•40% use Google for Multiple Searches/Day

•100% of Google Search includes YouTube Video

•YouTube Search satisfies informational requests


The Power of YouTube


YouTube Audience Statistics

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month

100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US

YouTube is localized in 56 countries and across 61 languages

According to Nielsen: YouTube reaches more US adults ages

18-34 than any cable network


Marketing Opportunity

 The majority of businesses say they would use Video

 In actuality, less than 5% invest in YouTube marketing.

 YouTube is the #2 Search Engine!


Put Your Key Words to Work

Organic Search


What is Video Optimization

Video Optimization (SEO for Video):

is the process of improving your placement on Search

Result Pages (SRPs).

Optimization can target different kinds of search:

Local vs. Regional,


, Images, Industry


Optimization: Why Bother?


Getting Found on YouTube:

Video Search Engine

Optimization is all about

creating Relevant

Content and always

including your Web Link

Video Title:


BOX – Keyword Rich

Video Description:

Keyword rich, include

web links, contact info,

phone# and

product/service details


Maximize YouTube Real Estate!


Local Search Converts!

If you want to

own a local

search term all


Your Video – Your Channel


Under 2 Minutes

Talk to 1 Person

Key Word Rich Title

Include Web Link

Long Descriptions

Build Your Channel

Update Regularly

Location Counts

Background Noise


Put Your Key Words to Work

Organic Search


Adwords: Video Ads


Adwords: Video Performance


Video Targeting

Refine Audience Targeting by Selecting:


Link YouTube to AdWords

Link account to

show ownership of

the video – get

better placements

and more serves!


Adwords: Your Video Ads


Keywords & Search Targeting


Identifying Keywords

 Traffic

– Is there search on the Key Word/Phrase?

 Competition – How many competitors are running ads?

 Relevancy – Does your Landing Page match the Offer?

 Conquesting – Select Competitor Name Keywords



Target Protected/Trademarked Key Words Legally

Invisible Fence

Innotek Fence

Petco Fence

Dog Watch Fence

Your Competitor’s Name

With Video Search, the more key words & broader

targeting the better! At an average of $0.01-$0.02

cost per click, the branding is worth the investment!

For location specific businesses: be sure to set


Adwords: Site Link Extensions


Adwords: Call Extensions


Location Extensions


Use Good Landing Pages!

 Your Landing Page is

NOT your home page

 Call to Action: Ask for

the Business!

 Capture Leads:

Contact Forms Phone

& Email Links

 Targeted Offer Match

your ad to your landing



Facebook & YouTube


YouTube on Facebook

YouTube FANS = #76 Million


Facebook Apps: YouTube


YouTube on Twitter

YouTube FOLLOWERS = #36 Million

Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute


Add Video => Post via YouTube

Post to FB

Post to Twitter

Embed in emails

Embed in Web

Link from pages


Video for New Customer Acquisition

What is the impact on your business today?

Every business is different . . .

You need a Digital Media Plan to Succeed!


Are You Ready?

Please schedule your consultation today!

Darcy Knapp, MBA, President & Chief SEO Web Mechanic

A division of Darcy Knapp Consulting, Inc.


Shooting Your Video

Your Script





Background Noise

Voice Over Options

Product Demos


Stills in Video (PowerPoint Slides)


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