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exhibitor marketing manual human ingenuity. manufacturing brilliance EASTEC is produced by SME Official Media Sponsor


Academic year: 2021

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human ingenuity. manufacturing brilliance.

exhibitor marketing manual

EASTEC® is produced by SME Official Media Sponsor

EastErn statEs Exposition WEst springfiEld, Ma


What separates successful exhibits from the average ones?

success starts with a plan. and to help you in your planning, we developed a number of marketing tools you can use to get the most from EastEC 2015.

this guide identifies numerous ways for you to promote your exhibit at the event, reach new prospects, and raise your company’s profile in industry and the media. Here are some examples:

EastEC is the industry’s premier East Coast manufacturing event that attracts some of the world’s most successful companies. Your participation adds value to EastEC so it’s important to us that you maximize the return on your investment. We’re ready to help. Welcome to EastEC 2015!


please call 800.733.3976 or 313.425.3000 or email us at exhibitorservicecenter@sme.org.


Banner ads & logos

Customized Email Campaigns

directory & Manufacturing Engineering


Magazine advertising

directory & new product information guest passes

Marketing Checklist

online Exhibitor directory Upgrades pre-registered attendee list

press Conference request form recommended Media list

sME Masterfile list social Media

sponsorship opportunities

Links to

what’s inside

free Customized

Email Campaigns Mailing list rental

…and much more free print and online

directory listings Event




Marketing: Self Promotion. A lot of leads.

of the thousands of attendees expected at EastEC 2015 how many viable prospects will you meet? to ensure you see a high percentage of this group, include both pre- and post-show marketing in your plan.

Here’s a summary of the promotional opportunities available. You’ll find details for each in the following pages, or with a simple click.

Take advantage of these promotional tools — provided at no additional cost:

submit your free listing for the official Event directory and the online directory.

submit new product photos and descriptions to be included in the online directory. these submissions also entitle you to an EastEC new product indicator floor sign for your booth.

distribute complimentary guest passes to your customers.

Create up to three customized email campaigns, using

X•Press Exhibitor Emails, targeting your current customers and top prospects. Your lists are completely secure as this is a third party vendor. You can customize your own email copy, upload graphics, and deploy anytime, to as many people as you want.

download the free EastEC banner ads and logo to include with your booth number and event message on your website and social media channels.

Incorporate some of these ideas into your plan:

Become an official sponsor to give your company a more visible emphasis at EastEC. Call sME sponsorships at 800.733.3976, ext. 3166 or email sponsorships@sme.org to develop a customized sponsorship to meet your event objectives.

Upgrade your free listing on the EastEC website to silver or gold level to provide more comprehensive information and company branding.

place a print advertisement in the Event directory distributed to more than 12,000 event attendees.

Use your print advertisement in Manufacturing Engineering® magazine and other trade publications to gain greater market coverage and alert readers of your participation in EastEC.

schedule a pre-show mailing about your company’s participation at EastEC to your customers and prospects.

rent the EASTEC pre-registered attendee list (available february 27 – May 8, 2015) and tell them why your exhibit space is a must-see. (Exhibits 201 sq. ft. and over in size receive this complimentary). access the Exhibitor Resource Center for details on renting this list.


Use the power of public relations and social media

if you currently use social media platforms, then you know the power they have to connect you with targeted audiences. if not, now is the time to start. twitter,® facebook,® Youtube,® and others can help keep your audience informed with up-to-the-minute details about your participation at EastEC.

Use twitter to keep your followers informed about your participation in EastEC. feel free to use

#eastec or retweet @eastec.

Become a fan of EastEC’s facebook page and connect with attendees before and after the event.

Use Youtube before, during and after the event to capture customer interviews and product demonstrations

send press releases to trade media about products or services you’ll feature at EastEC.

schedule a press

conference at the event if you have new products or technology to debut. Call sME Communications at 800.733.3976, ext. 3190 or email communications@

sme.org for more

information about holding a press conference.

download this for a handy checklist to help you stay on track with your EastEC marketing.


Try This Simple

EASTEC Action Plan



Increase your visibility

Maximize your investment by using the promotional and advertising opportunities included in your EastEC exhibitor package.

these are easy ways to attract more attendees to your booth, so don’t pass them up.

submit your directory listing and new product information today. Submit Here Note: only exhibits paid-in-full will be included in the directory

submit a current listing for the printed event directory and online exhibitor directory. this is an important first step to encourage buyers to seek out your booth at EastEC.

the EastEC Event directory is available to all attendees at the show and includes:

Company Contact information Company principals and


industries Your Company serves

product Categories

Buyers attending EastEC use the online directory to research com- panies and plan their must-see exhibitors. this valuable online directory remains accessible for nine months after the event for reference and follow-up. Your online directory listing includes:

Company Contact information Company description

Company principals and representatives

new products product Categories social Media Website link

You may submit up to three new product descriptions and photos to the online directory and qualify for a new product indicator floor sign for the front of your booth.

