What do you want to be?

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Niveau 3c | Song 6 | Lesson B

What do you want to be?

Look at the text. What’s it about? Tick the right anwer.

jobs school the climate


a Read the text. Fill in the right job (or jobs).

In this job(s) you … make robots fly a plane put out fires

take care of people feed animals

work for a newspaper

b What do you want to become?

I want to become a





What do you want to be?

What will the future be like? Experts say that in 2050 people will get much older, robots will do a lot of work and the climate may change. Jobs in the future will change too. We will need more doctors, more care workers for elderly people and more robot engineers. And we will also need people who can stop the climate change!

Maybe in ten years time, there will be many new jobs. You can still become a policeman, a pilot or a movie star. But you could also be a space pilot, a robot engineer or a climate expert.

What’s your dream job for the future? Would you like to make body parts for robots? Or travel through space with a time machine?

Whatever job you’d like to do in the future, we’ve got one advice for you. Choose something you really love to do!!

Journalist: What are you good at?

Girl: I’m really good at helping people.

Journalist: Then you could become a nurse who works in a hospital. Or a fire fighter who puts out fires.

Girl: But I’m also good at fixing things.

Journalist: Then you could become a mechanic who fixes cars. Or a carpenter who makes tables and chairs.

Girl: But I really love to write stories.

Journalist: Well, then you should become a journalist, just like me!

Here are some other careers:

Video game tester: Do you love video games? Then there’s no job cooler than a video game tester!

These guys and girls test out video games all day, every day – and get paid to do it!

Zookeeper: This is a great career if you love working with animals. But it’s a tough job.

You’ll be on your feet all day and sometimes you’ll have to work in the evenings as well.

Animals need 24/7 care!

Fitness instructor: If you can’t wait to go to the next P.E. lesson, then maybe you should become a fitness instructor when you grow up.


Strong - stronger - strongest

a Read the flash info. Then fill in the right words.

Example: He is old. She is older. He is the oldest.

b Now make three drawings just like the pictures above. Write sentences too.

Finish the sentences

Read the flash info again. Then write down the right words.

She is tall.

He is strong.

She is

He is

She is

He is

Flash info

old - older - the oldest oud - ouder - de oudste

I’m taller than my brother.

Ik ben langer dan mijn broer.

He is the tallest man I know.

Hij is de langste man die ik ken.

good – better – the best goed – beter – best





young These kids are than I am.

young Those kids are the kids in our school.

good Ronaldo is than Iniesta .

good Messi is football player in the world.

strong I am than Glenn.



Niveau 3c | Song 6 | Lesson B


Follow the lines. Then write down the right job.

Job advice

a What do you like? What are you good at? Answer the questions.

b Look at your answers. Then write down a job that suits you.

You don’t know? Then talk about it with a classmate or look at assignment 1.

Job questionnaire

What’s the name of your school?

What class are you in?

What job (or jobs) do you like?

What are you good at? Tick the boxes.

I am good at using computers.

I am good at team sports.

I am good at individual sports.

I am good at reading and writing.

I am good at drawing or music.

I am good at listening to friends and giving advice.

Norah wants to become a .

Daryl .

Adil Gino

Words to help

School subjects

arithmetic rekenen

science techniek/natuur

art tekenen/handenarbeid

reading and writing lezen en schrijven

history geschiedenis (of wereldoriëntatie) geography aardrijksunde (of wereldoriëntatie)

What school subject do you like?

What is your best school subject?

Choose: arithmetic – art – science – reading and writing – history – geography.

I like

is my best school subject.







a Selena Gomez sings: ‘Who says you’re not a beauty queen.’

Match the words and make correct sentences. Draw lines.

b Now answer the questions from exercise a. First write down the question. Then write down your answer. Example: Who are you? – I am Peter.

Dream jobs

Read the texts and fill in the correct jobs.

Your dream job

What is your dream job? Write it down like in exercise 8.

Who When Who What Where What Where When

is your bike?

are you good at?

are you?

is your best friend?

is your school?

is your birthday?

is it time to go to school?

is your favourite school subject?

‘I love making pies and other food. I always watch Jamie Oliver on TV. Sometimes I try out his recipes.

My dream job is .’

Jordanne, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

I’m good at fixing cars. My hands are always dirty. I would like to become a . Patir, 11, Southend, England

‘I want to help people who are in trouble. And I like to wear a uniform and work in the streets. It’s my dream to be

a .’

Emily, 10, Berkshire, England grammar









Niveau 3c | Song 6 | Lesson B


old - older - the oldest oud- ouder - de oudste tall - taller - the tallest lang - langer - de langste

I’m taller than my brother. Ik ben langer dan mijn broer.

He is the tallest man I know. Hij is de langste man die ik ken.

good - better - the best goed - beter - best

Words to know

pretty handsome funny serious strong the best clever old young job future climat expert

care worker for elderly people maybe

pilot movie star doctor cook mechanic carpenter nurse policeman fire fighter story knap (voor een meisje)

knap (voor een jongen) grappig

serieus sterk de beste slim oud jong beroep toekomst klimaat expert

bejaardenverzorger misschien

piloot filmster dokter kok

(auto)monteur timmerman verpleegster politieagent brandweerman verhaal

Words and phrases


What are you good at? Waar ben jij goed in?

I’m good at dancing. Ik ben goed in dansen.

He’s not good at reading. Hij is niet goed in lezen.

I want to become a policeman. Ik wil politieagent worden.


Am I funny? Ben ik grappig?

Are you funny? Ben jij grappig?

Is he/she funny? Is hij/zij grappig?

Is it funny? Is het grappig?

Are we funny? Zijn wij grappig?

Are you funny? Zijn jullie grappig?

Are they funny? Zijn zij grappig?

Questions and answers

Are you serious? Yes, I am / No, I’m not.

Is he funny? Yes, he is. / No, he’s not.

How do you know? Because he’s always joking.




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