Your new product photos may also be used in the promotions, giving you even greater exposure.

Print and online

Directory Information online Exhibitor

Directory new Product Indicator Draws

More Attention to Your Booth


EASTEC is Coming and Y

ou’re Invited as Our Guest!

For free admission to EASTEC ($50 value), register online and use promotion code

ETGUEST or bring this invitation onsite.

Register today at

EASTEC® is produced by SME




human ingenuity


manufacturing brilliance.

Eastern States Exposition

| West Springfield, MA

Make an Impression with Customized Guest Passes

You will automatically receive a supply of guest passes to distribute to your customers and prospects. these attention-getting passes can be easily customized and provide free exhibits-only admission for all three days of EastEC. include a guest pass in your pre-event mailing as an incentive to attend the event and visit your booth.

remember, you provide a value-added service to your customers and prospects by offering an invitation for complimentary admission to EastEC — a $50 value.

You can download and print additional quantities of the guest passes or email us to request an additional supply.

Download Free web Banner Ads and logos

promoting your exhibit at EastEC has never been easier. Just include an EastEC banner ad and/or logo on your company website and in your promotional emails.

Get Banner Ads and logos

Free Customized Email Campaigns

X•Press Exhibitor Emails is free to exhibitors and allows you to send up to three promotional email campaigns before the event to your company’s prospect list.

Choose from professionally designed email layouts that showcase your unique message and include information about the event. there are multiple templates designed for increasing booth traffic, promoting products, and building brand recognition. all templates promote attendance with event information and links to registration.

the process is simple.

Enter content into form fields Upload graphics

schedule your emails

Each email can have a different message and use a different email format.

the lists that you provide are kept confidential and are not made available to others, including sME. lists of different target audiences can be loaded, reviewed and edited right in the application. the system, schedule and email layouts facilitate compliance with the Canadian email Can-spaM act.

X•Press Exhibitor Emails is an easy way to promote your presence at EastEC to increase your traffic and roi.



8 More Ways to Increase your success at eastec

getting the most from your EastEC exhibit requires a plan that incorporates a mix of marketing initiatives. We have developed a number of options to make this easier for you. Consider using one or two of these programs to help you capture more leads and produce better results at EastEC.

8 Brought To You By…

a sponsorship opportunity can raise your company profile and name recognition while delivering your branded message to thousands of EastEC attendees who make or influence buying decisions. We will collaborate with you to identify the sponsorship opportunity that works best for your company. the possibilities are endless, but a few examples include brand exposure in high-traffic areas like registration, or sponsorship of an EastEC signature event like one of the keynote


to find out more, contact sME sponsorships at 800.733.3976, ext. 3166 or email sponsorships@sme.org

Find Even More Prospects In The SME MasterFile Database

Enhance your pre-event mailing by including highly qualified leads from the SME MasterFile database list. list rentals can be customized according to:

• Industry Classification (siC or naiCs)

• Job Title or Function

• Plant Size

• State or Zip Code

• Technical Interest if you want list counts, or have other questions about the sME Masterfile database list, contact Mike rovello at 402.836.5639 or email Mike.Rovello@infogroup.com.

Talk To Prospects Before Your Competitors Do

don’t miss this critical opportunity to connect with your

prospects before the event. targeted mailings can coincide with your email campaign to give your marketing a greater impact.

Capture their interest before they arrive so your booth will be at the top of their agenda. You can rent the list of those who have pre-registered to attend EastEC so you know they’re qualified and interested (available february 27 - March 8, 2015).

access the Exhibitor Resource Center for details on renting this list.

Reserve a Private Meeting Space

one of the most unexpected ways you can make vital connections is by hosting a meeting. there are a few options available for exhibitors at EastEC who want a small room for private meetings. to find out more, please call Chris Moody at 800.733.3976, ext. 3025 or email cmoody@sme.org.

1 3

2 4


Upgrade Your Presence in the EASTEC online Directory

all exhibitors receive a free basic listing, but you can increase your exposure by upgrading to the silver or gold level. this enhanced listing allows you to increase the online information available to attendees, while reinforcing your brand.


onlInE lISTInG PACKAGES Basic listing Free Silver listing $595 Gold listing $1295 Company Profile

Update your booth profile with all relevant information and description.

Max 1000

Characters Max 1500

Characters Max 2000

Characters Product Categories

select product subcategories that prospects are likely to search in order to find you.

15 Categories 15 Categories 15 Categories

new Products

feature specific product lines that will be introduced at EastEC 2015.

include descriptions and photos.

3 products 5 products 10 products

Press Release Postings

Highlight what’s happening at your company. tell your story with printable, downloadable press releases.

3 releases 5 releases 10 releases

Event Specials

spotlight your deals – discounts, giveaways, sweepstakes, etc. – to keep your booth buzzing during the event.

3 specials 5 specials 10 specials

Company logo

add your company logo for greater recognition no Yes Yes

Social Media Icons

Enable your fans to find and follow you on various social media networks such as facebook, twitter and Youtube.

no Yes Yes


let potential buyers see and hear your story; provide clear demonstrations to prove your product’s success.

no no 1 Video

Event Map logo

Brand your presence on the event floor and make your company stand above the rest.

no no Yes



ME Media Sales Representatives EastErn U.s.

alan Berg

phone: 732.995.6072 abergsales@aol.com MidWEst (detroit) dave sweeney

phone: 248.540.0300 dsweeneysme@gmail.com CEntral (Chicago) Bill lepke

phone: 630.497.0183 lepkeb@sbcglobal.net

WEstErn paul semple

phone: 916.880.5225 paul@semplemedia.com CHina, Hong Kong, tai-Wan Bruno Wase-Bailey

industrial Communications-group ltd.

phone: +86.21.6141.8470 bruno@icgl.com.hk

2015 MEdia Kit dirECtorY inforMation WEBsitE adVErtising

Event Directory Package

advertise in the april issue of Manufacturing Engineering® magazine, exhibit at EastEC, and earn a free ad of equal size in the EastEC Event directory. ask your ME Media Sales Representative how you can upgrade your Event directory advertisement to a premium position.

Added Value

Your print advertisement is automatically included in our new mobile app and digital edition of Manufacturing Engineering® magazine. ask your ME Media Sales Representative how to enhance and gain more online visibility.

Custom Booth Videos

showcase your latest technology and expand your prospects beyond the show. ask your ME Media Sales Representative about shooting a custom video at your EastEC booth.

leverage our Advertising Campaign

EastEC is running an advertising campaign in various trade media publications. Many of these publications feature special EastEC pre-show issues with editorial devoted to the event. Your own advertising and pr campaign can gain momentum in the same media if you promote your participation and products at EastEC. View list of recommended publications

Exhibitor Success Center

the sME Exhibitor Success Center is designed to help you plan the best event possible. it’s an easy way to learn about best practices and tried and true event management techniques to really position your company above your competitors. You’ll find helpful materials and informative videos on important topics like sales strategies, setting objectives and goals, designing a cost-effective exhibit and attracting a targeted audience to your exhibit.

6 7






Get Free Advertising through the press

Very few exhibitors approach the news media for coverage because they overlook the power of the press. Journalists are constantly looking for interesting subjects and your company can be one of them. take advantage of this communication channel by distributing press materials about your company and products before, during, and after EastEC.

There are many ways you can reach the media:

send press releases to the recommended media two to three months prior to the show — especially publications planning a special EastEC issue or feature story. Briefly emphasize what’s new and how you’re solving customer challenges.

Contact the editorial departments at trade media to schedule one-on-one interviews between your top executives and the publications.

Schedule a press conference during the event.

We can provide assistance with the process to make it more successful.

provide a digital press Kit to the EastEC Media Center. across all media, the trend is to provide digital formats for press materials. digital kits are far more convenient, user-friendly and more likely to be used by the media.

for questions about the media, please contact sME Communications at 800.733.3976 or email at communications@sme.org.

Scheduling A Press Conference

if your company’s news is of interest to the trade media, why not host a press conference during the event? You can host the conference in your booth, so reporters can see your products up close, or you can use a private meeting room. press conferences are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your request in early.

need A Special Time For Your Press Conference?

You’ll need special clearance to hold a press

conference before or after regular show hours, but we can help you with this. please contact the event office to make arrangements for early or late access. requires a press conference request form.

Food and Beverages for Press Conferences if you plan to provide refreshments for journalists at your press conference, please contact gillian palmer at the Eastern states Exposition. gillian palmer has exclusive rights for all food and beverages served within the facility. the phone number is 413.205.5019.



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